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Holy Humanism, Barack Man

Or, The Abreviated Guide to Modern Marxists

Remember the cheesy Batman TV adventure/ sitcom where the cheesiest part was Robin using
the adjective, Holy.. way too often and for whatever noun suited the occasion. It was about as
goofy as OMG passed as a brainless fad from the entertainment industry and Oprah cult into
youthful.. goof talk.

Of course, the last people to be religious are the ones who use this term and/or Jesus Christ’s
name in anger, every time the opportunity presents itself, which is way too often for the kind of
people who use it.

When did people first begin using the name of Jesus Christ in anger, when Karl Marx came on
the scene and urged all he could to hate Christianity?

Can you imagine using the term faggot, or Mohammed, every time you were annoyed?

No, only Christianity is up for humanist whipping boy of the Millenniums. And speaking for only
myself I’m pleased with that.. at least that, over throwing childish tantrums and chopping off heads. Christ was the humblest and still the most loving of all, and through the Holy medium of logic- backed Truth... at that. Who can historically and universally compete, or try to eliminate an enemy like that?

Of course, this is what annoys humanists more than anything else.... Christians don’t get angry
about people abusing their religion.... only about killing babies and destroying their young’s

And no, I hardly count homosexual priests who destroy children as being 'religious' either, only as humanists, of the homosexual ‘healthy positive' lifestyle choice. Oh I'm sorry they don't have a choice, well join the club... neither do babies. How could one feel they are a priest, even pretending to be priest while doing putrid perverted actions on children? Christ said, that
those who harmed children, will be the most sorry, in Hell and He was very explicit about it.

Of course, as with all who condemn themselves to Hell, they do so only to themselves in express
fashion, when their innate or instinctive conscience, Holy Spirit, or however you want to
characterize it, ... even tells them what they are doing is wrong. And at the point that stops, mental ills sets in.

Sin does cross into evil at times and at that point evildoers need to be removed from free society
as we can’t drive out demons like Christ can. And feeling sorry for evil does not include
embracing and defending it, just because it is hiding behind a human face. Christ drove out
demons and told his disciples to brush the sand from their feet where they were not welcome or
where evangelizing, proved fruitless.

So anyway, here is how Holy Humanism ingratiates itself... as such.

First off, Humanists care about you... They care about you, deeply. Humanists care so much, they want you to kill your babies without guilt, for your part or of course... theirs (see Obama, Clinton all modern humanists).

They love you so much, as to make abortion costs free to you from money taken from others and readily available where ever you live, (you might not be able to afford the gas or bus fare) and at whatever stage your pregnancy is. Post birth canal exposed head crushing allowed... thanks pretty much to singular actions by B. J. Clinton, and Barackman both great affable kidders and nice stand up human beings.

As his holiness, Obama, promises us, “No young couple should ever be burdened with that!” (an
unplanned baby, or planned he wasn't actually specific on this one in his seig heil moment ). He forgot to add what is logically implied by this narcisstic and pantheist
perverted statement.

You will not only be able to kill your baby in the land of the humanist
selective free, you won’t 'feel bad' about it, either.. because we the current empowered State.....
say so, and make it so through are supreme court judge 'impartial picks' who make our laws as we seem em fit.

Of course, another set of rules apply to older than baby(s), humans. Those who can talk and can
be used politically. Murderers need compassion and understanding. Pirates and terrorists need
money, social workers, activists, lawyers and freshly minted rights hot from the Supreme Court.
Society foreign terrorists and domestics (including pedophiles) need to be re-integrated into, whatelse...society.

North Koreans need aid and understanding....small minded ego maniac dictatorshits and
communists need a hug, a warm smile, and an apology. A kind of, you win more evil with honey
strategy... or words to pretty much surrender, and die by.

Humanist governments care so much about you they will train you to protect yourself, from
yourself and the more that doesn’t actually work, well all the richer they’ll get... anyway.

Instead of schools, day care centres, libraries, rec centres and movie theatres, where one might
expect your common copper (who has a very poor record of preventing or actually solving
crimes) to hang out, and train mothers on how to seatbelt their children, one is more likely to find the typical squad car cop lurking in the industrial parks or factory rush hour paths and highway ramps eager to nab those evil men who are less likely, to wear seatbelts, care about seatbelts or wear them diligently again in the future.

Hey, follow the money if that’s what your job is all about, police officers.

