Monday, June 3, 2013

Bah Bah Bishop Have You Any Dough?

Bah Bah Bishop Have You Any Dough
Please Sir Please Sir Some For Young Souls

Catholic education is dead. DOA in Ontario (and in most parts west and east in Canada)  even prior to.. the full funding of Judas.

Would that be the government's fault? The unions' fault? Politician's fault? Well yes, partially....but that's their job, isn't?  They are the 'World' Christ warned us about only a gazillion times in His Gospels... the Caesar to let be...... but to be kept in his own domain and to his own properties.

Was McGuinty Catholic because he told everyone so or was he riding a wave of perverse 'World' populism for all it's worth in Hell's currency only and always serving one master.

Were the Catholic teachers protected by their own mark of an elected sword of St. Marx to the spit-little on St. Michael.....remotely reflective of......or even knowing of Christ? No, again... wrong master.. and certainly wrong creed, not only implied in biting real association, but tramp stamped proud with every rant for raise and religious rout drunkingly celebrated to the spit-little and laugh..... on sacrifice.

Indeed what is sacrifice, what is poverty, what is love of vocation to be said, Lord this is what I've done for You...not my will, but Yours and Yours in perfect instantanious reciprical love of the fruits of our joint loving vocation that brings the little ones to You. The Truth blazened in the perfection of love.. rolled in the comfort of life's real meaning.

When does the Truth ever make one cry, but in tears of healing.....the now of understanding..the conquest of love over all the world porports to know and presents, and tries to smother you with, yet, for a contrasting blaze of light only the Father can show. An insight to suffering always bounded and limited by God in constraints of time never defeat, that may indeed never be finally understood and even for this... all the more to be wept in the throes of joy. The Truth that is and always will be...the Truth that sets you free.

 I can rarely reconcile what I believe from what I'm taught to what I see. I know when and what I'm taught to be True because the boundaries of love are protected only by Truth. There is no dother thought, no temptation from Hell that can tarnish or taint it or that anyone else can't experience the same.

 What can be in it for me is only valued in the omission of exactly and all that is not in it for me indeed. multiplied, by what it 'costs' me, not by what I can take from others, even only to give still others, but what it costs me.  This is the greatest lament of the rich man...that he will never ever 'get it'.

This is the aspect of the Church that will prevail against the very gates of Hell... if not in its deeds, if  not in its courage, then in its word as told by sinners equally all, but gifted through consecration and yes though supernatural, and seemingly undeserving, but 'real' in exchange for 'commitment', or the only promise that can be kept by sinners... in this case to feed the equally underserving that they will engage in pushing back the gates of Hell, themselves.

This is the God I know of, not one who asks us to make others suffer for our needs, desires, and earthly glory, but to help others and manage with our own suffering.

The God who shows us that tears will never conquer love, evil will never conquer freedom, and death will never conquer life, and all you have left is the misery of Hell that stands alone but tempts all for company.

I digress

These Judases and Caesars  who could not distinguish their morally populist (therefore automatically) constricted domains from God's.

They Crucified Christ beautifully and more anguishingly so, in that they sought and meant harm to the little ones only for and to their own personal glory and gain and for that of an ever accerlating and surfacing Hell. They used children for evil they may or may not have the full extent of. Has liberalism ever advanced anything but misery disguised as hideous celebration, and the now total destruction of innocense?

So what contributed more to the destruction of not just Catholic Doctrine and the future of Catholicism in Canada, but Christ's love for His little ones through an 'education' meant to be 'apart' from the World's increasingly forced doctrine?... The World or the total capitulation to the world by descendants of Peter and Paul who faced a much tougher and meaner world with more to lose than just their position and social stature in society?

The Bishops, and especially the Cardinal of Toronto or the heart and diocese, flag ship of the Canadian Catholic branch of the Roman Catholic Church can make amends and bolster up the doors by immediately putting all monies available now and in future back into private Catholic schooling and by simply saying no to government interference into the Roman Catholic Church and all its member children of Christ. The only future of the Catholic Church in Canada and future prayers for us increasingly the premature dead!

Paul Gordon

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