Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Imus The Anus In The Morning

Imus The Anus In The Morning There were no car pile-ups or train wrecks on the drive to Ottawa this morning, so I thought I would tune into one of the two AM radio shows that are available in 2014 when I’m out of range for the John Oakley show. Both are American though oddly Ottawa is a considerable drive from the border. One, is horrible NPR or American Public Broadcasting where Yank taxpayers foot the signal bill up the coasts and all land in between. The material is strictly liberal proletariat budding journalist make-work project garbage and the subjects at best are as interesting as Reader’s Digest, only without the choice of which insufferable article to read while waiting for a root canal… the other is Imus…. What to do…What to do? So this Imus old coot is a good friend of Catholic Laura Ingram, at least according to Imus, but then so is Bill O’Reilly according to Ingram… a sentiment never reciprocated from O’Reilly’s snarly brain disconnected lips. Today with his typical painful drawl somewhere between a brain and lip stutter with the cadence of an anticipated acid reflux burb Useluss berated one of his stooge’s blessing of ashes.. then the Catholic faith in general and the two sneaky guys with the goofy or dunce hats (Popes, Benedict and Francis) hanging around the Vatican. Gee.. can’t berate girl basketball players anymore so go to the next group that won’t tell you to go f … yourself… eh, Anus? Imus is the only argument for restrictions on free speech that Mark Steyn would ever agree with. Like Fingernails down a chalk board tone and intellect. You could imagine this jerk who sounds older than Larry King (if that could be possible and be the least bit entertaining as isn’t King), was drunk or hung over but, Imus defies anyone to tell the difference between him being wasted or ribbons and bows, show face ready. Oh sorry, I forgot that’s just classy sour puss’s act and sense of arid dry humor. This tribute is mine. Update Apr. 24 So this morning Anus's newsman is telling a serious news item of American Doctors being murdered in Afghanistan and an American nurse being injured, and he is interupted by Anus continuing on about an asshole unfunny running bit of who the good looking male news media types are. I sure his brow beaten yes men crew laugh providers would love to take one of his My Pillows and hold it over his face for about an hour, most days.

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