Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's BF the P.C, Party System and Establishment With Glowing Pride

Let's BF the P.C. Party System and Establishment Out of N.America

This weekend perversely dressed and undressed B conga lines will be dancing down main street Canada.

Perverts will be peppered throughout the parade and lining it alongside their enlightened chattering class friends and families who like political mainstream parties set their moral clocks to the day's latest tv talk-show. Obama's other mentor, and friend, Opray is their god and jogging the Sunday roads is their church.

Who will be laughing at whom is the story of the 'parade'?

You can sleep well or be restless tonight in the reality side of temporal truth that the small minority that conquered North America with a honking heaping helping from its media and political friends is laughing at us.

They are laughing at our, our beliefs, our very thoughts, all our institutions, and our modern (flat-line) empty Christian Churches. But they are not laughing at our children who they demand mind, heart and soul and now even from birth as political sacrifice in perverse assaults on marriage.

Their immoral propaganda is thick at our schools, our media outlets, and entertainment venues, our places of work and nefariously attempted to invade our families through government preferential financing of Marxist educational always politically correct brain washing.

We're still playing Sodom's (Canada) national anthem in the House of God.

There is only one spark of a 'theoretical' hope for Canada in the whole modern day propaganda of Canadian nationalism and it won't be the one specifically celebrated by anyone, this weekend.

It's the one that gives us the right to throw 'all' the political bastards out if we so choose, especially the two unelected provincial party leaders who will be donning strap-ons today and who passed an un-mandated socialist budget the Province has to live by.

In theory...but can there be a concerted effort in practice, for this legal and peaceful revolution seemingly in the historic season of revolutions.

Canada has granted itself a 'Stay' on free speech 'for now', as the homo lobby also tried to stop our communication lines in the public square through non-elected proletariat HRCs primarily manned with university kids who graduated no matter their papers and marks as long as they were politically correct good little brown shirts, and especially in defiance to their dinosaur thinking families.

We are to feel guilty for having asked for our free speech right back.

So how do we fight back in absence of any conservative party or Catholic or Judeo- Christian leadership against this entrenched all-level establishment, real conservatives only ever dreamed about?

We do it with the vote. Forget what your modern conservative party, (in Canada Mulroney and Harper made the liberal party transition long ago, that Americans are no longer laughing about either) is promising to put in your pocket temporarily (and just added to the same credit card the liberals have worn the numbers off anyway)

Go for the gold. I don't care what you've done... what sins you've committed as all sinners do, but let your's and Christ's children grow up with a knowledge of the Truth along with the World's populist propaganda so that they can make their choices for themselves and prolong their innocence past government controlled daycare. Bring the children onto Christ, not unions who extort personal raises 'for the sake of the children' or increasing government control of all aspects of family life including finances.

The immoral and socialist populist schemes that you can no longer hold your nose for as a trade off for the destruction of your family, turning your children against you and most of all the very souls of your children won with a highly selective and limited academic education has got to end.

Vote only for independents or social conservative parties, the only parties for you and your children who would dump the Marxist pervert educational cornered market in a heartbeat and allow you to choose your school, your teachers and administrators, and your child's academic and moral education.

If it's true riding representation you want, independents are the most favored and listened to members of parliament because Bill votes often come down to one or two votes in minority governments.

The more independents the more 'brakes' applied to establishment parties with the goal of stopping the establishment from enacting anymore asinine p.c. laws or appointing party hack crappy lawyers as Supreme Court justices.

Ask your Bishops and your Priests what are they doing for God, Country and the souls of children.

Prayer and anthems are no longer enough!

Paul Gordon

Marmora Ontario

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justification of Perverse Homosexualty on New Base of Perverse Love?

So I was listening to Toronto 640 talk radio on the way home.

It was the Bill Carroll Show who 640 brought back to Toronto airwaves, because they weren't completely transformed to all liberal talk, all the time, yet, while self- assuming the title of not being politically correct at all.

So this time Bill had a substitute host who also fancies himself a centrist with nothing existing to the right of him that he and his fellow liberal journalists would figure shouldn't be in jail. Apparently, Bill has this regular, some young girl, who must have a great deal of life experiences, since she graduated soundingly like yesterday from politically correct university, who talks like a valley girl only younger. Her last name is Gordon (definitely no relation from this century) and her site is squeaky (appropriate) wheel or something.

Anyway, all I wanted to say about her is that some idiot Texas democrat, Palin popular wanna be is her 'new hero' because she led a filibuster against a pro-life motion. Of course she is just the bravest politician since Reagan because she really went against the establishment grain not.

So, it was another liberal female idiot who phoned in who even trumped her. She was commenting on the New Yorker Bert and Earnie horse shit media road side improvised explosion, and she came up with this beaut.

It was to the effect, that this non permission use of the likeness of the Sesame Street characters is a good one for kids because it shows the love aspect of homosexuality for kids.

