Friday, March 30, 2012

Went To A Garden Party, At Queen's Park Against McGuinty

Went To A Garden Party, At Queen's Park Against McGuinty's Perversion Marching Orders

The scene today at Queens Park in opposition to Bill 13, the Trojan Horse like perversion virus, the liberal elite would like to foist on your children was about right in symbolism and representation.

A thousand concerned parents braved the cold to voice their concern. A mere dozen activists attempted to, and succeeded at times, in drowning them out. Only two MPPs spoke ad hoc in sinc with the general mood, though it was publicized by both the Catholic and Homosexual quarters well in advance... Over a hundred were missing. Their were two priests and zero Bishops.

Doesn't that sum up the reality of it all, pretty well?

If there is any MSM news items to come of the event it will be surely how the dozen university homosexuals who looked more like a dozen normal (for Ryerson School of Journalism, or a U Oft political science class) looking students over-powered a majority of working parents who never thought they would have to, and who would rather have been at work or at home, than to have to come out and defend their right to free religious education for their children.

What does a homosexual look like? Oh that's right, you can't tell! They are one of the very few 'invisible' minorities. In order, to annoy you with their deviant perversions to normal sexuality they have to communicate that to you in some form or manner.

If you have teen aged boys having a shower in a locker room off a high school gym in some school anywhere and they are having boisterous conversations about their sexuality as most boys past, present and future might have, would it be normal without the humanist cart of chattering class social engineers

staking claims of law over such social situations, that a homosexual should join in, and tell them about his fantasies with the full force of the legislature of Ontario righgt thar standing in the nude with him, and don't think this crop of legislators wouldn't, going by their political obsessions?

If so, then it would also be right for girls to be having showers with boys, if exploring and 'celebrating' public sexuality is the issue, and this is their idea of an answer for a Catholic school, (not that hundreds of Bishops or thousands of priests would have a problem with that...apparently!) Though, I'm sure there are many students and old pervert liberal lawyers, professors, judges, and politicians fantasizing, and working on that, right now as I write.

As the cliché goes, do you throw out the bath water of moral and civil society and its well founded and grounded institutions for an 'artificial crisis' scammed up with the help of an entertainment obsessed and moronic down graded intellectualism of Marxist destroying culture like the world has never seen, heard of, or experienced, to make an invisible minority separated only by their unnatural sexual preferences 'feel validated' if not 'feel good'.

Who 'feels' good for long about anything in or around this politically correct world, for very long?

Life bites. Can't you hide your fantasies like everyone else does (or used to) without parading them down main street dressed, undressed, made up, decorated and simulating, for all the part? That's way too big a step from the closet.

So the back drop of this scene was the old establishment of an historic building of parliament whose only real magnificent draw, aside from the back breaking artistic stone work generations ago is what it was supposed to stand for, hopefully for a few more years, yet......democracy.

Democracy, though it's greatest weakness has proven certainly to be populism, and the mirror reflection of wayward paths it has taken us unto modern legislations 'performing' and encouraging, to our own narcissistic and lately, immoral persuasions.

Legislators no less reigned in, and trumped at times, none to the betterment and no less, by politically appointed judges who allow such actors to only seriously muddle in political correctness, not so to issues of importance they might take a personal objection to or that they desire their own stamp to make or brake what legislators were once thought to be elected to do.

In short, the nuclear back up option to agreeable political correctness and present liberal establishment that needs to be cleansed and banished from the available and apparently most undeserving repertoire of 'party only' elected provincial and federal leaders. If justices should rule without justice, than justly they should be elected on their 'hidden' and inexplicable, justly, logically- challenged, yet more far reaching societal constraints and approved perversions of their individual or Supreme group liking, or again, current liberal 'appointed' non elected, establishment liking.

Yes, Virgina, the greatest liberal leaps and bounds are made only because of the unbelievably self -described activists ( I wouldn't believe this if I wasn't writing it myself) over-stepping ideologue judiciary has summarily supplanted the governmental legislators aka the elected law 'makers' 'ostensibly' elected at least, based on public electoral political platforms.

Am I saying you get inferior and partisan rewarded judging when its appointed especially by a party non generally elected leader? Well duh!

Its not saying democracy is imperfect, but it is the best we have. It's saying every advantage and abuse of democracy that could possibly be had....has been done... admirably so, and we're getting better at it every election.

And now, McGuinty, the current political term leader of the government of Ontario has become so daring and irresponsible to the spite of the formerly solemn role of Premiere, in his role to please the liberal establishment he has so eagerly, proudly, so dumbfoundedly embraced, and much to the chagrin of an apparent unwitting electorate to put it most kindly, is in effect taking away Catholic and Christian's right to religious freedom, yet another supposed Canadian institution gone down the toilet in just a few short years of a most aggressive and successful attack on Canadian domestic freedoms.

And for everything you may think I have been serious about here, for God's sake pray for the failed Catholic and cowardice church of Canada and whatever you do, don't send your children to the Dominican College of Ottawa.

Paul Gordon

Friday, March 23, 2012

GOP Long Time Christian Courtship Needs Final Rebuff

I would think Matt Drudge's 'news' item of a snide Dole insult to Christians would be the topper to turn Christians away from voting for Romney no matter what idiot the democrats run or re-run.

Dole, the erection commercial guy, one can imagine, is still seething from when the Christians tossed him out the door he pointed them to, of his new big tent he announced on his 'convention' night.

