Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tis To Laugh..This Leftist Establishment

One of the Hollywood Communist Mecca's favourite propaganda tools is to tie in any old TV show currently out of fad with the right. In other words, old fashion is the right and a wrong way to do things i.e.,  Father Knows Best, Leave It to Beaver and even modern tv series of the eighties and nineties.

Today, that would mean any show that isn't homosexuality, sexually and narcissisticly obsessed, totally dysfunctional, role reversed, and just plain anti-family and anti-hetro marriage would be old fashioned and stodgy, i.e. the Cosby show.

Academia, which has a lot of Hollywood mesmerised type communist societal breakdown inherit in itself ( entertainment was so, the right medium to first bring in socialism to N. America) follows only slightly delayed from lockstep in setting the stage for today's particular brand of political correctness which equates un-cool with tradition and any whiff of conservatism.

Seemingly, an academic teacher, especially in the highest levels is only placated when they can mould a student to their way of narcissistic Marxist rebellious behaviour, greatly lacking in imparting knowledge and self thinking/decision making.
To boot, the previous generation is always to be considered totally wrong, ignorant and in need of correction or condescension and ignoring.

Wearing  waistbands at the knees,  treating the opposite sex with abuse and disdain,  obsessed with drugs, booze, sex, gangs, grade school artistic and entertainment talents,
etc. etc. is no longer to be the traits of a certified A-hole, but the lifestyle of the cool and rebelliously conforming. 

Paul Gordon

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