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Tiller...Too Bad....So Sad

No Righteous Indignation Over Tiller’s Death Here Either

You can’t argue against logic and Colby Cash uses logic quite effectively to blame prominent political pro-life groups to be somewhat to blame for Tiller’s death in his National Post column.

His point goes, if you call abortion the murder of innocent babies then you are logically and automatically saying that the killing of abortionists is justified.

A person is murdering babies! What is not morally justifiable in stopping that person, in any way possible?

Alternatively, if it’s not a murderous act, then what’s the big deal? Let’s kill babies, old people, and sick people, for that matter. They’re all only a drag in one way or another, on other people.

Isn’t that the final solution when one’s life is such an imposition on another’s ‘freedom’?

Truth isn’t always pleasant or easy, but it is always righteous and it is always good in the end regardless of the rough ride on some ‘feelings’ and most favourable laid plans along the way.

You can’t pick out only what serves your purpose and just because it appears easy, if it isn’t the complete equation otherwise, you’ll have the complete societal moral breakdown we now have while we obsess about the most insignificant and inane political issues slapped up around us supposedly for our’s and the world’s good.

Life is to love, but it has to be defended from evil. No one has the right to kill another person, but of course people do kill others in reality, and abortionists kill all the time for great amounts of money.. As it is ‘legal’ to kill babies it is also ‘legal’ to kill criminals who murder, and in practice often merely in retribution. Hence we have victim statements and sentencing input.

Feelings need nought be brought into the justice system. However, the punishment should fit the crime and motive and mental state and capacity need sometimes be weighed.

The ‘State’, the official representative of current society, is not squishy about killing, even

illogically so. The State has no moral superiority soap box to brag from, or lessons to teach on this, and other moral issues. In addition, the State which includes the Judiciary, has no moral universality in timeless application, i.e., no truth or obligation to logical principles, rather trend and ‘community standards’ of the time.

National applied precedent is often rooted in one fallible judge’s opinion or of a manipulated jury’s opinion. Case in point, Canada’s most notorious baby killer pled guilty to all charges against him based on the current laws of the land.

The jury actually found the law to be unfair and found the future Order of Canada winner to be innocent.

Can you imagine any other criminal law being found to be unfair and thus changed at the jury verdict?. Where is it in any jury instruction that one option is to find that the law being broken, is unjust and so the guilty should be applauded and awarded with a political medal?

Here is where Canada gave up the ghost on believing abortion was wrong.

The Marxist liberal revolution in Canada that started years before in academia, in the entertainment and broadcast medium of television, in politics, the judiciary, and the written media would no longer tolerate that there should to be anything thought of as ‘bad’ about abortions.

The trouble is that those entrusted with the protection of the unborn in society did not react strong enough or swift enough at the time. What if the law being changed was one that affected everyone. Catholics are no longer allowed to assemble together.

At the time abortion became celebrated as legal regular practice (and morality isn’t celebrated as the exception it’s only assaulted in trendy perversion), when Catholicism and Christianity was still quite strong, can you imagine legislation or the courts pronouncing that Catholics or Christians could no longer associate or assemble, or impart Truth onto their youth.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it because the only reason it hasn’t happened, yet is precisely because the Judiciary and the liberal Marxist political and bureaucratic legions know what would have happened. The immoral laws that go against the common and universal good were passed after North American society was primed for them.

In other words, immoral causes were made palatable before a ‘feelings’ sedated and narcisstic satiated law or legislation was passed or in the case of abortion, before a law was made to just go away.

Entertainment, ‘news’ media and Catholic and secular, academia became ‘industries’.

Industries, because they all propped up each other with the exact same liberal Marxist societal distractions and destructions or demanded mass produced ‘widgets’ of thought trend, so that all were in lockstep and non-independent, in a full assault historically unequalled, on morality and Truth.

Ironically, one of the tools and clarion calls they used on the assembly line of non-individuality was ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘artistic freedom’ though hardly independent of creative works or thought and with any such intention in the first place.

No creative Renaissance, here...more like timeless evil warmed over and intensified during the last one hundred years and more of Marxist society blood sucking and destroying, that would leave society thought and action ‘controlling’ to an actual proportionately minor very few... a small proletariat tail indeed... smaller than even the supposed select club of calculating, contriving capitalist, whipping boys.

Capitalist leaders may be many things, and some things nothing to tell their own mother about but they are not united, contriving, or controlling. They are there to make money, period and no one knows better than they, that the dollar is a tangible entity indifferent to politics, feelings, life and death, celebration or depression.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re making greeting cards, medicines used to kill, or bullets and bombs for whoever will pay the freight and get this, ‘socialist’ profit shared taxes.

When it comes to the bottom line they will be whatever it takes including, embracing socialist gimmicks and corporate ‘feelings’ if whoever the consumer be, keeps money crossing their thresholds. They are what they are and anything else is pretty transparent to most.

Marxists, however are the exact opposite of what they pretend to be. The perfect longest lasting Anti-Christ Just ‘one’ glaring example being that ‘they care about workers’. Of course they don’t. They use ‘worker’ money marvellously collected by sullying the senses of workers with their own need for greed, kid’s psychology, to champion their popularity in political, legal and cultural domains.