Here's another cup of cold water in the face for the Reaganite, GOP celebrity water carriers. Christians helped Reagan get elected, and all they got were some Hollywood epic speeches, a pro abortion supreme court judge, and a pro abortion bitch of a first lady. How does that work that GOP slick presidents are always married to pro-abortion bitch women?

I mean 'ostensibly' here we have one partner in marriage believing that abortion is the murdering of innocent babies and the other actually quite okay with it and happy to have millions of dollars in tax payer money paid out to private 'principled' practitioners to perform them? GOPs right about something, if you are slick enough to keep a marriage like that going for years, you are slick enough to run for President,

The Bush's? Pleeze, not only are their women pro-abortion, Bush II would only talk to the March for Life surrounding the White House by telephone and Jeb did sweet nothing, in fact, he worked against Terry Schavio and told people to shut up about her.

a) Ronald Reagan, he's dead guys ..and he, like the Kennedy's ain't coming back, let the dead bury the dead b) He was no Jesus Christ, he wasn't even a Pope John Paul II, you know.. the Polish pope who may have had a little something to do with the massive Polish strikes that set the USSR communist prisoners free. Your leaders aren't even royalty, though they act as bad.

If you follow the money, I would say you would find dump loads of it deposited at the bank of Matt Drudge, or he just plain hates anyone Christians might like to have a shot at a presidential candidacy with his really, childish cheap shots du jour foisted on Santorum, coincided with his 'vote for Romney' election signs du jour. Neither, possibility looks 'good', to a lot of your former clicks, Matt. There are things greater than even you, believe it or not, like morality at even a former worldly level, never mind Christianity.

You would also find dump loads of libertarian money, of masonic proportion directed made out to the mysterious working heads of the GOP party.

How else can you now account for all the self wounding and collaboration inside and outside the party that could make an objective person now easily surmise, that there will never be a black GOP presidential candidate, there will never be a woman presidential candidate, and there will especially never be a real Christian candidate.

It appears that libertarians fear real religion as much as they do government and there is a fear that the American new dream of free perversion for all, like it or not, is that real fear.

Romney is a retread over Dole's big tent in appeal to win stout pro abortion, pro-homosexual agenda Democrats over, yet on the other side of their mouth they talk like anyone can beat Obama. Even Coulter is at least happy with the latter, in her second childhood. Ann, you jumped shark in a big way...maybe if you were ever married and had kids, you would have had something to think about all day, besides yourself and Ronald.

Real Catholics, and Christians need to sit out this election as the GOP would seem to like to have it, if they don't want to be seen in public with the girl they've been deviously courting so long ( see Canada where the new 'conservatives' drove a stake through the heart of the girl they long threw under the bus, because that is exactly where this is going).

Or are Catholics and Christians going to yet, let another four years go by, with not even a promise of one stinking bone, like the ones, Reagan at least tossed out the back door, anymore, while the great American institutions go down like sewage down the toilet, and babies are steri-cycled to the nearest incinerator or land-fill, with only real Catholics and Christians their last sparkle of hope.

We've been had big time and are publicly being laughed at, and the GOP has been busted!

Its time for our own party, and to stick with the Truth we know of, no matter what happens instead of the truth the world perpetually promises through the vehicle of modern conservatism, in the same slobbering heat over populism as liberals.

When there are more Anti-Christs pretending to be something they certainly are not and have no intention of ever being, it's time to circle the wagons around the only thing you know for sure and before it's too late or, Canada, first and long out of the blocks with homosexual marriage for one foot in Hell, is your future.

And if the Reaganites and GOP so easily screwed the Christians over without them catching on until now, what did they do to the military they tried much harder to court?

They were sure wrong about the many faces of the Bush's and how things were interpreted all along and especially, how things turned out, so whatever party is in power looks good back home with the current populism (read votes)...Same as Vietnam, only that war had winning on the horizon when a political party, the GOP pulled the rug out from the human sacrifices of American men. Both wars wasted military heroism through party politics, not even individual decision of the Commander in Chief.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Et Tu... Matt Drudge

Headline: Santorum Doesn't Have the Campaign Funds, Should Read

Santorum doesn't have the funds to bribe the biggest advertising site in North America,

Drudge is in the business of making money, period, hence the daily dose of tabloid sensationalism below the fold i.e, pregnant man stories along with titillation stories, hence the word 'tabloid'.

It's how the nobody with the stupid hat and not exactly genius filling it, got his big start, the Clinton/ Lewinsky affair

The sky is falling... war is eminent everyday headlines pre Romney campaign, is his sensationalist side. That's all there is to the Drudge news aggregate site.

He is the cheap Hollywood tabloid for the GOP elite.

His only good thing going is that he is the only big time news aggregate that will also put up links to things conservatives might be interested in that they won't see in the MSM though one can also get that at World Net Daily. Look at Drudge like a big tent news aggregate not above, mercenary for hire.

You couldn't count the number of times Drudge has reported on Romney in a favorable light while scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything liberals could drum up against Santorum. If the liberal drivel of worthless goods could possibly do any harm against Santorum it wasn't going to be for Drudge not helping them with their creepy gossip, petty at that. On the level of  we saw Santorum peeing outside with our binoculars, Hey Rick didn't buckle his seat belt up one day in 1982... the kind of things that really titiliate politically correct liberals.

There can only be two reasons for this obvious hate Drudge personally developed for Santorum but only one for his personal love affair with Romney.

His hate for Santorum could be his hate for what Santorum stands for, honest Christianity through his Catholic faith, honest Christians, seemingly the new Jews from political hatred of the German War years. Or two, Drudge is heavily into Romney's pockets who can afford to pay Drudge more than his advertising money can.

