Thursday, March 1, 2012

Say it Ain't So Joe, Obama's Innocent by Hope a Dope

Sheriff Joe has made his public case against President Obama and it more than appears a clear case for at bare minimum, further investigation in an official Congressional and Judicial capacity into a very serious fraud that has made a mockery of the United States Constitution, the American people, it's friends and allies, the electorial system of the largest free democracy in the world.

What should put all supposed conspiracy theories to rest is the kind of hard visual and documentary type of evidence acceptable and relied on, solely, so used in many serious crimes of document fraud that has been uncovered.

This along with circumstantial evidence if it were needed, such as why did Obama wait so long to produce his supposed valid birth certificate under national pressure and media attention, so he could only then celebrate it as such and ridicule his accusers.  

Why has the state of Hawaii never been upfront in defense of the President of the United States in such an important issue, and why not with the clear consent of an 'president' for them not to do so?  

Questions and opinions may be the stuff of conspirators, but in this case the questions are being answered by a serious team of investigators including law enforcement and lawyers from within the system.

To go by the chatter in the WND comment section it is clear that by many of those who were black or white liberals, no evidence produced short of an Obama confession would make them abandon their kind of leader.

Now, even if, (and a big if), were Obama to have been forgiven for not being born a natural citizen, and the law was changed to suit one man with a mountain of ambition in a new kind of political correctness that in the reverse of a lynching, was the championing of a truly crooked man who falsely made the presidency his date with destiny, as some strange kind of 'making up' for all racial discrimination of blacks in the U.S. i.e. the token black president, no matter his competency, ethics or morals, this should hardly be the way black people who overcame slavery among other hardships would want to be firstly represented by, in the highest office of the world.

The point is he went the more grievous route of sin to cover up one cover after another, his birth certificate, his school records, his social insurance number... his lack of any Americans forth coming that grew up anywhere, with him... the list is building.

No, the more serious of his sins here were the lengths he went to cover up what he knew was wrong. Were a republican President guilty of everything this President certainly appears to be, he would have been in jail not long out of the gate, not just impeached. President Nixon is still vilified as the worst President in history for far less than this President is, or for Bill Clinton for that matter. It's time the democrats faced the music for once and for the Americans to put a history of  democrat liberal propaganda, and MSM bull- shit hugging to an end. Blacks and whites deserve better than this kid pretender. 

Or do the majority of Americans want to believe their lying eyes and say it ain't so Joe.   

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