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One Time Truth is Situated in the Middle

One Time The Truth is situated  in the World Middle

We've all heard people use the expression 'I think the truth is usually somewhere in in the middle' and in the case of obtaining two sides of an unwitnessed event from two parties involved it may or may not lie in the middle in which case individual credibility may or may not clear up matters.

However, there is no middle ground between immoral and moral, or more simply said, what is right and what is wrong. Certainly, by the year 2013, courts and laws around the world are no measure to look to when they can't discern the concept of justice, never mind morality.

Yet, many political party appointed individual judges in most free world nations feel empowered to change legislated law or negate legislated laws by rulings and precedence, ostensibly claimed to be made on the basis of what 'appears' to be a fairer settlement from a liberal or socialist point of view.

Morality, however is clearly legislated in time and stone by the Judeo or Christian God or Holy Trinity depending on your point of outlook and observance.

Not just 'legislated', but orderly owned by God thankfully as are all things physical and metaphysical, geophysical, biophysical and astrophysical..... sciences, and mathematical equations, and logic, all that existed prior to any existence of man with an artistic flare now and than only appreciable by and logically for beings of human nature, and logically not created by some accident in space and time.

Sciences did not allow God to be created, but God certainly did create all interactive sciences confined in behaviors from the interacting solar systemic to the microscopic laws and properties that allowed for the continuation of man after, and before being created at God's own 'timing' in 'time' which He also owns.

'Man's discoveries' and continual education in the unraveling of sciences that continually assault world and assumed solar 'evolution'.

Evolution does not 'require' logic. For instance, in two examples logic in evolution would dictate that man would have ultimately grown wings, and monkeys and apes would be extinct.

However, civilization certainly did require the main forward drive behind thinking men, else man would not have survived the world in the wild for a century and would not have made one single advancement including starting and control over fire as logic goes hand in hand deciphering the maths and other sciences including physics, necessary long, long before its principles and laws were understood.

( And last time I checked, no animal which evolution degrades all living worth to, was lighting fires on his own and with good reason..... very few would be trained to do so).

Apparently, modern scientists place logic lower then the politics of science these days.

There are thousands of recorded miracles witnessed and unwitnesed but equally proven attributed to the supernatural, but not one to aliens from innumerable other planets.
Indeed, in applying logic to the 'consensus' of the scientific world's own words would not billions and billions of solar systems not safely harbor one billion planet earths?

And logically to follow, would not millions of these planet earths be beyond billions of years of the earth's age itself and therefore reasonably be considered advanced enough to give us a high five or to their entertainment a provocatively amusing interplanetary little goose at least.

The greatest science, scientists need to study is that of logic, itself especially before it goes donning the cloak of prophesy not having applied logic enough to predictability.

And therein lies the rub of public or preferred world education whose greatest observance out of fear 'apparently' is firstly to never accommodate the slightest notion of Judeo-Christianity belief, yet, as the intellectual laughing elephant in the room it remains a logically uncontested fact, that all that is studied was created by intelligent design including inspiration of the arts found firstly in the ('assumed' eternally hereto existed) 'natural' world creation....... by intelligent design!

Included, therein in this 'public education' or modern union enshrined 'default' for financial payout, the thought processes allowing man to create languages with local dialects. Along with the vast and great 'everything else' scientists did not create is the human brain nor the souls, they.... and politicians or 'leaders' in lemming ending fads..... so callously disregard.

But, the exacting Truth I refer to here lies in the physical ashes man so consumes himself with to the chagrin of his soul and 'comfort'. There is no comfort of the soul or conscience that can be bought won extorted or robed or earned for all the financial glory or singular attraction attributed to the world.

Times of mental anguish, loneliness, despair and worthlessness, is the worst suffering on earth that can't be comforted on the biggest softest pillow- sack full of inanimate plastic and paper that could buy all the drugs, inanimate toys, comforts, accolades and artificial love in the world all in the domain and care of Caesar's world not God's Church protected domain on earth.

It is a test.... but a very easy and simple one when you are given all the answers time and time again to know where love really is, where souls are really saved and the real beauty of the earth is clearly seen in the wondrous unspoiled innocence of a child and sincere gratefulness of the infirmed and the elderly is appreciated for a kind moment or hand and not always possibly expressed verbally.