His love for used car salesman, Hollywood looking Slick Romney can only be explained in money. And if Ann Coulter likes him,,great.. she's going into her second childhood of liberalism for some really odd reason.

I actually believe there is something nefariously sinister afoot beyond Drudge within the GOP elite itself. That not only are they never going to have a black, or woman presidential candidate as long as they can possibly hold out, they are especially never going to have a real Christian pro-life, pro-family, real deal.

Romney is strictly Bob Dole II. He has said it in words and more important in actions just like ole Bobby, “I have a big tent and if you don't like it there's the door”. Romney and his Mason like GOP secret society need to sacrifice something to the voting narcissist ignorant masses liberals appeal too, and if it isn't going to be free money the fiscal conservatives and libertarians see it well fit to sacrifice morals, exemplified in Christianity.

Social conservatives and Catholics need to tell the Republican elite who are trying their best to put this election in the bag, no worse than a Joseph the fixer Kennedy election, they won't stand for it and more importantly they won't plug their nose and vote for it.

It appears America has not fallen on it's face flat enough to change at all.

And if four more years of liberalism will have to come about before Christians willingly accept liberalism 2 as happened with Dole, so be it.

The GOP didn't learn its lesson. It just became more sophisticated about how to go about putting their slick old boys in.

Canada has seen the complete destruction of Christianity having any say on elected governments, while the party system still 'brings 'em in'. They do it by a carefully controlled token, back bencher system.

They will let the odd self- called, pro- life, or pro- family candidates run to let out Christian angst steam, by letting them troll the Church scene and make them appear a big tent party not too big for a Christian pro-life or pro-family say.

However, there is no way in the hottest spot in Hell, are they ever going to allow these back bench token candidates to talk about their election campaign causes never mind confuse the official politically correct 'party line' not much different from their liberals across the floor.

When former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, for example, felt there were too many Christian type candidates winning area ridings, he simply threw them all out of the party and parachuted his 'party- line' candidates into those ridings, hiding nothing.

By the way, Canada's worst immoral Prime Ministers and Premiers pretty much all call themselves Catholics.

In a self- prophesying kind of way Canada became an official immoral nation and completely destroyed any remnant of real Catholicism (read of our churches and schools on the net , on Drudge in fact, regularly.) Let's just say there will be no taking down Christ from His Cross in Canada this year, in fact I think that's an official Canadian value now.

Point being, the way how Canada has killed off all its social conservatives is the future for American Christians if they let the GOP off with this charade that's fooling no one.

I mean c'mon. Obama, on the one hand according to republicans, is going to be easy to beat because he is so bad, but on the other there's no way were going to let Christians have a go in our party, even in a supposed easy election?

So what are the social conservatives in the GOP being kept dry for, the Second Coming ...just to cover all their bases?

One step further, Santorum, Christian women GOPs, and black republicans need to form another party on their own, not the GOPs race horse of Democrat Lite Fear,

And just a little tip of warning, don't believe for a second that all Reaganite celebrity talk show hosts are in it for the good fight either.

Paul Gordon

Update: March 22,   /12   Todays Drudge insulting title, Dole says, Santorum should drop out just validates everything written above and requires the same answer to the Dole question, throw both Dole and Drudge out the door they're pointing out to Catholics and Christians

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making Sense Where There Is None...Sgt, Robert Bale Massacre

No Excuses, No Buts, No Extenuating Circumstances, For Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

It has both been claimed that Bales was either drunk or had brain damage when in cold blood, he went on his family Afghan killing spree.

It doesn't matter, neither are an excuse. It he had been caught mid act, would his own fellow soldiers not shoot him dead if he wouldn't cease shooting women and children?

There is no excuse for mad murderous men anymore than rabid dogs, whether they are Muslim, communist, Nazi, imperialists, socialist, American or Canadian, and I do count abortionists as mad men.

Could this rampage have been prevented? Like most, it could have.

Political correctness was the cause of these murders at every ugly turn. It was in the way nations of Islamic governments blind-eyed their own murderers if not secretly encouraged them. It was in the blind eyes of the American politicians who knew political untouchable Iran, provided IEDs for any Arab nation where there were U.S. soldiers to be killed. Political correctness was world-wide in the failure to take Islam and the Koran seriously for what it was, and meant to be.

It was in the believing that wars could be won simply by policing foreign nations steeped centuries long and deep in the fundamental belief of madness from a murderous religion and culture, that all people who did not adhere to their ways were not only morally allowed to be snuffed out, but that they were duty bound by their men and sons to be done so.

A belief that a politically fought war of social experimentation believing Islamic nations would change or have any desire to change, without the punishment of war for acts of war on other nations.

When else has there been a war where highly visible minority soldiers were put in isolated pockets amongst an enemy expert at pretending to be who they're not, with emergency glassed, arms of political rules of engagement, against a backdrop of thinly disguised dripping resentment, even in their home countries from the same aux religion of immigrants, they are trying to 'defend' ostensibly having been invited to do so.

American soldiers do not know who all their enemy are or what their agenda is, from the top of their own military, the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Canada etc. etc. to the peasant kid asking for freebies.

They are being disingenuously used and tossed to the wind worse, and much more seriously resulting, than mid management in an unionized. conglomerate... the buffers and pressure relief valves of all shit that happens from all directions, that a happy ending will be spun no matter the costs. They are to be held up as examples not the enemy.

