Sunday, April 5, 2009

Notre Dame Obama Disgrace

Disgrace being the operative word, it is reassuring to see some students are going to protest their own university's perverse dip into populism mania.

There has been a lot of chatter from but a few of the 'hundreds' of North American Bishops against Mr. Jenkin's starry-eyed excellent adventure and attempt to be cool, with the world.

Now, it's just my opinion and grasp at ol' common sense... in what would be 'logical' in the Truth of Christ ( I mean I just hate to be presumptuous on matters and technicalities privy to the echelons of academia and non-offending, non judgemental, chicken crap, 'new' theology/warmed up new philosophy), but I would say Mr. Jenkins has gotten a little too big for his britches and has discounted himself from the select men of the cloth.

By the by, who in academia, philosophy, theology, the arts, you name it, failed to copy the memo to Jenkins that Marxists are not, and have never been, a friend to Catholics, or Christianity and have only used Catholicism as long as they could attain something humanist from it.

Apparently, this prestigious useful idiot for humanism feels he has not to answer to anyone including his own Bishop. Like humanists he is his own man, his own judge on morality, and his own god, a frightening thought for most mortals, that only 'I' have myself to answer too and more importantly, only 'I' have myself for my salvation and my loved ones, that is, if I had any, of those I loved half as much as 'I' loved myself.

Why the Vatican is not coming down harder on Jenkins, or Notre Dame as a supposed 'Catholic' institution or other institutions is a mystery they would have to answer themselves. What's not a mystery is that this would not be the first 'transgression' of Notre Dame or any of the 'Catholic' institutions of lower or higher learning, or of healing for that matter.

Forget about causing polarization. Polarization his here! It's called right/wrong, good/bad evil/good and it was not fired and fueled by the Catholic Church though it was aided by the ambivalence. and infiltration of its enemies for the last sixty years and more.

The Church is supposed to be welcoming of sinners to come in and repent, not to come in only to take over.

When humanists fall flat on their face and they always do, there needs to be a option of consistency (the Truth) that they can always take solice in and heal. The Church can not let evil disfigure the face or the soul of her Being, to the point that she simply mirrors the perversion and distress rampant in the new society and culture of death today.

There is no one in the universe that has ever championed evil by joining it with good intentions of trying to convert it. ' Wipe the sand from your feet and move on to the next town'. Just clean up your own house and keep it clean for your children to come back to.

To the students who are going to protest Notre Dame, this weekend, I am most pleasantly surprised, and heartened. God Speed!

Our Nations are too immersed in evil for the occasional burbs of chatter and 'talk' from a few supposed leaders. Leaders, after all, are front and centre! They are not back in the shadows and towers, somewhere on the left! And supposedly, we have thousands in the Catholic Church as Bishops, alone who don't even make appearances for confirmation any longer.

Pope John Paul said it is going to have to be up to the laity this time to save the Church...indicating (I can only suppose) a House of God totally balled up in knots.. to tough to unravel without a lot more effortfrom those expected to step up, and unfortunately more needed than probably anytime in history to date.

Mass peaceful public or civil disobedience is the order of the new day...

We need public Holy processions through streets not back parking lots and dead end streets.
Even the Christian Churchs had their March for Jesus ralleys with no help from the millions of Catholics.

We need to fight anti-Christian, anti-Catholic government, and government financed 'institutions' including 'Human Rights' far leftist angry idiotic ideology, quasi-legal (read: no law to answer to) politically empowered, control freaks by getting peacefully 'in their face'. They can't punish or imprison all Christians as political prisoners in a free country.

The only thing that beats evil is doing what you can do yourself, ( often, a much easier sacrifice than anyone would expect, like stop voting for pro-abortion pro-activist,'PARTIES') 'then' prayer, for what you can't do, or would not be expected to do. No pain no gain... No sacrifice, no Church peace, or happiness.

Paul Gordon

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