Friday, April 24, 2009

Polarize This

Why is it that the modern political and academic worlds along with formed conformist media
minions refer to, even demonize, ‘polarization’ as a bad thing? Of course, this is a rhetorical

You know the lib/Marxist line. This, or that, conservative or conservative opinion is ‘polarizing’.

Therefore, the group or individual defending themselves or challenging unconventional faddish
‘wisdom’ is worse than harmless. The group or person(s) is to be shut down and retrained or
bribed or extorted to left think and abdicate their soul. Failing to be made feel uncomfortable,
they are to be discarded, or legally threatened, challenged and punished.

This is hardly academic, opinion or Constitutional freedom, but does have a startling similarity to social left-think of Marxism, Communism and Nazism.

By the b, all you former and will be former union lovers trust me... Marxism isn't just about nu's a way of life, baby and your first clue should have been seeing all your expensive dues supporting the latest Marxist political correct lib/Marxist politicans on many power grab issues that having nothing to do with your work-place, but everything to do with your freedoms.

We’re not even asking for partial judges. We long for the days of impartial judges who had
things like Constitutions, Justice and Truth (for what the World’s idea of it is).. as focal points.

In Canada, there is no Constitution, of course, just some mumbled silly- putty, utterance by
Castro’s only friend, liberal nut-job, now pretty much dead-guy, PePi la peu Turdeau, for liberals to pretty much inherit this land as only their land.

Kind of makes you wanna stand proud and fight politically-correct fought wars to make the Diss
United Nations look good, doesn’t it? You know... to go out and get thanklessly blown up, while
the world refuses to go after the un-impugned base nations that lol at the current crop of world
‘leaders’ led by buffoons, Mutt and Jeff, Clinton and Obumr.

Does it seem to anyone else that the world is just graciously (North Korea aside) waiting for this
Obumr to pass like a kidney stone and for the real President to show-up, kinda like the tough guy waiting for a fair fight, over a try hard, circled tail chaser. I mean the Somali pirates wore tees that said Shoot Me, Stupid!...There’s No One In the Whole Freakin World Even Behind Us!
...yet, how many days did it take for the Obumr team to sniff the wind and let the Seals shoot
fish? How do you ‘stop’ piracy by leaving it a safe and profitable business for parasites?

How much of a hero would the media have to pretend Obumr was, had the pirates shot the
Captain the first time he jumped the boat and was fired upon. *Note to future captives. Don’t try
this one away from home, believing you are giving your good guys a clear shot to ‘save’ you,
when Obumr’s office is weighing the politics of, looking just mighty fine.

I digress.

So the latest (days-fresh) examples of these ‘polarization’ marginalizing put- downs are from
John McCain’s, chief operations campaign worker, Steve so-smart Schmidt ( with help like that
who needs saboteurs) and the male endowed, man-loving judge of the Miss America contest.

Stevie Wonder Schmidt says, Hands-up and drop your pants Republicans, it is futile to resist.
You must get with the program and embrace all things liberal, including the homo-activist
agenda or you will never be re-elected, you stupid polarizing bastards.

Hey, it had limited success on all progressive and formally fiscal conservative parties in Canada.
So, go ahead, Republicans....I dare ya.

Then witness, Miss California answering the beauty queen designated homo- activist judge
question of the day, So how do you feel about homo-marriages? reference to the ludicrous
queasy quasi and definitely queer ‘marriage fad’.

(Hey, the CNN token lesbian ‘news’ babe said the left doesn’t have to be civil... anymore(?).
Should the good guys still play by Queensbury rules?)

Such quackery of pseudo monogamous unions could have been unified, solidified, whatever...
by the State representing the World at anytime. However, to assume the official title of marriage
as in under God, or in the eyes of God, is an obvious affront to God and Christianity by
ohhh...sane....people. How does perversity make peace, or reconcile with God, by order of the

Please make note, future historians, (if there will be any) I had no part of any of the silly bugger
nonsense, and deadly and deeply disturbing murdering of innocent babies and youthful souls, that goes on in these days of lost freedoms and soul losing capitulations.

