Sunday, June 23, 2013

Contemplating Canada Day and the Flag

Or, Real Conservatives, Smile When You Feel Like Crying

Or, This Canada Day Let's Do a Brazil, Even a France

So many choices.

The last 'Canada Days' conservatives could celebrate were at the time called Dominion Days. 'Canada Days' are more akin to diversity third-world celebrations by our atheist masters. Not Caesars mind you, just socialist masters. Caesar had more class and intelligence to not tread on what belongs to God.

'Third- world' refugees rescued by Christian nations from squalor and dictatorships (at least perpetual passed on dictatorships of one 'individual' as opposed to our populist communal dictatorships) that now demand their gracious hosts shed their clothes of Christianity, and Christian heritage, apologize for existing, and place them at the front of all lines to everywhere.

To typical young populist liberal-establishment brainwashed long established generational Canadians, Canada Day is celebrated in a blurry red and white, drunken stupor enabled en mass, by government through union vote buying immoral bankrupting contracts or lucrative 'signing bonuses'. and downloaded municipal welfare selective payouts freeing up upper governments for the latest socialist enticement scheme.

That in the reality of 'it is what it is and no longer like it was', celebrate Canada's bankrupting socialist policies over any sense of actual patriotic nationalism.

Or in the off quoted line and typical narcissistic spirit of a Canadian Air Farce performer portraying Canada's first conservative/ liberal transitional Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney,(whom had lots of choices to make himself), including drafting a new abortion law as requested by the Supreme Court, “God, I love this Country”

We often hear our 'day trading' speed populist professional political masters speak of glorious Canadian values, pretty much in every speech, yet none of which, that they, or their Ryerson graduate media groupies could put into print, or say a Constitution... of matter, by anyone's definition.

In 2013, where mere advancement in dates are considered 'affirmation' for advancing activist agendas that now even purport to own time, over sensibilities as it were, as in..”Get with it! It's the 80s or 90s or 2013!”

Canada has officially evolved into a nation where never is heard the truly aesthetic, freedom- of- academia, birthed true measure of edified nations, “ Well, it's a free Country, isn't!”. Modern quasi judicial HRCs or proletariat by practice, if not definition, long assassinated that notion with no help or hindrance from legislature or judge.

Keep in mind....anything that is not politically correct, is the urban survival tip of the day.

Brainwashing youth through sole government financed, unions of extreme political interest, and Marxist atheist Schools is so much easier when other generations are given 'stick- incentives' to keep their mouths shut.

I don't need to go on about 'all' the critical faults Canada has adopted in very recent years all singularly wiping out centuries of societal advancements in freedoms and prosperity. Read my blog if you want the complete list.

But, I will add that the latest imposition on individuals and their families brought on by the Ontario Government of Health... ('Ministry' is too lofty an image for any government) is that residents, patients at institutional medical facilities, private or government run and their ('hopefully' thinking of Terry Schavio's ex.) loved ones, are not to decide what life saving measures can be used on themselves.

Rather, the institutional doctor, (many of foreign origin and foreign 'values') alone.. assigned to them must 'prescribe' any life saving measures in advance based on what this doctor determines is a quality of life worth living.

This would kind of defeat the purpose and 'worth' of why they are there, as they can die more comfortably at home (especially, in consideration of how the American government and 'justice' system murdered physically healthy Terry, with no food or drink allowed, until death should overcome her).... one might ask if such a death 'prescription' is afforded there loved one.

The reason I allude to our American cousins here on a Canadian piece is that both Nations appear to have an unwritten mutual exchange of their worst, ideas laws and policies. Obama is now in full support of Muslim terrorists waging a revolution war on the.... Muslim terrorist establishment in Syria.

By now, at least one of the many brutal murders common in all official Islamic nations have been linked, if not opened to and on your web sites.

One of the best committed to truth, is in this regard. The latest is one where one bloodthirsty maniac cuts off a head off a living human being with such zeal one can only see his intense enjoyment in the act.. hardly an act of self defense for times, of up front bravely fought wars.

