Sunday, September 30, 2012

(plain) Paul's 2nd Letter To the Atheistinians (and the faithful)

(plain) Paul's 2nd Letter To the Atheistinians (and the faithful)

Our supposed 'friends', the faux- conservatives, who claim to 'personally' believe in God, but have the whole nation's interest at heart, thereby implying a secular- pseudo- moral superiority, and that Christians neither care, or deserve a stake in the nation's interest, latest tactic..

.... is to keep Christians at bay by telling their Godless narrow minded, to not recognize Judeo- Christianity as anything above Islam, Wicca, nature worshipers, Buddhism exactly, as the liberal establishment (they've never engaged seriously).

They ask their fellow humanist worshipers of the 'politically- heroic' dead, locked in yesterday, “Would they prefer a theocracy?”

A 'theocracy'...'asked' and responded to, (in the same vein it was intended) and mischievously put forth, to their party questionable leadership that finally 'publicly' stripped any residual Christian 'baggage' (in a publicly intended humiliating way), from being associated with Republicans, ever since, their leadership modernly, and to their early dismay 'prematurely', encouraged Bob Dole.. 'there's the 'big tent' door, ( erection commercial) guy.... to start the GOP political 'crusades' to flush out and jettison the bad taste of Christ from their ranks.

In the same vein it was put forth, Yes, we would toss Christianity from our hearts, and souls and that, of our nations.. in a heartbeat for the much preferred leadership of the inglorious and ungrateful Republicans whose idea of leadership as seen in their record, to help themselves first, second and third.

What have they even 'attempted' to achieve in pay- back for Christian support, gathered in swooning epic, now exposed, great propaganda speeches from their deceased 'hero' and carried on through their talk-show water carriers, and prolific propaganda book writers?

During their power majorities, did they give abortion a second look, that they 'feared' in the not so, bravery of their club truth, that the electorate might give them a second look from 'retaining' the power they attained, but from Judeo-Christians.

Did they take on the Marxist education administrations and teacher unions and offer freedom in education for any part of the nation through means available including state transfer monies if nothing else... the same way federal governments have always controlled and black-mailed States.

Did they even resist the minority blatantly disordered homosexual steam-roller activist agendas that in Truth can only be increasingly successful in direct corresponding leaps to marginalizing and further belittling of the importance of Judeo-Christianity.

Did they even feign 'indignation' (seemingly limited in anger and in 'totality' by all, at whether store clerks wish them a Merry Christmas) of the marginalization of Judeo-Christianity most handily ( and considered definitively) meted at the, government excused and Pilate, 'guiltless hand'..... the judiciary.... from their Marxist strong- arm of their wrongful occupying, and now all encompassing, 'establishment'.

The GOP needs to learn that they are not part of this establishment, simply, either by saying they are not, (they personally believe in 'God'...and other sweet 'nothings' to imply they are just like us and share Christian concerns) or self imagining they Nazis who wished they weren't so, while dutifully keeping membership and complying to orders.

It would appear the GOP's 'only front' it wishes to, or will engage in, is the same as their only track record, 'braved' and even then, met with only limited and 'apparent' non- lasting success... a fiscal one.

And though they have one thing that it is true to the World, that anti-Christ Marxist governments only control and deter prosperity, to all, but to the proletariat themselves, whose fees they set themselves, for favours as Marxist agents speaking and extorting (not negotiating) salaries for all, ultimately, creating more general poverty and state dependents, or a further (at one) emboldened, and hidden true extortion that ensures perpetual re-election 'made' of necessity..... with not much of democratic choice.

The American political system (as their neighbour Canadian system) has disallowed or denied only themselves, a moral- democracy (as the World likes to create new morals all the time), in only recent decades of an extensive world history, creating, a gaping hole.. wherein, years of Marxist education have taught North American voters to only even browse, and only 'consider' anything including restricted democracy, within Marxist perimeters. i.e. “Why waste your vote on a loser., or, They could never possible win.”

Alas, the propagandizing powers of politics, that you should vote, 'have' to vote... and 'must' vote... even against your conscience and soul, in order to brag that 'your side', (that in actually couldn't care or less about or possibly even know you, that bribed you, either, with new socialist schemes or tax cuts, and that is all...they are... said and done, that is 'outside' of both party's support of immoral, or unethical liberal establishment in political correctness... no one is allowed to 'vote' on) ....won.

A leave 'your morals' to us.. we'll let you know what they should the righteousness of our sheer numbers of majority (the electorate is always 'right') alone, mentality.... but more importantly, we'll (Marxists), look after all your financial needs, alternatively from the other side.....we'll make you all independently wealthy if you vote for us.

Both parties however, now see political value in, and now shamelessly try to benefit from this accelerating World pile-on of Judeo-Christians and all they have to offer is 'restrictions', that amount to ineffectual, and practical dispensing with 'freedoms', no Christian 'theocracy' (would that be, what Christians simply ask for) would ever 'impose', and one that in reality has resulted in only two 'parties'...... both of the same basic mind.... with the World.

As explained in my first letter, goodness does not... because it can not, in Truth exist in a vacuum.

It is a logical concept in Truth (easily verified in factual history and current 'experienced' reality of many) that few, or more oddly, many.. may find hard to grasp, that entails at minimum, the prism of evil for goodness to be recognized, but more so a reality that has to be challenged and conquered, by the individual in as much as Christ our Shepherd did, and exalted all the higher in humbleness... such, as in the times of Marxist beginnings in the likes of truest of Saints of Therese, and Patron of Priests, Jean Vianney.

Although as mortals, it would be with a trembling straight face that any of us could claim even spiritually so, that we love 'everyone', as Christ does, (but hardly a lover of evil) in fact, it is an obvious physical impossibility for us to even know 'everyone', let alone their inner beings or faults we could ignore. That written, these two Saints in under- examined anecdote, to the evil violent and narcissistic nest of Marxism, came closest to doing so, but for only their great humbleness and denials to the World, that few can achieve.

The world can now rightfully boast it owns all, but the religious media in the World but for the lack of courage, Karl Marx stated and prophesied on modern Christianity, that he portrayed, if not cast (for all our efforts) as 'spit'.

This political correct World that the GOP (with all its proud pro-abortion first ladies) now 'strategically' embraces.... stomps out with 'illogical' (in deference to their own truisms.. applied to the balance of their pet religions) spot- fire enthusiasm... only one... the least violent, least man- made philosophical, the most non- innately meaningless, Judeo-Christianity.... out of fear, as the one Truth, that challenges their legitimacy.

'Imperatively' significant, it is now a North American World of an all- out culture, academic, political, and all- media attack on Christianity, its morals and its principles, that the Judeo-Christian communities must confront and no longer ignore. (Jewish morals and principles attentively derived, (even prior), from the same Judeo-Christian Father, are surely the next target.

The free world of the eternal 'World' now stands for nothing, seemingly, but for the faddish immorality of the moment or day... claiming there is no Truth, yet they are unyielding, self-assured (though without legs of merit, or 'cause', beyond, feelings, a means to an end, fiction-filled fantasies, and desires) more so, angrily adamant for all their incredibly illogical, atheist 'beliefs', (but only 'beliefs' as entitled by anyone but in their case far from being distinguished in Truth or 'entitled' (beyond worthy) iron rule is as iron rule is, default) and they only get away with it for the modern weakness of the Christian Churches, especially the North American Catholic Churches who see themselves at times more enlightened than the Vatican and God, Himself.

Their dwindling parish, perishable memberships alone should perturb anyone not thinking of retiring themselves and therefore, not believing, to be held in account thereafter, more over, even 'caring' to be held in account, as the dead don't escape eventual accounting from above, the World, and definitely not from below the World.

Christ never played the absolute pacifist, nor did He preach it when it comes to evil.

Yet modern Bishops have only three realities to explain their non-action as Christ is re-Crucified around them. One from the above, that they are just too tired, too afraid, or just don't care.

Two, that in sincere belief, they can catch more flies with the very real 'honey' of Christ, but only if that Honey is understood as the Truth it also is, that distinguishes evil apart from thy neighbour, and apart from thy enemy not as an individual but as a World dogma, that must be publicly met, and fought, for as long as good and evil exist, the time God Alone, through His own Truth, has set to end.

An evil, that is actually most nefariously successfully active... in idle times of 'World' proclaimed peace and enlightenment.

Third as hard it is to believe, that in fact many of them have become liberals, having themselves, been victims of Marxist championed academia ( first won in their youthful times) of the World.. It is not as if evil, understandably logically so, has not thrown the worst it has, not only at, but into the Church, and forced to grapple with, win or lose.

What Christ is it, of His own Father's House, that the seemingly now universally divided Church is satisfied with? And one, that has an iron chain of obedience, that has long been severed from it's neck at the Holy Father, level creating a moral anarchy similar to the world and with the World on some aspects, out of convenience when out of courage?

When politics has become the new choice of vehicle by evil to rule the World and destroy the Church, and the only venue left where Christians still retain a power of choice in the World, more so, only weapon left against evil, and last door to even be allowed to usher in light into the dark establishment, the church can not hold itself to be above such, or that that which self depreciates itself as to be harmless or innate.

Worst of the worst, by example, the Church in Canada led by the Toronto Diocese has abdicated it's 'duty' for a mere thirty pieces of public funding to the Marxist political world evil establishment to 'take- over' the instilling of morals, now foreign to the Truth and transcribed in the Christian book of life...not the 'World's' that was formally 'cherished' and 'protected' by the faithful as only the 'Truth' deserves and commands.

