Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama, Notre Dame No Surprises Day

Obama Notre Dame No Surprises Day

First, two other items of interest made the news headlines outside of the Obama/Jenkins public
relations stunt.

The first deals with Republican Judicial Committee member, Sessions, who sounds a lot like
Arlin Sphincter. How do these traitors to Truth get picked for the Judicial Committee? That’s a
rhetorical question because, being a sphincter is the number one prerequisite.. apparently!
Picking up where you became the elected loser party and left off, I take it, Republicans?

The second item is the self admission of only one modern artsy philosopher type on the new
perverted and sick modern renaissance of art and academia. Yes, a Danish director’s movie
entitled ‘Anti-Christ’ that was certainly not about himself, because he would be too obvious.
didn’t even fool his own kind as he was booed and ridiculed for his garbage entry into Cannes.
( Alas, if only he had gone with a homosexual or anti-Christian theme, perhaps another
homosexual priest or homosexual bishop does altar boy.. theme)

Anyway, in defence of his ‘work of art’ from hell, the director says it was his own way of dealing
with his depression. Who can fault him for at least being honest, on a normally palatable
exhortation to the critics, since the modern world has raised mental illness to a level of
unequalled artistic and academic idolatry. The crazier the cooler...if you please.

It’s all in the Marxist hand book under, ‘how to destroy a Christian society, and reinvent it as a
controllable godless society.’

So Obama came to champion the Catholic Church through a door braced open by President
humanist Jenkins. What a cool thing to attempt.

Talk about not reading what you wrote or more likely what someone else wrote for you, Obama
didn’t even stop to think that Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about the exact likes of himself
as President Say anything, or President Do Anything and Everything to ride any wave of political correctness to the insatiable fulfilment of your own ego trip.

Here is the passage ( with no breaks) in the transcript where Obumr almost stopped to talk about himself and his lame sense of humour and referenced King’s words, the same King who so oft quoted the words of Christ the Truth, not Christ the compromise, with phrases like ‘The Truth will set you free’, not the halls of academia lost, or political correctness or nothing modern world of politics.

Unfortunately, finding that common ground -- recognizing that our fates are tied up, as Dr. King
said, in a "single garment of destiny" -- is not easy. And part of the problem, of course, lies in the imperfections of man -- our selfishness, our pride, our stubbornness, our acquisitiveness, our
insecurities, our egos; all the cruelties large and small that those of us in the Christian tradition
understand to be rooted in original sin. We too often seek advantage over others. We cling to
outworn prejudice and fear those who are unfamiliar. Too many of us view life only through the
lens of immediate self-interest and crass materialism; in which the world is necessarily a zero-
sum game. The strong too often dominate the weak, and too many of those with wealth and with
power find all manner of justification for their own privilege in the face of poverty and injustice.
And so, for all our technology and scientific advances, we see here in this country and around the globe violence and want and strife that would seem sadly familiar to those in ancient times.
We know these things; and hopefully one of the benefits of the wonderful education that you've
received here at Notre Dame is that you've had time to consider these wrongs in the world;
perhaps recognized impulses in yourself that you want to leave behind. You've grown
determined, each in your own way, to right them. And yet, one of the vexing things for those of
us interested in promoting greater understanding and cooperation among people is the discovery that even bringing together persons of good will, bringing together men and women of principle
and purpose -- even accomplishing that can be difficult.

This is a prideful 'attempt' at a true Anti-Christ when you attempt to pass yourself off as the One to be worshipped by the faint of heart, faithful and the humanists alike.

Presidents Kennedy, Clinton and now Obama could speak slickly when they had to. So did Prime
Ministers, Mulroney, Trudeau, Chretien, and Harper.

So what?

(Only Karl Marx has actually made it to the stage of living past his death (and if not stopped by Divine given human choice) to live eternally with the world or Hell, at least, until Thy word be done on earth as it is in Heaven.)

Their actions, personal and/or political betrayed and beguiled their ‘official’ words
completely. I never heard King tell blacks, never to be ‘burdened by pregnancies’ or let black
children hold black adults back. What an asinine thing to say and truly believe as Obama does.

This modern history and mentally ill ‘used’ philosophy of microscoped, handpicked, broad -
swathed expropriated, sensationalised, championed, fictional pure bull shit of women being
agonized over abortion decisions has gone on way too long and too far.

We help those steeped in mental illness or those setup to move into mental illness, by the modern
world. We don’t champion mental illness as something to celebrate or aspire to! Get a grip, cool
people! There is nothing normal natural or beneficial about choosing to kill your child!

There is nothing normal, natural, healthy or beneficial about perverting your child and destroying
his/her’s innocence with back street perversity now celebrated in the public square!

Get over your human heroes, and your desire to be accepted by an everyday proven sick world.

These human Anti-Christ heros of compromise and goodwill desire nothing of the sort.

They want total submission and control. They want no right or wrong, just what is cool, world

They want baby killing and perversion to have no guilt and no consequences. They want a
fantasy world where they are in control and loved by all because there is nothing ‘bad’ that can
stick to them. And so far, by all their fruits we have come to know who they all are.

If Obama and citizen Jenkins truly did not want division over ego trips, Obama would not have
even had the opportunity of speaking at a university that claims to come in the name of the Lord,
never mind seizing the ‘opportunity’ of personal aggrandisement.

Paul Gordon

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