Gee, so when kids go and ask adults (if there are any left in North America), what's the difference between homosexual love and normal love, they are going to say exactly what?

She went to the corner that you can have homosexual love without having sex. In other words a perversion of love, a man loving a man like a woman, which would be, less I wager, than three percent of their make up who in turn are three per cent of the general population for all the attention they garner... as affirmation of perverse sexual activity. A unnatural perversity of love takes away an unnatural nature of same sex sexuality.

Yeah, that's the new ticket...after everything from STD sympathy to human rights, and speech crimes have been thrown at us.

And don't forget all the equal attention seeking LGBT..BS par- rant groups who need to legitimize the fact that in 'MANY' cases it is their fault their children experimented with, and embraced homosexual acts in the first place. No wonder they're so damn activist obnoxious!

So narcissistic feelings-obsessed mentally ill 'adults' (and there included the broadest number of pedophiles) and their talk show media and Marxist populist- fall-down awed, followers are never going to stick up for all God's children.

So who Is! And where the Hell is the Roman Catholic Church of North America who will soon be forced to Bless homosexual marriages! Like that's never going to happen on this dropped basket to Hell!

Truth isn't pretty when it's dealing with ugly. And making ugly pretty is exactly how the world destroys Christianity.

Homosexuality is what it is, but above all it is not normal!

And in 2013, Canada and the U.S. are exactly what they are and no more!

Repeating a previous post with changes


Marriage Lipstick put on Perverse Pig That Litterally Loves Shit

American appointed liberal Supreme Court activists rule over their outnumbered counterpart conservative appointed Justices officially putting the lipstick degradation of God centered marriage on the perverse pig that really does find happiness in shit... holes. Congrats homos the world and unfortunately all its children is now your oyster, make that litteral asshole.

Which reminds me, has children's services checked on Elton John lately, just like they never did with Michael Jackson?

Sodom and Gomorrah brought into mainstream civilization. Rule of law gone to Hell now confirmed throughout North America, but actually lost all credibility with Roe vs Wade.

Will the American Catholic Church come close to responding like the French Catholic Church and lead any protests?…..nah… too much work and not popular enough.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Supreme Court Constitutional Muse We Could Use

Supreme Court Constitutional Change For The Times

Every time the left makes an Evil Knivel leap over morality with the aid of Supreme Courts they’re always hitting us over the head with “Get With It! It’s the 60s, 70s 80s etc”.

Yet, where is the edifying ‘justice’ and wisdom of Solomon from Supreme Courts that a ‘youngster’ at least might expect from them?

Certainly not behind tall pillared, buildings and clothed in black robes of the world is the reality.

Decisions come down like sports scores with 5 to 4 wins, that Nevada would never give odds on because moral decisions are a done deal with team liberal being the home team while team conservative is always playing one man short.

(The best we have to look forward to is a source of bitter sweet amusement where a Supreme has to spend all his time and lofty imagination to get to the decision he’s made before prior to giving it any thought.

Aside from how stupid he looks trying to write or talk with a straight face, he also has to defy logic and common sense. )

Ronald Reagan seemed to be the only President who didn’t get the memo that you pick your team justice when you get your chance, especially if you only get one shot at it as he seemingly let Nancy use up his pick.

Canada with conservative parties now extinct (where the U.S. is quickly racing to ) has a Supreme Court top heavy with ‘proud’ bona fide lesbian activists.

So, if a hung jury can exist where a person’s life may be in the balance, why can’t a Supreme Court now be required to have a hundred per cent agreement or have a ‘hung-decision’ where the ‘default’ of mere legislation will have to be fallen back on?

Much to modern Supremes chagrin I might add, but not at the expense of democracy, the greater good where pre-chosen rubber stamps are appointed and concerned, thus giving ‘two thirds’ of ultimate Constitutional power as a ‘given’ to one of two federal parties. And solely dependent on when one team judge retires or more so drops dead. .. the stuff great nations are made of.

Alternatively, let the Supreme Court judges be elected by the general populace now that they abuse their office over legislative power.

If the establishment enshrines a two party system by tradition only, therefore a two party stacked court, then I’m sure the Founding Fathers would approve of letting the populace elect the court and ensure at least some true independents are sitting.

C’mon Supremes, and liberals get with it! It’s 2013 and you fool nobody with your agenda and national hijacked ‘values’ and Supreme Court!

Paul Gordon

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marriage Lipstick put on Perverse Pig That Litterally Loves Shit

American appointed liberal Supreme Court activists rule over their outnumbered counterpart conservative appointed Justices officially putting the lipstick degradation of God centered marriage on the perverse pig that really does find happiness in shit... holes.

Sodom and Gomorrah brought into mainstream civilization. Rule of law gone to Hell now confirmed throughout North America, but actually lost all credibility with Roe vs Wade.

Will the American Catholic Church come close to responding like the French Catholic Church and lead any protests?…..nah… too much work and not popular enough.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Contemplating Canada Day and the Flag

Or, Real Conservatives, Smile When You Feel Like Crying

Or, This Canada Day Let's Do a Brazil, Even a France

So many choices.