But does any sector of government really care about citizens? Duhh... Abortion ‘rights’ with
privileged rules and monetary freebees for victims and abortionists pretty much shows who
doesn’t care about babies who have absolutely no right to be defended.

Strictly for argument’s sake, motorcycle drivers having driving privileges at all, pretty much lays it out on the pavement and around lamp posts that the government doesn’t care about boys and men being killed on the roads, but that’ll be a hundred and ten bucks for not wearing a seatbelt, though how, you... and millions of similar drivers ever got to be a sixty or seventy year old drivers without wearing a seatbelt just defies reality and up-teen studies... doesn’t it?

What? Are motorcycles legal to keep James Dean rebel types at ‘peace’ with the State as in union preferential rights to keep ‘labour peace’ with the government? Oh wait a minute... that’s right easy riders now where helmets.. At least their heads can be found intact when they and their fun ejector seat, passengers, are launched off their motorized bikes just for hitting moderate sized potholes, never mind the vehicles they like to weave around from out of nowhere.

Lookup the number of motorcycle fatalities in accidents compared with vehicle drivers in
accidents, with or without seatbelts and also consider that motorcycles aren’t even driven for at
least four months a year in Canada, not to mention the number of vehicles far out number bikes .
Ever since the Toronto (now there's God's country for ya) head cop was kicked out of Toronto for not being gay, friendly enough, and headed up the Provincial Police, it seems like the whole Province is suddenly under a Police State of siege. Congo lines of police cruisers, marked and nondescript, run down dangerous two lane, two way highways in the opposite direction tracking cars coming towards them, yet, we can't drink coffee or talk on cell phones at our steering wheels?

We, all workers have to bend at the knee at the mere mention of the words, Health and Safety (for the Government's Workman's Health Insurance Board fiscal reasons not because they care)
while Fantino's Barny Fife dirty dozen can hang out in the shadows of four way stops dressed all in dark in order to 'pop- up' at open vehicle windows to inquire (rhetorically) why one doesn't have his ass, government- strapped in.

Recently, a female cop driving the opposite way on main street in rush hour traffic did a flashing U turn stopping traffic. I told my 23 yearold son (the only passenger) that we had better move over. She must be attending a bad accident or going for Canada's most wanted. As it turned out, no, she merely wanted $210 dollars from both of us for seat belt criminality.

We were 'ordered' over elapsed free time for 'all' of us, of 30 minutes or so, to explain why we were not wearing seatbelts (twice) and told to demonstrate that our seat belts actually worked, by yanking on them, not because she was going thru PMS and working Friday evening, mind you, but..... because she cared alot more about us (than we ever would, of her and her financial situtations)

No wonder, the neighbouring town protested and did not get a police station being built in their town. Who could blame them?

McGuinty has got to love all the money Fantino has brought him, yet behaviours have changed or will stay changed for how long? Not that McGuinty would want those kind of behaviours to change while he's counting the cash.

'Help' protect 'children' in cars or buses for that matter. by all means, and protect them from heavy smokers in closed environments, but don’t say it’s because narcissistic socialists care about children, when all they are really doing is looking for something to 'feel good' about in the
absence of any true spiritual beliefs and because it's so common, there is lots of money to be made.

Help, by actually taking and keeping records of children who experience serious side-effects from vaccinations instead of just making unbacked company- line claims that vaccinations are harmless. (I have one daughter who almost died from ITP (blood cells attacked her own platelets after immunization as a todler and another one who went into grand mals, right after her vaccinations)

If traffic ticket money now goes back to the community the cop issues the ticket in ..presumably to pay his high salary not justified by 95 percent of the actual real work he/she does..while armed forces personel fighting wars in politically terrorist correct fashion... a little more nervous I would think...get stelar welfare wages and food bank, firsties.

Then I say go back to photo radar, save us the road side lectures, and smirks and eliminate police car crashes and reduce police labour costs and give the savings to the armed forces and their families. And if you want to give us a silly socialist named cause tax add-on....make one for the armed forces we would all gladly pay. Oh I forgot, ever since Turdeau, Canadian socialists hate armed forces and only like complying police officers for their politically correct adhoc laws.

How much of the Victims of Crimes tax levy, have been awarded, and to whom, or has some, most, or all of it gone to general tax revenue, if its any of taxpayer's business, of course.

