Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time To Play Double Flipperty

Time To Play Double Flipperty

I’ll take the Economy for a trillion, Karl.
The answer is, Chrysler. What third place finisher gets billions in taxpayer’s money to go down
in flames? That’s correct. We would have also accepted, Who should consumers make sure
never gets back up again because we can’t take the punches, when it ducks anymore?

Let’s go with Entertainment for two cents, Karl.
The answer is, Lately! Hasn’t Been Right, Yet.
How has Oprah’s character handicapping been, lately?

Let’s go with Latin Translations for a hundred, Karl.
Okay. Whoa the daily double already. How much do you want to risk. All of it, Karl. One trillion
dollars and the two cents. Well cross you fingers, answer is Armax Sphincter.
What is Latin for Benedict Arnold?

How about politico/geo/TV, for $79 a month, Karl?
First time we’ve recognized that category, good luck.
The answer is Ted Baxter. Who does ObumR sound like, when his left globe refuses to hear what his ego is reading from his tele-globe.

It was a hard one, but you nailed it. We would also have accepted, Who could we possibly go to
for more self-exciting thoughtful insight in fiction, than Chris Matthews in life?

I’ll take No Pretenses/ No Surprises for the golden blindfolded girl, Karl.
The answer is Homo/Pro Abort/ Activist/ Former Anarchist Acid Tripper
Hmmm, of course, What are the perquisites for a lib. appointed impartial, Supreme?

Okay Marx, oh sorry, Karl, I’ll take, No Flys On Us.. for a million dollars, plus a percentage in three years.
The answer is Honawhory Chairman.
What do Party elected, National leaders get for extending drug patents?

Okay lets go right to the bottom of Dictionary Definitions for a trillion, Karl.
And the answer is Back Up Warning, Honking Size, Hypocrite
Only one question comes to my mind, Karl. Who is Nancy Bellapelozi?

Right you are, and there's the buzzer. We’re out of time and the readers are getting bored so we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors for final flipperty. Oh? We have no sponsors? Ladies and gentlemen it appears unions have bankrupted all our capitalist swine sponsors, who would have thunk.. weren't bluffing, so here is another really lame taxpayer funded public announcement like those highway electronic signs, on the way to communist Toronto.

Okay we’re finally back, and like you haven’t heard those party, hack company commercials one
hundred times since breakfast.

The answer is CBC’s ever popular and now highly decorated (too), next topper for most famous Canadian since the beginning of Canadian time/ or 100 years and change. Good luck. do du do, du do du do do, Boy, contestants you know the present title holder, Commie Tommy Douglas, and Margaret Sanger eugenics fan, (neither who could get to the grave fast enough,) brings a tear to my eye, at the mere mention of his name...do du do do, du... du.... doo! Okay what have you got.

I have who is the number one killer of babies in a hundred years in change and for all history,
north of the 49th, Alex.? Of course, and that would be Dr. (like there are few drs. to respect
anymore, anyway...hypocratic oath? Boy, that sure went down in flames in the Marxist sixties)
Hankenstein Mourg-entaler. Modern doctors never really got 'all' the memoes on Marxism.

How much did you wager, wow all of it. That puts you at a kazillion dollars with the drug
company futures. We’ll have to go for a honking big Bail- Out from all the idiot North American
‘leaders’ for this one! Good night, everyone....here’s flipping you one... hey, should we all just
throw up our hands and surrender now, or what guys?...Oh the mic. is still on?

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