The last 'Canada Days' conservatives could celebrate were at the time called Dominion Days. 'Canada Days' are more akin to diversity third-world celebrations by our atheist masters. Not Caesars mind you, just socialist masters. Caesar had more class and intelligence to not tread on what belongs to God.

'Third- world' refugees rescued by Christian nations from squalor and dictatorships (at least perpetual passed on dictatorships of one 'individual' as opposed to our populist communal dictatorships) that now demand their gracious hosts shed their clothes of Christianity, and Christian heritage, apologize for existing, and place them at the front of all lines to everywhere.

To typical young populist liberal-establishment brainwashed long established generational Canadians, Canada Day is celebrated in a blurry red and white, drunken stupor enabled en mass, by government through union vote buying immoral bankrupting contracts or lucrative 'signing bonuses'. and downloaded municipal welfare selective payouts freeing up upper governments for the latest socialist enticement scheme.

That in the reality of 'it is what it is and no longer like it was', celebrate Canada's bankrupting socialist policies over any sense of actual patriotic nationalism.

Or in the off quoted line and typical narcissistic spirit of a Canadian Air Farce performer portraying Canada's first conservative/ liberal transitional Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney,(whom had lots of choices to make himself), including drafting a new abortion law as requested by the Supreme Court, “God, I love this Country”

We often hear our 'day trading' speed populist professional political masters speak of glorious Canadian values, pretty much in every speech, yet none of which, that they, or their Ryerson graduate media groupies could put into print, or say a Constitution... of matter, by anyone's definition.

In 2013, where mere advancement in dates are considered 'affirmation' for advancing activist agendas that now even purport to own time, over sensibilities as it were, as in..”Get with it! It's the 80s or 90s or 2013!”

Canada has officially evolved into a nation where never is heard the truly aesthetic, freedom- of- academia, birthed true measure of edified nations, “ Well, it's a free Country, isn't!”. Modern quasi judicial HRCs or proletariat by practice, if not definition, long assassinated that notion with no help or hindrance from legislature or judge.

Keep in mind....anything that is not politically correct, is the urban survival tip of the day.

Brainwashing youth through sole government financed, unions of extreme political interest, and Marxist atheist Schools is so much easier when other generations are given 'stick- incentives' to keep their mouths shut.

I don't need to go on about 'all' the critical faults Canada has adopted in very recent years all singularly wiping out centuries of societal advancements in freedoms and prosperity. Read my blog if you want the complete list.

But, I will add that the latest imposition on individuals and their families brought on by the Ontario Government of Health... ('Ministry' is too lofty an image for any government) is that residents, patients at institutional medical facilities, private or government run and their ('hopefully' thinking of Terry Schavio's ex.) loved ones, are not to decide what life saving measures can be used on themselves.

Rather, the institutional doctor, (many of foreign origin and foreign 'values') alone.. assigned to them must 'prescribe' any life saving measures in advance based on what this doctor determines is a quality of life worth living.

This would kind of defeat the purpose and 'worth' of why they are there, as they can die more comfortably at home (especially, in consideration of how the American government and 'justice' system murdered physically healthy Terry, with no food or drink allowed, until death should overcome her).... one might ask if such a death 'prescription' is afforded there loved one.

The reason I allude to our American cousins here on a Canadian piece is that both Nations appear to have an unwritten mutual exchange of their worst, ideas laws and policies. Obama is now in full support of Muslim terrorists waging a revolution war on the.... Muslim terrorist establishment in Syria.

By now, at least one of the many brutal murders common in all official Islamic nations have been linked, if not opened to and on your web sites.

One of the best committed to truth, is in this regard. The latest is one where one bloodthirsty maniac cuts off a head off a living human being with such zeal one can only see his intense enjoyment in the act.. hardly an act of self defense for times, of up front bravely fought wars.

This is followed at the same dug out grave by two females seemingly just girls are shot to death with automatic weapons so they don't fall to far from the same grave.

The kicker of course, is that these are Obama's 'good guys' and one may look forward to active American and therefore Canadian ground troops being sent in as pointedly suggested in border war games,  to depend on, which, where and how the bodies fall in this area. Not right or wrong but how 'things go'... politically.

If it were a case of right and wrong there would be no nation rushing to aid any official Islamic state just for the horrible way they treat their own women, children and Christians!... Not even counting their kill all foreign infidels policy.

Even, 'many' Germans at least had the legitimate excuse that they did not see the death camp films until after the war.
What's North America's excuse for aiding these blood thirsty murderers?

