Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justification of Perverse Homosexualty on New Base of Perverse Love?

So I was listening to Toronto 640 talk radio on the way home.

It was the Bill Carroll Show who 640 brought back to Toronto airwaves, because they weren't completely transformed to all liberal talk, all the time, yet, while self- assuming the title of not being politically correct at all.

So this time Bill had a substitute host who also fancies himself a centrist with nothing existing to the right of him that he and his fellow liberal journalists would figure shouldn't be in jail. Apparently, Bill has this regular, some young girl, who must have a great deal of life experiences, since she graduated soundingly like yesterday from politically correct university, who talks like a valley girl only younger. Her last name is Gordon (definitely no relation from this century) and her site is squeaky (appropriate) wheel or something.

Anyway, all I wanted to say about her is that some idiot Texas democrat, Palin popular wanna be is her 'new hero' because she led a filibuster against a pro-life motion. Of course she is just the bravest politician since Reagan because she really went against the establishment grain not.

So, it was another liberal female idiot who phoned in who even trumped her. She was commenting on the New Yorker Bert and Earnie horse shit media road side improvised explosion, and she came up with this beaut.

It was to the effect, that this non permission use of the likeness of the Sesame Street characters is a good one for kids because it shows the love aspect of homosexuality for kids.

Gee, so when kids go and ask adults (if there are any left in North America), what's the difference between homosexual love and normal love, they are going to say exactly what?

She went to the corner that you can have homosexual love without having sex. In other words a perversion of love, a man loving a man like a woman, which would be, less I wager, than three percent of their make up who in turn are three per cent of the general population for all the attention they garner... as affirmation of perverse sexual activity. A unnatural perversity of love takes away an unnatural nature of same sex sexuality.

Yeah, that's the new ticket...after everything from STD sympathy to human rights, and speech crimes have been thrown at us.

And don't forget all the equal attention seeking LGBT..BS par- rant groups who need to legitimize the fact that in 'MANY' cases it is their fault their children experimented with, and embraced homosexual acts in the first place. No wonder they're so damn activist obnoxious!

So narcissistic feelings-obsessed mentally ill 'adults' (and there included the broadest number of pedophiles) and their talk show media and Marxist populist- fall-down awed, followers are never going to stick up for all God's children.

So who Is! And where the Hell is the Roman Catholic Church of North America who will soon be forced to Bless homosexual marriages! Like that's never going to happen on this dropped basket to Hell!

Truth isn't pretty when it's dealing with ugly. And making ugly pretty is exactly how the world destroys Christianity.

Homosexuality is what it is, but above all it is not normal!

And in 2013, Canada and the U.S. are exactly what they are and no more!

Repeating a previous post with changes


Marriage Lipstick put on Perverse Pig That Litterally Loves Shit

American appointed liberal Supreme Court activists rule over their outnumbered counterpart conservative appointed Justices officially putting the lipstick degradation of God centered marriage on the perverse pig that really does find happiness in shit... holes. Congrats homos the world and unfortunately all its children is now your oyster, make that litteral asshole.

Which reminds me, has children's services checked on Elton John lately, just like they never did with Michael Jackson?

Sodom and Gomorrah brought into mainstream civilization. Rule of law gone to Hell now confirmed throughout North America, but actually lost all credibility with Roe vs Wade.

Will the American Catholic Church come close to responding like the French Catholic Church and lead any protests?…..nah… too much work and not popular enough.

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