Saturday, February 18, 2012

Top Ten Reasons For Homeschooling

Top Ten (or Eleven) Reasons For Homeschooling











Parents, Caregivers, Voters, Give Me Your Kids, or Else

Word has it, McGuinty, the papal hating Catholic is going on a Whose the Boss photo-op around Catholic Schools in the GTA officially opening homosexual clubs.

It appears there just isn't enough being done in new frontiers for homosexuals in Ontario. Economy be damned...feelings come first.

Archbishop Thomas Collins head of the Toronto Archdiocese, responsible for the Catholic education of GTA Catholic youth continues to be unavailable for action or comment.

Catholic papal hating teacher unions who can't find their way to Sunday Masses anywhere in Ontario, but especially in the anonymous environment of urban cities, like the GTA are about to vote on whether teachers in homosexual relationships should be allowed to continue to teach Catholic youth. Who and why asked them?

Apparently, we know who the GTA Catholic Bosses are and none start with the salutation, Your (former) Excellency, Your (fall from) Grace, or Your What is it you do again.

Aside, from 50 percent of children's school day, being spent just having fun, including Canadian Idol, kids have talent shows, formerly Tiny Talent Talent Time, and fifty percent being taught political correctness du jour including what not to eat, how to negotiate with a bully, back alley sex keeps you healthy wealthy (through teen pregnancy paydays and retirements) and wise, how to cry about the weather you have no control over, but by God someone else is going to pay for.

You know all that integrity and scholarly formation McGuinty promised to instill in your kids in the schools, he has no intention of ever giving you choices in that his kids will never darken doorways with. Unfortunately, he never got into detail on the last election platform though he has never been so coy once in power.

Now, your kids will get some school (reason for being) academic schooling in the form of, heavy do it, or whatever, homework they can do at home.

But, that would be kind of like homeschooling without the multi billion dollar propaganda new age educational social experimenting your liberal neighbour without kids wants your children to be properly trained and versed in.

I wonder why most homeschooling parents are actually current, or x-teachers?
Maybe, Do the important part of your effing job, Collins, the Vatican's next unworthy Cardinal, simply for being a figure head of Toronto's large Catholic populace, could start by asking the homeschooling teachers, instead of whoever it is, he (and the last two Archbishops) has been 'hangin with', since coming to the GTA.

Paul Gordon

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