And if you want to know what happens when the socialist celebrities have achieved all their goals.. well they never do.. the Devil's hands are never idle... and so the likes of Obama in order to push the Christian hating envelope farther puts out a hate speech in Ireland to the tune that he believes Catholics should not be allowed to teach their own children because no doubt, they'd disagree with his personal brainwashed positions on birth control, abortion, homosexual agendas, aiding Muslim terrorists, euthanasia, total disregard and disrespect for honest citizens privacy and of course specifically, that they don't believe in evolutionist unreasoned and therefore unproven theories..or in short, exactly how Harper presents and controls his 'conservative' party and no different, than our future Prime Minister, Trudeau's really, idiot, but populist son.

There is no distinguishing difference between an American and a Canadian liberal by whatever same-think and act.... colors they want to fly, including progressive conservatism.

Which brings me to my next subject the flag. Understandably, (hopefully), a flag represents something about, or to... a nation. So does it reflect the current state of the nation's leaders and elected and appointed representatives including CBC governor generals, and CTV senators, and/or those who elect them? The past? Or one hell of a gloomy looking future better replaced by a flag of sack cloth in a heap of ashes?

How can the flag be something different to everyone when there is only reality that we should all be able to relate to.... in order to fly it never mind salute it?

One of the many aspects of Canada's (and America's) reality is that Christians have been treated as Karl Marx, (a true long-lasting Anti-Christ by anyone's definition), would have them treated with spit-little, and with many Christians responding exactly as Marx prophesied .. with all the conviction and resolve of spit-little.

A welcoming Christian nation in these times is setting itself up for destruction, not by it's beliefs and practices but because of exact knowledge of those beliefs and practices by those who would abuse and stamp out Christianity.

As homosexuality would be Satan's successful choice to destroy the Church from within, socialism and its now 'preferred' Islamic culture will destroy it from with out.

In regards to Marx's spit-little references, the treatment of Santorum and his family, by his own GOP party, their own media water boy, Matt Drudge, and even the sometimes conservative Reaganite radio celebrities ...along with Santorum's non-response to them except to consider it as just.... taking a bullet.... for the almighty party as if the party is a nation or God, unto itself, comes directly and fresh to mind.

To the conservative celebrities they would have it that Santorum represented a never before and not likely ever to be drive towards a 'theocracy'... which proved to be nothing, but a deflection to go with the bland money men of the GOP.

Righteously, the new GOP and their unmoved backers found out that human nature has it that a narcissistic socialist secular atheist beats a narcissistic secular atheist 'behaving' capitalist hands down... from sneering class envy alone, I suspect.
(Well everywhere except in that rat's nest experiement, New York City where they pay homage to their only attackers in history and Mayor Boobberg has mandatory Monday morning finger nail inspection for all the lower rift-raft citizenry)

By all means, succeed and be prosperous....(hopefully charitable), but don't ever lord it over others. People were freed from other people lording it over them years ago

My final thought is that the way Canada now has its 'stands' and precious, though unwritten, values.. if I am forgiven enough to eventually stand at the Gates of St. Peter, I will gladly proclaim that, “I was not Canadian!” in any manner of spirit or thought and certainly not in present company and community.

Happy first and fourth days of July.... North America.

Paul Gordon

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bishop's Statement To Set Youth Free

The Present Critical-Truth Bishop’s Statement… We Long to See

Sometimes….actually most times, Bishop Conferences, Statements and such need to be unpopular for a couple of essential reasons .

Christianity isn’t faddish, politically correct or with the world. Christ is the Truth in every possible way the Truth can be. The world is quite happy to simmer seethe and scheme against Him from the other corner. If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand any of the Gospels, its messages, or its warnings.

If national Bishops conferences are puttering along, honkey dory, year after year in great karma with governments and unions, something is way out of whack.

Telling the faithful.. well we have our lawyers looking into the latest government- backed homosexual activist intrusion on religious fundamental freedom just doesn’t cut it anymore…. Especially, when so many higher court judges are appointed for simply being the best party hack lawyers, political correct parties can buy.

There is no constitution framed in stone… never much was… in Canada to know what to logically expect from the courts, except by counting on the reverse of expected morality decisions.

‘Just say no’ to control freak power punks like shameless McGuilty and his like political sewage.

As in…. we the Catholic Church are going to refuse your edicts that have no business infringing on Judeo-Christian citizen rights and beliefs in Ontario… or Canada.. in Harper’s case if he ever stops to listen away from his idiotic impersonations, singing, and writing hockey history books long enough to listen …. what an egocentric limelight seeking hanger-on. Just what present Canada needs a Harper or a Trudeau….. (vote independent, often always and everywhere and put a stake in the heart of the conservative, liberal and socialist dictatorship party machines… Like what the Hell could possibly be worse than what we’re looking at now)

Here’s the statement the Bishop’s conference needs to put to its most esteemed membership to be voted on in secret ballot to stop any peer pressure political correctness in its tracks, or ward off any ‘blow-back’ of personal blame from politically correct trustees, administrations, or militant Marxist Catholic teachers unions.

