Saturday, March 5, 2011

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

JFK All Arab Oil And Their Bully Pretend Religion, Too

This time I don't mean  J f..ked everyone in the sense of John F. Kennedy. I mean Just f..k. all Arab Oil...

The way it's being played (and paid) out across the globe is that it is not the fact that Libya's measly 2% (now shaky) contribution to total world oil production is not what made gas retail prices shoot up 20% over night, but rather 'investor nervousness'.

Maybe true, maybe not, but in any case the result is the same, so screw as much Arab oil as possible by taking as much of it as out of the picture as entirely as possible.

Just threaten as much, by showing concrete action and watch the Oil Cartel increase production and lower the price, forthwith.

Like water, the dollar seeks it's own level and like water there is nothing we, or any lib-socialist ideology can do about that, except use it to a 'logical' advantage.

Of course, concrete action means getting rid of Obama's socialist wrecking crew and taking back the cross-contaminated establishment from the liberal assenoids, but by now, who wouldn't drink to that?

Drill baby...drill, take out the HST not to mention the short hair, long taxes already embedded in Ontario gas, including the new Toronto gas tax... have Alberta give Canada a domestic price break, instead of the 'World Price' shaft, and watch prosperity shine and reign in reality.

We're not, or do we want to be a temporary 'prosperpous' communist China who can prosper as a proletariat  nation as long as it pays $70 a week to Ford Parts Company Chinese domestic workers while awaiting a bloodiest of revolutions.


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