I never hear news of some poor victim of crime, being awarded this money. Where’s the
press and the auditor general on this one? How about depressed and despondant mothers who soon and long after regret their abortions? Oh I forgot abortionists are the heros of modern Canada.

Hey, we’re all victims of legalized crime in that the government has stolen trillions from taxpayers with nothing but their whim, desire, bribe or special interest promise as reason for doing so.

The caring socialist government also wants everyone to drink moderately and to not smoke at
all.... Laudable and radical concepts, but of course, why have tobacco at all, or at least taxed to a
limit that would certainly put all smokers on ‘serious’ paths of quitting.

Why not have all drinkers tested immediately for blood alcohol immediately after leaving
licensed dining rooms, teen drinking parties, bath houses, bars...anywhere where alcohol is
legally or likely to be illegally served.? Socialists never had a problem with getting in your face
before even having you re-trained if necessary for right-think.

To write what should be painfully obvious to all, the governments make honking huge profits off
their share of ‘sin’ taxes including from drinking establishments, not just off the alcohol itself,
but for licensing fees, profit or income taxes, property taxes etc. Government does not want to
scare people from these establishments totally and they certainly do not want people to stop drinking or even cut back from drinking, they just want the optics that they 'care'.

The modern history of gaming is simply that the government couldn’t stand to see organized or
unorganized crime making money off of gambling, when they were not getting 'their cut' of a
lucrative multi billion dollar industry that they didn't think of first, or until modern moral decay, join into now.

The government couldn’t stand to see the people and families ‘they cared about’ get destroyed
from the more addictive ‘games’ like slots and video slots, 'without' at least getting a piece of the
action, so they put on blind folds and pretty much took over. They made it illegal for anyone else
to engage in this less than honourable money grabber, as to make sure it was always going to be
done right. Even the nation’s seedier money would not leave their sight and they periodically
consider going into the pimping business as other nations have done. Kind of brings a tear to
your eye .... how much these political leaders care,,,doesn’t it?

I wouldn’t be surprised if gambling and sin taxes didn’t rake in more money than income taxes to governments in Canada. Keep in mind, that driving is actually a humanist sin in Canada. Lone
drivers are even fined if they enter socialist commuter privileged lanes including empty bus lanes, for their own good.

Yes, the government cares about the environment to and especially all the billions they can make, or save off of it.

Various levels care so much about ‘garbage’ (existing at all) that housing complexes become
rodent infested holiday picks because municipal contracted garbage monopolies can pick up less
and less garbage while charging more. Large families are penalized (yet, again), and household
kitchens are the new micro dumps for time consuming sorting, storing and sink dumping.

The burning of garbage which turned volumes to ashes, has long been politically un-correct
since the modern pioneer enviro-nuts ‘saved us’. Apparently, garbage doesn’t exist anymore if
governments refuse to accept it....sweet, for consumers who buy products that keep the whole
economy and taxes thing going.

A la Bob Hope, (apparently, the only brave and caring entertainer that’s existed so far) “And how about those pay- back- the- debt- charges..that 'aren’t' tax increases....(eh) ?’

Prior political parties kept government- controlled prices down to get elected and re-elected.
The politicians and their parties should be made to pay- down- the- debt they deliberately caused and knew that they would be causing.

My wife worked for Ontario Hydro as a young receptionist courtesy of the government paid by
you. She was among the highest paid receptionists in Ontario just to start, more.. than GM union workers. Her job in the Hydro Government Tower on prime Young st. real estate was to do
anything but wake-up any of the napping management (one, for and less useful than, every utility pole in Ontario) who reluctantly showed up for work, in the dimly lit halls and offices.

They also had to keep the loud-mouthed socialist enviro-mental-ists who never need jobs for
some reason, and their socialist bud, teachers of your children, who live in another pay scale
galaxy happy by not building ‘anything’ to keep up with electricity demand.

It was, but another sneaky but intelligent (by electorate myopic standards anyway) method of
giving free money to voters on the never never plan (like health care, pensions and union
upmanship, and extortion, du jour) ...except that never is now and for a long time to come.

Socialist humanism, (and if it’s not narcissistic ‘socialist’ humanism, it’s narcissistic anarchy and
dictatorial humanism, ‘there are no other kinds’ outside of guaranteed human nature) caring
hardly ends here either.

The government just has to babysit, single mother’s and two income parent’s children for ‘free’
so parents can afford the taxes to pay for all the ‘free’ government services. What else would put the government at the centre of everyone’s universe?