We the representatives and official Catholic Church leaders and rightful descendants of Peter, can no longer in good faith or in good conscience in the name of all that is Holy, and innocent in God’s children.. allow the name of Jesus Christ and all His devout Saints and followers, to be used in conjunction with any Ontario Government funded and heavily politically- played Catholic elementary, secondary or post- secondary institution .

We offer all the support we are able to… to any alternative Catholic education including private Catholic schools and homeschooling groups.

I have to say that I was recently at a Gala fund raiser for just such a private school attended by an Arch-Bishop and presiding Bishop of their respective large (well, considered large for Ontario) Ontario cities. (Not Toronto Archdiocese)

And you could have fooled me if this was not their exact sentiments by what was specifically said and what went unspoken.

I cannot believe that these are the only two Bishops in Ontario’s and Canada’s Conferences of Bishops who clearly have it right but feel the deck too stacked against them to do anything but by a secret vote for a mandate for the whole Conference.

If a pope is selected secretly demanding the participation and influence of the Holy Ghost, why not the same for something equally as important as to the best intentions and chances for the future of the Church… Christ would have brought onto Him.

Don’t let the World set and change all the ‘rules’ of the Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Trinity… the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Paul Gordon

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Time Truth is Situated in the Middle

One Time The Truth is situated  in the World Middle

We've all heard people use the expression 'I think the truth is usually somewhere in in the middle' and in the case of obtaining two sides of an unwitnessed event from two parties involved it may or may not lie in the middle in which case individual credibility may or may not clear up matters.

However, there is no middle ground between immoral and moral, or more simply said, what is right and what is wrong. Certainly, by the year 2013, courts and laws around the world are no measure to look to when they can't discern the concept of justice, never mind morality.

Yet, many political party appointed individual judges in most free world nations feel empowered to change legislated law or negate legislated laws by rulings and precedence, ostensibly claimed to be made on the basis of what 'appears' to be a fairer settlement from a liberal or socialist point of view.

Morality, however is clearly legislated in time and stone by the Judeo or Christian God or Holy Trinity depending on your point of outlook and observance.

Not just 'legislated', but orderly owned by God thankfully as are all things physical and metaphysical, geophysical, biophysical and astrophysical..... sciences, and mathematical equations, and logic, all that existed prior to any existence of man with an artistic flare now and than only appreciable by and logically for beings of human nature, and logically not created by some accident in space and time.

Sciences did not allow God to be created, but God certainly did create all interactive sciences confined in behaviors from the interacting solar systemic to the microscopic laws and properties that allowed for the continuation of man after, and before being created at God's own 'timing' in 'time' which He also owns.

'Man's discoveries' and continual education in the unraveling of sciences that continually assault world and assumed solar 'evolution'.

Evolution does not 'require' logic. For instance, in two examples logic in evolution would dictate that man would have ultimately grown wings, and monkeys and apes would be extinct.

However, civilization certainly did require the main forward drive behind thinking men, else man would not have survived the world in the wild for a century and would not have made one single advancement including starting and control over fire as logic goes hand in hand deciphering the maths and other sciences including physics, necessary long, long before its principles and laws were understood.

( And last time I checked, no animal which evolution degrades all living worth to, was lighting fires on his own and with good reason..... very few would be trained to do so).

Apparently, modern scientists place logic lower then the politics of science these days.

There are thousands of recorded miracles witnessed and unwitnesed but equally proven attributed to the supernatural, but not one to aliens from innumerable other planets.
Indeed, in applying logic to the 'consensus' of the scientific world's own words would not billions and billions of solar systems not safely harbor one billion planet earths?

And logically to follow, would not millions of these planet earths be beyond billions of years of the earth's age itself and therefore reasonably be considered advanced enough to give us a high five or to their entertainment a provocatively amusing interplanetary little goose at least.

The greatest science, scientists need to study is that of logic, itself especially before it goes donning the cloak of prophesy not having applied logic enough to predictability.

And therein lies the rub of public or preferred world education whose greatest observance out of fear 'apparently' is firstly to never accommodate the slightest notion of Judeo-Christianity belief, yet, as the intellectual laughing elephant in the room it remains a logically uncontested fact, that all that is studied was created by intelligent design including inspiration of the arts found firstly in the ('assumed' eternally hereto existed) 'natural' world creation....... by intelligent design!

Included, therein in this 'public education' or modern union enshrined 'default' for financial payout, the thought processes allowing man to create languages with local dialects. Along with the vast and great 'everything else' scientists did not create is the human brain nor the souls, they.... and politicians or 'leaders' in lemming ending fads..... so callously disregard.

But, the exacting Truth I refer to here lies in the physical ashes man so consumes himself with to the chagrin of his soul and 'comfort'. There is no comfort of the soul or conscience that can be bought won extorted or robed or earned for all the financial glory or singular attraction attributed to the world.

Times of mental anguish, loneliness, despair and worthlessness, is the worst suffering on earth that can't be comforted on the biggest softest pillow- sack full of inanimate plastic and paper that could buy all the drugs, inanimate toys, comforts, accolades and artificial love in the world all in the domain and care of Caesar's world not God's Church protected domain on earth.