This Diocese below all others, having gambled, as carelessly as any Marxist of the 'World', for present relief and accolades, and sits foolishly unrealizable of itself, as naked, having lost the only stake it had no 'right' to gamble with....Christ's children's innocence and the only obvious 'Future' of the Church.

And it is this Diocese, that 'catholic' Premier Dalton McGuinty took great pains to publicly alter and successfully embarrass to prove the State takes its control of a Catholic School system to heart, over the Church's symbolic leader of a school system 'using' the Church's name, not the World that won it.

Certainly, no one, especially anyone I know personally or admire, is, advocating or calling for Christian violence whose only legitimate use in Truth is in 'defensive' last resort of defense of the 'innocent and helpless' as in just wars, engaging nations.

So that leaves the only peaceful defense, on these 'civic' battles of surpassing importance of defending the minds, hearts and souls of our youth, from all manner of perversity, and that is to meet evil on it's most modern successful front, elections.

The Church has every moral and ethical right and need to exercise its influence on individuals franchises to 'freely' choose who to vote for, just like any other group of businesses, or Marxist embraced media, academia, union, union courted party, entertainment audience, feminist's, peace and justice socialist front, etc. etc.

There are not two sets of rules, one for the State allowing it to set all the rules for the Church, when the State can neither mind to its 'own business' and in any beneficial manner of 'serving' its own citizenry over 'controlling' everyday function, speech and attempt at thought control by law and decree.

As example, of the 'State' that continues to get it wrong, on the day of the two thousand killing of U.S. military 'aiders' that left nothing unchanged in Muslim Worlds in their treatment of Christian believers, or their own women and children or their feelings of the United States in general.....absolutely nothing changed.... except new, and more added evil rulers.

Or an evil State, that can't 'politically' bring itself to the blatant reality that the pre-born are human babies, reinforced this week by the difference of 'conservative' votes, more so, in evil 'reality', that they do know, and don't care... if it can be a black horse of death, of untold killings of needless and dubious 'necessities', that they can ride into victory of 'office'... on their long ago sole questionable truth of 'numbers' of women, dying from botched abortions, (no less, no doubt... than those mothers still killed in State paid clinic abortuaries of a major, now, always needless.... procedure) amazingly, to be believed as an 'historical common' issue, that amazingly just modernly coincided in the last century with, the proliferation of evil world population threatened busy bodies, and medical science's learned abilities to intercede with nature and 'do no harm'... and to do no harm times two, each of the thousands of times a year, now requested on the new sole reason of every mother's 'choice' any circumstance be 'Damned'.

This is the modern evil State, a Caesar transgressing onto what is God's domain alone, on a minute by minute basis, that the Church gives free hand, without seemingly caring concerning itself, rightfully with the perfection of Christ, but not the complete perfection (Truth) that is absolutely humble, but not absolutely uncaring pacifist, or in ignoring 'all' that is a modern occurring 'reality' around the assuredly dying Church.

Leave the dead to bury the dead, and take their money, especially beholden blood money with them, if they wish.. and let the State have the stone and stained glass, righteously and painstakingly lovingly labored in tribute, and glory to, the deserving Humblest of all, but continue that tribute, love and above all duty, with unequaled sacrifice, wherever you are forced to go, even if it is (the actually less intimidating for Truth seekers)... open fields or simple barns of the days of the childhood of Jean Vianney before he became the Cure D'Ars.

Any kind of loving tribute is Glory to God, especially the greatest sacrifice.

Cash with conditions seeks to contain Truth not spread the Holy Ghost inspired Good News.

Cash for the bank of the soul past the 'World' is in the currency of accepted suffering and righteous solidarity with Christ, and debt is in hedonist perverse pleasure and public spitting on God's gift of sexuality in honour of life, and usurping years of righteous Christian- based law.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, September 27, 2012

(plain) Paul's (plain) Letter to the Atheistinians... and the faithful

Paul's Letter to the Atheistinians and the Faithful

The reasons a third World War can easily start, and will, on the World's present course, goes as follows.

Barring any highly unlikely last minute multi-nation political attained 'miracle' that can prevent a 'conventional' Third World War.. that would require a further series of miracles to contain such a War to 'conventional' limits, even so unequaled in tragedy on a world level lies ahead regardless, that would leave no one unscathed.

Israel, clearly has to respond drastically at some point to Iran and no one can hold a moral self-righteousness view, and fault her against such, especially logically framed in present urgency, regardless of past, or revised history, whatever sides are taken or by whom....

It is not a matter of what Israel would rather do. Iran, and by extension, the World has forced the call of her defense.

To date, Israel's patient tolerance of Iran's leadership, world- espoused particular kind of vehement hatred, aside.. continued honest, or not, deadly threats with weapons of mass destruction, can simply not be logically ignored by any nation in the region, let alone Israel.

Such raving mad bravado, whether bark or bite, that at 'least' 'desires' to (impress) upon the world that Iran has no pretenses about what it actually boasts it is 'going' to do, is a rabid animal that cannot be fenced in or contained, and that certainly has demonstrated without a doubt any wish or desire in being waylaid.

Even the 'strategy' of 'acting' mad, a card. that North Korea has played on more than one occasion, (and fooled Canada's MSM prized American hating 'expert', on foreign affairs every time as in we deserved, and should have more nuclear wars than we can shake a folliage burnt stick at, because of American arrogance) in this particular case, is not one any nation can afford to gamble on.

All official Islamic nations, that are readily apparent to be 'fanatically controlled' by a liberal- labeled Islamic 'minority', that neither challenges, or self analyzes the reality of such a great state of injustice perpetrated on its supposed much greater 'whole', by itself... even in whispered tones, in the rest of the global free world Muslim immigrant masses, betrays itself to be a disturbing 'culture', more than a religion.

What 'religion' of real peace and love of over a 'billion' would 'stand-down' and allow itself to be so drastically accosted and usurped by a supposed small minority, that of which they could scare the literal Hell out of,  in sheer number arisings alone.

Islamic nations rule tough, but not as tough as communist China, whose rulers are actually educated, albeit, narrowly and in great propaganda heaping error.

And if a billion people can't be evil and Christ did die, crying, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”, (you've probably heard it somewhere), can a billion not be 'brain-washed', by and through evil, easily distinguishable, for one, by the illogic... they espouse?

(....In fact, in today's world, in more than one way, in more than one culture, of separate and distinct 'billion member groups', and I don't exclude illogical atheists and 'scientists'... wherein, they all claim themselves to be the very Truth, they torture off the back of the most loving and humble, of any of them, Christ, the Only Truth!

Indeed, in this 'World'... where is this truth they claim that has incredulously only been around in recent history, (to take them seriously), and for many of them, a truth... that has to be 'underwritten' with backed with military shows of force and loss of freedoms.... and their truths that don't unify any of them except in fear?

Where is the philosophies (of epic theology proportion) of man with the world that would claim to supplant the stripped Truth of Christ, especially in the ridiculous forms of MSM who call their kind of philosophy, 'values' and academic admired modern cultural with their political shallow lock step atheist philosophers, who are too commonly sexually perversely obsessed, and composed of many, who ultimately commit suicide over obtaining any help for their obvious academic groupie-admired mental disorders...?)

In Truth, Islam is an obvious brainwashed, 'bully- its-own' culture, at its best... plainly seen, in the baggage of its prophet welded as one, part and parcel, and as such, can only be seen as for what it is recorded as being in the 'World' as the one 'religion' the World does embrace.... in factual beginnings and in 'history' as a sole creation of an opportunistic rather fallible wretched man, enchanted with his own evil Faustian-traded... pumped ego.

Such unchallenged nations of a culture of truly 'mystical' love and peace have demonstrated they are at least 'capable and open' to the idea of assisting 'various' levels, of terrorism with sundry supplies such as IEDs, to the general Islamic terrorist effort.)

What causes this third World War is not Israel's response, but that, which gives Iran's bravado such assured smugness...the Super Power communist interest in the same region and the commitments they've made, secret and public, to not just Iran, but other Islamic nations.

What Iran and other Islamic bully shining tribal cultures of ever so thinly disguised evil 'embraced' and contradicting (if not schizophrenic) madness of the Koran, if not indeed, Satanic Verses, nations, in the Mid-East region count on, is not any 'promise' from the communists, in itself, about as reliable and safe as any western politician promise of the day, but rather on the 'embarrassment' to the world, in standing-down to the western world.

So, in fact.. there are three wild cards one wouldn't take odds on in this real possibility, of a Third World War, though again, the first one is already met, in the non-starter of Israel 'doing nothing' or waiting much longer upon U.S. 'permission', given Iran's extreme foolishness, and the U.N.s modern demonstrated blatant steeped disdain for Israel and increasingly shared 'domestically' in the N. American, MSM, newly incest partnered to the even less intelligent academic world of self-smugness run by professors who never grew up, from teens never having to leave government backed institutions of inbred national if not international conformity.

The second wild card is dealt in whether China would lose interest in Islamic oil extracting nations in- the- 'crunch', given they would be engaging in battle, active or indirect, with their number one customers in the west.... their only reason for a hugely successful applied capitalist practice, if not official policy, that resulted in the first decades of prosperity, in the whole history of their nation... a strong carrot for even the most dogmatic of communist proletariats and their real raison d'etre, same as in the west.... money, and power over the masses.

The second wild card would also entail whether the strongest deterrent to nuclear war so far.... national and world suicide would hold up. Of course, if the Chinese communist military (boys trained at an equally young age as a 'must' policy for all evil regimes down to tribes) are brainwashed to a degree anything, like the Asian island Japanese were during WWII (giving their lives up for a mere mortal Imperalist Ruler uncomfortable in his own throne) where suicide was ingrained and a cause for celebration and hero accreditation...... that would be problematic.

