Monday, February 27, 2012

Soldiers Died Obumr Cried (That their blood soiled Persian Carpets)

The Muslim brotherhood is making a clean sweep of  Muslim nations. These are the supposed (my lying eyes) 'minority' fanatical and evil murderous arm of the religion of peace and love.

One thing is certain, they are and always were unashamedly honest. They never pretended to be anything, but just following and adhering to the actual straight forward rules from the bible of Islam, the Koran.

They are akin if you wish to 'traditional' Catholics and Christians adhering to the word of Christ as it was actually written down ( only very much in contrast of the 'marching orders' from the Koran and Mohamed).

It is the western leftest establishments who refused to believe of what the pilgrims to Mecca are capable of and what they actually do. It is the western world that were the rose pedal laying flower girls who insisted that Islam is not what it is in all the Islamic nations of the east.

The slap to reality of 9/11 was still not enough, nor the years of  the Pakistan army hiding their Islamic hero across the road in their plain sight, enough for the west to question their erroneous nicety beliefs that millions of followers of the religion of peace and love could simply neither act so callously evil to their neighbours as they do or their own women and children as they do... or when not participating physically, secretly tacitly and not so secretly, supporting these evil acts as they do, either with silence or shouts of support.

For millions upon millions of Muslim members, very 'few' publicly disapproved of the years of torture and death of their own, or of the infidels.... or proclaim that murder and mayhem were in fact a not minority heresy of the 'religion' unless they were defending themselves in a free western nation they would like to remain in.

It would also say no more about the facts of reality, if the lovely Muslims, were simply not speaking up because they were afraid. It would make 'what is' all the more valid.

From history not so long past, numerous nations who fell under evil temptation didn't believe themselves to be evil and more importantly, neither did free peaceful nations, some the very lambs soon to be slaughtered.

As Obama favours Islamic oil over home exploration, increased production, and even increased exports from other free western nations because of his political cowardliness to minorities of fad, particular tunnel visioned environmentalists with little evidence of damage including the end results of the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific northern coast...World War II America made Japan's empire rich from trade with them and didn't believe Japan could be so cruel to mankind as they were for simply not being like them or for worshipping a man of flesh and blood like a god because they had no God to trust in.

911 was the Islamic attack on 'Pearl Harbor' that emblazoned the mass hysteria and empowerment of  feelings of superiority, of the Nations of Islam and the western world never handled it well. For all the deaths of American service men the Eastern front looks bleaker than ever, with no word for appreciation in the Muslim barbaric physiques been found.

While the east was ratcheting pride of evil up like a Heil Hitler or prostrating before the Emperor with a good swig of American blood... the shaken west down played what happened in striking quick time not so much for fear of what they would get into, but they would look bad to the nation destructing leftest establishment, doing it.

The military might of the free world wanted revenge, but only if it could be done against the backdrop of liberation like some old war movie. With overwhelming courage and the blood of their Nation's boys the armed forces did what they were told and did 'their best' to liberate populations who seemingly, simply.. only wanted aid, with regime change, not liberation, from tyranny or the lynch mob majority,  and certainly not from non Muslims or those 'weaklings' whose great day of sorrow, not to mention phenomenal ensuing debt,  they celebrated not long ago... themselves.      

Religions of evil are not democracies that inspire voting beyond the perimeters of evil. It's akin to elections in Hell. Help the persecuted and the innocent who truly wish to leave these nations of Islam but beyond that the U.S. should be the fool no more!

Their first step is to throw out the Democrat jesters of their shame and harm and show the world, they're back in the business of freedom, and trusting in God, not the politically correct establishment and social experiment master chess players, or apologizists for their heartfelt beliefs and common sense.

Paul Gordon

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