Don’t you just love the wealthy socialists who can actually afford their own baby sitting, but are
quoted on places like tax payer TV and big city commie newspapers (who own small community
chain newspapers) as saying well for this cause and that cause, I wouldn’t mind paying a little
more in taxes. Here’s and idea, donate... to your own stupid causes out of your own pocket
instead of making everyone paying for your harmful ideologies.

Speaking of liberal parties and Jean Chretien, the leaning tower of scruples whose only cause he
was ever loyal to was the Chi-comms, (even after he left office when he blasted Harper for not
kissing their butts) and I’m not making any accusations here, but how is it that China donates all
kinds of money to Clintons and Democrats and ends up with military free exchange of ideas
among other things but donates nothing to liberal parties and liberal politicians in Canada or
when we were building theirs, and Pakistan’s nuclear reactors??

For that matter, who does donate to liberal politicians and liberal parties. Unless they’re Bill
Gates or Ted Turner who can fuel their fire places with paper bills. liberal individuals are the
tightest people in existence, just look how charitable they are. All the famous modern liberal
politicians gave virtually nothing to charity or even their own parties as seen, when their financial records were made public.

Then, there is CBCs ‘Greatest Canadian Poohfest’ winner, Commie Tommy Douglass.. Like who
possibly watches CBC, who would vote for anyone else...not counting Hockey Night in Canada,
wherein CBC beats out the private television networks on all major venue bids with what else,
but taxpayer money, like the real life money stealing banker/player in a monopoly game.

Yes, machine socialism gun smirking Tommy’s dreamed up ponzi health and pension schemes
when he wasn’t thinking of possibly making socialism work by offing babies and invalids and
anyone else who can’t make money for the State.

He was separated at birth from Margaret Sanger, the Mary Poppins of the culture of death and
misery. “Spit on Spot, children who should we kill today? I know, how about my 10 brothers and sisters, for taking all my attention while growing up to be the Bride of ‘State Count’ Karlacula”

Speaking of exterminating thinking socialist Nazis, did you ever hear of a population control
freak ever offer him or herself or their family members to lighten the earth’s surface (like it’s so
buckling under the weight of humans) to do their part for their own great ideas?

No, you’re not bloody likely to either...unless they already have three paws in the grave. No, it’s
always those third world peasants, those young people’s kids across the street, in the super
market, in the church pews...who should not have anymore kids and should never had any.

Have you ever seen a poor socialist ‘hero’ not birthed highly from humanist academia, or one
actually ever having been in poverty themselves at any stage? Look for Elvis at the same time.

Think about it, we have let the Marxists control our greatest societal costs, pensions, healthcare,
education, social services and lastly, the military... since at least the last World War. What better
things for Marxists to control to bring a Nation to its knees than above. Borrow now hope for the
best but as it turned out...screw the future..which is now?

Modern households do this too often depending heavily on the government safety net...certainly
not on any children they didn’t have. The problem is that the socialist governments do this for
the same reasons. Unfortunately for us, the government is the ‘do all’ safety net.

For Harper and McGuinty to follow Obama`s lead and keep the status quo while pretending the
C. Diff Marxist elephant isn’t crapping on the same country is as destructive political behaviour
as there ever has been.

This pair just gave billions to a third placed N.American car manufacturer that was on the eve of
closing down, for a measly 2% share for taxpayers, for a CAW union overpaid industry, like
Bombardier, and CAW airline branches in Canada. The `labour peace` that ate the country.

The car manufacturer couldn’t figure out how to save itself before, but now things are going to be different and consumers are going to suck up their expensive cars in a recession?

Now, socialism is the safety net for industry. We’ve seen everything now. In China, communism
can still be communist as long as they now keep capitalism working for them and in Russia the
commies are making a public comeback, like they ever left.

Chretien passing services onto the Provinces who passed them onto regional and municipal
governments and at the same time cutting Transfer Payments to the Provinces is what gave
Harper his phoney `surpluses` and McGuinty his actual costs in the first place while all
government levels get their money from the same beguiled taxpayer anyway.

McGuinty of course, hit everyone up for higher user fees, but refuses to call them taxes.

Here`s what is plain ol` taxes plain and simple, no matter what you call them or the noble
sounding intention behind them. Marxists make their most money off what is ‘noble’.

