Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paws Off Our Kids: Vaccinations Vs. Liberal Pro-Aborts

Over the last few weeks the MSM including social liberal talk show hosts have been blathering on how shameful it is for 'other' kids parents not to have their children vaccinated' by the state.

Did you know that if you don't let the state roll up the sleeve on your children you are causing untold misery  and  millions of deaths among infants?  Sure you are... you can go out and find their tombstones right beside all those feminist's mother martyrs with the coat hanger tombsones.

Only you're going to have to look far and wide in reality well outside of the propaganda swallowing imaginations of socialist Marxists or world determined control freaks from New York to Merkle's home school free Germany with no lessons learned from WWII.

You know... Hitler didn't know best! We know best!  And we have the right to suspend any and all freedoms as we choose!

The funny thing about the bald face leftists propaganda of 'hands off our bodies or hands off our wombs' is that they are actually demanding the opposite. They should read, we demand hairy knuckled abortionist goons to enter our wombs and rip out our babies free of charge.

Or we demand government sanctioned drugs from the State to kill our babies.

And with the case of Vaccinations (for the greater good of the community) in fact, the government does everything in its power to attempt to inject chemicals into your arm or your children's arm and with your 'forced choice'.. 'forced choice' being nothing that pro-lifers have ever pushed for. 

Pro-lifers would say, why would you go against a 'perfectly' (as created  by God) natural process and not see you're new baby to a healthy happy delivery? Why damage yourself mentally forever and kill your baby?   

But the left now so concerned about children not getting their vaccinations but still making sure children get their perverted sex educations to advance homosexual across the board agendas ending in unfettered private permanent access to children in the form of adoptions .. still doesn't care about the  real millions of babies murdered by society over the last 60-70 years originally common through D&C procedures before becoming legal.    

Well before the latest propaganda round of vaccinations instigated by the pockets and heads of  the incestuous relationship between  drug companies  (new champions in de-population) and government health socialist institutions, I had two of my 8 children (which I make no apologies to anyone for, especially those destined to speak Mandarin and bow to Allah) come close to death shortly after vaccinations, one from grand mal seizures and the other.. whose immune system attacked her own platelets, the doctors at Toronto Sick Kids told us they were the victims of vaccinations gone array!

So everyone who is not a parent to my children, Kiss My Ass!

Paul Gordon

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