I digress.

Instead of storming parliaments en masse with peaceful, yet forceful messages Catholics reacted timidly, when not seemingly totally disinterested, as in more recent times when a couple of individuals swayed the all too accommodating State, represented by one small court judge with big controlling ambitions to force a Catholic secondary school to entertain a homosexual man and his teenage prom boy date. The school board and the Toronto Diocese was supposedly to have appealed this case, but nothing has happened in almost ten years to date.

Yet, the original judgement was a non- contesting (read beaver constitutional) temporary injunction that also ordered the Separate (never more) School Bd to not cancel the Prom and spoil the homosexual boy or his man date’s fun and sensitive sensibilities.

Why didn’t the judge just order all Catholics to stoop over and kiss his pervert friendly, Honour’s arse and the future homosexual activist Minister of Health’s arse who represented the ‘poor couple ’?

When ‘real’ conservatives and pro-life groups start playing by liberal rules (no rules in logic and order at all) that change like so-called, yet to be defined by anyone, liberal values, and play ‘political house’ as it were, the plain truth which never changes from plain and simple, gets buried dark and deep.

Then years and years and more years go by and before you know it, 49 million innocent and helpless babies have been killed, not a one, apparently worth the life of a single abortionist even going by the pro-life groups.

At least, one can only think so, going by all the dramatics ‘paid’ pro-life groups cry from the mountain tops, apparently worried about the dear souls of baby killers not being saved before they have killed all the babies it ‘may’ take as the spiritual price.

Proposing or assuming that they will convert at all, I believe St. Peter will be more appreciatively swarmed by the best of the 49 million souls not cut short, over the ‘converted’ souls of a few abortionists. Christ did not go after the one ram, who was killing all the lambs for the mental health and reproductive rights of the militant ewes. He went after the helpless lamb who lost his way.

Now, if we all had the power of Christ and could simply drive evil out when we came across it

there would be no crime, no murders, no wars. Christ would not have to have died for our sins because we could drive bad thoughts and selfish obsessions even from ourselves.

Of course, there is only one Son of God and the rest of us can’t make like we’re equal or better than Christ, but we can do a much better job of defending life and guess what, without violence.

Without violence, but with considerable more ‘minor’ sacrifice than mere prayer, (banquet attending, back slapping, and news aggregate reporting) on the covenant we made while I was on break, that we don’t have to do absolutely ‘anything’ in life for Christ and others, but have semi good intentions and as long as we don’t have to politically vote against are own unearned and therefore, unreal championed temporal needs we are so transparently politically plied with.

As for this Tiller of live babies, his so-called Church, and his well benefited family, I can only repeat what Ann Coulter so perfectly penned in her 49 million to 5 column.

"I’m personally not in favour of killing abortionists, but who am I to impose my values on others". This will go down as Ann’s greatest line...take that one to the bank.

For pro-life politically paid arms of the movement, in future just say you don’t agree with killing abortionists if that is how you feel, but don’t go on how crazy these people are and how concerned and ashamed we should all be for a baby killer’s death, (even one who reportedly wrapped twins he just butchered in a blanket and perversely ‘baptized’ them for the benefit of their father, and does it get any sicker than that).

The truth is simple and real, don’t play the artificial ‘feelings’ game with the liberals, or the Colby Cash’s of the world will logically take you up on it.

Bring the character, Forrest Gump to life, if not the actor who played him, and imagine even the simple not understanding the Truth that transcends ‘simple’ to the brilliant that ‘gets’ who is God so tragically wrong.

Here’s Forrest running past a garbage pail full of baby dismembered parts from various stages of pregnancies. He is stopped by the stench of the rotting fruits of the culture of death and when he peers in the garbage can and is faced with the uncaring realities of the world what would you honestly believe he would think and he can’t help but think honestly because he knows not politics, feminism, entertainment, talk shows, socialists, communists, or all the feelings he is supposed to be attuned and sensitive to.

If you leave the grave seriousness of abortion alone, and the truth that abortion is murder. This should be what will inspire Christians and non-Christians alike to do the same as any minority has done in the past to get laws passed on their bequest.

Abortion is assumed to be much less serious than it is, by claiming more harm being done to an abortionist than what he or she perpetrates on a baby, and to elevate yourself by claiming to be as Holy as God in caring whose soul is saved from damnation over millions of helpless innocents slaughtered is neither logical and frankly unbelievable to the point of a defending turn-off.

I suppose we should have simply waited on the leaders, governments, and armies of evil championed nations to ‘convert’ instead of going to war with all that wars entail.

Mass and loud demonstrations (more than one work day a year), and civil non-violent disobedience, including blocking commerce, and transportation if necessary will be enough.

People have done a lot more, for a ‘lot less’ of causes many questionable in morality never mind virtue, than Catholics and Christians have done for the most helpless and innocent of us...the lambs... of us all.

If I am accused of complicity for the death of abortionists by stating my opinion on matters of the plain Truth... I’ll sleep well just the same, thank you

Paul Gordon

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