Thursday, March 13, 2014

Democracy Thy Name Includes Representation With Taxation

Democracy Thy Name Includes Representation with Taxation! We’ve all heard that ‘Democracy may not be perfect but it’s the best choice of government going’. Well, what democracy in North America has degenerated into ( on pace with the degeneration of morality and protection of babies and children) is not citizen democracy at all, but party proletariat and shut- out politics, involving dropping constitutions and legislative due process laws while enshrining arbitrary new laws at any level of the justice system from judicial individual precedence, to party installed hack activist judges. Even the pretense of legislative power in some circumstances has been totally trumped by unelected judicial individuals and activist fiat. Government and the electoral process itself has been so abused and perverted that wide swaths of like- minded individuals could be better represented by Vladimir Putin (certainly on social issues) than they are by all levels of government in Canada and the U.S. If you believe in protection of life, sanctity level of the importance of marriage and family, the Christian or Jewish religions, right to own fire arms.... if you disagree with socialism, preferred socialist curriculums and only union public funded teachers for just a few, you are not only not represented on any level of government you are despised for not being populist politically correct. And to such absurdity that human rights commissions (quasi-judicial socialist faithful) are needed to do end- runs around the courts that would be to embarassed to rule in favour of. I digress. My hunch would be that there are a tremendous number of voters/tax payers who fall into this category. There are a number of serious contributing factors that have evolved over the years, that truth, if not history will show just how perverse the modern world has become. This great swath of Judeo-Christian citizens whose religion was solely responsible for ‘civilization’ itself, socially, morally, scientifically, academically, philosophically arts etc. and for true natural freedoms including ‘choice’ essentially linked to the logic, the eternal, and the love and meaning of life itself are shut out, not in the official game of democracy and governing, but in how the ‘game’ has been manipulated to be played. Ironically, they are shut-outs from the exact same fields Judeo-Christianity created social networks, education, communications, sciences and something Judeo-Christianity takes no credit for worldly ‘entertainment’ all fields that only in modern history became useful idiots of the Marxist won secular world… big time. In practice of this present version of ‘democracy’ we have extremely minute choices and no choice or say in actual party (system) leaders ultimately government rulers. Ideally, this could be rectified by disallowing /outlawing pre- formed political parties and only having coalitions formed and leaders elected from elected ‘independents’ after elections…. instilling true democracy and only approving a leader who is in current sitting legislatures. As it is, we are suckers for only two choices (that some would contend evolved into one populist Marxist base) of no moral consciousness or greater good whatsoever but for power itself only attained through populist ideology with no stomach to enforce Constitutions or challenge out of control maverick judicial arms.. that can only be controlled through the prism of the rule of law of a Constitution based on Judeo-Christianity of self- evident Truths. Paul Gordon

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