(Genuine sorrow is actually critical affirmation that one is capable of love beyond oneself and in the case of self sorrow over self committed acts harming others, a way to healing and to the sole source of edifying comfort and accepting forgiveness

Unfortunately, it is the pursuit of money and riches that makes the world go round to the eventual point of spiraling out of control with problems too vast and complex to be repaired.

So back to what I refer to as 'middle ground' is not really middle ground at all because there is no middle ground in Truth just those that try to pull truth their way by all means except logic available to them.

Neither the rich man nor the socialist, including Marxist unions have any moral legitimacy in Truth.

The rich man who would rather die than give his money to good causes does not enter heaven. Today's rich would hang on to their money and deal out only enough to control nations, where they see fit and to who they see fit to bare God's children.

Christ first sets the person's spirit free by simply knowing His Truth and than physically sets the slaves free directly through St. Paul whom He entrusts to impart more information to the perfect and eternal Gospels than even Peter, no doubt to signify how much the converted sinner or prodigal son... no matter how bad.... will still be loved and forgiven.

Indeed, God and the Trinity do not make mistakes when they own Truth.

Why many Catholics just like Pilate question 'what is truth' because the world can never accept it is the only aspect of the world.... unbelievable.

Christ said to the priesthood 'feed my people' not support or praise the violent revolutionists.

To the rest of us he said feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the homeless. He never said anything Marxist or socialist, such as Rise and revolt with the fist and the gun... Use the children to extort.. Take out your anger on the elderly and the children Strike for the cost of living... Do not give a fare wage for the work to be done... Parade for your perversions in public and rights to raise children you were never met too... Leave your family for all the things you missed or became bored with.

Let your children be educated by the Godless Caesar and Marx, both out of their domains, and properties in the World.... folding to all the rules only they make!

He did not say a woman's lifestyle or 'rights demands'... given no where in the natural state of the Kingdom of God, are to be 'honored' and 'celebrated' as a choice in Truth! ...anymore than Caesar legitimizing the activist claimed 'necessary' immoral choices around prostitution.

I've seen the rich not give fare wages and Caesar take more than his fare share and put innumerable road blocks up for business and the service industry.

I've seen the international 'service industry' union in action too, and two frail seniors come as close as one can to freezing to death on cold black nights in the same building in the same winter, that no government was interested in reviewing anymore then they were in investigating.... at the time.

Frail elderly who cannot even understand foreign immigrant poor workers, some who share no values of their host nation, and who matter of fact, elect their angriest to be their shop stewards because that's who you want in your corner no matter the honor or societal importance of your 'industry' including involving the elderly and the young.

A nursing home more apt corporate retirement home may be Gatsbiest in detail, scope and magnitude but your parent's care is going to come down to the lowest paid front- line worker or the stock- traded home's bottom profit line and dividend in any given year, and if their pay is a lot less than what your parents earned or to what you earn or hovering not far from minimum wage, invest quickly and quietly in a nanny cam as others have done and not been disappointed with their purchase.

There are unions and there are unions. There are powerful self called 'professional' government unions who would no more vote for totally labor friendly political parties, that their majority poorer 'brother' private unions would close the gap they lord over those same poorer 'brothers and sisters' then they would cut their hands off.

It is not just the boss and the owner who votes for politically unrealistic labor politicians but always the majority workers as they did at the time of labor revolution. In the free world they much rather keep the industrial revolution at full peak and as unions, individually extort from specifically more prosperous industries such as the auto industry.

Government unionizing was the second priority of unions after the auto industries and such.

Today charities are to be unionized even to the tune of making those wages actually fall below minimum to accommodate union member dues off wages that will never rise and never would rise in proportion only ensure that the less interested at work would keep on bringing home money exceeding their work efforts as poor as that might be.

For of these sympathized only poorer unions all they can offer is job stability for those who would rather complain than work themselves.

The only prosperous industries for worker and owner are where the unions are not brought in and owners keep them out by offering a fare wage for a fare day's work, so the truth does work where logic is applied over greed from both ends with the government slug self-wedged between, above around and below.

Paul Gordon

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