Monday, March 31, 2014

Kathleen Wynne, Your're Really Playing Loose with Stretched Semantics

Premier Kathleen Wynne is trying to give herself a pass on the whole steaming pile of a gas scandal like she was Queen of Ontario and making things right just by talking, bullying and decree.

...Or like a political party that can do anything it wants with a one seat majority in a province and country without a (real) Constitution not the one written on liberal ass-wipe like Chretien's legal documents.

 In other words, and at minimum, without giving its taxpayers any representation unless it's in the 'party's interest' like an NDP party leader would have it.... which makes only special interest groups and political parties, king for a decade, ... a century ...and beyond with a new Canadian value tramp stamp status.

Or, like an insane French King or self important small minded  Quebec government that's way too long in the tooth.

(side bar)  Eventual separation is a done deal with increasing mounds of apathy setting the pace and the date.. so millionaire businessmen come born philosophers may as well jump on the Levesque ass driven cart and become the founding pere's of the new nation the whole world couldn't, and won't give a rat's ass about. But like your money won't get you to heaven, your fame won't open the door one crack either. In fact, I would bet the house that more 'famous' idolized people have gone to Hell and didn't pass go, then anywhere near, did.  If you hear rock and roll when your lights go out, that's not the rock n roll 'heaven' the music industry and Hollywood are promising you for just worshiping and shelling out for them. end side bar

So Wynn tells us it wasn't 'her' administration, and it wasn't her government responsible for the big ticket screw-ups (that is when they were done screwing up the traditions, social structure and rights of Ontarians like those of the unprotected (apparently) Catholic faith, of a big chunk of unrepresented tax payers.

Well excuse me, but was there an election I missed? Wynn's (we lose) administration, her government, her asinine PARTY never relinquished power of the sitting/ruling government. The same party is still there that was just as proud prior to the PARTY electing her Premier.  It's the same PARTY and the same players, the same cabinet ministers and the same antics.

If I get in a car accident and some auto giant is found responsible because they neglected to do a re-call for a faulty safety device that caused my accident... and I go to sue them and the government moves to have them criminally charged would they got off the hook because the the president just stepped out the door and the vice president was promoted to the president's of the company?

No it's the same damned company... and it's the same damned political party!

So the party holds the top prosecutor position of the  province (stupid idea...see no Constitution and no elected judges). So by the nuts the party has direct financial control on the investigating provincial police dept. (stupid idea..they should be investigated by an independent police dept. and special prosecutor, you know like those stupid yanks we're taught to hate so much do very well).

So the judges are all appointed by the ruling 'parties' who take turns running the place, like only one of two parties principally.... checking out at the time clock, like the coyote and sheep dog in a bugs bunny cartoon.

No it's not semantics at work here, Wynn... There is no semantics in criminal behavior except between words like theft, fraud and misappropriation, different words...essentially the same crime,  with the very least (not even being talked about),being the misappropriation of 'future' funds (through the reality of massive added debt) the government doesn't even have in exchange for votes today and debts owed to party hacks including hanger-on blood sucking unions for the kids, and other special interest groups and lobbyists.

Go back to sleep Ontario...sorry I woke you you.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surtaxing The !50K Range Hits The Lib Base

It is (not) a lot of mixed feelings that I have for our Ontario liberal un-elected lesbian Premier's thoughts of adding another surtax on to those individuals, and married (combined income) 'rich' couples who make over 150k (and getting lower all the time).

On the one hand, those who are making over 150k are certainly money rich compared to myself as I am rich compared to third world natives. If these 'rich' folk don't have more disposable money than myself then they have more in assets and likely top myself in both categories.  If they have neither, then they have only themselves to blame or they are renting in downtown Toronto

As a social conservative I don't like to see small business employers taxed out of being employers, but it is delicious to see liberals contemplating going after their own base support of voters.

A healthy surtax on this group who keep complaining the rest of us can never pay enough for their politically correct and politically desirable causes might be enough to shut them up if not change their bad voting habits and pay check deduction party donations.

If you think about this, this income group is comprised principally of government managers and government union workers... though not so much the unions working for the corporate welfare auto industry who are now deserving of being scabbed out to pimps for chasing away most industry.

