Monday, March 31, 2014

Kathleen Wynne, Your're Really Playing Loose with Stretched Semantics

Premier Kathleen Wynne is trying to give herself a pass on the whole steaming pile of a gas scandal like she was Queen of Ontario and making things right just by talking, bullying and decree.

...Or like a political party that can do anything it wants with a one seat majority in a province and country without a (real) Constitution not the one written on liberal ass-wipe like Chretien's legal documents.

 In other words, and at minimum, without giving its taxpayers any representation unless it's in the 'party's interest' like an NDP party leader would have it.... which makes only special interest groups and political parties, king for a decade, ... a century ...and beyond with a new Canadian value tramp stamp status.

Or, like an insane French King or self important small minded  Quebec government that's way too long in the tooth.

(side bar)  Eventual separation is a done deal with increasing mounds of apathy setting the pace and the date.. so millionaire businessmen come born philosophers may as well jump on the Levesque ass driven cart and become the founding pere's of the new nation the whole world couldn't, and won't give a rat's ass about. But like your money won't get you to heaven, your fame won't open the door one crack either. In fact, I would bet the house that more 'famous' idolized people have gone to Hell and didn't pass go, then anywhere near, did.  If you hear rock and roll when your lights go out, that's not the rock n roll 'heaven' the music industry and Hollywood are promising you for just worshiping and shelling out for them. end side bar

So Wynn tells us it wasn't 'her' administration, and it wasn't her government responsible for the big ticket screw-ups (that is when they were done screwing up the traditions, social structure and rights of Ontarians like those of the unprotected (apparently) Catholic faith, of a big chunk of unrepresented tax payers.

Well excuse me, but was there an election I missed? Wynn's (we lose) administration, her government, her asinine PARTY never relinquished power of the sitting/ruling government. The same party is still there that was just as proud prior to the PARTY electing her Premier.  It's the same PARTY and the same players, the same cabinet ministers and the same antics.

If I get in a car accident and some auto giant is found responsible because they neglected to do a re-call for a faulty safety device that caused my accident... and I go to sue them and the government moves to have them criminally charged would they got off the hook because the the president just stepped out the door and the vice president was promoted to the president's of the company?

No it's the same damned company... and it's the same damned political party!

So the party holds the top prosecutor position of the  province (stupid idea...see no Constitution and no elected judges). So by the nuts the party has direct financial control on the investigating provincial police dept. (stupid idea..they should be investigated by an independent police dept. and special prosecutor, you know like those stupid yanks we're taught to hate so much do very well).

So the judges are all appointed by the ruling 'parties' who take turns running the place, like only one of two parties principally.... checking out at the time clock, like the coyote and sheep dog in a bugs bunny cartoon.

No it's not semantics at work here, Wynn... There is no semantics in criminal behavior except between words like theft, fraud and misappropriation, different words...essentially the same crime,  with the very least (not even being talked about),being the misappropriation of 'future' funds (through the reality of massive added debt) the government doesn't even have in exchange for votes today and debts owed to party hacks including hanger-on blood sucking unions for the kids, and other special interest groups and lobbyists.

Go back to sleep Ontario...sorry I woke you you.


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