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Liberalism No Disease! Just Vampire Evil.

Liberalism No Disease.. Just Vampire Evil

So it was cute and quaint for a couple of conservative celebrities to write off liberalism simply as a disease, but unfortunately not very helpful in the deadly intelligent and spiritual war for souls against liberalism.

There is no 'strategy' substitute for truth that can have any shelf life of longevity

'Political strategy' always has a Faustian compromise as evil's 'ways to a means'.
People's behavior and mob participation may be attributed to mental disease, but armchair sober belief that defies logic is learned and adopted for one's druthers as painted by still others who came before them and equally made a conscious decision of simply accepting what the greater community came to believe and how they behaved.

A first rule of logic is that it doesn't change. Morality doesn't change, but the greater 'community' at various times through history certainly has.

Just one small example of this can clearly be objectively observed in the great atheist Marxist inspired liberal bastions of the 'free' world news media.

Educating the educators, the daily dose of the media ( morning Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, New York and Los Angeles Times) served as 'food to change thought' and sole source of news with a bias.... for many decades and generations.

Hallowed schools for journalism, taught present media giants to not settle for shocking news simply as it happened, but to litter the print and six o'clock airwaves world with shocking opinions to dare to be different and rebellious... in order to replace the establishment with a new one with no rules of attainment... only rules to escape out of it (political correctness or populism).

Not to mention, that these worldly hallowed schools invented apologetics for a kinder... sympathetic face to evil ... which progressed to now attaining levels in the absurd shades.... of gray.

You will find that the most feared and revered conservative commentators on line neither went to journalism or law school.. both evolved into the most useful of socialist idiots.

And the worse case society scenario of collusion is to have a lawyer politician appoint a state educated journalist to any public position.

In Canada, for example the liberal parties appoint CBC immigrant journalists to Governor General positions while the conservative party rewards their journalist hacks from CTV, to Senate positions. (Independents or socon parties are the only way to go).

One modern CBC Governor General appointment of the liberals publicly accepted a private wedding invitation to a (then) illegal homosexual wedding as if to give it the imprimatur (more akin to let it be law... over printed) of the government only more so the un-mandated socialist slick 'party' du jour.... a la Miracle on 34th or Young and Bloor. Like, outside of S.F. is there any city more undeservingly pretentious than Toronto!

The liberal's next token third world immigrant..politically correct CBC Governor General would not be outdone by her predecessors and promptly gave Canada's highest civilian award to Canada's most prolific abortionist who (thankfully went to his great reward in Hell, just this week...everyone spit here)

We are expected to 'accept' that the advance tick of a year on the calendar itself as reinforcement and back- up enough for evil... not furthest from the Truth, ”It is the nineties you know” ... “It is 2013 you know”...with the harm of pedophilia behind us and 9/11 so.... so old and so deserving anyway.

'Maybe, pedophilia is not such a bad thing and a sexual awakening for children'

' Maybe the perversion of homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with the perversion of sexually assaulting male boys?'

'Abortion is not the killing of an innocent baby.. it's a mother's choice, you silly'

Though there is not one of the many actual historical and 'official' nations of Islam that is not murderous of varying numbers of Jewish and Christian people, Western new style Islamic immigrants the new coke and new hippies of love...the peaceniks of terrorism”. Like Jane Fonda and John Kerry were the peaceniks for ruthless communism.

Liberals and their appointed justices don't need no stinkin mandates, no stinkin constitutions, no stinkin laws and no stinkin concensus to give them all the freedom they need to shrink citizenry freedoms, which is all liberal socialism was ever about. They also don't need your permission to end your life if you are an invalid who can't communicate for yourself.,

They just can't objectively stand to see you subjectively suffer anymore!

The government decides in a honking assistive way, if you should be born and when you should die...sweet!

And if you have a financial cost stamped to your ass that keeps government tax money from buying votes with new socialst gimmies, then definitely kiss it goodbye.

That's liberalism in it's world of true glory.

So the only chance that can turn this vampirism of evil around, that sucks the souls and even God given intelligence with a will to use objective logic (or given genius to fight the celebrated world geniuses) as one route to Truth out of our youth and perpetuates this accelerating evil from generation of educators passed on to the next, not unlike the fictional vampires at all.

Only everything, but blood is sucked out of your children... 'your children' as opposed to the atheist media's collective's children, the neighborhood's children, the State's children, and certainly opposed to the (most political special interest group of populist) militant unionized state educators.

So if you want a real reason worth living, and what reason is there when you don't have to think anymore just like a zombie vampire and everything you do isn't wrong as long as it feels good to you... make it that you fight this vampirism of liberalism.

You won't need a mallet and stake, but the Cross wouldn't hurt and it would be much more usefull than garlic.

You will need to start by taking back your children. Take them out of public school.. 'public' Catholic schools from where the Bishops long collapsed like a house of cards at the first bell and call for courage and 'faith' and especially from public, and public 'Catholic' institutions of higher learning... or the nail in the coffin for all souls that enter.

Those who managed to hang on to their sensibilites and are still in school can fight their teachers with simple logic and extrapolation. This was William F Buckley's most briliantly simple tool. And logic is not credited enough with its close tie to its owner of Truth. Even before there was the earth there was not only all the interconnecting sciences and maths connected for the exacting possibility and sustaining of life after creationk, there was also truth and logic and there was good and evil.

And if still believe liberalism to be some wayward gene of a disease, it would have to be a hell of a contagious one.. sweeping through halls of education like C-Diff in a nursing home... though that wouldn't be logical would it. Liberalism only rubs off because it is painted with the easy and seductive or personal narcissism celebrated in populism.

Paul Gordon

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