To wit, if the military ruled Japanese had their own nuclear weapons at the time, the War would have ended a little later with a lot more casualties.

The third easily turned up wild card depends on whether adrenalin rushed evil embraced communist nations want to, or more importantly, would even be able to bilaterally quickly jump into 'peace' negotiations with the west in order to stop a high wire leaping dangerous act of conventional 'World' war... that would have to also include jittery unstable Pakistan, another nuclear armed nation, who in turn would be closely scrutinized by India in every move they made.

On the very cusp of all this easily possible, more accurately written ' likely', unsurpassed historic disaster, the mainstream media and entertainment 'amazed and transfixed culture' occupy themselves with the, perverse, the politically correct, and the absolute mundane.. in that order, forgetting completely, to the point of now joking about the mass murders and warnings from 9/11.

Look, '9/11s' don't enforce that 'there is no God'. They enforce that there is a God to have faith in, and pray to.

God did not cause the destruction of the World Trade Center or could He prevent it, based on a culture of humanist atheism N. America has attained, which is greater now, than it ever was before 9/11.

*Which is illogic to say, America 'deserved' it, but logical in Truth, to say (albeit in hindsight though no guess in  faith),  that America could have prevented the evil forces that exist by siding with the good forces God's own logic that allows Himself a free hand.... a theology without fault again knowing that goodness can not exist in a vacuum, nor be worked/granted, without participating 'sacrifice'.

Evil doesn't exist for evil's sake, but to fire the kiln of  goodness of the testing fires (our moments of joint  truth)...that Christ allows us to share in His Truth, from Divine inspired perfect love attained only through Divine given choice and along with the gift of time eternal and proofed, Holy Ghost aiding Grace, to enlighten if not even lovingly nudge us to the right decisions, our one card to cheat evil...  We can not defeat evil from either shallow repetoire of our pride, or our 'strategies' and is such... not the common Pantheism, the state, and all atheists by defintion ascribe to so.      

Neither, does God 'not' feel hurt on a level beyond human comprehension and certainly, He logically why would He not always loves that which he created. This is the kind of humble loving Truth of God that evil so despises and fears over any other 'religion' (of their defintion) including blatantly evil ones such as Islam because

a) It is the Truth they fear most, not evils they may feel superior to,  that they feel they can 'contain', once they believe they have 'destroyed' Christianity 

b) It is only the inconvenient Truth that puts their lifestyle in the light they hide from

c) It is downward condradicting anarchy of the World and their discomfort and disagreement with logic that keeps and protects the only envoirment their can thrive in, and they do hold an underlying guilt of such that keeps them miserable as they get bored and disallusioned with their World immorality and excesses that only distance themselves farther and farther away from the ever loving eternal self-refreshing humble simplicities to enjoy and celebrate in life for each new life and generation.

This, is what you feel every Christmas day, that nothing else on earth can come close to, and it is the humble truth of love and critical gift of real and free choice, that the World has stepped up its miserable, efforts in stamping out. You may not have known what it was until now but there it is for you to unwrap for yourself for the full Christmas experience and more than a symbol of what the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are about.        

But while logic runs a parallel sphere with Truth to allow for (tests) of faith.. logic as all things was, and is owned by Truth....that logic can never ever leave its 'gravitational' grasp in natural order.

Goodness does not, (because it can not,) live in a Vacuum! Is there anything more apparent than the Sun turning up each day... than that there are great forces of good in existence, even complimented by 'created' abundant beauty that comfort these forces and guide them in their divine given choice, and equally, great forces of evil championed by distorted, disfigured, and multi-disturbed, evil enticed defenders.

And too, how could such a world know such beauty, indeed.... why should it entail any beauty only appreciable by man, and 'not required' for a world created totally by 'chance and circumstance', no less from the people who don't believe in any miracles, in the miracle of 'appearing' in 'absolutely' nothing but empty space. Alternatively said, what was in the earth's 'space' (indeed, the universe's space) before the earth appeared from nothing?

Logically, goodness has to be tested and often, for the one God to allow the righteous in effort, into a rejoicing reward void of evil and certainly void of anyone who does not wish to go there, enforced in their non-repentance of any evil they succumbed to, and for constantly being of...... no faith.

So, can the end not be 'Nye' when science guys 'demand' Christ's little ones come to them and that Christians keep their thoughts expressed in their supposed free speech and parental rights, shut up in their thoughts.?

A science that is not only far removed from the immunity of politics, though not immune from sucking $billions, far exceeding the promised returns, but logically challenged, itself at times to discern fact from science fiction.. to wit the smallest of examples.... healthy lifestyle choices from smoking, to eating red meat, to sugar or unhealthy fats ingestion, to any cause du jour and infinity all seemingly with the same nuclear scare tactic counter indication of assured atrophied and lets just type 'physical drop-off(s)'... though never before recorded, or seemingly likely in all of medical history.

Can the end not be near when all 'Marxists' and the majority of 'Capitalists' covet the same dollar to the exclusion of all morals, and all else?

Slaves in the British Empire were freed in spite of the dollar that actually imprisoned them. The Great Wars were started because of the dollar and ended, in the 'determination' of the free world where only individual ultimate sacrifice and effort that individual money could not possibly accomplish in defense of the innocent and defenseless.

It would not cost a cent for communist enslaved citizens to arise as one and embolden the military to join them and easier.... for the 'billion majority' of 'peaceful', Muslims to arise and rid themselves of the small minority of evil murderous leaders though converting Muhammad, himself.. part and inspiration of that minority would be problematic and require a direct religious affiliation to the only God of peace and love.

Can the end not be at hand when labour pimps who top out at offering minimum wage with no benefits are the capitalist saviors to the even worse... Marxist unions all..who 'without exception', impose political dues of assumed osmosis claimed alliance, paid in the currency of souls?

...Unions, whose fraudulent birth came not in the form of the obvious majority working-electorate, as a self apparent 'majority' special interest group, voting in easy 'majority' for 'labour attuned' leaders (or easily elected labour 'parties', (early Marxists strangely held 'no' interest in) but rather held selective interest... in high paying due- percentage pocketing, carefully targeted, in competing and coveting industry and government...... 'brotherhoods'.

Here, I amongst thousands if not millions have no 'state' and therefore, employer 'official' worthy level 'certification' to be considered a practitioner of my own written native tongue, (and to boot, a need for two tongues for one government job).... and painfully not as one, without fault...but a chattering class arbitrative set academic/snob currency, that rises with requirement- inflation, wherein, we are not deemed acceptable to be safely capable to use one's own hands to feed one's family with an honest pay cheque...the heavily layered desk- dust- dishonest, find more ways to carve up.... principally to share amongst themselves if not to justify their presence.

Then of course, there is a whole previously unnecessary artificial world we were too ignorant if blissfully so, to know the World 'needed'.... One created by, and for the increasingly, really, really annoying law suit gorged in their shared gluttony.. dueling lawyers.. of mutually admired savant talent for questions.... who invented, then induced such concepts as 'due diligence' and 'risk management', must-adoptions to employer- speak... if competently, or even possibly so practiced and dispersed to the great unwashed legions of managers deranged and disoriented by university education.

There is the real world and then there is a horrible, enjoyment sucking, neurotic manifesting, anal solicitor world, who make and live by their hardened handsomely rewarded tested rules of the profession, in their mostly un-breeched abstract world except so, by the likes of themselves, as representatives of the truly ignorant in legal battles... who but them would have thought, or dared of, let alone..... new of?

I heard a prominent lawyer's lamentations the other day (which, he prefixed with a belief that no ordinary person who didn't go to law school, could possibly understand the modern apparent mystical tail- wagging justice system of 'club' judicial, and it's evolved rule of order) that politically-appointed judges are much wiser independent.. of legislation and that they alone, should decide sentences in 'no stinking need', of legislative minimum sentence 'badges' especially, on repeat violent sex offenders.

Has 'anyone', no matter what side you're on or where you're coming from, ever heard anything of, or from, the justice system, rather judiciary anarchy, and come away thinking “Okay..well yeah.. that..that sorta makes sense” ?

Constitutions may as well have been written on the back of air guitar music sheets, as far as geezer lower and higher court judges raised in the sixties are concerned, or even capable of comprehending and one has more chance of winning a Los Vegas sports lottery over predicting a judicial outcome on something as silly as evidence or blatant sense.

I was recently fore-warned by a small claims judge in pre-court, as it were, that it didn't matter if I was right and it may even go against me, for proceeding on principle even if it was spelled out in provincial consumer law. The next judge can do whatever the hell he feels like that day 'a la judge Judy' for whatever mood he's in, or reason only sensible and answerable to him. We settled.

Can the end not be near when free nations jettison themselves of their formal and former Christian roots, and believe their new world leaders should be ingratiated, measured and held to be least suspect by how fast and hard, they embrace the political correct godless, and how long they can remain blamelessly 'good' for not doing much of anything, certainly nothing Christian over human 'ideologies', ( nothing more than different 'strategies', but all with the same goals) the majority would loudly scorn?

Yet, what religion...what way of life, what nation, or political ideology actually requires and demands or 'takes' less than a Christian one?

Nations that reward and proselytize evil by political correctness, by other... or its real name, come and go often in brutal fashion, and have done so during the same 2000 years the Truth has held up.

Even, with all the machinations... the mud, and curses slung at Christ, but for those individual infiltrators who think and act akin to the very same... attacking from the outside.

