Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ode To The Righteous Soldier

Fear not young Lad wherever you tread, your Mission is not one to dread,

God does not serve at the pleasure of Caesar, and His domain is for no person to be there

For such a domain He is not a God of thunder, no, there is no Being in love, more humbler

You won't find Him in blustery prose, but through His blood-drained Lamb, He a-Rose

At the end of our time there is nothing more clear in the power of Truth,

That Love of Life is from what meaning, has sprouted from root,

For are we not told by Christ that this Truth will set us Free,

There is no love greater than thine own life, to lay down for Thee

As we at home to His Crown sharpen His Thorns,

It is really, You, Closest to His Heart, and narely Alone,

And if Caesar tells you to leave Christ back at home, then lay down your gun

And onto home don't bemoan, for it is only for man the seeds of such wars are sown

It is for soldiers that this, I am able to write, but it is for Life you need to save all your might

For all other freedoms we have abused and forgotten, that society has fallen to rotting

We have no God no love for life, and in the East soldiers kill in such strife

But for Caesar, for What god he may claim, the Truth will always bare him all shame

May God speed you young Soldier, there is no one left for the Truth to Shoulder

At home and abroad Satan is so much stronger,

The Battle Hymn doth lead thy path It is for the love of God to use thy wrath

What army is more righteous in armour, than the love of God and his domain to honour.

When we pray for you soldier, let this be for you, for God to love and guide you

And for you to hold true,

The ashes of man's truths lay dead, perils of war, but the victors of Truth defend

ever more.

God Bless You and Rest Your Soul at His Gathering

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