Friday, March 25, 2011

Modern Blacks Have No Ancestral Material

Modern Blacks Have No Ancestral Material

Modern blacks don't appear to have the right stuff of their ancestor slaves of the western world.

(As with the North American natives, I don't care about National Geographic liberal science getting philosophically aesthetic all of a sudden b.s. of 'keeping them' tribal, dancing to the drums and barking at the moon, like cute little organically drugged animals, or cave men crap. There is nothing socially or humanity redeeming about living like animals...okay. Otherwise, don't pass go forever, and go directly to the liberal ignorant 'stay- in- mental -jail forever' corner.

If you live in the heavily Marxist dominated free world of the last hundred years or so, you have been liberally and brainwashed to ignorance and hate goodness, all along, in pretty much all communication. The CBC recently declared equally dead with the rest of the dead, Commie Tommie Douglass great Canadian superstar of all things of all times, for Pete's sake.

The liberal National Geographic types of yore that kept natives around the world dancing bare-foot around the hot coals and ashes pretty much left equally created men ripe for slave pickings. )

So, when I write here of 'ancestors', I am only speaking post tribalism.

The North American black slaves proved to be men, woman and children of intestinal fortitude that few of us could match today.

They endured the 'real' debasement, the beatings, .... the torture many of those of today only fancy themselves enduring from the likes of the capitalist pigs, and the ironically leftist establishment of today, that is apparently not leftist enough.

The ancestors truly found Christ in that they could truly empathize with Him in silence and pain, but never in defeat or despair. How can one ever despair if they are comfortable in the righteousness of God. The underground rich gospel music became their standard, to live by, their heart and the 'truth' that set their souls free, the freedom that counts, not politics, or the flag, but the heart of the family and the soul. They had no Country, but they always had Christ.

Today's blacks don't know real suffering and certainly don't know Christ anymore.

Just like whites, yellows and everyone in the free world, they were taught by liberalism what to feel and what to even think, in the evil of political correctness, even in contrast to their ancestors firm beliefs.

They were taught by Marxist unions that they were suffering if they didn't get extortive salaries, and fringe benefits beyond what economies could afford and what caused unions to be gradually replaced across the private sector with job pimp firms hiring with the only jobs for minimum wages, benefits or education.

The same heavily political unions which purport to speak for all their workers and indeed use their forced contributions for pro-death and anti-family cultures in direct contrast to the heart of their ancestor's heart, Christ.

Where black families were once tight under Christianity, they became no more and insolvent under humanist broad based media cultures that believe it is better to simply be hedonistic, and to take from others, or have taken from others, on your behalf that you are incapable of supporting yourselves under an ironic guardianship of liberalism that kept yourselves exactly so.

No choice is given in education for the majority of blacks, yet academics and politicians have and can afford all the educational choice they desire for their children.

Blacks are confined to state or Marxist union inferior educators who have every interest in perpetuating the status quo.

Like the chattering class of liberals of yore who wanted blacks to stay in the tribes, the chattering liberals of today need black children to stay in 'tribes' under poor and polluted privileged unionized state educators.
A nation that has no have nots left has no use for liberals or Marxist demons and so it is in their best interests to keep nations that way and impede societal progress on all levels.
Beyond this, the black slaves were smarter and more courageous, than us all in enduring and standing firm on the only things that counted and on the 'only' place to draw their strength and wisdom from. While the rest of the world was becoming interested in riding society of God, black slaves found the the true Christ.

Defintion: Islam......

Definition: islam,

Religion of Bloody- Nose Cowardly Bully- ism, Bloody Revolution, Bloody Clitoral Mutilation, Uncontrolled Anger, and yeah yeah yeah, all that love and peace stuff,too.

As already said in other conservative quarters we need to get out of Islamic nation's revolutions or better yet, arm both sides of the conflicts to the teeth.

Being of the rather human fallibility, constricted pro-life persuasion on a sliding scale from innocent babies, of all manner, on down to the 'not so much' end of pedophiles, insane dictators, and liberal Canada- awarded warty troll abortionists it may sound cruel to turn a blind eye to murder and mayhem in other nations

However, my reasoning is such that your typical brow beaten ignorant brain-washed Islamic citizen herded down through history straight from a man at ground zero, one head chopping, pedophile, bully nomad, Moohamida ding-dong doesn't want any help from any stinking infidel hedonistic nation (guilty in a goodly manner) except for Sheen- like syphilitic insane, regime change.

Who would have thunk, (or cared, like our spaced- age and out lesbian western feminazis) that these comparative stone age feminists don't really mind having their faces, heads and everything else covered under the hot sun, keeping their heads low or losing them and having their genitalia thrown to the ground to raisinin the desert sand and to act as hand maidens to the obnoxious, ill-mannered and hideously dressed Arab, or Toronto cab driver?