Said judge, baptized this contestant (by force or intended spell) in humanist profane and
ludicrous reality for simply not having echoed his company line opinion of, I care about about
homosexual activism and promise to aid in all its causes and agendas.

Here’s what ‘Polarization’ actually means to the left. Hereto, you haven’t heard the word from
the ‘right’ in describing those who don’t agree with them.

It means, these backward idiots don’t agree with us. It means they are against doing what they
can ‘best’ do for the poor, the sick, and the helpless. It means that only we have the answers, and we have ‘all’ of them, even though everything we have done to date has panned out to be totally destructive in the short and the long term. It means we can make everyone ‘feel’ better by law and we can make bad things good, simply by passing laws.

We can fix misery by punishing those who are not miserable. We can take from those who earn
money and give it to those who have no reason or produced an effort, why they don’t.

We can extort and name our price from taxpayers, from governments, from businesses and from consumers.

We can flood the market place and air waves with perversity for all, especially children in the
name of academic, artistic, and media freedom, but control honest deep-felt dissenting opinion
and speech by thought and speech ‘commissions’ meant to marginalize and cower the non
politically- correct, by nothing new under the Sun.... state controlled Marxism.

Just call me polarized Paul or whatever profanity you want in the case of the left because you
know what ‘Polarization’ really stands for?

It stands for the eternal fight of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust, what is good and
what only feels good. It has its religious universality because of the existence of the Truth of
Christ. And that is why the leftist Marxist hate it so much.

And you can’t get rid of it with negative labels or by passing stupid pretentious illogical laws that
compound problems by favouring groups over others as long as they all drop Christianity and
Christian values or by teaching people to totally believe and trust the State (the World).

Polarized Paul

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Days of Miracles: Over!

You don’t have to be a prophet to see the current and future writing on the world wall.

The days of miracles are over, and all the prayers in the world, for the `world` haven`t actually
worked for sometime, at least, since the world embraced the Anti-Christ of Revelations, Karl
Marx and all the ism descendants of the Christ- hater, and his intimate friend, Fried rich Engels.

The boweivel of the socialist isms also made itself quite comfortable en mass, in the Catholic
Church and is in its last stages of either destroying Catholicism or `hopefully` getting routed out.

The Church is drowning and must soon swim or sink and that does mean not being or approving
outright or tacitly, all things for all people. It means...necessitates... going back to its `Roots` for
all people to have an `option` of change and safe haven, to return to or embrace for the first time.

Christ started with only twelve.

Untold millions of prayers, most simply recited as sincerely as the alphabet, didn`t work on
socialism. They didn`t save the `world`from World Wars, from untold genocides, from the
blindness of free and affluent `majorities` genocide of helpless innocent babies.

And they didn`t save the mass and unfettered perversion of those most precious to Christ...the
children. It`s a fact. Look it up and look around!

I remain open to other `logical` suggestions as Truth is logical among other things, but until a
better answer is offered, I strongly contend that this absence of societal miracles is not due to any
desertion of God, but to the correction of world narcissism and pantheism, both self destructive
of the soul and gate locking from heaven.

In short, drastic measures for soul destroying cataclysmic events.

This narcissism is actually apparent even under the guise of good graces, of concern for human

``I would personally never have an abortion, but I defend any other person`s right to have one``.
In other words, I`m a good person myself, no .... I`m even a better person, myself, in the world`s eyes because not only would I not kill my own baby(s)but I would never interfere with another`s free choice, or at least the free choice of killing their own. .

If there were no laws as in primitive tribes or perverted notion of human rights, would that mean I still wouldn't interfere with aiding a woman in serious consideration of her not desiriring to kill her baby? (As if abortion were a consideration in nature or having babies was considered a curse in civilized society)

That includes, but not limited to voting for politicians and political PARTIES for unfettered
access and finances to abortion, not advising anyone not to have an abortion, or `doing` anything to prevent someone else from having an abortion, like speaking out `publicly` of the dangers of
abortion including the oft result of future mental anguish of the woman involved, speaking
against Marxist unions mass and all inclusive supporting of ``Rights`` to abortion, speaking out
against empty politician`s picks of publically known or proven pro abortion activists.