Politically correct traffic tickets, and non criminal offences, seatbelts on adults, smoking, cell-
phone use, handicap spots. tax and ‘Victims of Crime’, ticket add ons.
PST GST blended (read more expensive) taxes. For the `privilege` of purchasing something for
a hundred must pay the governments $13, for five hundred dollars pay the better
part of a $100 extra to the governments
Sin taxes, hardly serious about behavioural modification, just a huge available resource pool
Pay Back the Debt taxes
Sur taxes on income tax, (that little extra you pay for that little extra you earned)
Rent- like fees to the Municipal and Regional Government for the property you own
Environmental taxes, including gasoline add ons, tire disposal, dump fees, garbage bag fees.
Any public fees required for any tax payer funded public facility, including recreational, or
taxpayer funded public service
Untold licensing fees
Communication taxes
Pension deductions
Unemployment Insurance
McGuinty`s income tax- measured, health tax payment amounts, or earn more/pay more
Vehicle tax every time, and no matter how many times the same vehicle has been sold
to name but only a few and just for individuals, not even business taxes which of course are
passed onto the consumer in the price of doing business.
And not to mention government monopoly gambling or in reality...volunteer tax for the stupid
(a huge source of revenue that no one even knows, where it goes or what it is used for).

The ‘political’ governments, (as opposed to the working equally controlling ‘bureaucratic’
governments) pretend to care about what is ‘just’ as all part of the act and at least, going by what their hired speech writers have given them since and beyond JFK (-ed everyone).

You know those emotional titillating (think Chris Mathews) speeches, and no more heavily
cliched, or cornier in history, than delivered by ObumR that actually mean nothing by what the politicians are really thinking and certainly.... not intending, even fake planning to do.

Martin Luther King Jr. (a devout Christian, albeit 'rumored' womanizer, who would have absolutely no use for me and King's decesendants...) had to start getting nasty privately, in order to get JFK (ed everyone) to actually 'move' on anything of substance.

In Canada, we’re constantly told of those Liberal or Canadian values (same thing) that no one has actually ever defined kind of like Don Knotts explaining how he was an astronaut and ignoring the smart ass kid asking him for simple proof in the Reluctant Astronaut. “But, specifically what are your liberal values?” except, to have no values at all.

The liberal media indeed is ‘understandably’ reluctant to ever, ask the question.

So ‘Just’ and free are these great liberal political orators backed by the Marxist establishment,
that they impinge...these days, actually make, that ‘remove’ (JFK was too kind as it turns out)
freedom of speech input and rights to the exclusion of all, but liberals.

-And of the minority special interest groups, to the exclusion of majorities, aka ‘democracy, and
for all its faults, still open to the possibility of change over imposition of rule.

Of course, the way for humanists to get people all excited about all causes socialist, namely
phoney crisis du jour, is that only socialists can cure these crisis(s) with others people money and every citizen’s demanded or forced labour, no matter how insignificant (sort through your
garbage, wear a condom, turn off your vehicle, report an offender, give perverts control of
children, accept that sex offender next door, Uncle Karl Needs You).

Collectively, the leftist establishment has accomplished the absurd through many methods not the least being, misplaced sympathy actually turning into imitation and worshipping (cool behaviour) and Nazi-like sense of duty of doing your part and reporting on others.

The humanist gods that either lead the politicians or are led by the politicians depending on your view, but certainly initiated and supported by public funded academia.. the teachers of your
children and entertainers and jesters... the truly idiotic heros of your children all issue no guilt/no blame (but Christians) feel good cards, through ‘validating’ or ‘empowering’ hedonistic new laws of the land, no matter who ‘else’ is affected even by casual observation of societal melt- down.

Witness, increase in baby killings, toddler beatings, huge influx of single mothers, multiple
boyfriends, invisible and illegal ‘Man in the House’ for monies received for no man in the house,
male and homosexual public perversity gone wild, arrests non-existent in the same regard, mental illness, suicide and unlimited ‘artistic’, and ‘academic’ hate speech freedoms.

But whatever you do, don’t witness or state the obvious!

So who needs (real) Holy religion when you have abysmally failed humanism to cleanse all you
do wrong that counts, and punish you for things, you do.... that don’t count?

Pro Life News Bulletin

So CLC/Lifesite has issued an upteen point bulletin on how to communicate with Catholic
Bishops in a respectful and nice way, acceptable to them.