Evil can call itself Christian in some places, and make up its own new church, but even on cursory glance evil can't hide its shackles to the World of man.

Only Christ is Christ and nothing 'of the World' can claim to have touched him as He has 'clearly' told everyone and anyone who cares to look Him up 'everything' that He is and is not and in a Truth verified in logic, love, mercy, sacrifice, miracles and all wrapped up in more humility than any man has ever demonstrated. Christ has kept no secrets and has never hidden anything or behind anything.

Only some of those many Judases who claim to be his followers but who have fallen from Grace gave evil its crooked death finger, direction for scorn, but for His ultimate humbleness, are clearly exposed as the same evil that only exposes its own, who have entered His Father's house and refuse to leave on their own.

Can the end not be near when the western liberal establishment particularily the MSM embraces violent Islam, sharia law, etc., in the name of relegious freedom and has been in bed with the Marxists including communist sympathies since the early years of the last century.

As illogicial and insane as the left can be to understand at times, this one is easy.

They don't fear ideologies or religions they consider beneath themselves that can actually aid them in stamping out Christianity their one fight, even supposed conservative talk shows now embrace to be popular with the 'greater' masses.

What they do fear is the one Truth, they know is more than just inconvenient. It is the saviour of souls their true master seeks to destroy.

When you are 'sucked' into the miserable 'World' each day and they claim Christianity, and God to be the abstract. Be assured they are right of the one World, but pitifully ignorant about all manner of it, and preciously what's beyond it.

Paul Gordon


Remember during election fever season to not pray for that,
which you vote against.

It's silly, non- logical, and within such is never capable of ever moving, that for which you pray, forward...

Meaning, no Christian mark is deserved by any mainstream 'party' or 'party representative' these days.

No one represents 'strategy' and no one on earth out-strategisizes Satan, but no one on earth can ever go wrong in sticking with the simple Truth.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

640 Talk Radio Canada's Number One Station Not So Much With SoCons

640: Canada's #1 Talk Show, Because They Conform Not Distinguish Themselves

I caught a little of a middle-aged female host, Arlene Bynon, featured at dinner hour on Canada's 'number one' talk show station. This station 'prides' itself as being the one station that isn't politically correct, I take it as a b.s. advertising gimmick in a lame attempt to attract some of the real conservatives from the Sun TV news (never to be mistaken with what the same Sun chain... puts in its tabloid news print overly, peppered with liberal commentators with the exception of Lorrie Goldstein) and capitalized by the Fox network in the States.

640's 'bogus' claim to be politically incorrect is uncovered everyday in all it's 'celebrity' shows with the lone exception of it's broadcasting of the syndicated, Charles Adler show now bumped to late evenings, no doubt to placate the leftist Toronto listeners, who got rid of Limbaugh and Dr. Laura years ago. A total liberal, Jeffery McCarther, a cheap version of CFRB's empty hat.... James Moore was ushered into Adler's slot.

When he's not talking about himself, his step children, his vacations, his engagement, his new house, his credit card problems, his parking complaints, his hatred of all religion, (Christianity by name) the seemingly painful all day... mid-day, fluff hours with Mike Stafford and affable every talk show's former 'Yes' sounding boy, just 'Ryan', are a throw back to bravado mojo style Corus radio when they used to advertise erection commercials to audiences loaded with young boys, and teens, listening to their 'lugan' Maple Leaf hockey heroes play,.....

Heroes... apparently, now best known for their indifference (and why not) to their high paying attending and fawning 'sucker' devoted fans, who no longer pony- up the majority of their paychecks, over television and marketing revenues.... kind of like the heroes, Ontario teachers, now fantasize about themselves, to tax payers in the real working world...who only have McGuinty to 'please' and mutually bribe during select times in the election cycle.

John Oakley has small glimmers or lapses of not being politically correct at times, but then always manages to gravitate back to currying favor to the greater liberal establishment, and therefore greater liberal audience, of political correctness, and at times none- to subtlety, if awkwardly.. before the particular segment is over.


And too, (and it would be hard to believe he has no input in)...Oakley kisses a broad swath of establishment ass with air time that a real unpolitical correct talk show station wouldn't offer even a quarter's worth of talk time (think the greats Adler and Limbaugh) with such 'far' left iconic flakes like Buzz Hargrove, nobody atheist 'Ryerson' (school of Marxist excellence) professors, union grand exalted ruler, Sid Ryan, completely unbiased (unless you count constant public proclaimed disdain for Americans ) foreign affairs 'expert', Eric 'marvelous' Margolis, lesbian magazine editors (no political correctness there), Socialist party Peter Kormos, etc. etc...

...None of which represent any part of normality, let alone common sense, hardly views that are 'politically incorrect' by a station bragging of its implied conservative politically incorrect 'free' expressions. The only ones John seems to ever attack are the conservative or Christian guests, like the leftists need help and certainly they always do.

John must still be locked into the last fifty years when the liberals were always the upstart, establishment claiming otherwise and proclaiming each other brave 'rare' (like sand grains at the Sandbanks) humanists and political heroes.

Hey, 640 producers and marketers, it's only 'politically correct' when it is the views of the humanist, hedonist, atheist, Marxist establishment.. at least the last time I evaluated society...'precisely' because they are the current 'establishment' and 'pull' all your 'strings' if you want to keep on making a profit. A Judeo-Christianity establishment could hold it's own in just logic and it doesn't need feelings and emotions of the 'moment' and 'opportunity to subvert, Truth with the true life of Christ.

Understandably, you exist only for profit, but when you want to 'glorify' even in pretend intellectual self righteousness, immersing yourself in all the godlessness of serious matters, don't baffle anyone with such pure b.s. or go invent another 'sales' opportunity to pull on the atheist tabloid hungry.

And if varying self-defined idea of open discussion ( yet, everyone knows how it politically correctly ends) is the thing, the same old extreme 'regulars' betray that. It's more like assisting the immoral Marxists to move the moral needle way to the left and calling it the medium and all morality, Christianity, and common sense off the scale to the 'far' right.

If entertainment purpose 'only' is the claim, try discussing mud- wrestling, juggling, and the latest stand- up comedian, espoused cheap political rubber vomit.. over issues of morality, freedoms, the faddish rage of open season on Christianity and such... rampant in Canada.. without cheapening morality to the importance of this evening's weather report.... as if it has no impact what -so-ever on society, particularly the youth and the unborn.

So Arlene Bynon on this occasion seemed to take some kind of thinly veiled delight in proclaiming that social conservatism (always synonymous with Judeo-Christianity), that almost as a 'positive' the latest Canadian stats under godless Julius Harper showed an increase in homosexual civil granted play- house faux marriages, (though big wup.. one plus zero, or one plus one is an 'increase') and an increase in single fathers.

But, at least, (when Bynon wasn't continuing her pretend or real flirtations and sharing her sexual fantasies (surpassing 680's obnoxious bantering by far) with the business 'analyst', Lou, a man whose opinion seems in demand for too many of the shows, who seemingly knows very little about a heck of a lot, but comments with great assertive feigned authority, on too many issues throughout the day..)

Bynon, took it on herself to define the 'Canadian values' no other liberal will.... assuring the faint of heart, that we can all take pride (Hell they even copyrighted the words pride and values along with gay didn't they?) in the so- called Canadian identity (closeted until recently) that every liberal likes to pin on 'all' our asses.. which we all seem to rather enjoy given our non caring responses.

That's another new 'Canadian value'. The more perverted, the more, and all the better, to enjoy, applaud...celebrate, bask in and salute the flag of the moment, that does only fly on 'polls' composed of the only and present new 'patriotic' Canadians that count. It is no doubt, (I'm not challenging that validity) all true, in embraceable and modern Marxist generational teachings of the World, but it is a World far and away from the Truth that sets the prisoners free.

This posting was for purely entertainment purposes and the writer's views are not necessarily those of the blogger.

*Update, Sept 26 2012
So, today Johnny brings in Charles McVety in a special piece aside from Johnny's normal sleezy sardonic castigation day (like he's putting them over Charle's head) and at the hands of his atheist rosebud, of the day.

So this was an extra day for the 'all inclusive non judgmental' talk show people to poke fun at Charles all morning, (after Charles was off air of course)

Charles blogged a piece against the Toronto  Public School
Board's recommended sex link that among other perversities emplores children to stick vegetables up their's and their friend's asses (the link is apparently graphic in language) in the name of sexual exploration.

Well, doesn't some disturbed, blurty  shaky voiced anonomous individual phone in (with both hands busy no doubt) who Johnny gives all the time he desired to  explain in detail, how he, as a typical 'normal' person growing up actually did insert vegetables up his ass and dug holes in the ground that he inserted his penis in for sex, along with many other acts of sexual 'exploration'.

The caller goes on to praise this School bd. sex- link in the context of, if only he had this kind of 'education' at the time, to validate his 'normality' that he is sure everyone else engages in. Sorry, caller you are sick and talking about your sexual perversions doesn't make them normal, and certainly not healthy,  no matter how much Johnny thanks you for sharing your personal moments or how well you think it also works for homosexuals, who you sure sound like.   

So, if all 'possible' disgusting habits are to be celebrated with parades, special consideration, adoption rights etc.

Why not have second knuckle level nose insertion parades as the new cause celeb?

And then the next parade should be the finger retrievings to be eaten....or a parade emulating one of modern music industy's favourite sons who made it cool to eat feces on stage... ..Because that is the level these idiots want to relegate the beauty of God given sexuality and procreation to mental illness and freak show insertions..the circus wouldn't touch.

Yeah, you rock, you sick bastards at the Toronto School Board along with McGuinty's filthy dozen.

