Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sex of' Politics Just Got Sexier

Read Seamier. Since when does one’s sexual peccadillos make one a ‘visible’ minority in need
of special protection? Since public perversion became legal?

One better, since when does one’s sexual peccadillos give one ‘special’ marriage, adoption,
guardian of the state, privileges, and legal immunity and right to public displays and parades of
decadence and perversion?

Well, mostly since the world of professional psychologists of a pseudo- science of opinion at best
became unhinged activists, and accomplices to societal suicide by validating and christening,
(un-curable were told) mental deviants to go out, be free and proud in the name of hedonistic

Hey live and let live. Give them an island, their own state or province and form their own nation
and laws of anything goes, anytime. See who remains and how long that nation lasts.

Today, a prominent sympathetic psychologist in Belgium came out with the best honest no-poop
statement this ‘science’ has made in a long time. Referencing the fact that a young female claims
to now feel like a circus freak since she had half of her face amateurishly tattooed with 56
various sizes and kinds of black stars by a tattoo dude, whose own self inflicted face you’ll never
have worse nightmares about, Jules stated, “Why wouldn’t she feel like a circus freak, she looks
like one”.

And sending (why is it always) tall, men into grocery stores sporting hairy legs, long hair, Captain Hook beards and second- hand store dresses from the fifties, isn’t freakish?

‘Sympathetic’ is the cue here and too many psychologists, (‘apparently’) will go against their
own sensibilities in sincere or otherwise, aid to make mentally ill people ‘feel good’ artificially
and otherwise, about themselves.

Lots of people have fleeting fantasies, or obsessions for that matter I’m sure they would like to
indulge in, and damn anyone else it may take in reality to make it come true and legal, but they
manage to somehow always restrain themselves.

And if they didn’t, what would happen to anyone’s happiness, indeed, what would happen to
civil and prosperous societies were everyone legally allowed to dip into civil sexual anarchy, and
physically harmful deviant sexual experimentation. anytime they darn well felt the need, (read
desire) to. Do condoms make hedonistic immorality all right then?

An old prominent, no doubt, long suffering mentally ill actor just died by misadventure of sexual
deviance in hanging a rope around his neck and attaching it to his genitals. With such a fact
obviously front, centre, back-dropped, inside out, you name it, to wrap the public’s head around,
the man’s life is ‘celebrated’ by the entertainment industry...whoa!

The man hung his penis... in a closet... in Thailand! Did we even have to hear of it? Apparently,
the media sure thought so. On the same page front page as impending world doom the media also thinks we also need- to- know every move of Sasha Baron whatever.. the A..h...

-Very public message given to young, along with the old... oh hum, what else is new and not
wrong. Why next, you'll be complaining about what your recently released neighbourhood secret santa, pedophile is in to?

So now society has a four ingredient recipe for its own suicide by making more and more sexual
deviancies legal, normalized and lust 'celebrated'. By legislating and enforcing politically correct,
‘thought laws’ to punish ‘wrong-thinking’ people...workers... students and families. By raising
the legal age of ‘children’ who can take part, be trained to celebrate, and be coerced into, sexual
deviancies. And by forcing sexual deviant agendas onto students from JK on up.

One prime example of all aspects of the sexiness of political sex of course, was the AIDS

Plain and simple, AIDS was a sexual transmitted disease of homosexual men no different, no
more ‘glorious’, and no less immorally contracted than syphilis (now making a resistant strain
comeback) through promiscuous heterosexuals.

Hospital wards in North America were never ‘filled’ with women and children dying from AIDS,
but had many homosexual men self-inflicted de facto with AIDS. Even people in Africa don't get AIDS without the voluntary aid of promiscuous sex being prominent in the AIDS cycle.

Widely publicised at the time, it even went as far as an avant garde thing to do for young
homosexual experimenters to play a sick sort of Russian Roulette to have unprotected (like
there’s protected) homosexual sex, with anonymous partners, at least that is how they framed
their otherwise not un- common behaviour, anyway.

In a world that has poured millions of public and private donations that have not seen cures, yet... old people still die of heart and strokes, young people still don’t, people of all ages but mostly the old still die of all cancers despite new (apparently not) weekly break-throughs, no cures for MD, MS, etc. etc...the government left the vault open only for a cure for AIDS, well, a cure for AIDS and trillions for banks, socialist take-overs, and for unions to take government refinanced possession of big auto companies.

(Side Bar) How many other diseases could the government have cured with the money spent in
less than a year on banks and unions, and will spend on proven failed tax payer insured health
care, Marxist ideology? How many kids could have went to the private non-unionized schools,
politicians send their kids to? How many single mothers could have found something to do with
that kind of money? Point being, if you’re going to put your kids into suffocating debt, how
about a more elevating or productive cause to do it for?

...Note to Obama. ‘Unions’ did not make Communist China financially successful. A sick,
hardly- likely- to- last, unholy marriage of communism and free reigned capitalism including a
pass on the ideology of extreme environmentalism did. (end of side bar)

What is left for a poor misunderstood sexual deviant with bruised feelings, devoid of a sense of non-hedonistic reality to politically and legally desire in North America?

Paul Gordon

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