Yet, where in all of the United States would you find any number of soldiers or citizens in communion with mad man Bales, as you would find Muslims in secret, or overt lock-step with the Caliban, and assorted other Muslim terrorist Islamic groups, no different than the tribes of Muslims for a few thousand years.

Therein, lies the difference between the Koran pay-back shootings of American soldiers and the actions of one mad man in a war where no ultimate good is resulting from a campaign years in the happening.

One was applauded by the home team the other, understanding of honour in non politically correct war, sickened the home team as much or more than the enemy having a much higher degree and threshold for the sanctity of life. Political correctness is so un-stablized and schizophrenic the worst and the best America can now do is leave Afghanistan.

Who would volunteer to be a U.S. soldier in a terrorist torn hot spot?

Paul Gordon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Handy Dandy 'Issue' Discernment Pocket Guide...Free Too

Objective Issue (Is It Really Important?) Check-Off List

So you think you have a cause? Well, let's just put political correctness aside, because that's all it means, that you have a cause that is of political interest to politicians because contrived populism translates to votes, aesthetics here that are not artificially (humanist) produced as opposed to what matters in the big picture, besides your nefarious agendas and narcissistic desires.

So here is the handy dandy pocket guide to help you make those decisions for yourself not on what your idiot teacher told you, or your idiot boy friends or girl friends. Hell, they all know less than you and the teachers were taught by idiots for at least three generations, so you can imagine how far from reality they've drifted.

1) Did this issue affect you personally, or at least your parents?

Hey, even if it did, World War II aggressors were given general absolution in the same generational lifetime, and they did some really really nasty things to a lot of innocent people (though not enough to little Henry Morgue en parlor. God, if you could read his mind and fantasies at anytime in his sordid life time). Don't hold it against all future generations or nations.

2) Is anyone 'innocent' actually being murdered right now in the name of your cause especially in your own nation? If not take your rhetoric down an octave.

That old standard, the Crusades, hardly counts as a) they're weren't too many innocents killed, (you could bring back and nuke a frozen Muslim from that era and you will know the phrase intimately, 'weren't too many innocents' and b) See number one, the Crusades go back more generations than I care to care if we all forgot about it. BC comics would occupy my time better.

Now, I don't know how to break this to you, but abortion is murder. Even avout feminists admit that now. (hey obvious propaganda can only go for some of the people for some of the time)

First, they finally admitted a fetus was in fact a living being but then they screamed, Well, it's are 'right' anyway, and we answer to no one, especially are own conscience (cue I am Woman, Hear Me Roar, ...Why do I have no friends or men in my life? Somebody shave my head, please!)

Now true, feminists are not men and never will be appreciated by men (not just because men place such a heavy preponderant on age and appearance, either) but if men were the ones having babies there would be a lot more people here today.

And no, the English freak tabloid attention getter, sex- changed woman who had children does not count. Hey, half woman half man freak, if you're having sex the old fashioned way (as I don't know of any short cuts from the anus to the uterus) to have children, you're almost as superbly mentally ill as your fan club, but you definitely did not make yourself, into a man, a perverse test tube, maybe. So sad, too bad, next..

3) Does your issue have to be screamed out because it is so illegitimate it involves genuine mental illness, and people would otherwise laugh out loud?

4) If your issue consistently draws less than fifty people to your photo- op demonstrations, and the MSM is at every one with Kleenex in hand, you not only have no issue worth tissue, you seriously need a life. 5) Is your issue strictly financial? Well you know where the back of the line is! As money seeks its own level, no one gets more without someone else getting less, people now, are kids later. Call it Gordon's law and full formula of economics, seeing as no one else figured that beaut out.

Over time, this fact is only exacerbated. This is where grand kids will be paying for great grandpa's (never mind ours) cool pension and health care increases over the years thanks to CBC's Canadian man of past present and future Tommy the eugenics Commie Douglass

Old folk, please count your blessings and give it a rest and otherwise help us get rid of the same socialists who looked pretty good to you during your time on terra ferma over, just under it...natch.

6) Is your disease du cause, directly attained from sexual activity of one plus one, or more, no matter your 'orientation'?

It's called free choice baby! From your own dictionary. We have to pay for your abortions, do we really have to pay for your rather un-selective taste in sexual partner(s) as well. We'll pay for the cold shower cheap and quick fix.

If free choice can legally kill babies, its down side is surely no special treatment or tax paid funds for one's personal fun, until at least all deadly non-self-induced diseases of the young are cured.

7) Does your 'gateway to pervert normal children' celeb cause... necessitate playing the 'new' elementary 'school bullying', card. Oh pleeeaze! When was the last time a normal kid even breathed on a homosexual experimenting kid..And you would know about it, because the MSM would be on one school yard incident like a burr on a bear and the little princesses would be beamed across the world, from the area half acre of your own neighborhood.

Liberal talk show hosts would be shouting from the mountain tops.. they're not going to take it anymore until the politically correct are avenged with steeper and stricter political correctness, (what else?) and everyone would apologize to everyone, like a U.S. President or typical brow beaten Canadian.

Most of the isolated years, long gone previous MSM homo 'beating' stories were either trumped up or the abuser and the victim were both homosexual. Sometimes, the aggressors did not know the sexual orientation of the victim but it didn't matter as a privileged special interest person was the victim and that meant from now on, no one had better even hurt the varied special interest person's feelings.

