Friday, April 24, 2009

Polarize This

Why is it that the modern political and academic worlds along with formed conformist media
minions refer to, even demonize, ‘polarization’ as a bad thing? Of course, this is a rhetorical

You know the lib/Marxist line. This, or that, conservative or conservative opinion is ‘polarizing’.

Therefore, the group or individual defending themselves or challenging unconventional faddish
‘wisdom’ is worse than harmless. The group or person(s) is to be shut down and retrained or
bribed or extorted to left think and abdicate their soul. Failing to be made feel uncomfortable,
they are to be discarded, or legally threatened, challenged and punished.

This is hardly academic, opinion or Constitutional freedom, but does have a startling similarity to social left-think of Marxism, Communism and Nazism.

By the b, all you former and will be former union lovers trust me... Marxism isn't just about nu's a way of life, baby and your first clue should have been seeing all your expensive dues supporting the latest Marxist political correct lib/Marxist politicans on many power grab issues that having nothing to do with your work-place, but everything to do with your freedoms.

We’re not even asking for partial judges. We long for the days of impartial judges who had
things like Constitutions, Justice and Truth (for what the World’s idea of it is).. as focal points.

In Canada, there is no Constitution, of course, just some mumbled silly- putty, utterance by
Castro’s only friend, liberal nut-job, now pretty much dead-guy, PePi la peu Turdeau, for liberals to pretty much inherit this land as only their land.

Kind of makes you wanna stand proud and fight politically-correct fought wars to make the Diss
United Nations look good, doesn’t it? You know... to go out and get thanklessly blown up, while
the world refuses to go after the un-impugned base nations that lol at the current crop of world
‘leaders’ led by buffoons, Mutt and Jeff, Clinton and Obumr.

Does it seem to anyone else that the world is just graciously (North Korea aside) waiting for this
Obumr to pass like a kidney stone and for the real President to show-up, kinda like the tough guy waiting for a fair fight, over a try hard, circled tail chaser. I mean the Somali pirates wore tees that said Shoot Me, Stupid!...There’s No One In the Whole Freakin World Even Behind Us!
...yet, how many days did it take for the Obumr team to sniff the wind and let the Seals shoot
fish? How do you ‘stop’ piracy by leaving it a safe and profitable business for parasites?

How much of a hero would the media have to pretend Obumr was, had the pirates shot the
Captain the first time he jumped the boat and was fired upon. *Note to future captives. Don’t try
this one away from home, believing you are giving your good guys a clear shot to ‘save’ you,
when Obumr’s office is weighing the politics of, looking just mighty fine.

I digress.

So the latest (days-fresh) examples of these ‘polarization’ marginalizing put- downs are from
John McCain’s, chief operations campaign worker, Steve so-smart Schmidt ( with help like that
who needs saboteurs) and the male endowed, man-loving judge of the Miss America contest.

Stevie Wonder Schmidt says, Hands-up and drop your pants Republicans, it is futile to resist.
You must get with the program and embrace all things liberal, including the homo-activist
agenda or you will never be re-elected, you stupid polarizing bastards.

Hey, it had limited success on all progressive and formally fiscal conservative parties in Canada.
So, go ahead, Republicans....I dare ya.

Then witness, Miss California answering the beauty queen designated homo- activist judge
question of the day, So how do you feel about homo-marriages? reference to the ludicrous
queasy quasi and definitely queer ‘marriage fad’.

(Hey, the CNN token lesbian ‘news’ babe said the left doesn’t have to be civil... anymore(?).
Should the good guys still play by Queensbury rules?)

Such quackery of pseudo monogamous unions could have been unified, solidified, whatever...
by the State representing the World at anytime. However, to assume the official title of marriage
as in under God, or in the eyes of God, is an obvious affront to God and Christianity by
ohhh...sane....people. How does perversity make peace, or reconcile with God, by order of the

Please make note, future historians, (if there will be any) I had no part of any of the silly bugger
nonsense, and deadly and deeply disturbing murdering of innocent babies and youthful souls, that goes on in these days of lost freedoms and soul losing capitulations.

Said judge, baptized this contestant (by force or intended spell) in humanist profane and
ludicrous reality for simply not having echoed his company line opinion of, I care about about
homosexual activism and promise to aid in all its causes and agendas.

Here’s what ‘Polarization’ actually means to the left. Hereto, you haven’t heard the word from
the ‘right’ in describing those who don’t agree with them.

It means, these backward idiots don’t agree with us. It means they are against doing what they
can ‘best’ do for the poor, the sick, and the helpless. It means that only we have the answers, and we have ‘all’ of them, even though everything we have done to date has panned out to be totally destructive in the short and the long term. It means we can make everyone ‘feel’ better by law and we can make bad things good, simply by passing laws.

We can fix misery by punishing those who are not miserable. We can take from those who earn
money and give it to those who have no reason or produced an effort, why they don’t.

We can extort and name our price from taxpayers, from governments, from businesses and from consumers.

We can flood the market place and air waves with perversity for all, especially children in the
name of academic, artistic, and media freedom, but control honest deep-felt dissenting opinion
and speech by thought and speech ‘commissions’ meant to marginalize and cower the non
politically- correct, by nothing new under the Sun.... state controlled Marxism.

Just call me polarized Paul or whatever profanity you want in the case of the left because you
know what ‘Polarization’ really stands for?

It stands for the eternal fight of right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust, what is good and
what only feels good. It has its religious universality because of the existence of the Truth of
Christ. And that is why the leftist Marxist hate it so much.

And you can’t get rid of it with negative labels or by passing stupid pretentious illogical laws that
compound problems by favouring groups over others as long as they all drop Christianity and
Christian values or by teaching people to totally believe and trust the State (the World).

Polarized Paul

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