Monday, April 6, 2009

Enemies Of The Church

The Short List, And A Lesson For Seminarians

The enemies of the Church (that count) are not that big in number of organized 'groups', but they are powerful and need to be brought to the attention of the Bishops...apparently. The Bishops seem to be looking in obscure places while being hit over the head from the obvious.

The list:

1) Satan to which all the following groups aid and pay tribute to, in one way or another
2) Populist politicians and activist courts (there are no other kinds in Canada)
3) Liberalism with sub groups of all media, culture, entertainment, and homosexual activists.
4) Nationalists who put nation before God and family, wherein a Christian from one nation is no better, nor should be treated any less than a Christian from any other nation.
5) Communism, but at least it is still recognized as an obvious enemy by all, except some countries south of the equator
6) Socialism, the pseudo free-society, and slow or fast, prelude to communism.
7) Militant feminism, born of humanism, but embracing of socialism.

Socialism is the most insidious enemy of all of the above because it is another creation of Karl Marx, no less evil, and much more insidious than communism in that it is thoroughly entrenched itself in the Catholic Church in the better part of the last century.

It has proven to be the true Anti-Christ arm of Karl Marx in that it entered the Church within the virus of feigned good intentions, ostensibly to lift the poor and share the wealth or encourage wealth redistribution.

Of course, the Church should have caught on thru facets of Truth that humanist socialism was an impostor for the poor in that:

Christ, Himself, was neither a socialist nor a capitalist, He was a 'Sacrifist' for lack of a better term the Supreme 'Sacrifist', and made the point often enough that people could get by on very little as long as they kept their faith. A point, emphasised most recently by Mother Teresa in addressing the U.S. Congress, no less, and in stating that the affluent West was truely the poorest of societies, and in need of pity.

St. Paul's idea of socialism was a Holy one not a humanist one wherein everyone brought their gifts to the table in donation to be shared. Not confiscated, extorted or robbed as in humanist, Marxism.

All of the 'advancements' of humanist socialism were cloaked in violence, in murder, and in intimidation and maintained in intimidation throughout history. i.e. Canadian high courts allowed that all workers entering union shops would have to pay dues to political unions even though they stated it was not right, but that it was necessary, "To keep labour peace."

Of course, unionism kept up class envy and rancor even within its labour control by having certain favoured groups... those who could extort more from wealthier and government sources than others, and those whose lower wages were bench marks to raise other unions above.

During their infiltration into North America Marxist organizers did not push for elected officials who could change labour laws for all, (afterall the larger electorate by far, has always been workers wayyy-over employers) when they could have their own cake and eat it as well.

Marxists with higher aspirations fed on workers own greed and need, to ride their causes on and cloak their worthless ideology in, gaining wealth for themselves, as leaders and for global Marxist political advancement....a political pyramid scheme that pays off well for the proletariat in any nation.

Marxism can only survive, and be gorged as the true parasite it is, on others labour and earnings. It has no redeeming quality or self-generation of wealth itself, whatsoever!

In government, Marxism takes what it needs, when it needs it so the socialist parties any other name... can remain in power. And when people can't be taxed anymore it goes into debt for the future to pay back as any socialist pyramid scheme such as 'free' pension money that is not collectible. Do the math!

It takes contributions of about five workers to finance the monthly payments made to one pensioner and it had to start with nothing in the pot to begin with. It is a continual expanding ponzi scheme that is soon to come to an end.

We have not seen the totality of the generational envy that will come, but what generation would not have accepted free 'legal' money to be paid back, neither in by them or in their lifetime?

Marxists took away a temporal need for the Church (among other things, like deciding what is righteous by what is made 'legal' by lawyers and humanists) by 'providing' for the 'relative' poor of rich nations' again with money that was 'taken' from its citizenry as long as it could, before again, going to the future to pay the present.

There is one evil (whether they, themselves are cognizant of it) inflicted labour group that the Marxists go out of the way to please, and that is militant teacher's unions. Primarily, this is for a few reasons.

1) Obviously, that teachers perpetuate the Marxist ideology they have always done well by since they embracing it.

2) Rank and file, union label, teachers do have some influence over public opinion rightly, but more likely wrongly, when in perched lock-step selfish desire 'looking down' to endorse the most socialist party most conducive to their wants and keeping the 'distance' status quo.

3) By the very nature, or better said set-up, of their profession and the fact that modern Marxism and humanism has allotted that 'all' parents generally have to, or desire to, earn extra money, teacher unions have unprecedented 'extorting' powers to essentially write their own checks, and keep them all, but, exclusively contracted to educate the State's children in the current State's best political interest and converse detriement to the family.

For this super extortive power alone, teachers unions need be designated essential services with no more right to strike than police or doctors. Extortive power is the essential difference between the haves and have nots in socialism, and rewarder of mediocrity or worse.

In fact, teacher unions are so wound up tight and artificially made more important to society, that major change in its militancy could only but hardly likely happen from within, and even than most probably only through a youthful movement of young teachers in waiting, resentful, of being shut out of a privileged labour group due to high costs that can't be sustained or justified anymore, that includes a tremendous amount of retired 'double dippers' and consultants.
The problem that the Church, (at least in Canada) has, is that the Catholic teacher's unions are no different than public teachers unions in 'every' way and therefore, in that as an official group, and as expressed by many individual teachers, feels no different about the Catholic Church.

And therein outright rejects the Church's most 'basic' teachings and reason for being.
Add to this, that the Catholic Church in Canada has no control and has shown no interest to control the 'Catholic' school 'system and who would have kids in Church, university hatred and distrust of the Church, and no teachers, administrators, trustees, even no janitors in Church.

This, of course, does not bode well for the Church 'of Canada' and more importantly for Catholic youth of Canada.

Then of course, you have all the other noble causes of socialism. Class and wealth envy. American hatred, (because it was last to fall to Marxism while all of Canada's tax paid and private media was first to fall ).

Crisis's du jour, like so called human and sexual rights, class unattainable equalization, the environment, global cooling, global warming, two thousand causes and two thousand cures for cancer, all to keep the citizenry preoccupied away from their families and to feel religiously good about their contributions.

Karl Marx's probably most under-rated statement was, "Christianity is like spit-little!" in stating his disdain for Christianity

Not only did Marx state forth-right who his greatest enemy was, he declared war on Christ because Christianity is all that stood in his and his sender, Satan, and their way with the world at minimum, right up until present. World Wars were merely a distraction on the battle of evil and for souls.

The Church needs to cleanse itself of all Marxists, and flawed Marxist leanings now especially those that have been totally entrusted with teaching and 'guiding' Catholic youth!

Actually, yesterday may already be too late. To restate what should be the obvious, enemies on the outside can be more easily defended against, than the enemy within. Know your enemy and don't 'pretend' not to know him for the sake of pesonal comfort, convenience and 'peace' with evil.

Paul Gordon

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