Western liberals didn't mind when Bush ( in hind sight erroneously) tried to be the peasant -ly knight in shinning armor to the rescue of oppressed Islamic woman and child and was soaked in all manner of liberal, Toronto cab, and Western Islamic typically blood wet scorn but, now all is okie dokie,  that Obummr has had the American oxymoron-ed reality/ tv, obsessed, fooled twice... and shame on them.

Oh wait, is that the sound of the wail of protest and apology of Western *2nd testament Islamic cries for the victims of 9/11, or their own Mickey Mouse (kill the infidels) brainwashing of their own children, or continued brutal treatment of their own wives and daughters in homelands and free lands.
(*2nd very humanist testament as in our own nouveau homosexuals who came to cleanse all rightful natural instinct of homosexual and pedophile disgust). 

No, I guess not. Just the sound of some silently sick ecliptic pride in masochism, (that no one but a modern liberal sick philosopher gets, yet, latching onto again, in humanist throes of  own self- insecurity and twisted justification),  pride in child mind poisoning and justified satisfaction in the long distance sniper killing of a young girl, named Neda, of Iran.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ungodly Nations Taking New Round of S...Kicking..Coincidence?

With no indifference to those suffering in Japan's latest 'natural' disasters, the coincidence of  ungodly nations suffering financial and/or physical loss is quite a coincidence. Going down the by no means- all- inclusive list in no particular order we have the likes of :
  • Haiti
  • United States (financial and moral collapse)
  • European Countries
  • N. Korea
  • Arab despot nations that look to pedophile, bully, very human, woman hater, Mohammad, as God. 
  • Japan
In (present day Canada), my non proud to be home nation, especially liberal Ontario, we are experiencing an unheard of inflationary rise in the cost of living on property taxes, health taxes, education taxes, electricity taxes, non food stuff taxes, and a recent 15% tax grab on domestic gas and oil. Health care  takes up the mother of all budgets, yet unbelievably, finding and retaining a family doctor, even in Toronto is becoming harder and harder Money is pissed away on public board of health's on make-work projects for liberals, including dulling needle points so union (backed by the public financed Union Ministry), workers don't prick themseleves. Make up your own joke here, but no joke to seniors getting needle pounded.

Taxes across the board under Premier Dalton McGuinty have  surpassed all tax increases for one Premier, in all of Provincial history.

His successful 'idiot trick' applied to the masochist liberal sheeple of Ontario is simply to ensure that all such taxes are not called taxes. In any case, Canada, if not the whole free world will not withstand the ensuing pro-longed American Depression kick-started by Obumr.   

China, which probably has more 'genuine' underground Christian believers than most nations have above ground is enjoying phenomenal proletariat free market prosperity that is headed for the bloodiest of revolutions while the waves of peasants are virtual held down by the throats as slave labourers.

Haiti, is still run by witch-doctors, Jamaica, by the ghost of Bob Marley with the unholy communion of pot.
Scandinavian nations are obsessed with sex and killing their young, old, and disabled.

Japan never did get the memo that there is an existence outside of their islands never mind the great beyond, and probably never will, if nuclear bombs couldn't do it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

This time I don't mean  J f..ked everyone in the sense of John F. Kennedy. I mean Just f..k. all Arab Oil...

The way it's being played (and paid) out across the globe is that it is not the fact that Libya's measly 2% (now shaky) contribution to total world oil production is not what made gas retail prices shoot up 20% over night, but rather 'investor nervousness'.

Maybe true, maybe not, but in any case the result is the same, so screw as much Arab oil as possible by taking as much of it as out of the picture as entirely as possible.

Just threaten as much, by showing concrete action and watch the Oil Cartel increase production and lower the price, forthwith.

Like water, the dollar seeks it's own level and like water there is nothing we, or any lib-socialist ideology can do about that, except use it to a 'logical' advantage.

Of course, concrete action means getting rid of Obama's socialist wrecking crew and taking back the cross-contaminated establishment from the liberal assenoids, but by now, who wouldn't drink to that?

Drill baby...drill, take out the HST not to mention the short hair, long taxes already embedded in Ontario gas, including the new Toronto gas tax... have Alberta give Canada a domestic price break, instead of the 'World Price' shaft, and watch prosperity shine and reign in reality.

We're not, or do we want to be a temporary 'prosperpous' communist China who can prosper as a proletariat  nation as long as it pays $70 a week to Ford Parts Company Chinese domestic workers while awaiting a bloodiest of revolutions.