These are simple measures. One might...(one should).... even remove one`s child from `school systems`: state public ( more `of the world`, than ever), Catholic or Christian that employ politically correct administrations and unionism that keep Marxism and errors of the world in perpetuation.

One can`t tacitly or stealthily approve of societal embracing of abortion on Monday, and `pray` for God to end abortion on Sundays......

One can`t pray for and end to this and that, and for change to this and that when one can first do
something towards that very end, `easily` themselves. World and domestic peace doesn`t come
by following Marxist principles, and carrying the water of Marxist propaganda (because one can
personally gain by it), to destroy your Nations economy first by illogical totally unpractical
forced wealth redistribution, by disarming your nation from the world second, and allowing non-
elected Christian haters to run your judiciary and `Human Rights` Commissions, your
immigration and your foreign and your domestic policies.

All of the political evil welcoming facets of free world nations could not have evolved as they
did, without the express aid of Catholics...never mind the various Christian and self labelled
Christian groups.

This is a serious problem that reflects badly on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church no matter
how you look at it.

The Church has not had a problem with the `world`, or has been fooled, or too timid or asleep, to
deal with the `world` for decades, now. Various affluent European and North American bishops
have taken turns ignoring the Vatican and at times, outright thumbed their noses to the Holy
Fathers for decades now, including actually changing the text of Holy Scripture to be politically
correct with the `world`.

It doesn`t matter what Bishops try `comfortably` to appease the world with. Its capitulation, not dialogue, mediation, or understanding,

The world is against God and Christians and will settle for nothing less than total destruction of
Christianity though it is probably personally comfortable for sitting Bishops to hand the Church
on a gold platter to Humanism.

Then of course, there are the Holier than Christ.... Christians, who believe they can defeat evil
themselves by casting out Demons or by simply praying for miracles that require no action,
mirror reflecting, or un-purity sticking to them. In their Holiness perfection, they believe they
can be the ultimate pacifists.

They also believe their young are expendable sacrifices that can afford to wait for the miracle
conversion of evil and can only play by the World`s (evil`s) own rules that are adapted as needed to what only the world desires at the time.

Narcissism comes in many forms, not the least being one`s self image of pride, and how they
appear to the world. We do Christ no favours in imitating His Crucifixion, that we couldn`t
possibly accomplish (as in the Phillipines) anyway. The actual result is to cheapen Christ and
elevate man through artificial feel good measures, measured by the world not in the true heart
known to Christ.

We do better accepting ourselves and behaving like man instead of pretending we are Gods and
too good to act on anything of importance in realty over the mind of feel and look good.

We all need to get over ourselves and get on with it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Enemies Of The Church

The Short List, And A Lesson For Seminarians

The enemies of the Church (that count) are not that big in number of organized 'groups', but they are powerful and need to be brought to the attention of the Bishops...apparently. The Bishops seem to be looking in obscure places while being hit over the head from the obvious.

The list:

1) Satan to which all the following groups aid and pay tribute to, in one way or another
2) Populist politicians and activist courts (there are no other kinds in Canada)
3) Liberalism with sub groups of all media, culture, entertainment, and homosexual activists.
4) Nationalists who put nation before God and family, wherein a Christian from one nation is no better, nor should be treated any less than a Christian from any other nation.
5) Communism, but at least it is still recognized as an obvious enemy by all, except some countries south of the equator
6) Socialism, the pseudo free-society, and slow or fast, prelude to communism.
7) Militant feminism, born of humanism, but embracing of socialism.

Socialism is the most insidious enemy of all of the above because it is another creation of Karl Marx, no less evil, and much more insidious than communism in that it is thoroughly entrenched itself in the Catholic Church in the better part of the last century.

It has proven to be the true Anti-Christ arm of Karl Marx in that it entered the Church within the virus of feigned good intentions, ostensibly to lift the poor and share the wealth or encourage wealth redistribution.

