Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Why Can't The Right Be (bold) Like the Left

Right, or wrongly.... no, make that definitely wrongly, why can't the right be as energetic as ObumR. The guy is flashing his teeth all over the map, night and day....ensuring the rights of baby murderers, of perverts, of Marxists, putting future generations on the hook for trillions in debts in corporate welfare, making a personal ass of himself on late night tv etc. etc. etc.

(By the way, it's been proven by number crunchers that enough money has been put up for a handful of big biz bailouts to give every working stiff in North America at least a million dollars to go home retire and free up a heck of a lot of jobs for others as a condition. That's a lot of tax money to pay back that no one in this generation is going to.)

By contrast, conservative Presidents in the States act like Canadians, ala Davey and Goliath or Eeehor " Well, its a slow process you know, Davvvvey, wee can't offend anyyyyonne tooo muuuuuch, but by golllllleeeeyy we'llllll get therrrrrrrrre byyyyyy and byyyyyyyyy.

Ifff its not tooooo muccccch troublllllllle, willlll thisss judge nomination be okaaaa with alllllll you liberallllllllllls?" "Is it okay to ask these terrorists a few personal questions or will that violate their rights as Islamic extreme vegomatic head choppers, and active sky scrapper demolition crews? Don't worry some century we'll take on that teacher union and get serious with actual free choice on anything, except baby rights and vouchers of course."

If Presidents are elected on a conservative platform, what turns them into oatmeal as soon as they bunk in the big house? They wanted to get elected to do something you would have thunk. What.... can they be impeached for political agendas? Is it personal or party money that's the impetus here......what? what?

You can bet the farm, Gingrich, being the professional old political boy, he is, would do the same given half the chance, that is, talk a good game before the election and collapse quicker than a second term, Bush.. once he got in.

Why can't the majority of hundreds of North American Catholic Bishops show some spine also.
Heck, they don't even have to worry about elections, but they do like their pomp, prestige, and banquets, I guess. It's like

"Excommunicate! Take away their 'Catholic' charitable designation! Publicly correct public politicians and celebrity Icons! Talk against abortion and homosexuality in the pulpits!
.... What are you some kind of raving radical or something! We are, Jesus! (we'd settle for John the Baptist) We can cast out demons and win these sinners over! We can end abortions by being quiet like Church mouses, by being kinder than Gandhi... by waiting for them to take our calls or sending them memos snail mail.

The same way we got rid of all those homosexual paedophiles in short order. The same way we stood up for babies all along, the same way we kept socialists out of our own midst and in charge of Catholic youth. The same way we straigtened out that popular pervert Kennedy clan.

The Gates of Hell will be held at bay from our classy digs, so we have free tickets to let er ride!

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