Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ungodly Nations Taking New Round of S...Kicking..Coincidence?

With no indifference to those suffering in Japan's latest 'natural' disasters, the coincidence of  ungodly nations suffering financial and/or physical loss is quite a coincidence. Going down the by no means- all- inclusive list in no particular order we have the likes of :
  • Haiti
  • United States (financial and moral collapse)
  • European Countries
  • N. Korea
  • Arab despot nations that look to pedophile, bully, very human, woman hater, Mohammad, as God. 
  • Japan
In (present day Canada), my non proud to be home nation, especially liberal Ontario, we are experiencing an unheard of inflationary rise in the cost of living on property taxes, health taxes, education taxes, electricity taxes, non food stuff taxes, and a recent 15% tax grab on domestic gas and oil. Health care  takes up the mother of all budgets, yet unbelievably, finding and retaining a family doctor, even in Toronto is becoming harder and harder Money is pissed away on public board of health's on make-work projects for liberals, including dulling needle points so union (backed by the public financed Union Ministry), workers don't prick themseleves. Make up your own joke here, but no joke to seniors getting needle pounded.

Taxes across the board under Premier Dalton McGuinty have  surpassed all tax increases for one Premier, in all of Provincial history.

His successful 'idiot trick' applied to the masochist liberal sheeple of Ontario is simply to ensure that all such taxes are not called taxes. In any case, Canada, if not the whole free world will not withstand the ensuing pro-longed American Depression kick-started by Obumr.   

China, which probably has more 'genuine' underground Christian believers than most nations have above ground is enjoying phenomenal proletariat free market prosperity that is headed for the bloodiest of revolutions while the waves of peasants are virtual held down by the throats as slave labourers.

Haiti, is still run by witch-doctors, Jamaica, by the ghost of Bob Marley with the unholy communion of pot.
Scandinavian nations are obsessed with sex and killing their young, old, and disabled.

Japan never did get the memo that there is an existence outside of their islands never mind the great beyond, and probably never will, if nuclear bombs couldn't do it.

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