We had the 'sharia' of laws of homosexuality, and native 'rights', for that matter, imposed on us of the accused (always) being innocent, cool, and tight with the chattering class (read well paid government union employees). Natives would try and 'punish' their own (well sans the try part and the punishment part), but it kind of goes opposite to the guilty poor bastards in real sharia law that McGuinty even pondered bringing in not that long ago.We'll take native law, Alex, for a break, even just from our wannabe judges at the High Supreme Exalted Human Rights

8) Does your cause want to control what other people want to eat. Good luck with that. Are we going to have prohibition on twinkies and french fries from the lunanists, now. If so, I'll do a Joe Kennedy and ship munchies by boat from Cornwall. Homoseuals couldn't even regulate their sex lives when their very lives depended on it, how will they obey verboten food diets? Or, heterosexuals for that matter when other venereal diseases were all the political vogue. (Oh that's right. They never were in vogue, I guess public television didn't have sex partners kissing off the syphilis 'victims' in the insane asylums)
Find a much easier less dark, cause.

9) Does your cause treat animal life with more zeal than human life, if interested at all in human misery? Your priorities are skewed, if your mind isn't totally screwed. Hey elephants in Toronto Zoo?... (Has no one picked up that Toronto just lives for this kind of bullshit) They have like 3 freakin feet of blubber to keep them warm..don't they? What do they flap those ears in the summer for?

10) Does your cause necessitate people taking their clothes off as last resort attention getting? Either the people in your cause are just plain pervert exhibitionists (apparently.. not that there's anything wrong with that) or your cause wasn't worth shit, to anyone to begin with. Think about it!

11) Does your cause have anything to do with unions? Well give your head a shake and welcome to the world unions created. The American Labour, sorry Labor Congress has just awarded the Communist Chinese leader with their bestest- buddy-ever award ,...can't say they don't follow the money. Any financial gain for any union is a loss for someone else, ironically, including other unions. Unions are there for individual work place group greed. Workers want them because they are greedy and unions come across as the catalyst to the power of ten of that greed, no flys on them theoretically anyway, and their political shit is just an attempt to elevate their dark status in humanity.

The high paying union jobs of old are well on the way to minimum wage pimped jobs, with the government being the lone hold-out, but only untill the money lenders tell them to give their head a shake like Germany told Spain, Portugal, Italy.. all the old boy socialists and union believers. The dollar is for real not what unions dream about for the taking, and it can be a bitch.

The effects of the heady social experiment of long term unionism is only coming to attrition now, because the world has been borrowing heavily since Marxism began, without ever paying back from those future 'good times'. The vicious circle is about to turn in the opposite direction for some trickle down hard ass-biting.

12) If your cause is your religion and you want to be taken seriously at all. First of all, the chance for salvation of one's soul has to be included, (do ya think, else join the Kiwanis), which automatically rules out any goof- ball wishful thinking tax exemption 'religion' involving, smoking pot, smoking real weeds, chemical reactions, potions, b.o., natural and unnatural bodily functions, magic, moon barking, rain dancing, bonfires, bat and eye of Newt roasting, or dead animal heads talking to you, (see weed smoking) witches, warlocks and especially Harry Potter movies, holywood science, or cover boy nerd in a wheel chair.

Nor, can your religion be based on some idiot tribal leader from thousands of years ago saying you should kill anyone who won't join your nomadic tribe, but especially the Jews. C'mon you may be a nice guy at heart, (with an apparent aversion to any news medias).. show you have some brains and reject this ol'e shit...make up the revised Islam religion, 2012, pick up where Mel Gibson and the Mayans died out if you want, sans any new sadistic pedophile stinky hairy prophets among the plethora of North American politicians and judges, of course. Let it go...

Is your issue the weather (aka environment)? Dispite Suzy Q.'s rants wait 24 hours and check it out tomorrow same place, same time.

Is your issue the price of beer and Maple Leaf management? ... no comment...

Maybe a second part to many non issues, so little time.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please Report This Priest To The Vatican

(For his own protection..He righteously stepped on some huge toes today)

Hopefully, today was one of the first signs of the end of government controlled Catholic education in Ontario Canada.

The stage was set when there was first partial government funding for Catholic education. Then, act one came about with 'full' government funding at the persistence of Ontario Catholic educators and the Ontario Catholic Church headed for all intent and purpose by the Toronto Archdiocese.

When they received what they begged for, the victory in silver was celebrated by both the Church and the educators.

However, it took a liberal government under self- described Catholic Premier Dalton McGuinty, of course also publicly self -described has a pope hater, to start to close the curtain on this act do to, too much corny politically correct adlibbing by tired scripts and long in the tooth acting.

Oddly enough, the Alberta Minister of Education of the formerly most conservative stand-up province in the nation sharpened the picture enough of where Ontario Catholic secular government control was surely headed in a quick step. And of what serious rumblings has to come from the Ontario Church in the very near future for the Church to have any value to any rumour of formal caring of Catholic youth not just on the matter of their Catholic education but for any chance of the salvation of their souls.

The Alberta Minister in charge of how Alberta youth will think from now on, demanded public control of what families will teach their own children in their own house and furthermore, 'his' department of education will make any rulings on what constitutes a sin, 'his department's' domain.

Of course, these are quite remarkable claims for someone simply 'serving' out his electoral term where one of the qualifications is that one need not be qualified at all, to head government ministries, never mind, empowered to the height of gods.