Listen, I’ll take more of what news- aggregater CLC/Lifesite has to say, to heart, when they stop telling people to vote for pro-abortion parties simply because a liberal party candidate has taken
out ads in their paper and calls himself pro-life, like Tom Whappel who could have single-
handedly (or any of the secret pro-life caucus he supposedly led) have crossed the House of
Commons floor and stopped Martin’s homosexual-marriage law one week before it passed.

Do they tell American Republicans to vote for pro-life Democrats?

Also, I'll convert when they make a definitive statement on whether they support Show the Truth Signs or not. They have been against, for, and ambiguous about graphic abortion pictures at different times in the last few years. So which is it? Babies don’t need political strategies. They need and deserve the Truth to be on their side and to fight unflinchingly, and untouchable in their corner.

Rule number one (the only one needing reacting to) of the Dos and Don’ts when communicating with sensitive Bishops.

They do not like to be told what to do, (or else what? they won’t do what is right, or will do the
opposite because they are offended by a writer) well.... no shit.

They haven’t ‘liked’ to be told what to do by the Holy Fathers for a number of years now.
What they are usually asked to do is what would ‘normally’ and ‘logically’ be ‘naturally’
expected of a Shepherd and Evangelist of the Universal Catholic Church and Faith.

Not unlike telling a fireman he has to fight fires, (and I hope nothing is lost on that metaphor) or
a policeman, that he has to fight crime!

Hey, the last I understood it, ‘demanded obedience’ didn’t end on the hierarchy chain at hundreds of apparently independent Bishops in North America and Europe many with funny ideas of Catholicism that don’t even jive with the latest official Catechism...ideas by some that include embracing humanist Marxism the Faith’s worst nightmare and self- declared enemy on numerous occasions beginning with Karl Marx.

The 2nd worst kept secret of the Catholic Church (next to the secret that humanist won Catholic
educators in Canada and I’m sure elsewhere, actually hate the Holy Fathers and the Church’s
basic teachings, based on the actual and literal teachings of Jesus Christ) is that the Marxist
Development and Peace gig was nothing more than a bunch of militant feminists, and pro-
abortion Bolsheviks.

Yet this was a big ‘surprise’ to the (apparently) too political Bishops. Like Bishops didn’t learn
from the homosexual priest’s scandals, made ever so more painful by themselves.

The next surprise will be, we didn’t know unionized Catholic educators were so down on the
faith and that public monies from the State ensured content control of what Catholic youth are to be taught.

What about the Winnipeg Statement (never retracted)? What about the Revised politically
correct newly ‘transcribed’ scriptures and Sacred music for North America never approved by the Vatican?

When Bishops start making their own rules and who knows if they even follow their own rules,
their pomposity only inflates and challenges their egos to have them act and behave in escalating worse fashion.

And in this day of instant mass communication, how come it takes so long for Bishops and
Bishop Conferences to comment on even half of which the Holy Father and real Vatican
spokesmen comment on in most basic defences of the Faith...except that they see themselves as
disconnected or special from the Universal Faith under the Chair of St. Peter.

Along that line, it is time to remove national flags from altars that know longer represent, a
‘State’ defender, or respecter of religious freedom, but more modernly akin to a big brother
observer and controller of what is said and done in the Catholic Church.... as in no public
criticism of ruling mainstream socialist parties and coming soon.. demanded homosexual
marriages. Canada’s flag just adorned Canada’s most infamous baby killer with it’s highest

Look, in Durham Region the Ontario State demanded and was granted, that a Catholic graduation take place and be participated in by Catholic educators, and students, to the entertainment of a homosexual boy and his adult male date. This was a hill to force the State’s hand on and the Church would have obviously ‘won’, but offered absolutely no resistence.

It took how long for fifty something Bishops of hundreds in North America to come on board for
the Notre Dame Scandal of having Obama honoured? I guess Canadian Bishops are proud
Canadians first, (why) and Catholic Bishops second.

So now it is assumed, at the least, that this is a very important issue of the Catholic Faithful,
by the many Bishops who did chime in.

So, those Bishops who remained silently stupefied, frozen, or ambivalent at best, stand to be
counted, (even though they remain seated as nobodies) as pro- Obama, who is pro humanist and only, of the World.

C’mon this is basic...basic stuff, of character, goodness, 'doing the right thing' cliche, to say the least.

Paul Gordon

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