It is a test.... but a very easy and simple one when you are given all the answers time and time again to know where love really is, where souls are really saved and the real beauty of the earth is clearly seen in the wondrous unspoiled innocence of a child and sincere gratefulness of the infirmed and the elderly is appreciated for a kind moment or hand and not always possibly expressed verbally.

(Genuine sorrow is actually critical affirmation that one is capable of love beyond oneself and in the case of self sorrow over self committed acts harming others, a way to healing and to the sole source of edifying comfort and accepting forgiveness

Unfortunately, it is the pursuit of money and riches that makes the world go round to the eventual point of spiraling out of control with problems too vast and complex to be repaired.

So back to what I refer to as 'middle ground' is not really middle ground at all because there is no middle ground in Truth just those that try to pull truth their way by all means except logic available to them.

Neither the rich man nor the socialist, including Marxist unions have any moral legitimacy in Truth.

The rich man who would rather die than give his money to good causes does not enter heaven. Today's rich would hang on to their money and deal out only enough to control nations, where they see fit and to who they see fit to bare God's children.

Christ first sets the person's spirit free by simply knowing His Truth and than physically sets the slaves free directly through St. Paul whom He entrusts to impart more information to the perfect and eternal Gospels than even Peter, no doubt to signify how much the converted sinner or prodigal son... no matter how bad.... will still be loved and forgiven.

Indeed, God and the Trinity do not make mistakes when they own Truth.

Why many Catholics just like Pilate question 'what is truth' because the world can never accept it is the only aspect of the world.... unbelievable.

Christ said to the priesthood 'feed my people' not support or praise the violent revolutionists.

To the rest of us he said feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the homeless. He never said anything Marxist or socialist, such as Rise and revolt with the fist and the gun... Use the children to extort.. Take out your anger on the elderly and the children Strike for the cost of living... Do not give a fare wage for the work to be done... Parade for your perversions in public and rights to raise children you were never met too... Leave your family for all the things you missed or became bored with.

Let your children be educated by the Godless Caesar and Marx, both out of their domains, and properties in the World.... folding to all the rules only they make!

He did not say a woman's lifestyle or 'rights demands'... given no where in the natural state of the Kingdom of God, are to be 'honored' and 'celebrated' as a choice in Truth! ...anymore than Caesar legitimizing the activist claimed 'necessary' immoral choices around prostitution.

I've seen the rich not give fare wages and Caesar take more than his fare share and put innumerable road blocks up for business and the service industry.

I've seen the international 'service industry' union in action too, and two frail seniors come as close as one can to freezing to death on cold black nights in the same building in the same winter, that no government was interested in reviewing anymore then they were in investigating.... at the time.

Frail elderly who cannot even understand foreign immigrant poor workers, some who share no values of their host nation, and who matter of fact, elect their angriest to be their shop stewards because that's who you want in your corner no matter the honor or societal importance of your 'industry' including involving the elderly and the young.

A nursing home more apt corporate retirement home may be Gatsbiest in detail, scope and magnitude but your parent's care is going to come down to the lowest paid front- line worker or the stock- traded home's bottom profit line and dividend in any given year, and if their pay is a lot less than what your parents earned or to what you earn or hovering not far from minimum wage, invest quickly and quietly in a nanny cam as others have done and not been disappointed with their purchase.

There are unions and there are unions. There are powerful self called 'professional' government unions who would no more vote for totally labor friendly political parties, that their majority poorer 'brother' private unions would close the gap they lord over those same poorer 'brothers and sisters' then they would cut their hands off.

It is not just the boss and the owner who votes for politically unrealistic labor politicians but always the majority workers as they did at the time of labor revolution. In the free world they much rather keep the industrial revolution at full peak and as unions, individually extort from specifically more prosperous industries such as the auto industry.

Government unionizing was the second priority of unions after the auto industries and such.

Today charities are to be unionized even to the tune of making those wages actually fall below minimum to accommodate union member dues off wages that will never rise and never would rise in proportion only ensure that the less interested at work would keep on bringing home money exceeding their work efforts as poor as that might be.

For of these sympathized only poorer unions all they can offer is job stability for those who would rather complain than work themselves.

The only prosperous industries for worker and owner are where the unions are not brought in and owners keep them out by offering a fare wage for a fare day's work, so the truth does work where logic is applied over greed from both ends with the government slug self-wedged between, above around and below.

Paul Gordon

Friday, June 7, 2013

Istanbul... It's


It's Tax Bull For Causes Ignoble Now
Long time gone..taxes for services now
No new taxes just fines, user fees and how

Even tax collectors pay over half the dough they make
While parties on the take tell us all to eat the cake
Why did the taxpayer get the works
It's not your business just trust the jerks

It's tax bull (It's tax bull)
It's tax bull (it's tax bull)

Even old shark loan rates were once single digits
Why they changed it ..easy to say.. no one complains & pays

Only government workers can afford these rates for now

Take your pc causes and shove them till you howlll!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bah Bah Bishop Have You Any Dough?

