Saturday, June 20, 2009

What the Church Doesn't Need is Strategy

The Church Doesn’t Need Strategy

There is no one on earth that should understand Truth more than the Catholic Church.

Here is the only strategy the Church has ever needed and it remains unmatched in logic, beauty
and love to anything of the world. Proclaim, and go with, the Truth of Christ.

Don’t try to improve, take away, or add to the Truth or the exact opposite is the result.

Christ was not a Marxist, and of course, neither did he proclaim the virtues of greed. He
instructed His flock to work hard, gladly sacrifice, and to gladly share. He told no one to obsess
about their own ‘fair share’ to envy others, or to resort to, punishment, theft, extortion or
violence to take from those who possessed more.

He also proclaimed that anyone who dies in the world hoarding their wealth will not enter

If this was just one ‘applied’ aspect of Truth it would give all the poor all they would require in
temporal needs including the removal of hunger and go a long way on medicinal health.

Through St. Paul, Christ freed the slaves and proclaimed the value of all persons, for anyone with
ears to hear the message, or eyes to read the Gospel’s since they were written. No matter how
they were treated, ‘slaves’ were forever set free in spirit as they could be comforted in knowing
they were equally loved by God... a point understood well by those who needed to hear it, and as
celebrated throughout the history of Gospel music...the Spiritual Truth that sets one free.

Christ did not tell anyone to be an extreme pacifist and neither did he instruct anyone to eagerly
go to war for political ends. He instructed people to love their enemies, not to love evil, which he
constantly fought off and cast out through His Mission.

In fact, He proclaimed, there is no ‘greater’ love than to lay one’s life down for another...the
supreme sacrifice.... Hence there are, and have been, ‘Just’ Wars in defence of the helpless and
the innocent.

Within love, especially of children (bring the children unto me) and personal sacrifice, it is a
logical Truth that the killing of others for shallow Narcissistic reasons to fantastic to rationalize
such as, and less, to further one’s career, or to aid science in finding cures for oneself is way out

To kill any unborn child is to kill the unborn Christ Child...and Christ was an unborn Child
precisely because there is no life, love or achievement of reason in the world created for life
without first and utmost, the unborn child. It is not enough to respect the unborn, it is to cherish
the life and innocence of the beginning of all human life.

No one can presume what or who any child will be destined to be, within the womb, but God as
seen in the countless miracles brought forth and worked by the least of us.

The obsessive need to destroy the innocence of children can be considered the worst evil
perpetrated by evil in the world, and probably more acutely prevalent in the free world.

In logic, this is the worst thing to do in society unless your aim is to destroy society and its
logical priority is demonstrated in Christ’s dire warning to those who choose to bizarrely take on
this sinister mission personally or to blindly, or obediently move it along for those who do.

Give onto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s which is taxes, period.

What belongs to God regardless of laws of ‘any’ nation, is life, uncontaminated innocence of
youth, and basic morality...all matters of the soul... and no laws of the world which transgress
what intrinsically belongs wholly to God and known to all, throughout the ages, need be
ethically or morally obliged to be obeyed.

There are times for prudence but there are simply no ‘strategies’ to either deny nor detour from
the Truth as a means to get back to, or improve on Truth. And when people will sacrifice
everything if need be...even die to not detract or disown the Truth, it is more than just faith it is
absolute faith.

When you think logically of the powers, respect, and obedience Truth must have and does have
in it’s makeup in reality, Whom else could possibly take ownership, or what human or world
ideology (philosophy) would you want to have ownership of.... Truth, than the one God.

Christ granted obedient obligation of His Church to the Chair of St. Peter and he did not make
any disciple an equal in that regard or enshrine philosophic experimenting, or independent
interpretive, Shepherding. As everything Christ did, He did for good reason it is neither up to the
Bishops or the secular world to challenge it.

Anything enshrined by Christ is not just or merely, tradition.

The Church need meditate on, and believe in, Christ the Truth more intensely than it does in
these modern times of Hell, when we all need Him most.

Paul Gordon

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