Of course, the Church should have caught on thru facets of Truth that humanist socialism was an impostor for the poor in that:

Christ, Himself, was neither a socialist nor a capitalist, He was a 'Sacrifist' for lack of a better term the Supreme 'Sacrifist', and made the point often enough that people could get by on very little as long as they kept their faith. A point, emphasised most recently by Mother Teresa in addressing the U.S. Congress, no less, and in stating that the affluent West was truely the poorest of societies, and in need of pity.

St. Paul's idea of socialism was a Holy one not a humanist one wherein everyone brought their gifts to the table in donation to be shared. Not confiscated, extorted or robbed as in humanist, Marxism.

All of the 'advancements' of humanist socialism were cloaked in violence, in murder, and in intimidation and maintained in intimidation throughout history. i.e. Canadian high courts allowed that all workers entering union shops would have to pay dues to political unions even though they stated it was not right, but that it was necessary, "To keep labour peace."

Of course, unionism kept up class envy and rancor even within its labour control by having certain favoured groups... those who could extort more from wealthier and government sources than others, and those whose lower wages were bench marks to raise other unions above.

During their infiltration into North America Marxist organizers did not push for elected officials who could change labour laws for all, (afterall the larger electorate by far, has always been workers wayyy-over employers) when they could have their own cake and eat it as well.

Marxists with higher aspirations fed on workers own greed and need, to ride their causes on and cloak their worthless ideology in, gaining wealth for themselves, as leaders and for global Marxist political advancement....a political pyramid scheme that pays off well for the proletariat in any nation.

Marxism can only survive, and be gorged as the true parasite it is, on others labour and earnings. It has no redeeming quality or self-generation of wealth itself, whatsoever!

In government, Marxism takes what it needs, when it needs it so the socialist parties any other name... can remain in power. And when people can't be taxed anymore it goes into debt for the future to pay back as any socialist pyramid scheme such as 'free' pension money that is not collectible. Do the math!

It takes contributions of about five workers to finance the monthly payments made to one pensioner and it had to start with nothing in the pot to begin with. It is a continual expanding ponzi scheme that is soon to come to an end.

We have not seen the totality of the generational envy that will come, but what generation would not have accepted free 'legal' money to be paid back, neither in by them or in their lifetime?

Marxists took away a temporal need for the Church (among other things, like deciding what is righteous by what is made 'legal' by lawyers and humanists) by 'providing' for the 'relative' poor of rich nations' again with money that was 'taken' from its citizenry as long as it could, before again, going to the future to pay the present.

There is one evil (whether they, themselves are cognizant of it) inflicted labour group that the Marxists go out of the way to please, and that is militant teacher's unions. Primarily, this is for a few reasons.

1) Obviously, that teachers perpetuate the Marxist ideology they have always done well by since they embracing it.

2) Rank and file, union label, teachers do have some influence over public opinion rightly, but more likely wrongly, when in perched lock-step selfish desire 'looking down' to endorse the most socialist party most conducive to their wants and keeping the 'distance' status quo.

3) By the very nature, or better said set-up, of their profession and the fact that modern Marxism and humanism has allotted that 'all' parents generally have to, or desire to, earn extra money, teacher unions have unprecedented 'extorting' powers to essentially write their own checks, and keep them all, but, exclusively contracted to educate the State's children in the current State's best political interest and converse detriement to the family.

For this super extortive power alone, teachers unions need be designated essential services with no more right to strike than police or doctors. Extortive power is the essential difference between the haves and have nots in socialism, and rewarder of mediocrity or worse.

In fact, teacher unions are so wound up tight and artificially made more important to society, that major change in its militancy could only but hardly likely happen from within, and even than most probably only through a youthful movement of young teachers in waiting, resentful, of being shut out of a privileged labour group due to high costs that can't be sustained or justified anymore, that includes a tremendous amount of retired 'double dippers' and consultants.
The problem that the Church, (at least in Canada) has, is that the Catholic teacher's unions are no different than public teachers unions in 'every' way and therefore, in that as an official group, and as expressed by many individual teachers, feels no different about the Catholic Church.

