Thursday, March 27, 2014

Surtaxing The !50K Range Hits The Lib Base

It is (not) a lot of mixed feelings that I have for our Ontario liberal un-elected lesbian Premier's thoughts of adding another surtax on to those individuals, and married (combined income) 'rich' couples who make over 150k (and getting lower all the time).

On the one hand, those who are making over 150k are certainly money rich compared to myself as I am rich compared to third world natives. If these 'rich' folk don't have more disposable money than myself then they have more in assets and likely top myself in both categories.  If they have neither, then they have only themselves to blame or they are renting in downtown Toronto

As a social conservative I don't like to see small business employers taxed out of being employers, but it is delicious to see liberals contemplating going after their own base support of voters.

A healthy surtax on this group who keep complaining the rest of us can never pay enough for their politically correct and politically desirable causes might be enough to shut them up if not change their bad voting habits and pay check deduction party donations.

If you think about this, this income group is comprised principally of government managers and government union workers... though not so much the unions working for the corporate welfare auto industry who are now deserving of being scabbed out to pimps for chasing away most industry.

A cop, social worker, health care worker, teacher can sometimes fit in this income bracket all by themselves but say, if they're married to a Toronto Star reporter, or bum boy even those who make less the combined family income is definitely going to put them in this category and beyond,   without even counting the legions of government workers in the sunshine club.  

What better place with maybe the exception of lotteries for the habitually  math stupid can government retrieve its big vote buying wage, benefit and pension benefit packages than by surtaxing the same dead wood and unions they gave our money to in the first place?

Surtax the shit out of em!

Nah!..... ain't gonna happen.... Premier Voter Non Grata will get the word as usual, the hard way but this time before she shoots herself in the mouth.

and New Democrat YUPPIES... the very same who keep electing them and complaining that all are not paying enough taxes for all the politically correct and politically desirable


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