Saturday, April 11, 2009

Days of Miracles: Over!

You don’t have to be a prophet to see the current and future writing on the world wall.

The days of miracles are over, and all the prayers in the world, for the `world` haven`t actually
worked for sometime, at least, since the world embraced the Anti-Christ of Revelations, Karl
Marx and all the ism descendants of the Christ- hater, and his intimate friend, Fried rich Engels.

The boweivel of the socialist isms also made itself quite comfortable en mass, in the Catholic
Church and is in its last stages of either destroying Catholicism or `hopefully` getting routed out.

The Church is drowning and must soon swim or sink and that does mean not being or approving
outright or tacitly, all things for all people. It means...necessitates... going back to its `Roots` for
all people to have an `option` of change and safe haven, to return to or embrace for the first time.

Christ started with only twelve.

Untold millions of prayers, most simply recited as sincerely as the alphabet, didn`t work on
socialism. They didn`t save the `world`from World Wars, from untold genocides, from the
blindness of free and affluent `majorities` genocide of helpless innocent babies.

And they didn`t save the mass and unfettered perversion of those most precious to Christ...the
children. It`s a fact. Look it up and look around!

I remain open to other `logical` suggestions as Truth is logical among other things, but until a
better answer is offered, I strongly contend that this absence of societal miracles is not due to any
desertion of God, but to the correction of world narcissism and pantheism, both self destructive
of the soul and gate locking from heaven.

In short, drastic measures for soul destroying cataclysmic events.

This narcissism is actually apparent even under the guise of good graces, of concern for human

``I would personally never have an abortion, but I defend any other person`s right to have one``.
In other words, I`m a good person myself, no .... I`m even a better person, myself, in the world`s eyes because not only would I not kill my own baby(s)but I would never interfere with another`s free choice, or at least the free choice of killing their own. .

If there were no laws as in primitive tribes or perverted notion of human rights, would that mean I still wouldn't interfere with aiding a woman in serious consideration of her not desiriring to kill her baby? (As if abortion were a consideration in nature or having babies was considered a curse in civilized society)

That includes, but not limited to voting for politicians and political PARTIES for unfettered
access and finances to abortion, not advising anyone not to have an abortion, or `doing` anything to prevent someone else from having an abortion, like speaking out `publicly` of the dangers of
abortion including the oft result of future mental anguish of the woman involved, speaking
against Marxist unions mass and all inclusive supporting of ``Rights`` to abortion, speaking out
against empty politician`s picks of publically known or proven pro abortion activists.

These are simple measures. One might...(one should).... even remove one`s child from `school systems`: state public ( more `of the world`, than ever), Catholic or Christian that employ politically correct administrations and unionism that keep Marxism and errors of the world in perpetuation.

One can`t tacitly or stealthily approve of societal embracing of abortion on Monday, and `pray` for God to end abortion on Sundays......

One can`t pray for and end to this and that, and for change to this and that when one can first do
something towards that very end, `easily` themselves. World and domestic peace doesn`t come
by following Marxist principles, and carrying the water of Marxist propaganda (because one can
personally gain by it), to destroy your Nations economy first by illogical totally unpractical
forced wealth redistribution, by disarming your nation from the world second, and allowing non-
elected Christian haters to run your judiciary and `Human Rights` Commissions, your
immigration and your foreign and your domestic policies.

All of the political evil welcoming facets of free world nations could not have evolved as they
did, without the express aid of Catholics...never mind the various Christian and self labelled
Christian groups.

This is a serious problem that reflects badly on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church no matter
how you look at it.

The Church has not had a problem with the `world`, or has been fooled, or too timid or asleep, to
deal with the `world` for decades, now. Various affluent European and North American bishops
have taken turns ignoring the Vatican and at times, outright thumbed their noses to the Holy
Fathers for decades now, including actually changing the text of Holy Scripture to be politically
correct with the `world`.

It doesn`t matter what Bishops try `comfortably` to appease the world with. Its capitulation, not dialogue, mediation, or understanding,

The world is against God and Christians and will settle for nothing less than total destruction of
Christianity though it is probably personally comfortable for sitting Bishops to hand the Church
on a gold platter to Humanism.

Then of course, there are the Holier than Christ.... Christians, who believe they can defeat evil
themselves by casting out Demons or by simply praying for miracles that require no action,
mirror reflecting, or un-purity sticking to them. In their Holiness perfection, they believe they
can be the ultimate pacifists.

They also believe their young are expendable sacrifices that can afford to wait for the miracle
conversion of evil and can only play by the World`s (evil`s) own rules that are adapted as needed to what only the world desires at the time.

Narcissism comes in many forms, not the least being one`s self image of pride, and how they
appear to the world. We do Christ no favours in imitating His Crucifixion, that we couldn`t
possibly accomplish (as in the Phillipines) anyway. The actual result is to cheapen Christ and
elevate man through artificial feel good measures, measured by the world not in the true heart
known to Christ.

We do better accepting ourselves and behaving like man instead of pretending we are Gods and
too good to act on anything of importance in realty over the mind of feel and look good.

We all need to get over ourselves and get on with it.

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