And therein outright rejects the Church's most 'basic' teachings and reason for being.
Add to this, that the Catholic Church in Canada has no control and has shown no interest to control the 'Catholic' school 'system and who would have kids in Church, university hatred and distrust of the Church, and no teachers, administrators, trustees, even no janitors in Church.

This, of course, does not bode well for the Church 'of Canada' and more importantly for Catholic youth of Canada.

Then of course, you have all the other noble causes of socialism. Class and wealth envy. American hatred, (because it was last to fall to Marxism while all of Canada's tax paid and private media was first to fall ).

Crisis's du jour, like so called human and sexual rights, class unattainable equalization, the environment, global cooling, global warming, two thousand causes and two thousand cures for cancer, all to keep the citizenry preoccupied away from their families and to feel religiously good about their contributions.

Karl Marx's probably most under-rated statement was, "Christianity is like spit-little!" in stating his disdain for Christianity

Not only did Marx state forth-right who his greatest enemy was, he declared war on Christ because Christianity is all that stood in his and his sender, Satan, and their way with the world at minimum, right up until present. World Wars were merely a distraction on the battle of evil and for souls.

The Church needs to cleanse itself of all Marxists, and flawed Marxist leanings now especially those that have been totally entrusted with teaching and 'guiding' Catholic youth!

Actually, yesterday may already be too late. To restate what should be the obvious, enemies on the outside can be more easily defended against, than the enemy within. Know your enemy and don't 'pretend' not to know him for the sake of pesonal comfort, convenience and 'peace' with evil.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Notre Dame Obama Disgrace

Disgrace being the operative word, it is reassuring to see some students are going to protest their own university's perverse dip into populism mania.

There has been a lot of chatter from but a few of the 'hundreds' of North American Bishops against Mr. Jenkin's starry-eyed excellent adventure and attempt to be cool, with the world.

Now, it's just my opinion and grasp at ol' common sense... in what would be 'logical' in the Truth of Christ ( I mean I just hate to be presumptuous on matters and technicalities privy to the echelons of academia and non-offending, non judgemental, chicken crap, 'new' theology/warmed up new philosophy), but I would say Mr. Jenkins has gotten a little too big for his britches and has discounted himself from the select men of the cloth.

By the by, who in academia, philosophy, theology, the arts, you name it, failed to copy the memo to Jenkins that Marxists are not, and have never been, a friend to Catholics, or Christianity and have only used Catholicism as long as they could attain something humanist from it.

Apparently, this prestigious useful idiot for humanism feels he has not to answer to anyone including his own Bishop. Like humanists he is his own man, his own judge on morality, and his own god, a frightening thought for most mortals, that only 'I' have myself to answer too and more importantly, only 'I' have myself for my salvation and my loved ones, that is, if I had any, of those I loved half as much as 'I' loved myself.

Why the Vatican is not coming down harder on Jenkins, or Notre Dame as a supposed 'Catholic' institution or other institutions is a mystery they would have to answer themselves. What's not a mystery is that this would not be the first 'transgression' of Notre Dame or any of the 'Catholic' institutions of lower or higher learning, or of healing for that matter.

Forget about causing polarization. Polarization his here! It's called right/wrong, good/bad evil/good and it was not fired and fueled by the Catholic Church though it was aided by the ambivalence. and infiltration of its enemies for the last sixty years and more.

The Church is supposed to be welcoming of sinners to come in and repent, not to come in only to take over.

When humanists fall flat on their face and they always do, there needs to be a option of consistency (the Truth) that they can always take solice in and heal. The Church can not let evil disfigure the face or the soul of her Being, to the point that she simply mirrors the perversion and distress rampant in the new society and culture of death today.

There is no one in the universe that has ever championed evil by joining it with good intentions of trying to convert it. ' Wipe the sand from your feet and move on to the next town'. Just clean up your own house and keep it clean for your children to come back to.

To the students who are going to protest Notre Dame, this weekend, I am most pleasantly surprised, and heartened. God Speed!