A cop, social worker, health care worker, teacher can sometimes fit in this income bracket all by themselves but say, if they're married to a Toronto Star reporter, or bum boy even those who make less the combined family income is definitely going to put them in this category and beyond,   without even counting the legions of government workers in the sunshine club.  

What better place with maybe the exception of lotteries for the habitually  math stupid can government retrieve its big vote buying wage, benefit and pension benefit packages than by surtaxing the same dead wood and unions they gave our money to in the first place?

Surtax the shit out of em!

Nah!..... ain't gonna happen.... Premier Voter Non Grata will get the word as usual, the hard way but this time before she shoots herself in the mouth.

and New Democrat YUPPIES... the very same who keep electing them and complaining that all are not paying enough taxes for all the politically correct and politically desirable


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paws Off Our Kids: Vaccinations Vs. Liberal Pro-Aborts

Over the last few weeks the MSM including social liberal talk show hosts have been blathering on how shameful it is for 'other' kids parents not to have their children vaccinated' by the state.

Did you know that if you don't let the state roll up the sleeve on your children you are causing untold misery  and  millions of deaths among infants?  Sure you are... you can go out and find their tombstones right beside all those feminist's mother martyrs with the coat hanger tombsones.

Only you're going to have to look far and wide in reality well outside of the propaganda swallowing imaginations of socialist Marxists or world determined control freaks from New York to Merkle's home school free Germany with no lessons learned from WWII.

You know... Hitler didn't know best! We know best!  And we have the right to suspend any and all freedoms as we choose!

The funny thing about the bald face leftists propaganda of 'hands off our bodies or hands off our wombs' is that they are actually demanding the opposite. They should read, we demand hairy knuckled abortionist goons to enter our wombs and rip out our babies free of charge.

Or we demand government sanctioned drugs from the State to kill our babies.

And with the case of Vaccinations (for the greater good of the community) in fact, the government does everything in its power to attempt to inject chemicals into your arm or your children's arm and with your 'forced choice'.. 'forced choice' being nothing that pro-lifers have ever pushed for. 

Pro-lifers would say, why would you go against a 'perfectly' (as created  by God) natural process and not see you're new baby to a healthy happy delivery? Why damage yourself mentally forever and kill your baby?   

But the left now so concerned about children not getting their vaccinations but still making sure children get their perverted sex educations to advance homosexual across the board agendas ending in unfettered private permanent access to children in the form of adoptions .. still doesn't care about the  real millions of babies murdered by society over the last 60-70 years originally common through D&C procedures before becoming legal.    

Well before the latest propaganda round of vaccinations instigated by the pockets and heads of  the incestuous relationship between  drug companies  (new champions in de-population) and government health socialist institutions, I had two of my 8 children (which I make no apologies to anyone for, especially those destined to speak Mandarin and bow to Allah) come close to death shortly after vaccinations, one from grand mal seizures and the other.. whose immune system attacked her own platelets, the doctors at Toronto Sick Kids told us they were the victims of vaccinations gone array!

So everyone who is not a parent to my children, Kiss My Ass!

Paul Gordon

Monday, March 17, 2014

Drop the Cl in Toronto A World Class City

Toronto a World Class City?? Time to drop the cl in class. Not even Mayberry when it was long out of fresh ideas would make Otis ‘their’ own town drunk.. Mayor for a day…. though he did make deputy once or twice. But even with that said, Ford is the only politician in all of North America to take on the municipal unions and not kiss the patent leathered asses of the gay leftists and would be re-elected tomorrow if another one were called by all those who’ve had enough of political correct perversions. Not one gutless politician has the ethical balls to make fun of him. Paul Gordon

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Democracy Thy Name Includes Representation With Taxation

