Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Handy Dandy 'Issue' Discernment Pocket Guide...Free Too

Objective Issue (Is It Really Important?) Check-Off List

So you think you have a cause? Well, let's just put political correctness aside, because that's all it means, that you have a cause that is of political interest to politicians because contrived populism translates to votes, aesthetics here that are not artificially (humanist) produced as opposed to what matters in the big picture, besides your nefarious agendas and narcissistic desires.

So here is the handy dandy pocket guide to help you make those decisions for yourself not on what your idiot teacher told you, or your idiot boy friends or girl friends. Hell, they all know less than you and the teachers were taught by idiots for at least three generations, so you can imagine how far from reality they've drifted.

1) Did this issue affect you personally, or at least your parents?

Hey, even if it did, World War II aggressors were given general absolution in the same generational lifetime, and they did some really really nasty things to a lot of innocent people (though not enough to little Henry Morgue en parlor. God, if you could read his mind and fantasies at anytime in his sordid life time). Don't hold it against all future generations or nations.

2) Is anyone 'innocent' actually being murdered right now in the name of your cause especially in your own nation? If not take your rhetoric down an octave.

That old standard, the Crusades, hardly counts as a) they're weren't too many innocents killed, (you could bring back and nuke a frozen Muslim from that era and you will know the phrase intimately, 'weren't too many innocents' and b) See number one, the Crusades go back more generations than I care to care if we all forgot about it. BC comics would occupy my time better.

Now, I don't know how to break this to you, but abortion is murder. Even avout feminists admit that now. (hey obvious propaganda can only go for some of the people for some of the time)

First, they finally admitted a fetus was in fact a living being but then they screamed, Well, it's are 'right' anyway, and we answer to no one, especially are own conscience (cue I am Woman, Hear Me Roar, ...Why do I have no friends or men in my life? Somebody shave my head, please!)

Now true, feminists are not men and never will be appreciated by men (not just because men place such a heavy preponderant on age and appearance, either) but if men were the ones having babies there would be a lot more people here today.

And no, the English freak tabloid attention getter, sex- changed woman who had children does not count. Hey, half woman half man freak, if you're having sex the old fashioned way (as I don't know of any short cuts from the anus to the uterus) to have children, you're almost as superbly mentally ill as your fan club, but you definitely did not make yourself, into a man, a perverse test tube, maybe. So sad, too bad, next..

3) Does your issue have to be screamed out because it is so illegitimate it involves genuine mental illness, and people would otherwise laugh out loud?

4) If your issue consistently draws less than fifty people to your photo- op demonstrations, and the MSM is at every one with Kleenex in hand, you not only have no issue worth tissue, you seriously need a life. 5) Is your issue strictly financial? Well you know where the back of the line is! As money seeks its own level, no one gets more without someone else getting less, people now, are kids later. Call it Gordon's law and full formula of economics, seeing as no one else figured that beaut out.

Over time, this fact is only exacerbated. This is where grand kids will be paying for great grandpa's (never mind ours) cool pension and health care increases over the years thanks to CBC's Canadian man of past present and future Tommy the eugenics Commie Douglass

Old folk, please count your blessings and give it a rest and otherwise help us get rid of the same socialists who looked pretty good to you during your time on terra ferma over, just under it...natch.

6) Is your disease du cause, directly attained from sexual activity of one plus one, or more, no matter your 'orientation'?

It's called free choice baby! From your own dictionary. We have to pay for your abortions, do we really have to pay for your rather un-selective taste in sexual partner(s) as well. We'll pay for the cold shower cheap and quick fix.

If free choice can legally kill babies, its down side is surely no special treatment or tax paid funds for one's personal fun, until at least all deadly non-self-induced diseases of the young are cured.

7) Does your 'gateway to pervert normal children' celeb cause... necessitate playing the 'new' elementary 'school bullying', card. Oh pleeeaze! When was the last time a normal kid even breathed on a homosexual experimenting kid..And you would know about it, because the MSM would be on one school yard incident like a burr on a bear and the little princesses would be beamed across the world, from the area half acre of your own neighborhood.

Liberal talk show hosts would be shouting from the mountain tops.. they're not going to take it anymore until the politically correct are avenged with steeper and stricter political correctness, (what else?) and everyone would apologize to everyone, like a U.S. President or typical brow beaten Canadian.