Paul Gordon

Friday, September 21, 2012

In The Case Of Massacre What Would Be The Difference

Gene Hackman's Polish General character gave this title fatalist comment in his most memorable moment of, 'A Bridge Too Far' to General Browning, Montgomery's key organizer of the Montgomery orchestrated 'Operation Market Garden' one of the worst and ill planned defeats of the allies in WW II.

Many would believe it was a hurried attempt created out of the jealously Montgomery had for Patton and in an ego thrust end run, to one up Patton..... safely assumed possible as the ultimate defeat of the Germans was finally deemed a certain realization to the Germans and the allies.

The Germans, however in an all out retreat were only retreating to rest and re-organize for their final defence of their home like cornered bears guarding their den.

Anyone who thinks either over-rated Montgomery or Churchill would ever leave politics and their wanton place in 'hero history' aside, in either desperation, or appreciation for the allies efforts, particularly, the Americans, who won the Japanese War single-handedly and who at least held equal credit partnership with the Russians...(Though Stalin's communists only  survived, and ultimately flourished, but for retrospect
'erronious' emergency American armament shipments), prior to American full entry into the World War... know very little about visual, audio and written history.

What the Polish General saw was an eager, but general ineptness in Browning and his intelligence officers, that Browning refused to allow himself to believe.... An ineptness to such a degree that the Polish General initially asks Browning for a letter stating that he and his Polish fighter brigade were 'forced' to participate in 'Market Garden' thereby excusing themselves from the impending failure he predicted.

Browning responds, "I see, Is that what you really want?"
To which Hackman gives his above line.

It is such a fate, only of a greater loss that awaits North American  Judeo-Christians in their relationship with the new 'conservative' parties in their spiritual greater battle.. that, for their families, the nation's youth..their innocence and ultimately...souls... Their battle with the hedonist atheist acting, if not atheist believing, liberal Marxists, who live for the moment and damn everyone, all else, and for all future.

The problem with these conservative allies, is as Hackman also states, of a seemingly confused British intelligence aide to Browning, who asks Hackman, why is he giving his uniform the 'once over' (?)....

"Just checking... to see as to whose side you're on"

In fact, these new- conservatives are purely neutered politically which means they are insidiously purely interested in power and whatever politics and feigned ideology will hike them there.

Only, the fact that they know Judeo-Christians are totally opposite to liberal Marxists keeps their arms,  around the shoulders of Judeo-Christians in feigned sympathy and joint cause.

In Canada the 'conservatives' have completely abandoned even the pretense of such, and now join the entrenched liberal establishment in their open disdain for Judeo- Christians.

At a federal conservative convention led by the present leader, Prime Minister Harper, the new wave of hungry young conservatives who would know nothing, spawned, but of a liberal Marxist education forced on all...booed and jeered an elderly long term elected , (Fezziwig type) conservative 'party' member, Elsie Wayne, from the east coast...until she left the microphone and stage for 'daring' to put forth a pro-life friendly and moderate party alliance adoption sealing the fate of any pro-life leanings for the party bigwigs and commoners in that 'party's' future.

Yet, the same party bigwigs don't handcuff any of their shameless back- benchers from trolling Christian churches for but their 'personal beliefs' if not political rewards, the bigwigs would never let them foist on the 'party' general.

The U.S. GOP is still more coy and a little behind on pretensions in 'strategy'. Their water boy and girl Reaganites talk a good game for every four years between elections, but party officials and leaders don't talk at all in campaigns about doing anything for God and family only the nation. And they do even less than their non speak even when they hold both majorities.

They are good at 'applauding' Hollywood written speeches and has -been actors, however.

There is however something sinister afoot beneath  a claim of superior... Constitution, in 'both' nations, that would give the Judiciary, self emanating 'opinion and power' of  'legislating' in what they do... and by omission.. in non- emergency and peace time,...usurping, and placing nation above God and Family of a nation, that until now recognized God and Family before a nation founded to 'serve' God and Family over narcisstic self destructive  family dispising atheists.

Bottom line...why vote for the enemy (which is at least honest and brave) 'Or' your deceitful allies who claim Judeo-Christians amongst their ranks.

In the case of massacre, let either do their deeds without your mark especially those who stand less chance of changing than the enemy.

Take no personal part in either evil.

Paul Gordon

Thought for the day for the election

Rush Limbaughs contributions through the years have been great as has his mentor's, William F. Buckley (who was intellectually honest and witty)  but in retrospect the man of many wives on expired Reagan political steroids  motive was only ever to corral Judeo-Christian votes over to the pirates who don't do anything for them, or much of anyone historic recorded fact...over yesterday's speeches.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Would Christ Tell 'Western' Muslims

What Would Christ Tell 'Western' Muslims

(As a writer..well self thought of anyway..out of millions.... and for others, of politicians, lawyers, judges, political artists etc, for that matter, we would hate to be reminded of some of the stuff we've written of,  even if we are yet prepared to apologize for, for various reasons, sometimes in various moods, but there are times, I'm sure we would all agree, when we are much more serious and true to ourselves about what we write, that we would not only bet the house on, but our very fact, do we not do so on these special occasions?)  

We're now told of a separation in Islam, between 'Western' Muslims in N.America and Eastern Muslims in the Mid-East. The small minority of terrorist Muslims however, just happen to be in control of the majority of Muslims and certainly, in all official Muslim nations as they continue to demonstrate and 'show' the world on a daily basis.

The 'peaceful' Muslims in the comfort of their new Western homes and the Eastern Muslims have the same Muhammad, and his same Koran... Qur'an, (but never confuse with Queeran) of the birth of Islam, and the proper prescribed behavior and beliefs, of its members... and yet. at the same time.... don't...... or so we are to believe. A kind of self-serving good/bad prophet who can bylocute in morality and geographical continents as it were.

Only when the Eastern Muslims adhere to Muhammad's teachings, torturing, terrorizing, murdering (and that's just the females in their own families) the Western good Muslims by and large, have no comment, official, or private, for or against such actions, except those Muslims all with the same first names who can call in anonymously to free world talk shows, in which case they are overwhelmingly anti-American and for their brother Muslims behaving quite badly.

It's kind of like the multi-homosexuals we can have that aren't considered in political correctness to be related to each other. There's the pride parade homosexuals. There's the homosexual bars and bath house homosexuals. There's the NAMBLA homosexuals. There's the can't keep it in their pants or care who their partner is AIDS homosexuals park and bathroom homosexuals. There's the proud parents and friends of homosexuals whose aim is to make homosexuals feel 'good' about themselves. There's the homosexual pedophiles who are not to be considered homosexuals. There's the innocent victims of homosexual pedophiles who often become the same like a vampire pass along. Of this sub-sub- homosexual group there's the critically depressed and suicidal. There's the homosexual priests despised by your 'normal' homosexuals. And lastly, we have a completely new, but are to believe majority group of 'serious' homosexuals who now deserve adoption rights and other civil 'special' rights based totally on their invisible minority sexual preferences, and that they have lasting monogamous relationships.... Yes, there' a lot of truth in the purest goodness of homosexuality isn't there? A great 'normal' group worthy of adopting babies and entrusted to raising children..

Hedonist perverse sexual acts and non-control of related acts from this anomaly in mental illness are not molded into Truth by World sympathies or politically- correct wish.... or by who can be 'loudest' in their social righteousness.

Nor, is Truth logically defined by any manner of science, from Bill Nyes the 'science guy' to the leaders of the modern 'atheist'- science 'movement' that says a whole universe 'designed' for the conditions of life in the 'one' earth in the entire solar system, teeming with thousands of unrelated species and life forms was created from nothing in empty space from nowhere... an event that would actually entail the non- existence of Truth, and a situation just perfect for intellectual opinions throughout the history of earth culminating in a strangest of 'bedfellows' of control freaks nestled in moral anarchy that exists today.

Logically, such a life, as that of human, and various life forms 'for' humans, yet logically coyly (if you will) demanding a faith in the non visible, but in obvious reality, could not have been created with no purpose what-so-ever, to have the absurd 'existence' of no right and wrong and allow for every narcissistic bully in the world to lay claim to Truth... again in moral anarchy...that leads to (for just one) critical mass in moral anarchy, the 'popularity' and State blessing (in China forced order) of wanton killing of one's own flesh and blood, for obvious personal if and in some situations State or communal narcissistic purposes.

Logically, the two greatest anti-Christs of old and new... Muhammad and Karl Marx that have both ensconced such a 'moral anarchy' of gradual decay, along a great expanse of history 'with' the World, are now culminating into the present unhealthy, 'purposely', cloud obscured conditions on all fronts, but perpetrated by the same moral created religion, culture (entertainment and p.c. beliefs) p.c. tightly controlled politics, and academia, leading logically to nothing, but disaster and beginning no doubt with the quickly advancing, assured conventional third world war of world opposing interests of 'super' powers, starting between Israel and Iran, and escalating to who knows where (I'm not a prophet just strict adherer to logic) depending on how the brakes of sanity will or can be applied, but, a heading nowhere possibly 'good' and maybe the only logical end to a suicidal embracing hedonist World.

In all this existence of an 'anarchy' in reality, verified (or in faddish language meant to be indicative o f absoluteness or righteousness of cause... 'validated') by the very prevalence of drastic varying opinions, and multi stark contrasting but, greatly 'membered' sides, wherein lies the Truth but in Jesus Christ?

The 'only' Jesus Christ we are privy to and quite completely...through Holy Scripture unless otherwise more exacting if not fully through Divine Revelation such as being tapped, more commonly (slammed) for His choice, reason, and use.