Democracy Thy Name Includes Representation with Taxation! We’ve all heard that ‘Democracy may not be perfect but it’s the best choice of government going’. Well, what democracy in North America has degenerated into ( on pace with the degeneration of morality and protection of babies and children) is not citizen democracy at all, but party proletariat and shut- out politics, involving dropping constitutions and legislative due process laws while enshrining arbitrary new laws at any level of the justice system from judicial individual precedence, to party installed hack activist judges. Even the pretense of legislative power in some circumstances has been totally trumped by unelected judicial individuals and activist fiat. Government and the electoral process itself has been so abused and perverted that wide swaths of like- minded individuals could be better represented by Vladimir Putin (certainly on social issues) than they are by all levels of government in Canada and the U.S. If you believe in protection of life, sanctity level of the importance of marriage and family, the Christian or Jewish religions, right to own fire arms.... if you disagree with socialism, preferred socialist curriculums and only union public funded teachers for just a few, you are not only not represented on any level of government you are despised for not being populist politically correct. And to such absurdity that human rights commissions (quasi-judicial socialist faithful) are needed to do end- runs around the courts that would be to embarassed to rule in favour of. I digress. My hunch would be that there are a tremendous number of voters/tax payers who fall into this category. There are a number of serious contributing factors that have evolved over the years, that truth, if not history will show just how perverse the modern world has become. This great swath of Judeo-Christian citizens whose religion was solely responsible for ‘civilization’ itself, socially, morally, scientifically, academically, philosophically arts etc. and for true natural freedoms including ‘choice’ essentially linked to the logic, the eternal, and the love and meaning of life itself are shut out, not in the official game of democracy and governing, but in how the ‘game’ has been manipulated to be played. Ironically, they are shut-outs from the exact same fields Judeo-Christianity created social networks, education, communications, sciences and something Judeo-Christianity takes no credit for worldly ‘entertainment’ all fields that only in modern history became useful idiots of the Marxist won secular world… big time. In practice of this present version of ‘democracy’ we have extremely minute choices and no choice or say in actual party (system) leaders ultimately government rulers. Ideally, this could be rectified by disallowing /outlawing pre- formed political parties and only having coalitions formed and leaders elected from elected ‘independents’ after elections…. instilling true democracy and only approving a leader who is in current sitting legislatures. As it is, we are suckers for only two choices (that some would contend evolved into one populist Marxist base) of no moral consciousness or greater good whatsoever but for power itself only attained through populist ideology with no stomach to enforce Constitutions or challenge out of control maverick judicial arms.. that can only be controlled through the prism of the rule of law of a Constitution based on Judeo-Christianity of self- evident Truths. Paul Gordon

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Imus The Anus In The Morning

Imus The Anus In The Morning There were no car pile-ups or train wrecks on the drive to Ottawa this morning, so I thought I would tune into one of the two AM radio shows that are available in 2014 when I’m out of range for the John Oakley show. Both are American though oddly Ottawa is a considerable drive from the border. One, is horrible NPR or American Public Broadcasting where Yank taxpayers foot the signal bill up the coasts and all land in between. The material is strictly liberal proletariat budding journalist make-work project garbage and the subjects at best are as interesting as Reader’s Digest, only without the choice of which insufferable article to read while waiting for a root canal… the other is Imus…. What to do…What to do? So this Imus old coot is a good friend of Catholic Laura Ingram, at least according to Imus, but then so is Bill O’Reilly according to Ingram… a sentiment never reciprocated from O’Reilly’s snarly brain disconnected lips. Today with his typical painful drawl somewhere between a brain and lip stutter with the cadence of an anticipated acid reflux burb Useluss berated one of his stooge’s blessing of ashes.. then the Catholic faith in general and the two sneaky guys with the goofy or dunce hats (Popes, Benedict and Francis) hanging around the Vatican. Gee.. can’t berate girl basketball players anymore so go to the next group that won’t tell you to go f … yourself… eh, Anus? Imus is the only argument for restrictions on free speech that Mark Steyn would ever agree with. Like Fingernails down a chalk board tone and intellect. You could imagine this jerk who sounds older than Larry King (if that could be possible and be the least bit entertaining as isn’t King), was drunk or hung over but, Imus defies anyone to tell the difference between him being wasted or ribbons and bows, show face ready. Oh sorry, I forgot that’s just classy sour puss’s act and sense of arid dry humor. This tribute is mine. Update Apr. 24 So this morning Anus's newsman is telling a serious news item of American Doctors being murdered in Afghanistan and an American nurse being injured, and he is interupted by Anus continuing on about an asshole unfunny running bit of who the good looking male news media types are. I sure his brow beaten yes men crew laugh providers would love to take one of his My Pillows and hold it over his face for about an hour, most days.