Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Et Tu... Matt Drudge

Headline: Santorum Doesn't Have the Campaign Funds, Should Read

Santorum doesn't have the funds to bribe the biggest advertising site in North America,

Drudge is in the business of making money, period, hence the daily dose of tabloid sensationalism below the fold i.e, pregnant man stories along with titillation stories, hence the word 'tabloid'.

It's how the nobody with the stupid hat and not exactly genius filling it, got his big start, the Clinton/ Lewinsky affair

The sky is falling... war is eminent everyday headlines pre Romney campaign, is his sensationalist side. That's all there is to the Drudge news aggregate site.

He is the cheap Hollywood tabloid for the GOP elite.

His only good thing going is that he is the only big time news aggregate that will also put up links to things conservatives might be interested in that they won't see in the MSM though one can also get that at World Net Daily. Look at Drudge like a big tent news aggregate not above, mercenary for hire.

You couldn't count the number of times Drudge has reported on Romney in a favorable light while scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything liberals could drum up against Santorum. If the liberal drivel of worthless goods could possibly do any harm against Santorum it wasn't going to be for Drudge not helping them with their creepy gossip, petty at that. On the level of  we saw Santorum peeing outside with our binoculars, Hey Rick didn't buckle his seat belt up one day in 1982... the kind of things that really titiliate politically correct liberals.

There can only be two reasons for this obvious hate Drudge personally developed for Santorum but only one for his personal love affair with Romney.

His hate for Santorum could be his hate for what Santorum stands for, honest Christianity through his Catholic faith, honest Christians, seemingly the new Jews from political hatred of the German War years. Or two, Drudge is heavily into Romney's pockets who can afford to pay Drudge more than his advertising money can.

His love for used car salesman, Hollywood looking Slick Romney can only be explained in money. And if Ann Coulter likes him,,great.. she's going into her second childhood of liberalism for some really odd reason.

I actually believe there is something nefariously sinister afoot beyond Drudge within the GOP elite itself. That not only are they never going to have a black, or woman presidential candidate as long as they can possibly hold out, they are especially never going to have a real Christian pro-life, pro-family, real deal.

Romney is strictly Bob Dole II. He has said it in words and more important in actions just like ole Bobby, “I have a big tent and if you don't like it there's the door”. Romney and his Mason like GOP secret society need to sacrifice something to the voting narcissist ignorant masses liberals appeal too, and if it isn't going to be free money the fiscal conservatives and libertarians see it well fit to sacrifice morals, exemplified in Christianity.

Social conservatives and Catholics need to tell the Republican elite who are trying their best to put this election in the bag, no worse than a Joseph the fixer Kennedy election, they won't stand for it and more importantly they won't plug their nose and vote for it.

It appears America has not fallen on it's face flat enough to change at all.

And if four more years of liberalism will have to come about before Christians willingly accept liberalism 2 as happened with Dole, so be it.

The GOP didn't learn its lesson. It just became more sophisticated about how to go about putting their slick old boys in.

Canada has seen the complete destruction of Christianity having any say on elected governments, while the party system still 'brings 'em in'. They do it by a carefully controlled token, back bencher system.

They will let the odd self- called, pro- life, or pro- family candidates run to let out Christian angst steam, by letting them troll the Church scene and make them appear a big tent party not too big for a Christian pro-life or pro-family say.

However, there is no way in the hottest spot in Hell, are they ever going to allow these back bench token candidates to talk about their election campaign causes never mind confuse the official politically correct 'party line' not much different from their liberals across the floor.

When former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, for example, felt there were too many Christian type candidates winning area ridings, he simply threw them all out of the party and parachuted his 'party- line' candidates into those ridings, hiding nothing.

By the way, Canada's worst immoral Prime Ministers and Premiers pretty much all call themselves Catholics.

In a self- prophesying kind of way Canada became an official immoral nation and completely destroyed any remnant of real Catholicism (read of our churches and schools on the net , on Drudge in fact, regularly.) Let's just say there will be no taking down Christ from His Cross in Canada this year, in fact I think that's an official Canadian value now.

Point being, the way how Canada has killed off all its social conservatives is the future for American Christians if they let the GOP off with this charade that's fooling no one.

I mean c'mon. Obama, on the one hand according to republicans, is going to be easy to beat because he is so bad, but on the other there's no way were going to let Christians have a go in our party, even in a supposed easy election?

So what are the social conservatives in the GOP being kept dry for, the Second Coming ...just to cover all their bases?

One step further, Santorum, Christian women GOPs, and black republicans need to form another party on their own, not the GOPs race horse of Democrat Lite Fear,

And just a little tip of warning, don't believe for a second that all Reaganite celebrity talk show hosts are in it for the good fight either.

Paul Gordon

Update: March 22,   /12   Todays Drudge insulting title, Dole says, Santorum should drop out just validates everything written above and requires the same answer to the Dole question, throw both Dole and Drudge out the door they're pointing out to Catholics and Christians

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