A Christ who alone can love 'everyone', not us obvious highly fallible, poor sinful followers... hardly co-partnered 'imitators' and beyond, those who fancy themselves more Holier than Christ and their opinions they hold as (nothing more) than their own truths. Show me a person who loves everyone and no doubt, my writings alone would stand, as testament and betrayal against them.

Rather, we are to watch and learn, free to explore, discover and create within (and through wonderful Divine only granted choice of 'true' freedom,) and equally so, outside of the perimeters of Truth or Evil's exclusive domain) ...not advance, surpass, or anticipate what has not yet been revealed to us.

...A Christ, as the only Christ in scripture, whom is not a 'total' pacifist when it comes to engaging evil, and capable of displaying a 'Holy anger' in 'emphasis of point' over out- of - logical character, to never accommodate or especially worship evil ( as the reality in modern moral anarchy) as an entity,

He alone, (as only, He can) ultimately used evil against itself in a wonderfully constructed and ordained series of (forgive the World term) jujitsu moves culminating in embracing through the Father, the (meant as an abuse), cross topped marker... 'King of the Jews'...feebly contested in afterthought through Satan's representative 'He is not King of the Jews..He only said He was King of the Jews'

Or, in Divine irony of standing battered before a Pilate, who asks, rather disingenuously defies the existence of Truth...only the existence of World ordained highly fallible ruling 'Caesars' to pledge allegiance and an unworthy, unhealthy, 'obsessed' unquestioning patriotism to... and of modern Caesars deeply in transgression into God's domain.. and way out of their World element.

In short, a battle with Satan, that 'only' Christ is capable of winning, by Himself (or as our beloved allie in our own.... and public righteousness worthy battles).... And as 'ordained', something we have not even an access to... within our knowledge, and only uncovered in Grace, within our Faith and battles that cannot be won without sacrifice, disdain from our enemies, or within our prideful 'strategies'.

And if, (as in reality) all nations, cultures, sciences, academics, and religions 'of man's or tribal' creation, either hold themselves up as the truth of the world, or that in fact, a world ingratiated by their very own glorious presence lies proof there is no such thing as truth, (beyond what they self-evidently claim) or dare to present themselves superior and deserved, inheritors of the earth and present evil as equal to good..what greater logic would not insist that a truth is separate from them and has 'long' been revealed to offer salvation to all, not just those of and since the 'moment'.

So what would Christ the Truth tell/advise/beg of modern Muslims?

...We can only, but reasonably... logically, surmise on only what we know Christ the Truth. .. has so far revealed to us.

He would tell them the same things He would tell anyone.

Firstly, as He instructed St. Paul, He would ask them to stop persecuting His followers, and His Father

Secondly, He would instruct them in the errors and easy evil entrapments of worshiping and idolization of any man, especially, one who stands with the World alone, or 'invents' or sets out his rules for a new religion to 'empower' himself in, and to the world.

Thirdly, He would reiterate that all men are created equal, that none are ever to be treated as sub servant to each other.. That women and men are not the same, created to act as the same, to be seen as the same, or as one, superior to the other, but are created in harmonious compliment, desire, and in need of each other and to imitate the Holy Family as a committed family, not three distinctly separate citizens of the World of anarchy to despite the family.

He would reveal to them the only Truth and 'love' only the humblest love would give... His own life! Not in choices and freedoms denied... and certainly not in killing others put on earth and for what then?...just such 'sport' killing for the chosen nation, World parceled culture, or privileged place and generation, who embrace the World... over the other absolute in a Truth no one on earth has or could ever challenge, though millions have tried in millions of ways exposing nothing but their own nakedness.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Snap Out Of It America!.. And Christians!

Snap Out Of It America, and Christians!

Not Just an 'Opinion', But An Obvious Out of Control Reality Spiralling to One Certain Fate

Democrats are at their most evil, freeing up, and enslaving the nation in debt, paying for 'universal' free services, and in freeing up all manner of a hedonism crept from the depths of Hell... the opium 'cloud' for the masses blinding them from the real freedom in universal Truth.

Censorship of God and Christianity entrenched in establishment policy and practice, and until yet,.... still uncontested by the claimed official conservative party of the nation is 'not' a legitimate claim of a reality of freedom of speech.

God and Christianity gave birth to your nation and made it rich in told, and untold ways, not atheists or the World's greatest Anti-Christ to date, or liberty gate crasher, Karl Marx, despite all the modern nefarious attempts at history revision.

It is Christianity that freed the slaves as MLK attested too... 'The Truth That Shall Set You Free' .

(JFK a liberal politician was no friend of MLK's and vice versa as can be attested in his waylaid urgency, and in his wife's own taped words as reported on CBS web pages. Kennedy could have... should have... cleaned up the dirty lingering 'left overs' of slavery... with no march required, that no one had the political courage to do, prior to him)

It was Christianity.. at least, as far back as St. Paul who was personally tapped (quite hard) by Christ, begging his close friend to set his slaves free, if he was to be a real friend... a reality open for all to read since the Gospels were recorded, and widely and historically reported...but apparently very well concealed in it's wide exposure.....but, by the World and its willful blindness.

Down the line the Christian message was furthered through St. Patrick, a slave himself, and ultimately definitively.. secularly.. conquered by William Wilberforce a devout Christian, inspired and mentored by a pastor, John Newton, who himself was struck down like St. Paul by Christ the Truth, from his former spiritual blind profession as a successful transporter of slaves.

After his spiritual blindness, was lifted, Newton wrote 'Amazing Grace' and became blind to the world but was able to see Christ. England's good traits were founded in Christianity and they were not lost in translation through the American Revolution.

They were refined by America's Founding Fathers, (one who kept in communication with Wilberforce), the modern Marxist's supplanted and ignored as they do God.

It was the great fallibility of politics and politicians with the World, that became freedom 'delayed' for slaves in the United States..hardly Christianity.

Wilberforce wanted to choose between working for God as a monk in prayer, or remain as a politician and perform physical good Christian works, for the poor, against the cruelty of animals and in reforming the prisons.

Ultimately, he chose to not separate State and Christianity and for it Britain did not lose it's Great Empire..even though much of the modern empire at that time was in fact built on the backs of slaves toiling for British business owners of plantations.

Separation of faith and State was uncalled for then. It was recognized by the Founding Fathers that faith needed utmost protection then, and it is only since Marxism that Christian faith has been marginalized to a Merry Christmas, once a year.

John F. Kennedy came from a family that mostly rejected its Catholic faith on a personal basis, and as a politician, in conjunction with his speech writer(s), rejected his faith on a public basis while adhering to his 'political faith' with the World, that being a Catholic might hurt his chances for election.

This brought forth a campaign speech where he proclaimed the Pope would have no affect on his position as president if elected. In retrospect, that was the truest statement Kennedy was ever to make on his public or private affairs.. or his brothers, father, and numerous male relatives.

The Republicans were and are, certainly no friends of Christians...though much worse, they pretended to be so, through constant wooing over decades they now spend on the homosexual activist spread culture of today.

Yet, at times of their majority rule, including their heady Reaganite years... they never made an 'official move' to show they were ever serious to let God or Christ be their personal or public guide. All the modern GOP First Ladies were closet pro-abortion proponents, (especially, one could imagine to the lower class given their arrogance) who only 'came out' after their President, husbands left office.

Tens of thousands of pro-life civil right's (equal to, and still including, black innocent baby's civil rights, as opposed to homosexual non visible/ non sexuality restricting/ non- 'civil rights' issue/ minorities) converged on Washington and surrounded the White House in pro-life witness and all George Bush could do was talk to them by telephone....(at least more than the worse, but more honest Canadian 'conservative' Prime Minister and a pro-life enemy could ever muster up.

They clung and still cling to the assumption that the underlying Marxist establishment that conquered North America academia, and enticed the workforce while its men and young boys were fighting the Great Wars is the 'middle' area to be courted and never officially assailed or too challenged...hence not one effort at serious reform for choice of education, restrictions on abortion and not even an attempt to save Terry Schizoid from her estranged/divorce husband state murder request.

The 'best' the GOP can offer up for this election is yet a mere token, window dressing 'Christian' vice president running election silent partner, and a speech from, yet another shelf -expired actor from the heart of Christian 'despising' hopes of 'sparking' the spirit of Reagan of the past.

One, Clint Eastwood whose winter days in life are spent writing/directing/producing/ heavy handed/scripted politically correct euthanasia fiction movies and touchy feelie movies about the Imperialist Japanese godless/ evil/ tortuous/ brainwashed/murderers of World War II...all the while belittling, priests and Catholic faith as an underlying theme in all his late movies... in a seemingly populist (hardly courageous) stab at ingratiating himself with the masses sewage river current against Truth and current promoted ugly distrust if not hatred of the Christian leader, only officially Christ appointed Church of Catholicism.

What can we expect next to keep Eastwood's career aglow in an ever darkening light...A Christian mis-understanding of Islam?

The only thing ever to be intended to come out of mainstream Hollywood is sinister, hedonist lifestyles, and a cultural worship whose funeral march tuned credits follow national suicide.
There is only one Truth, and it is not owned by the political, or by the blind patriot who supplants proven extreme fluctuating fickle and faddish nations with God and for family and Christ's children's innocence.

Caesar has left his proper place and duty and it is now critical... no longer the perpetual Christian tabled option... to be left unchallenged. He has entered God's domain in inches throughout modern history, and all but conquered America and its true freedoms set long ago by Christ.

America, there is currently no where to turn on your political front, and 'no' one to 'vote for'... that can help make America great again, let alone in anything that counts.

