Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bishop's Statement To Set Youth Free

The Present Critical-Truth Bishop’s Statement… We Long to See

Sometimes….actually most times, Bishop Conferences, Statements and such need to be unpopular for a couple of essential reasons .

Christianity isn’t faddish, politically correct or with the world. Christ is the Truth in every possible way the Truth can be. The world is quite happy to simmer seethe and scheme against Him from the other corner. If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand any of the Gospels, its messages, or its warnings.

If national Bishops conferences are puttering along, honkey dory, year after year in great karma with governments and unions, something is way out of whack.

Telling the faithful.. well we have our lawyers looking into the latest government- backed homosexual activist intrusion on religious fundamental freedom just doesn’t cut it anymore…. Especially, when so many higher court judges are appointed for simply being the best party hack lawyers, political correct parties can buy.

There is no constitution framed in stone… never much was… in Canada to know what to logically expect from the courts, except by counting on the reverse of expected morality decisions.

‘Just say no’ to control freak power punks like shameless McGuilty and his like political sewage.

As in…. we the Catholic Church are going to refuse your edicts that have no business infringing on Judeo-Christian citizen rights and beliefs in Ontario… or Canada.. in Harper’s case if he ever stops to listen away from his idiotic impersonations, singing, and writing hockey history books long enough to listen …. what an egocentric limelight seeking hanger-on. Just what present Canada needs a Harper or a Trudeau….. (vote independent, often always and everywhere and put a stake in the heart of the conservative, liberal and socialist dictatorship party machines… Like what the Hell could possibly be worse than what we’re looking at now)

Here’s the statement the Bishop’s conference needs to put to its most esteemed membership to be voted on in secret ballot to stop any peer pressure political correctness in its tracks, or ward off any ‘blow-back’ of personal blame from politically correct trustees, administrations, or militant Marxist Catholic teachers unions.

We the representatives and official Catholic Church leaders and rightful descendants of Peter, can no longer in good faith or in good conscience in the name of all that is Holy, and innocent in God’s children.. allow the name of Jesus Christ and all His devout Saints and followers, to be used in conjunction with any Ontario Government funded and heavily politically- played Catholic elementary, secondary or post- secondary institution .

We offer all the support we are able to… to any alternative Catholic education including private Catholic schools and homeschooling groups.

I have to say that I was recently at a Gala fund raiser for just such a private school attended by an Arch-Bishop and presiding Bishop of their respective large (well, considered large for Ontario) Ontario cities. (Not Toronto Archdiocese)

And you could have fooled me if this was not their exact sentiments by what was specifically said and what went unspoken.

I cannot believe that these are the only two Bishops in Ontario’s and Canada’s Conferences of Bishops who clearly have it right but feel the deck too stacked against them to do anything but by a secret vote for a mandate for the whole Conference.

If a pope is selected secretly demanding the participation and influence of the Holy Ghost, why not the same for something equally as important as to the best intentions and chances for the future of the Church… Christ would have brought onto Him.

Don’t let the World set and change all the ‘rules’ of the Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Trinity… the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Paul Gordon

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