Our Nations are too immersed in evil for the occasional burbs of chatter and 'talk' from a few supposed leaders. Leaders, after all, are front and centre! They are not back in the shadows and towers, somewhere on the left! And supposedly, we have thousands in the Catholic Church as Bishops, alone who don't even make appearances for confirmation any longer.

Pope John Paul said it is going to have to be up to the laity this time to save the Church...indicating (I can only suppose) a House of God totally balled up in knots.. to tough to unravel without a lot more effortfrom those expected to step up, and unfortunately more needed than probably anytime in history to date.

Mass peaceful public or civil disobedience is the order of the new day...

We need public Holy processions through streets not back parking lots and dead end streets.
Even the Christian Churchs had their March for Jesus ralleys with no help from the millions of Catholics.

We need to fight anti-Christian, anti-Catholic government, and government financed 'institutions' including 'Human Rights' far leftist angry idiotic ideology, quasi-legal (read: no law to answer to) politically empowered, control freaks by getting peacefully 'in their face'. They can't punish or imprison all Christians as political prisoners in a free country.

The only thing that beats evil is doing what you can do yourself, ( often, a much easier sacrifice than anyone would expect, like stop voting for pro-abortion pro-activist,'PARTIES') 'then' prayer, for what you can't do, or would not be expected to do. No pain no gain... No sacrifice, no Church peace, or happiness.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Why Can't The Right Be (bold) Like the Left

Right, or wrongly.... no, make that definitely wrongly, why can't the right be as energetic as ObumR. The guy is flashing his teeth all over the map, night and day....ensuring the rights of baby murderers, of perverts, of Marxists, putting future generations on the hook for trillions in debts in corporate welfare, making a personal ass of himself on late night tv etc. etc. etc.

(By the way, it's been proven by number crunchers that enough money has been put up for a handful of big biz bailouts to give every working stiff in North America at least a million dollars to go home retire and free up a heck of a lot of jobs for others as a condition. That's a lot of tax money to pay back that no one in this generation is going to.)

By contrast, conservative Presidents in the States act like Canadians, ala Davey and Goliath or Eeehor " Well, its a slow process you know, Davvvvey, wee can't offend anyyyyonne tooo muuuuuch, but by golllllleeeeyy we'llllll get therrrrrrrrre byyyyyy and byyyyyyyyy.

Ifff its not tooooo muccccch troublllllllle, willlll thisss judge nomination be okaaaa with alllllll you liberallllllllllls?" "Is it okay to ask these terrorists a few personal questions or will that violate their rights as Islamic extreme vegomatic head choppers, and active sky scrapper demolition crews? Don't worry some century we'll take on that teacher union and get serious with actual free choice on anything, except baby rights and vouchers of course."

If Presidents are elected on a conservative platform, what turns them into oatmeal as soon as they bunk in the big house? They wanted to get elected to do something you would have thunk. What.... can they be impeached for political agendas? Is it personal or party money that's the impetus here......what? what?

You can bet the farm, Gingrich, being the professional old political boy, he is, would do the same given half the chance, that is, talk a good game before the election and collapse quicker than a second term, Bush.. once he got in.

Why can't the majority of hundreds of North American Catholic Bishops show some spine also.
Heck, they don't even have to worry about elections, but they do like their pomp, prestige, and banquets, I guess. It's like

"Excommunicate! Take away their 'Catholic' charitable designation! Publicly correct public politicians and celebrity Icons! Talk against abortion and homosexuality in the pulpits!
.... What are you some kind of raving radical or something! We are, Jesus! (we'd settle for John the Baptist) We can cast out demons and win these sinners over! We can end abortions by being quiet like Church mouses, by being kinder than Gandhi... by waiting for them to take our calls or sending them memos snail mail.

The same way we got rid of all those homosexual paedophiles in short order. The same way we stood up for babies all along, the same way we kept socialists out of our own midst and in charge of Catholic youth. The same way we straigtened out that popular pervert Kennedy clan.