Especially, stop fooling yourselves. Certainly, it should be readily apparent as the sun rises, that no current party as they stand can possibly have monetary silver linings or free immorality pass cards for you... or even have the slightest comprehension, that through sacrifice and faith the only things that make nations great, the only things that matter in the World can never be of the World, though the two are never 'separated' in spite of wishful 'laws' or thinking. The World...the State and Christ the Truth... clash every waking 'moment'.

The modern U.S. political and judicial reality is such that it can't even 'allow' for Divine aid in the only Truth that can be.

There is not even a political saviour in sight, and especially in the 'Party' that hideously deceives you.

It never was, and is certainly not now the time to put 'faith' in politics and speeches! Obviously the folly and the futile have not championed the 'current' day with nothing but the promise of a blacker future.

It is the time to inject the only entity you can have 'faith in'...into your Nation.

It is also time to rein in all the evil injected traitorous public organizations, and unions who use the Christian name as an evil cancer to continually weaken an increasingly anemic Church
aimed in continual barrages to pound and challenge the never defeated, Truth of the Church of Christ.

The Churches wanton desire.. 'understandably'.. to focus on only the true love and humbleness of part of the good news to evangelize those 'from' the entrapments of the World, and so eloquently put forth by our modern Popes, is not the totality of a Truth of Christ, that tells us to clean our Father's House no less so, by those who use Christ's name. And, to not publicly excuse by action including, personal mark of support, or by omission, anyone.... who would harm His, little ones... no less in destruction of their very innocence.

If Christianity is to be continually denied a say in Caesar's 'new' domain...(conquered spoils to the uncontested victor).... and continually, refuses to step up and make that effort, 'that' in so, is merely supportive of the only Truth Christ lifts us higher too, not what politicians continually tell us is futile, impossible and what to settle for...but only in the reality they claim to own and are allowed to own, only, for..... the sins of omission of the same faithful that ask forgiveness for at every Mass, but in the light of Truth, never actually understand, or seemingly have no 'will' clouded by ambivalence or worse, purposely clouded by narcissistic unwanted trade-off... to understand.

And here, within much... I include the Catholic hierarchy whose selfish need may be for 'self- peace' over desire to serve God, and only entrusted to be disposed to serve sheep and lamb!

As should also be plain within the domain of Christ the Truth, where has there ever been peace or an expected peace for faithful Christians, except in their great reward?

The Church has a rich history of Saints but also a great shame in it's appeasers. A 'Call to Glory' was not fiction!

The Church will withstand the Gates of Hell with, or without your help but it is up to you whether that will only be known to the truly faithful in their great reward.

All is lost for America and the world. All is lost for the family, its children, its unborn and of the worst, the salvation of souls Caesar now also claims in his domain granted on the black horse of fad, cultural, and nationalism....the World has all but conquered us all by destroying our Faith.

Greatness is nothing, if  not kissed by Truth, its humble master.

Great nations thirst continually for many men with great efforts in greater causes, not one... and are never left unguarded or for granted.

When a nation is no longer quenched it dies from nothing by mouth.

And as many a man has risen and just as easily fallen in greatness so do, ungirded Nations that too can be wretches... forgetting their least, for their most demanding, and abandoning rightousness to the  mere distorted look of the Worlds scorn..(a humble badge of honour...)  and so too  awaits to be saved only by amazing Grace...  all will see.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arrogant Liberal Bastards Talk Politics of Exclusion and Division

Arrogant Liberal Bastards Talk of Politics of Exclusion and Division??

They learn, and teach well,  like the little Marxist Grasshoppas they are..and not far from the David Carradine tree they fall.

Whenever the liberals start calling the 'new' right (a group I like no better... worse... when they claim to be a friend to the Christian Judas to Christ) politicians of exclusion and divisive.

What they really mean, is that, as the current establishment they are the political and cultural default, that they make all the rules, all the policy and all the practices and establish what the current flavor of the day will be and what will be politically correct, today and tomorrow.

What they really mean is that the 'right' doesn't care about all their pet causes, and pet special interest groups, and their they are correct.

What they really mean is that only they have feelings, and no one else does, where they are wrong.

What they really mean is that democracy and opinion has no place beyond the perimeters and content they set.

What they really mean is that they are not to be challenged in their idea of truth, though in the next breath they say there is no Truth.

What other Marxists, politicians and nations past and present live by the same credo and have equally repressive 'establishments'?

What they really 'want' is to exclude, wipe Christianity including the branches they infiltrated off the face of the earth.

They are of the mindset of  'We are right'... and how dare you challenge us, (especially if we are atheists and yet, consider ourselves moderate) in thought, word, freedom and especially in subversion of democracy.

'You divide and exclude if you don't believe in us, our atheism, and our hedonist all- encompassing culture.... increasingly amounting to sheer blithering idiocy ...where we actually breed our heroes!'

Paul Gordon

Guess What? Self-Thought-of, Moderates

(inspired by Canada's number one radio talk show host Mike Stafford's rant against all religions, specific mention of Christians and all day run talking point hilight ad for his show)

Guess What Self -Thought -Of 'Moderates'

You are critically to the left by any objective standard especially in consideration of the former Christian North America.

Thanks to a few generations of your Marxist upbringing you truly roam between the leftist establishment... the now great majority of North Americans... the proletariat, that believes all men are created equally beneath them....useful idiots.. and treated as such, they do in fact stand down to your bully mentality and angry temperament...and modern Nazism.. political correctness.

Like the intellectual bully, you whisper marginalization of Christianity, while feign indignation of store clerks not saying 'Merry Christmas', in attempts to ingratiate yourselves to the 'unenlightened' who just don't normally get your narcissism, or faddish feelings and sympathy versions of reality, where there is no greater truth than what suits your purpose for the 'moment'.

Where there are two crying towels for a particular moral event, you claim in your opinion, your side to be the rather shaky truth, in fact, you are the one that claims there is only one crying towel, or your truth and brand of the absolute, in the case of abortion or in pedophile homosexuality where again, you whitewash.... in this case, the obvious homosexuality factor.

But, you just can't reconcile that little conundrum to even yourselves with all your 'sympathetic' potty trainings of feelings you should have for perversions.. Even then, personal freedoms everyone has obviously granted in Devine choice, is not enough, public celebration, promotion, and hammered public acceptance.... is the 'order' of the politically correct day.

But here's what Christianity really does to you self called 'moderates'. It scares you to death to change, in your fears , and anxiety, but especially. in your thumb sucking like security to narcissism and personal immoralities that you turn to like crack to keep up your spirits, but having the opposite in effect. Misery does love company amongst the 'moderates' though.

Your idea of a 'comfort' base in society is to have faith more so, to obsess... in your humanist 'heroes' not just to live your live vicariously through them, but that their particular talent in sports, entertainment, political speeches, politically- correct speeches, blind nationalism, etc equates to examples in this shallow faux truth, or the only life to aspire to, and live by.

If you took all of these away...what would you have, to think, to be secure in. What if you were in a situation alike to being continually shelled, and army invaded Poland of World War II from Germany or from communist Russian, and you were challenged daily just to keep yourself alive and hopefully loved ones, if you had any beyond yourself, that you weren't recently divorced from.

Would you be obsessed about 'Madonna's or Lady gag ga's latest tune, or the gangstras latest conquest and bravado challenge, what your hero's batting average was, what a great speech Reagan made.... twenty years ago. Would you think your current political leaders/heroes would even be able to be found.

Would you be worried about your diet, refuse fast foods, adhere to the thousands of vehicle driving and occupant violations, myriad of additional politically correct rules of society in hopes of edging us all to the accident free 'master race' of health, be concerned over how much weight the Mayor of Toronto lost or that he used his cell phone for a personal call?

Would you go on strike for that cost of living allowance?

If you want to know what is even basically important in life, just imagine such a way of living forced on you that you had no control over. Something modern society moderates really, need to do. If we wouldn't care about so much garbage and controlling at such a time, why do we obsess with it now?

In Poland they strengthened their Catholic faith more than ever, nurtured a great future Pope and sped up the inevitable communist 'purest' fall of the USSR single-handedly in future years, with a refusal of everyone to work and supply the USSR with cheap resources.

But mostly, they would have prayed like they never prayed before.

Today's 'Moderates' don't want to believe there is anything above 'them' to challenge their fallible truth, their limited secular intellectual fantasies, their refusal to believe in the miracle of live and creation of all from nothing, and they need to obsess on the extreme, the absurd, and the banal...anything not to have them even face their mortality, their immorality, their insecurities.

They now bury the 'good Guy' religion with all the others because they can't stand the thought

of any God being their superior, loving or otherwise. The very thought of reading a bible is now repulsive to them as a Crucifix to a vampire. All their answers to the eternal, never lift off the World.

No..... moderates of today, their banal nations and flags are nothing to salute or defend. And they are no one to look up too, certainly not imitate, and they do have a real orientation problem of the 'middle-moderates' on the right/ wrong scale, where it doesn't even exist to begin with.

Dig just a little deeper, and they are a faux worldly truth closer to 'moderate' hedonism that exists only to challenge the real Truth of Christ. If crap should ever really hit the fan look for the moderates to scatter like cockroaches away from the light.

In election seasons, where Christians can start a revolt to these godless majority moderates is in not voting for any party but one that claims to be so first and foremost not last or not at all... That too is the Truth!

Whether times are good or bad...never change your focus and ignore their stratigies!

In regards to not voting for our only two choices in political parties (only because of current Christian apathy) in the response of Gene Hackman as the Polish General in a Bridge Too Far... "In the case of massacre, what would be the difference!" Certainly. a massacre for one, of what is currently all that's left of our faith by political murder.