Bah Bah Bishop Have You Any Dough
Please Sir Please Sir Some For Young Souls

Catholic education is dead. DOA in Ontario (and in most parts west and east in Canada)  even prior to.. the full funding of Judas.

Would that be the government's fault? The unions' fault? Politician's fault? Well yes, partially....but that's their job, isn't?  They are the 'World' Christ warned us about only a gazillion times in His Gospels... the Caesar to let be...... but to be kept in his own domain and to his own properties.

Was McGuinty Catholic because he told everyone so or was he riding a wave of perverse 'World' populism for all it's worth in Hell's currency only and always serving one master.

Were the Catholic teachers protected by their own mark of an elected sword of St. Marx to the spit-little on St. Michael.....remotely reflective of......or even knowing of Christ? No, again... wrong master.. and certainly wrong creed, not only implied in biting real association, but tramp stamped proud with every rant for raise and religious rout drunkingly celebrated to the spit-little and laugh..... on sacrifice.

Indeed what is sacrifice, what is poverty, what is love of vocation to be said, Lord this is what I've done for You...not my will, but Yours and Yours in perfect instantanious reciprical love of the fruits of our joint loving vocation that brings the little ones to You. The Truth blazened in the perfection of love.. rolled in the comfort of life's real meaning.

When does the Truth ever make one cry, but in tears of healing.....the now of understanding..the conquest of love over all the world porports to know and presents, and tries to smother you with, yet, for a contrasting blaze of light only the Father can show. An insight to suffering always bounded and limited by God in constraints of time never defeat, that may indeed never be finally understood and even for this... all the more to be wept in the throes of joy. The Truth that is and always will be...the Truth that sets you free.

 I can rarely reconcile what I believe from what I'm taught to what I see. I know when and what I'm taught to be True because the boundaries of love are protected only by Truth. There is no dother thought, no temptation from Hell that can tarnish or taint it or that anyone else can't experience the same.

 What can be in it for me is only valued in the omission of exactly and all that is not in it for me indeed. multiplied, by what it 'costs' me, not by what I can take from others, even only to give still others, but what it costs me.  This is the greatest lament of the rich man...that he will never ever 'get it'.

This is the aspect of the Church that will prevail against the very gates of Hell... if not in its deeds, if  not in its courage, then in its word as told by sinners equally all, but gifted through consecration and yes though supernatural, and seemingly undeserving, but 'real' in exchange for 'commitment', or the only promise that can be kept by sinners... in this case to feed the equally underserving that they will engage in pushing back the gates of Hell, themselves.

This is the God I know of, not one who asks us to make others suffer for our needs, desires, and earthly glory, but to help others and manage with our own suffering.

The God who shows us that tears will never conquer love, evil will never conquer freedom, and death will never conquer life, and all you have left is the misery of Hell that stands alone but tempts all for company.

I digress

These Judases and Caesars  who could not distinguish their morally populist (therefore automatically) constricted domains from God's.

They Crucified Christ beautifully and more anguishingly so, in that they sought and meant harm to the little ones only for and to their own personal glory and gain and for that of an ever accerlating and surfacing Hell. They used children for evil they may or may not have the full extent of. Has liberalism ever advanced anything but misery disguised as hideous celebration, and the now total destruction of innocense?

So what contributed more to the destruction of not just Catholic Doctrine and the future of Catholicism in Canada, but Christ's love for His little ones through an 'education' meant to be 'apart' from the World's increasingly forced doctrine?... The World or the total capitulation to the world by descendants of Peter and Paul who faced a much tougher and meaner world with more to lose than just their position and social stature in society?

The Bishops, and especially the Cardinal of Toronto or the heart and diocese, flag ship of the Canadian Catholic branch of the Roman Catholic Church can make amends and bolster up the doors by immediately putting all monies available now and in future back into private Catholic schooling and by simply saying no to government interference into the Roman Catholic Church and all its member children of Christ. The only future of the Catholic Church in Canada and future prayers for us increasingly the premature dead!

Paul Gordon

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Liberalism No Disease! Just Vampire Evil.

Liberalism No Disease.. Just Vampire Evil

So it was cute and quaint for a couple of conservative celebrities to write off liberalism simply as a disease, but unfortunately not very helpful in the deadly intelligent and spiritual war for souls against liberalism.

There is no 'strategy' substitute for truth that can have any shelf life of longevity

'Political strategy' always has a Faustian compromise as evil's 'ways to a means'.
People's behavior and mob participation may be attributed to mental disease, but armchair sober belief that defies logic is learned and adopted for one's druthers as painted by still others who came before them and equally made a conscious decision of simply accepting what the greater community came to believe and how they behaved.

A first rule of logic is that it doesn't change. Morality doesn't change, but the greater 'community' at various times through history certainly has.