The Gates of Hell will be held at bay from our classy digs, so we have free tickets to let er ride!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Truth of the Sacrifice of Easter

The Truth of the Sacrifice of Easter

Christ’s weakest moments as mortal man, or man destined for death, were not as He was kicked,
thrown and dragged down the rough road attached to His cross through the chaining of His
destiny with; and as the centre of, all Prophecy to that date and all dates thereafter.

His weakest moments were in the Garden when he wept openly, while his loyal defenders slept
in prophetic peace of perfect complacency of the Shepherd Lamb then, and as ancestors of
mortals of all the lambs of today.

Where else, but amongst the beauty of a contemplative garden, gift of God, cultivated back as a
gift from man, worthy last earthly request of any man, could one commune and share his pain
with the Father, begging to he released from what would begin within hours?

What would begin in a short time was extended hours of a slow and white hot painful death in
man-made cold environment as only men can make for each other, but for only a love from his
less than a perfect Mother would equal, and a few brave outcasts not expected to be brave.

It would be a climatic death that had to be worse than any man suffered before or would after to
suit its logical purpose in fate of destiny. The ‘Supernatural’ of his death would merely be that he
(as mortal) would have to stand not to see another day but to endure more pain than man has ever inflicted on another and could never be copied with a living being.

There was no morphine to be offered only a vinegar of a wine for the lips and an endless amount
of blood to bleed.... until the measured amount of sacrifice was sufficiently administered.

Peter came to know this and at the time of his martyred death tried to show this point in being
hung upside down on his cross as to not take away from the death his humbler and unmatched all loving Master endured.

In communion with man that man may be in Communion with Him, he, as man shared a
bottomless despair no man has endured, to that.... he sweated blood.

His next weakest moment was having endured it ‘all’ and still enduring more He cried to God, in
isolation and despair, Why have You forsaken me? Indeed, why do we forsake the most helpless
and innocent among us in the name of ‘our’ rights, our moment in the ‘dangers’ of the Sun, our
cowardice, or worse our indifference, when we can reap the ripest of fruits of sacrifice... for love.

Finally, in fulfilment of Prophecy he uttered his last words as man “It is done” the living
Prophecy is done and He became One with God after three days of death with man.

Not the least of Christ’s mortal suffering, however, would have been when he was disowned by
his hand picked followers, for he long knew of this time already, but when after the scourging at
the pillar when He was dragged before Pilate in all his pain.

The Pilate, who represented collective secular man’s weakness’s in compassion bounded in the humanity of comfort of self, first in not challenging the angry mob. Pilate was still, as man, a person Christ could harbour no ill feelings for, and how could Christ do so for the mere crime of Pilate made from the same Creator, of not opening himself up to the love of the battered and bloodied man before him, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do..”

Certainly, he would not, nor could not say... "Off with your head, you non-believer!"

“Where is Truth?” Pilate asks of Christ as to say, show me here and now that you are the Son of
God and only then ‘will’ I set you free. As all man, I have either, yet to learn, or having learned,
come to forget of....this ’ faith’ you speak of.

Incredulously, I find there are fewer and fewer these days who truly do understand the Truth that has always stood before them battered and bruised, the only denial that keeps them imprisoned in guilt if not in sin. Christ as Truth, is never put forth as a serious concept from the pulpits because apparently it would challenge too much of the concepts of the imprisoning and limited 'freedoms' of man.

Truth as in ‘perfection’ of love, beauty and logic enveloped in meaning and purpose and reason
for everything that exists in the creation by God.

What human philosophy or philosopher can touch the very real Truth that existed the exact same way of then now and forever? What celebrity or leader of today has this to offer and can deliver us all or any of us from anything? Get off the humanist wagon to Hell.

If this not be the Truth.....then what be it, indeed, that could ever be generated from man!

When can Christian and especially Catholic religious start believing the most important facet of life, death and life again, and use this as their building block. Well it can start with the proclamation of the year of, ‘Christ The Truth’....or back to basics. Plenty of love, satisfaction and peace guaranteed!

Easter 2009