Friday, June 28, 2013

Supreme Court Constitutional Muse We Could Use

Supreme Court Constitutional Change For The Times

Every time the left makes an Evil Knivel leap over morality with the aid of Supreme Courts they’re always hitting us over the head with “Get With It! It’s the 60s, 70s 80s etc”.

Yet, where is the edifying ‘justice’ and wisdom of Solomon from Supreme Courts that a ‘youngster’ at least might expect from them?

Certainly not behind tall pillared, buildings and clothed in black robes of the world is the reality.

Decisions come down like sports scores with 5 to 4 wins, that Nevada would never give odds on because moral decisions are a done deal with team liberal being the home team while team conservative is always playing one man short.

(The best we have to look forward to is a source of bitter sweet amusement where a Supreme has to spend all his time and lofty imagination to get to the decision he’s made before prior to giving it any thought.

Aside from how stupid he looks trying to write or talk with a straight face, he also has to defy logic and common sense. )

Ronald Reagan seemed to be the only President who didn’t get the memo that you pick your team justice when you get your chance, especially if you only get one shot at it as he seemingly let Nancy use up his pick.

Canada with conservative parties now extinct (where the U.S. is quickly racing to ) has a Supreme Court top heavy with ‘proud’ bona fide lesbian activists.

So, if a hung jury can exist where a person’s life may be in the balance, why can’t a Supreme Court now be required to have a hundred per cent agreement or have a ‘hung-decision’ where the ‘default’ of mere legislation will have to be fallen back on?

Much to modern Supremes chagrin I might add, but not at the expense of democracy, the greater good where pre-chosen rubber stamps are appointed and concerned, thus giving ‘two thirds’ of ultimate Constitutional power as a ‘given’ to one of two federal parties. And solely dependent on when one team judge retires or more so drops dead. .. the stuff great nations are made of.

Alternatively, let the Supreme Court judges be elected by the general populace now that they abuse their office over legislative power.

If the establishment enshrines a two party system by tradition only, therefore a two party stacked court, then I’m sure the Founding Fathers would approve of letting the populace elect the court and ensure at least some true independents are sitting.

C’mon Supremes, and liberals get with it! It’s 2013 and you fool nobody with your agenda and national hijacked ‘values’ and Supreme Court!

Paul Gordon

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