Just one small example of this can clearly be objectively observed in the great atheist Marxist inspired liberal bastions of the 'free' world news media.

Educating the educators, the daily dose of the media ( morning Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, New York and Los Angeles Times) served as 'food to change thought' and sole source of news with a bias.... for many decades and generations.

Hallowed schools for journalism, taught present media giants to not settle for shocking news simply as it happened, but to litter the print and six o'clock airwaves world with shocking opinions to dare to be different and rebellious... in order to replace the establishment with a new one with no rules of attainment... only rules to escape out of it (political correctness or populism).

Not to mention, that these worldly hallowed schools invented apologetics for a kinder... sympathetic face to evil ... which progressed to now attaining levels in the absurd shades.... of gray.

You will find that the most feared and revered conservative commentators on line neither went to journalism or law school.. both evolved into the most useful of socialist idiots.

And the worse case society scenario of collusion is to have a lawyer politician appoint a state educated journalist to any public position.

In Canada, for example the liberal parties appoint CBC immigrant journalists to Governor General positions while the conservative party rewards their journalist hacks from CTV, to Senate positions. (Independents or socon parties are the only way to go).

One modern CBC Governor General appointment of the liberals publicly accepted a private wedding invitation to a (then) illegal homosexual wedding as if to give it the imprimatur (more akin to let it be law... over printed) of the government only more so the un-mandated socialist slick 'party' du jour.... a la Miracle on 34th or Young and Bloor. Like, outside of S.F. is there any city more undeservingly pretentious than Toronto!

The liberal's next token third world immigrant..politically correct CBC Governor General would not be outdone by her predecessors and promptly gave Canada's highest civilian award to Canada's most prolific abortionist who (thankfully went to his great reward in Hell, just this week...everyone spit here)

We are expected to 'accept' that the advance tick of a year on the calendar itself as reinforcement and back- up enough for evil... not furthest from the Truth, ”It is the nineties you know” ... “It is 2013 you know”...with the harm of pedophilia behind us and 9/11 so.... so old and so deserving anyway.

'Maybe, pedophilia is not such a bad thing and a sexual awakening for children'

' Maybe the perversion of homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with the perversion of sexually assaulting male boys?'

'Abortion is not the killing of an innocent baby.. it's a mother's choice, you silly'

Though there is not one of the many actual historical and 'official' nations of Islam that is not murderous of varying numbers of Jewish and Christian people, Western new style Islamic immigrants the new coke and new hippies of love...the peaceniks of terrorism”. Like Jane Fonda and John Kerry were the peaceniks for ruthless communism.

Liberals and their appointed justices don't need no stinkin mandates, no stinkin constitutions, no stinkin laws and no stinkin concensus to give them all the freedom they need to shrink citizenry freedoms, which is all liberal socialism was ever about. They also don't need your permission to end your life if you are an invalid who can't communicate for yourself.,

They just can't objectively stand to see you subjectively suffer anymore!

The government decides in a honking assistive way, if you should be born and when you should die...sweet!

And if you have a financial cost stamped to your ass that keeps government tax money from buying votes with new socialst gimmies, then definitely kiss it goodbye.

That's liberalism in it's world of true glory.

So the only chance that can turn this vampirism of evil around, that sucks the souls and even God given intelligence with a will to use objective logic (or given genius to fight the celebrated world geniuses) as one route to Truth out of our youth and perpetuates this accelerating evil from generation of educators passed on to the next, not unlike the fictional vampires at all.

Only everything, but blood is sucked out of your children... 'your children' as opposed to the atheist media's collective's children, the neighborhood's children, the State's children, and certainly opposed to the (most political special interest group of populist) militant unionized state educators.

So if you want a real reason worth living, and what reason is there when you don't have to think anymore just like a zombie vampire and everything you do isn't wrong as long as it feels good to you... make it that you fight this vampirism of liberalism.

You won't need a mallet and stake, but the Cross wouldn't hurt and it would be much more usefull than garlic.

You will need to start by taking back your children. Take them out of public school.. 'public' Catholic schools from where the Bishops long collapsed like a house of cards at the first bell and call for courage and 'faith' and especially from public, and public 'Catholic' institutions of higher learning... or the nail in the coffin for all souls that enter.

Those who managed to hang on to their sensibilites and are still in school can fight their teachers with simple logic and extrapolation. This was William F Buckley's most briliantly simple tool. And logic is not credited enough with its close tie to its owner of Truth. Even before there was the earth there was not only all the interconnecting sciences and maths connected for the exacting possibility and sustaining of life after creationk, there was also truth and logic and there was good and evil.

And if still believe liberalism to be some wayward gene of a disease, it would have to be a hell of a contagious one.. sweeping through halls of education like C-Diff in a nursing home... though that wouldn't be logical would it. Liberalism only rubs off because it is painted with the easy and seductive or personal narcissism celebrated in populism.

Paul Gordon