Though one could almost forgive the Minister's sheer arrogant imprudence into 'Minister anarchy', going by the history of the Catholic Church challenging provincial or federal governments, as being in practice non-existent in serious objection, when in existence at all. 'A' letter to the parishioners...maybe 'a' letter to the government would suffice nicely. Catholic educators to this day have had nothing but praise heaped on them by their local priests. Why? I wouldn't know...maybe some kind of mentality of, 'our' teachers are not like that' of a united guitar and tamborine led Kumbiya schtick right across diocese's and provinces.

Or, perhaps from sheer fear of combined teacher/parent attack or from political Bishops who break the descending, chain of demanded religious obedience between themselves and the Holy Father, himself, so they can be 'popular' in their own diocese which they must see (because of their persistent anti Catachesis and anti Magisterium proclamations for one, resulting in enforced 'personal' laws) as personal fiefdoms answerable only to their own whims or idea of personal conscience, long set free by the Canadian Bishops with Conferences like the Winnipeg Statement at a time under the guidance of modernist liberal Canadian Bishops and Cardinals.

Certainly, Ontario 'Catholic' schools are so contaminated with Marxist, humanist fad of populist thinking and behavior, the Church 'solidly married in name' can hold no high rung of morality, or (as they like to fancy themselves) social justice stewardship, for the betterment of all society. In Canada, read as feminist anti-life/ union friendly/ and latest Marxist anarchy fad, 'Occupy Movement' friendly.

But today, if you were in attendance at the Mass my family was, you're heart sang as the 'good news' was finally told from the pulpit from a priest himself.

The good news was a serious admission of how the Catholic Schools of Ontario failed Catholic youth miserably. Not so much, how the Church was a cowardly willing, and willingly blind participant in this failure, but it was a glorious start from past traitorous false praise to the mind bending secularist educators, and non admission of any problems at all.

Yes, this one courageous priest spoke in bare facts of the reality of the state of the union of Catholic educators and it should have been to the total shame and embarrassment of any educator there. For if there exists a plethora of hidden good Catholic teachers, then who would be electing their totally anti-Catholic union leaders since before full funding or attending their circus like anti-catholic annual general membership meetings.

The bottom line this priest directly put forth, was the obvious and he remarkably passed along that he saw this coming for years, as I suspect many priests have, but kept it to themselves.

The answer is to break the marriage of the government and union fanatically controlled Catholic Schools by rescinding the synonym to the truth of Jesus Christ in the universal word, 'Catholic',

Parishioners, (as they do throughout the United States), will have to protect the future of the Catholic Church and souls of as many people as they can, by paying for the whole education of Catholic youth in starting in small teaching settings, without the aid of Marxist or government anti-Catholic forces.

Of course, the Catholic Church will survive these Gates of Hell because it is the Church of Peter appointed by Christ, Himself, but the number of members are going to fluctuate wildly for the near future, that is a predictable certainty.

No one was insulted during this 'historic' Mass because there were in fact, no educators present and very few younger than the retirement age. There were less children (elementary or high school) than could be counted on one hand or their Catholic parents. There was one baby whose sporadic wailings were certainly appropriate to the occasion of the dying Catholic Church of Ontario.

But, most telling are the receptions the Ontario Show The Truth campaign have been receiving from high schools for many years now. One was held in the Lindsay Peterborugh area this same week.

The most respectful and courteous receptions have been welcomed by serious inquiring teenagers of the public boards! They don't pretend to know the Truth but they are hungry for this knowledge of the strange concept to their entertainment world at least, of morality.

The Catholic high schools surpassed Catholic truth and treated the Show The Truth people like lepers and worse. A young crying Catholic high school female principal surfaced from one school to complain bitterly how STT ruined the teachers, and her last day of fun, before the March break.

Too bad, no one is invited to Catholic Schools to 'teach' the facts about abortion and too bad, boards, teachers and principals ruined the souls of children for eternity by falsely claiming and assumed to be in any fashion agents of service on behalf of Jesus Christ. 'Woe to those who would harm these little ones' would logically entail claimed, assumed, or accepted complicity.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sons, Don't Let Your Mothers Grow Old to Ont. Retirement Homes

Especially the Expensive Ones!

As a maintenance non union manager/supervisor/coordinator in a number of high-end retirement homes and a nursing home I've seen it all in the big city, Toronto.

Ontario Long Term Health Care can give me a call for advice anytime they want.
Lawyers may request me as an expert witness to the shenanigans common in retirement homes anytime they want.

I've been in a retirement home that charged upwards of  $7,000 a month. Yes, you read twelfth of a year.

Here's the problem with some of these big chains operating in big cities at least.

They may charge 7-12 k a month for a nice looking building and two sales agents (where most of the building's earnings go) but the ones that our actually caring for your parent(s) our minimum wage

E.Ds and Managers are paid a lot for 9-4 or 9-3 Monday to Friday jobs, but what do they do for your parent(s) when things go wrong in a system conducive and welcoming things to go wrong except damage control for the owners who in turn are often damage controlling to the stock holders on publicly owned commodities.

Once such place I worked at prided themselves of a homey atmosphere which worked out fine for financial savings i.e., no cameras allowed, sound security systems that went for months in disrepair because the American head office looked after major repairs, wherein the local police force often brought back high paying dementia residents from various places around town, including one who managed to find a way to the police station itself.

Last year two residents (on occasions not far apart) only went as far as outside rear doors. Their biggest mistake because they almost froze to death was being that close to the people who simply didn't care, only on the wrong side of the door.

Who was punished or told to pull up their socks over these incidents well, no one because you can't make a big deal about something you don't want getting out certainly not the resident worker or his/hers immediate supervisor.

American corporate, finally clued in..even so it took months still to repair the system and still no security (for safety) cameras allowed.