Most of the isolated years, long gone previous MSM homo 'beating' stories were either trumped up or the abuser and the victim were both homosexual. Sometimes, the aggressors did not know the sexual orientation of the victim but it didn't matter as a privileged special interest person was the victim and that meant from now on, no one had better even hurt the varied special interest person's feelings.

We had the 'sharia' of laws of homosexuality, and native 'rights', for that matter, imposed on us of the accused (always) being innocent, cool, and tight with the chattering class (read well paid government union employees). Natives would try and 'punish' their own (well sans the try part and the punishment part), but it kind of goes opposite to the guilty poor bastards in real sharia law that McGuinty even pondered bringing in not that long ago.We'll take native law, Alex, for a break, even just from our wannabe judges at the High Supreme Exalted Human Rights

8) Does your cause want to control what other people want to eat. Good luck with that. Are we going to have prohibition on twinkies and french fries from the lunanists, now. If so, I'll do a Joe Kennedy and ship munchies by boat from Cornwall. Homoseuals couldn't even regulate their sex lives when their very lives depended on it, how will they obey verboten food diets? Or, heterosexuals for that matter when other venereal diseases were all the political vogue. (Oh that's right. They never were in vogue, I guess public television didn't have sex partners kissing off the syphilis 'victims' in the insane asylums)
Find a much easier less dark, cause.

9) Does your cause treat animal life with more zeal than human life, if interested at all in human misery? Your priorities are skewed, if your mind isn't totally screwed. Hey elephants in Toronto Zoo?... (Has no one picked up that Toronto just lives for this kind of bullshit) They have like 3 freakin feet of blubber to keep them warm..don't they? What do they flap those ears in the summer for?

10) Does your cause necessitate people taking their clothes off as last resort attention getting? Either the people in your cause are just plain pervert exhibitionists (apparently.. not that there's anything wrong with that) or your cause wasn't worth shit, to anyone to begin with. Think about it!

11) Does your cause have anything to do with unions? Well give your head a shake and welcome to the world unions created. The American Labour, sorry Labor Congress has just awarded the Communist Chinese leader with their bestest- buddy-ever award ,...can't say they don't follow the money. Any financial gain for any union is a loss for someone else, ironically, including other unions. Unions are there for individual work place group greed. Workers want them because they are greedy and unions come across as the catalyst to the power of ten of that greed, no flys on them theoretically anyway, and their political shit is just an attempt to elevate their dark status in humanity.

The high paying union jobs of old are well on the way to minimum wage pimped jobs, with the government being the lone hold-out, but only untill the money lenders tell them to give their head a shake like Germany told Spain, Portugal, Italy.. all the old boy socialists and union believers. The dollar is for real not what unions dream about for the taking, and it can be a bitch.

The effects of the heady social experiment of long term unionism is only coming to attrition now, because the world has been borrowing heavily since Marxism began, without ever paying back from those future 'good times'. The vicious circle is about to turn in the opposite direction for some trickle down hard ass-biting.

12) If your cause is your religion and you want to be taken seriously at all. First of all, the chance for salvation of one's soul has to be included, (do ya think, else join the Kiwanis), which automatically rules out any goof- ball wishful thinking tax exemption 'religion' involving, smoking pot, smoking real weeds, chemical reactions, potions, b.o., natural and unnatural bodily functions, magic, moon barking, rain dancing, bonfires, bat and eye of Newt roasting, or dead animal heads talking to you, (see weed smoking) witches, warlocks and especially Harry Potter movies, holywood science, or cover boy nerd in a wheel chair.

Nor, can your religion be based on some idiot tribal leader from thousands of years ago saying you should kill anyone who won't join your nomadic tribe, but especially the Jews. C'mon you may be a nice guy at heart, (with an apparent aversion to any news medias).. show you have some brains and reject this ol'e shit...make up the revised Islam religion, 2012, pick up where Mel Gibson and the Mayans died out if you want, sans any new sadistic pedophile stinky hairy prophets among the plethora of North American politicians and judges, of course. Let it go...

Is your issue the weather (aka environment)? Dispite Suzy Q.'s rants wait 24 hours and check it out tomorrow same place, same time.

Is your issue the price of beer and Maple Leaf management? ... no comment...

Maybe a second part to many non issues, so little time.

Paul Gordon

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