Friday, March 25, 2011

Defintion: Islam......

Definition: islam,

Religion of Bloody- Nose Cowardly Bully- ism, Bloody Revolution, Bloody Clitoral Mutilation, Uncontrolled Anger, and yeah yeah yeah, all that love and peace stuff,too.

As already said in other conservative quarters we need to get out of Islamic nation's revolutions or better yet, arm both sides of the conflicts to the teeth.

Being of the rather human fallibility, constricted pro-life persuasion on a sliding scale from innocent babies, of all manner, on down to the 'not so much' end of pedophiles, insane dictators, and liberal Canada- awarded warty troll abortionists it may sound cruel to turn a blind eye to murder and mayhem in other nations

However, my reasoning is such that your typical brow beaten ignorant brain-washed Islamic citizen herded down through history straight from a man at ground zero, one head chopping, pedophile, bully nomad, Moohamida ding-dong doesn't want any help from any stinking infidel hedonistic nation (guilty in a goodly manner) except for Sheen- like syphilitic insane, regime change.

Who would have thunk, (or cared, like our spaced- age and out lesbian western feminazis) that these comparative stone age feminists don't really mind having their faces, heads and everything else covered under the hot sun, keeping their heads low or losing them and having their genitalia thrown to the ground to raisinin the desert sand and to act as hand maidens to the obnoxious, ill-mannered and hideously dressed Arab, or Toronto cab driver?

Western liberals didn't mind when Bush ( in hind sight erroneously) tried to be the peasant -ly knight in shinning armor to the rescue of oppressed Islamic woman and child and was soaked in all manner of liberal, Toronto cab, and Western Islamic typically blood wet scorn but, now all is okie dokie,  that Obummr has had the American oxymoron-ed reality/ tv, obsessed, fooled twice... and shame on them.

Oh wait, is that the sound of the wail of protest and apology of Western *2nd testament Islamic cries for the victims of 9/11, or their own Mickey Mouse (kill the infidels) brainwashing of their own children, or continued brutal treatment of their own wives and daughters in homelands and free lands.
(*2nd very humanist testament as in our own nouveau homosexuals who came to cleanse all rightful natural instinct of homosexual and pedophile disgust). 

No, I guess not. Just the sound of some silently sick ecliptic pride in masochism, (that no one but a modern liberal sick philosopher gets, yet, latching onto again, in humanist throes of  own self- insecurity and twisted justification),  pride in child mind poisoning and justified satisfaction in the long distance sniper killing of a young girl, named Neda, of Iran.

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