Now the closest workers to the residents are either practically, or definitely, minimum waged union labour, especially after they paid their dues. The unions are sometimes different, but the American based SIEU ('service') plays heavily in many nursing homes and retirement homes in Ontario.

They are  composed of approx. 98% immigrants, many with thick accents, some without a hard grasp of the English language for a few reasons I believe. It is what it is, and not suggesting their is anything wrong with being born of a different nationality, but the majority of these workers are of Filipino extraction, Jamaican extraction, Mediterranean or Somali extraction. Union thugs are union thugs no matter their color or extraction.

Long term local residents can't afford to work for minimum wage in big cities, unless they are one of a number of the same family doing the same. Residents of European extraction quit having large families long ago, leading to these kind of demographics.

Of note..PSWs working in retirement homes are not paid the same as those working in government facilities or nursing homes and certainly at none of the facilities, I've worked at.

The other cause being the recent large influx of immigrants who migrated to the big cities no matter where they were intended to settle. Who can blame them? They don't make the policies. They take full advantage of policies they were intended to.

International unions, and the health care care service sector would not bode well in the best of times. Bring in stakeholders such as far off shareholders and why wouldn't it be logical that one is just begging trouble on.

By the way, many retirement homes are just that, long term health care (nursing home facilities) in varying degrees because the real money is in the assisted or full medical service. Expensive retirement homes, (that pay workers little) charge extra money for every little add on that would be included in a government run nursing home.

I can only assume that the Ministry of Health allowed for these retirement home medical services to lighten the load of the government looking after your parents.

But, as they found out free enterprise is good, but cannot be unchecked as seen in their recent pronouncements to bring retirement homes directly under their policies and regulations because of numerous complaints against the retirement 'industry'. Of course, this has been a political football with no action to date under the McGuinty government through election transitions.

The biggest danger of allowing unions vs corporate stock exchange listed companies vs personal care for mom and dad or strangers to all of them is this, and I've seen it and experienced it first hand.

Corporate pooh-bahs do not want bottom lines that show dividends to shareholders. Shareholders can be you, and I owning just a few stocks in a retirement home in Brazil

We want our money to increase, certainly  not stagnate and certainly not depreciate.
Logically, human nature being what it is, and despite our fancy-full personal moral elevations, what are shareholders in Ontario going to care a fig how unions are getting along with or treating some strangers in Brazil?

Well their not...same as American stockholder relations with us. They don't want petty grievances which can dig heavily into company profits. The same thing as the Auto companies never wanted. The unions ran the auto industry and the auto industry had to be contracted out to advert unreasonable demands.

The end result being, union individual workers, empowered to the excess behavioural- wise, and union workers who should obviously be fired protected short of involuntary man-slaughter.

And what do they have to lose anyway at the same wages fast food restaurants would pay their window servers. 

Recommendations are obvious and logical.

1) Do not allow any union in the retirement industry (now actually medical service industry) the right to strike

2) Have independent immediate third party input as to whether a union grievance is considered frivolous or not and dismissed against a discipline. The Ministry of Labour is long overdo in it's special economy killing prejudice to all union causes and against non union labor.

3) I'm private sector's greatest cheer leader, especially when government is so vulnerable to political influences and winds, however, maybe it's time to re-look at publicly listed stocks in the service industry for our kids and our parents. Here, is a clear case of seniors being abused from both ends that is completely able to be changed for the better.

Unrelated, Being pro-family I am also of the firm belief that the family home should not be the main stay of the investment sector making the prices of homes unreachable and bankrupting of  many families. The only remedy for this, however is to limit house purchases to owner living there, or for rentals to be un-flip-pable once established as a rental. Drastic measures, yet drastic situations.  Socialism and un-fettered free enterprise both have their clear disadvantages in consideration of the family which is under enough attack as it is.

I have lots of examples of what I'm writing about that I simply couldn't list here without taking on book-like epic proportion.   

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Islam, the Perfect Anti-Christ Aided by Our Masters

We've been set-up as North Americans, as Christians, as whipping boys of the left.
Islam is no religion by any definition unless you count Satanism. The left knows it and that is exactly why they opened the doors of North America to muslims and exactly why the liberals can get along with them, because in turn muslims know liberals have proven to stand for nothing, or for the opposite of today to be the vanguard, excitedly at the front fad of lifestyle, and for nothing else except a shared hatred for anyone or deity who would cramp their lifestyle. The ambitious Romans of the worst kind, their energy is to the destruction of society to prove nothing is notable, or laudable and the ignoble is noble, to build on weakness, not strength.

We live for the newest fad and the newest hero.
Is the leftist establishment our masters? What would you call a small group of well placed guilt ridden illogical maniacal people who want to justify their life styles by taking out all opposition, especially opinion, and freedom of expression. Who attack the family and any of it's traditional roles as the civilized, building block of society and nation.

The people who hold the most depraved up as heroic wise men to decide what is wrong and what will be right from now on, on the illogical ill-assumed equation that talent equals what must be just and righteous... That no behavior shall be judged except those who dare to discern or question the brown shirt establishment.

A few short generations in the making, but here they be, and powerful they are. They love anarchy over stability, weakness over strength, poverty over prosperity, immorality over decency, perversion over humor. Pick any topic and look whose side our worldly 'masters' are on.