This is followed at the same dug out grave by two females seemingly just girls are shot to death with automatic weapons so they don't fall to far from the same grave.

The kicker of course, is that these are Obama's 'good guys' and one may look forward to active American and therefore Canadian ground troops being sent in as pointedly suggested in border war games,  to depend on, which, where and how the bodies fall in this area. Not right or wrong but how 'things go'... politically.

If it were a case of right and wrong there would be no nation rushing to aid any official Islamic state just for the horrible way they treat their own women, children and Christians!... Not even counting their kill all foreign infidels policy.

Even, 'many' Germans at least had the legitimate excuse that they did not see the death camp films until after the war.
What's North America's excuse for aiding these blood thirsty murderers?

And if you want to know what happens when the socialist celebrities have achieved all their goals.. well they never do.. the Devil's hands are never idle... and so the likes of Obama in order to push the Christian hating envelope farther puts out a hate speech in Ireland to the tune that he believes Catholics should not be allowed to teach their own children because no doubt, they'd disagree with his personal brainwashed positions on birth control, abortion, homosexual agendas, aiding Muslim terrorists, euthanasia, total disregard and disrespect for honest citizens privacy and of course specifically, that they don't believe in evolutionist unreasoned and therefore unproven theories..or in short, exactly how Harper presents and controls his 'conservative' party and no different, than our future Prime Minister, Trudeau's really, idiot, but populist son.

There is no distinguishing difference between an American and a Canadian liberal by whatever same-think and act.... colors they want to fly, including progressive conservatism.

Which brings me to my next subject the flag. Understandably, (hopefully), a flag represents something about, or to... a nation. So does it reflect the current state of the nation's leaders and elected and appointed representatives including CBC governor generals, and CTV senators, and/or those who elect them? The past? Or one hell of a gloomy looking future better replaced by a flag of sack cloth in a heap of ashes?

How can the flag be something different to everyone when there is only reality that we should all be able to relate to.... in order to fly it never mind salute it?

One of the many aspects of Canada's (and America's) reality is that Christians have been treated as Karl Marx, (a true long-lasting Anti-Christ by anyone's definition), would have them treated with spit-little, and with many Christians responding exactly as Marx prophesied .. with all the conviction and resolve of spit-little.

A welcoming Christian nation in these times is setting itself up for destruction, not by it's beliefs and practices but because of exact knowledge of those beliefs and practices by those who would abuse and stamp out Christianity.

As homosexuality would be Satan's successful choice to destroy the Church from within, socialism and its now 'preferred' Islamic culture will destroy it from with out.

In regards to Marx's spit-little references, the treatment of Santorum and his family, by his own GOP party, their own media water boy, Matt Drudge, and even the sometimes conservative Reaganite radio celebrities ...along with Santorum's non-response to them except to consider it as just.... taking a bullet.... for the almighty party as if the party is a nation or God, unto itself, comes directly and fresh to mind.

To the conservative celebrities they would have it that Santorum represented a never before and not likely ever to be drive towards a 'theocracy'... which proved to be nothing, but a deflection to go with the bland money men of the GOP.

Righteously, the new GOP and their unmoved backers found out that human nature has it that a narcissistic socialist secular atheist beats a narcissistic secular atheist 'behaving' capitalist hands down... from sneering class envy alone, I suspect.
(Well everywhere except in that rat's nest experiement, New York City where they pay homage to their only attackers in history and Mayor Boobberg has mandatory Monday morning finger nail inspection for all the lower rift-raft citizenry)

By all means, succeed and be prosperous....(hopefully charitable), but don't ever lord it over others. People were freed from other people lording it over them years ago

My final thought is that the way Canada now has its 'stands' and precious, though unwritten, values.. if I am forgiven enough to eventually stand at the Gates of St. Peter, I will gladly proclaim that, “I was not Canadian!” in any manner of spirit or thought and certainly not in present company and community.

Happy first and fourth days of July.... North America.

Paul Gordon

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