Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Only Have A Part-Time Friend in Reaganites

Social Conservatives Have Part-Time Friends In Reaganites

Socons do have a friend in Jesus, in Billy Graham, in Dr. Dobson and the Holy Father. They have only part-time friends in celebrity Reaganite Conservatives, who in turn and to their own chagrin, only have part-time friends in the GOP.

Celebrity conservatives make a number of fundamental mistakes from the get-go that are for the most part, are the part and parcel of being a 'celebrity'.

1)They 'worship' dead guys just like the liberals. Rather, they should deal with the present and let the “dead bury the dead” from the Word of Christ.

2)They 'worship' politicians just like the liberals. Like, there has ever been, or ever will be, a politician worthy of such. It's called blatant fallibility of man who will always make big mistakes along with the little ones, usually do to their insatiable ego and lack of courage in light of stark truths. To actually 'worship' such people is to raise them higher, while lowering God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Truth lower.

3)They open the worn out zippers to the flaps of their 'own' big tents after getting long in the tooth of popularity and the temptation to troll for more fans to surpass their colleagues in fan base. They actually begin to believe that they, themselves, and their dead leader are the creation and sole guardian of real Christ inspired conservatism.

4)In attaining a larger fan base they will have to lop off their followers who run hot and cold and can be converted and appeal to the greater numbers of the narcissistic mushy middle, who care only how they can personally make gains, the fiscal conservatives, and the unprincipled libertarians, and the nouveau 'homosexual fiscal and libertarian conservatives'. You know the ole

They're okay, they're with me now, sick sanctification i.e., Limbaugh and his new buddy, Elton John, who was just handed a child as a humanistic sacrifice as a play thing to destroy, at the altar of political correctness ( aka the exact opposite of the Truth). But, that's okay.... in legitimizing Elton John, who has proven himself, to be mentally ill and in need of anger management, just from public interviews, (not unlike Canada's lead abortionist and recent Order of Canada medal recipient) Rush has shown he is the better man and he can get along with celebrity homosexuals who desire little boys as their unnatural playthings.

Look it, Rush, Mark, Sean. and Ann, the reason social conservatives take no prisoners is precisely for the sake of the child, the baby, the family, Christianity and the Nation (which has proven to be quite fallible at the hand of collective man, hardly ordained to immaculate un-stewarded perfection as many nationalists seemingly believe, not unlike Catholics who believe the Church will survive the “Very Gates of Hell” in any appreciable amount of numbers without their help and to the benefit of salvation for all.

There's no great mystery in the 'how-to do' anything that escapes the individual wants of man and stops making one opinion as good as any other.

It's called the Truth found in the Word and teachings of Christ the only un-dead 'guy' and understood 'good enough' without footnotes or contorted long winded explanations from big tent theologians.

Paul Gordon

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