The overwhelming leftest establishment of the political, the judicial, the academic, the media, the artistic, the entertainment world, is set-up to limit who and how many we vote for (actually, no choice) who actually wield the power and they are carefully contrived... Not always in law but certainly always in peer persuasion with just the right liberal talking point, logical or not, it is always trusted because it is the majority opinion however formed by political correctness. The same such political correctness to points of madness, nationalism, and imperialism that emboldened nations to thoughts of world conquering, from their, 'knows what's best for all' mania, and whose the best for the job in a world that only answers to themselves...with no love or fear from God.

The issues are dictated to us and the priorities are always sited on narcissistic materialism, that only socialism can appease while it bankrupts nations financially and morally always piggy backed on legislative bills. The major moral issues are never brought forth, certainly not as stand-alones because this is how minorities push through agendas never raised on election platforms.

The masters who emblazon themselves judges and gods of judgments themselves well from Caesar's domain into the Judeo- Christian God, keeper of all that is good and beautiful, and protector from all that is ugly and evil, who are attempting to take parenthood itself from the family like the limbs of a baby from the mother by the abortionist tools of death and reality of resulting of empty despair.

We have no say and politicians have taken to the temptation of controlling well over the duty to serve. Surely, they are racing us to the wall as our masters and they are already so, or we would have a mechanism in place to control them... freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom to raise our children as we determine best, not the nationalist, not the hired union forced shackled academic, not the politically correct influenced by the most ignoble causes, nor the atheist humanist.

Yes we have our masters alright and the fix is in, at the school, the university, at the work place, in the courts, in the copy machine media, the outdo train wreck 'entertainment' industry, and for some time to come.


So while the Americans were still in a state of shock over the terrorist destruction of the WTC buildings and thousands of truly innocent ( as in not knowing or caring about causes proclaimed in the name of allah, mohamed's god) were merciless killed, many to have never even known why, knowing even less, than the Pearl Harbor navy occupants knew of their attackers in Japan's first and massive attack on America.

This was not an exception of the kind of slaughtering attributed to Islam over the centuries. It was typical of the blood lust for innocents (in particular) of the muslim culture and still is. One bully tribe taking over the next through any justification to the followers hence, Mohammedanism, the championing cult, not the religion. Men, given a cruel and utter dominance over women.

It is also no surprise that muslims would kill over insults to 'Mohammedanism' or the koran as ingrained or brainwashed they must be to follow customs and rules that go contrary to human nature itself in such drastic fashion, particularly the killing of innocent people.

It is the same as going to WW II Japan and spitting on the Emperor's castle. Or giving the thumbs down in a salute to Hitler. Only the learned mentally ill could kill for someone insulting their beliefs and kill the rest of the world for not converting.

There has never been more than a polite smattering of the millions of Muslims in North America to condemn the fellowship for terrorist acts and killing of innocent women and children and never in self-defense, though some should never have gone as far to even call them insurgents.

This barbaric islam culture never grew from its origins and while being evil, ingratiates the followers of another anti-Christ and admitted Christ hater, Karl Marx on their pretense of being loving and peaceful.

Some of the anti-Christs have been around as long as the Christ and some not as long but none the less, also have relative long histories, but the important thing to learn is that none of them seem to go away and I would imagine if we have a future there will be more to come as are masters are perfectly accommodating allies.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Say it Ain't So Joe, Obama's Innocent by Hope a Dope

Sheriff Joe has made his public case against President Obama and it more than appears a clear case for at bare minimum, further investigation in an official Congressional and Judicial capacity into a very serious fraud that has made a mockery of the United States Constitution, the American people, it's friends and allies, the electorial system of the largest free democracy in the world.

What should put all supposed conspiracy theories to rest is the kind of hard visual and documentary type of evidence acceptable and relied on, solely, so used in many serious crimes of document fraud that has been uncovered.

This along with circumstantial evidence if it were needed, such as why did Obama wait so long to produce his supposed valid birth certificate under national pressure and media attention, so he could only then celebrate it as such and ridicule his accusers.  

Why has the state of Hawaii never been upfront in defense of the President of the United States in such an important issue, and why not with the clear consent of an 'president' for them not to do so?  

Questions and opinions may be the stuff of conspirators, but in this case the questions are being answered by a serious team of investigators including law enforcement and lawyers from within the system.

To go by the chatter in the WND comment section it is clear that by many of those who were black or white liberals, no evidence produced short of an Obama confession would make them abandon their kind of leader.

Now, even if, (and a big if), were Obama to have been forgiven for not being born a natural citizen, and the law was changed to suit one man with a mountain of ambition in a new kind of political correctness that in the reverse of a lynching, was the championing of a truly crooked man who falsely made the presidency his date with destiny, as some strange kind of 'making up' for all racial discrimination of blacks in the U.S. i.e. the token black president, no matter his competency, ethics or morals, this should hardly be the way black people who overcame slavery among other hardships would want to be firstly represented by, in the highest office of the world.

The point is he went the more grievous route of sin to cover up one cover after another, his birth certificate, his school records, his social insurance number... his lack of any Americans forth coming that grew up anywhere, with him... the list is building.

No, the more serious of his sins here were the lengths he went to cover up what he knew was wrong. Were a republican President guilty of everything this President certainly appears to be, he would have been in jail not long out of the gate, not just impeached. President Nixon is still vilified as the worst President in history for far less than this President is, or for Bill Clinton for that matter. It's time the democrats faced the music for once and for the Americans to put a history of  democrat liberal propaganda, and MSM bull- shit hugging to an end. Blacks and whites deserve better than this kid pretender. 

Or do the majority of Americans want to believe their lying eyes and say it ain't so Joe.