Strategies do not exist in Truth only with a more intelligent than us entity...Satan.

No one has the right to claim to be the truth except the truly humble and loving, Christ, but that doesn't mean we can't, recognize it, adhere to it, apprecate, respect, and defend it over the World and it's now self called moderates of North America who do claim to be the truth. Try opening them up for discussion!

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It Takes the Villiage Idiots and Marxist Politicians To Take Your Kids

It Takes the Village Idiots and Marxist Politician Control Freaks

So now the latest controversy is how a Christian doctor in Ontario Canada is suing an Ontario public school board for full descriptions of their curricula for two of his young children's grade school years.

If there is anything up for 'teaching' that appears it might violate his family beliefs, that he instills in his children he simply wants to know in advance so he can remove his children from that particular 'instruction'.

In defense of the public school board the leftist (who is the liberal establishment that now run school boards both in political union educators and in socialist administrations) argument is that they have the duty to teach 'his' children as 'they' see fit, with, and from as many angles as 'they' choose, that his children in this 'enlightened' 'knowledge' of more aspects of life, (like sixteen new genders from Sunday), they can make up their own opinions from 'critical' (read 'correct' way of) thinking and lifestyle choices.

So like, only a political whore horse lawyer like McGuinty (who sends his kids to private school) and his dirty dozen Sinistry minions have the choice and particular(s) control of all the wonderful myriad of main stream, facts, fads, fantasies, slanted history, opinions, feelings..etc. and set the exclusive perimeters in this greater cesspool of general early school knowledge, as the only source children can draw from to form their own personal beliefs.

Ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhh ha ha ha....oh oh oh oh ha ha haaa..ew w w w w w ha ha ha ha, ohh stop I'm peeing my pants ha ha ha.

Sorry, but if their was supposed to be anything actually intellectual in Marxist evil, liberal godless arguments worthy of at least debate, it just isn't there. They all have their heads up their ass.

But they do own our kids...... and we pay them handsomely too.

And teaching them all about back alley sex stopped them from getting pregnant. So teaching them all about homosexual and other various perverse lifestyles and the diseases it carries not to mention clouds of depression and suicide associated with it is going to what, have little grade one, two, three and fours make solid life decisions, and have just the proper amount of empathy or leftist sympathy for children of homosexual 'partners', when they don't even know about sex!

Gee, I wonder who is more susceptible to political correct purest bullshit, from A to Z... Darwin 'theories' to Marxist fantasies, to global warming and cooling put forth as 'truth'..... the official anti-Christian state and its one official school, or the Christian family?

So they put forth, why don't non politically correct believers home school or go to private and charter schools?

They'd love to and save the provinces literally billions in the process while upgrading the over all education of Ontario children in the process. So why don't provinces spread the educational taxes around in 'choice'.

I thought we (well, okay not me) elected McGiddy to responsibly at least maintain a Province and serve all the electorate.

But, apparently he was elected (twice! by more asshole zombies than you can shake a stick at)... as one heck of a debt increasing, liberal grand control wizard of education, feelings, morals for all, and proper behaviors... loved by ass patting teachers of the same, one official education systems (Catholic hating Catholic teachers unions being no different) at least until, and like any no good conservative, or liberal politician was through with em.

And the only 'choices' in practice that remain in Canada is the right to kill your own babies and wink wink parents.

You don't have the right to not pay for Canadians who kill their babies.

Seriously, think of all the things you don't have either a right or say Canada that political correctness 'does have' including control of all the well paying exclusive union ideology jobs (many of which in addition you must fluently speak and write French to attain)

Or the right to parade around town year round as a flaming pervert of upteen genders but no right to a) question their sanity or b) more important question their motives.

Paul Gordon

Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's Why Our Christian Prayers Aren't Working in Truth!

And where both the right and the left are gravely wrong!

Everyone is allowed not to take themselves or others seriously many times in life, yet, there are times.. 'moments of truth', now and then when one has to take life seriously.. to retain one's sanity knowing o f the high shelf one can reach and immediately refer always keep one's center of gravity grounded and equilibrium balanced between heaven and earth, to know of the only hill of Truth, truly worth dying on and for whom. A high 'shelf' full of the richest content of what one has learned for oneself, bookend-ed with the ever expandable loving, yet wholly objective Holy Ghost.

A moment of grace granted Truth of the purpose, meaning and yes, 'tests' of life. A moment of truth neither the 'left or right' can even comprehend, but the most important grasps at life possible, seemingly only attainable by the individual, that the World everyone so embraces out of fear and ignorance, apparently cannot teach and certainly hasn't even a basis of worth of opinion from pigeon holed or group pigeon holed, self interest causes to the exclusion of all and everyone else.

These kinds of answers to the meaning and purpose of life itself lead to the same place, but seemingly must come about by the individual to truly prize the reality of awe of life and meaning. Something for 'everyone', yet that can be loved and cherished as if one's own finding. There is no worldly 'ideology' that can claim the same and certainly proven to not occupy the throne of Truth that aids all and hurts no one, who understands it and accepts it.

Academia, the judiciary, entertainers, the media are not fit to tie the laces of the more solid reality of any of them combined, the Truth.. and their pride and self- interests especially taint their thinking to such that their opinions are the most useless on the heap... and first, not last to discard on such a journey for the Truth.

And if they are that bad, think how bad, yet how singular political 'parties' are, and how susceptible to evil they become. It is legislators who should be the most connected or attuned with the Truth who are truly now needed... not the farthest away, as 'all' the main stream political parties are now...including the most deceiving of them, but only through the much vaunted power of 'speeches and feelings'...hardly matched in deed or action, with little accomplished in reality....Reaganism.

To be happy is to be blissfully handicapped to not be able to understand what is important in life, only to love and be loved. Or to seek leave of an intellectual purgatory of the World... made and confined by man under a imaginary grail that in fact is an anti-freedom... and most naked in the challenging of it.

Generic prayers, for world leaders, world peace, for Church leaders... even specific prayers like to St. Michael for an 'end to abortion' etc. etc. haven't been answered since at least before World War II, which saw the deaths of millions of citizens and young soldiers.

In truth deaths attributed directly and indirectly to and since Marxism have accounted for the most murders and battle deaths in history.

Public fluff prayers, or gravy prayers of good intentions equaling good feelings don't work for a good reason. If your political/cultural/economic life-activities don't lend themselves to favorable conditions of Christian support and change, where needed... how would one expect 'God' to just take of these elements Himself? As in “Oh yeah, God if you're not busy look after these things too, will ya?”

Personal prayer for loved ones is certainly different.. in sincerity, and humbleness...allotting our Lord much more 'wiggle' room, as it were, to perform miracles that don't cross the perimeters outside of Truth, logic and love.. the first two being more easily combined than the last added and perfectly interwoven by God.

{How can 'all' manner of reality not have possibly been preceded by God, and of a universe confined and contorted to the benefit all of 'one' planet of 'life' the universal holy grail, out of billions, some of whose like- conditions, billions of years 'ahead' of our own (according to the World's scientists), yet not been capable of interplanetary flight, (or even communication), yet, still not a singular 'one' sister- earth in 'science' seen fit to visit their like either independently or grouped, as they logically would be?

Therein, lies the real science fiction and the rush to put us ahead of our own time to no more 'useful', but possibly a quicker... end. What is more important to us, the present of the only holy grail of 'life' or the future of 'science'?}

Far away people(s) or 'causes' grown beyond one's age, situation, and especially personal concerns are more likely to garnish a yawn.. going through the greater community, and faint hope for civilization... prayers over a tear of personal desperation or mourning for oneself or loved one any day... in prayer.

The big difference in today's prayers aren't in who is leading the prayer(s) or the nature of the prayer that disables, but never disengages, God so that He cannot answer these prayers anymore than He can allow evil into heaven or an unrepentant sinner into heaven that He loves...

In Truth, people, this is all within the perfection of love and logic He has to Be...that also 'must' give people the only true freedom they will ever know, regardless of what the World has to offer them or (of increasing preference to the World)... force upon them...... the freedom to have their own minds, spirit, and soul to choose...and respect that all men are created 'equal' to not 'lord it' over them.

True freedom can only be found in a definitive and simply structured Truth...all else is merely self-interest anarchies.

Germans left their Christianity on the wayside at a 'window' of promises of the World Hitler enticed them with, seemingly attainable and ordained merely out of unaesthetic (to say the least) brute 'Nationalist powers', yet no doubt many other German Christians prayed in their Churches for God to favor such a free world Christians were doing the same for their nations to prevail over the World War Axis of evil, with one of those Axis nations itself, being Catholic Rome, who have a whole history of letting varied and opposing political winds, like a child continually pull the threads off their frayed rich religious history.

Some Christian nations such as Britain betrayed other Christian nations like Poland by having their leaders sacrifice them on a level of disrespect, like so many 'trading cards' to the godless communists purely out of expediency to 'end' the never ending war in reality and celebrate 'sooner'.

Such trades were quite open and General Patton for example, complained bitterly about letting the communists have their way in such 'deals'.

(Today even worse, lives, innocence and souls, are sacrificed at the World altar of a 'political correctness' expediency, and by a singular broadly reported mere example, Terry Schiavo was murdered at the hands of political leaders and an often more strident and more powerful politically- correct ultimately unchecked 'judiciary' at the mere request of her 'estranged' husband. Would a Christian nation not at least demand such an unchecked.. if necessary.. judiciary to be Christian attuned if they are to have a final say on all local and national matters and have been chosen individually by political parties can they throw up their hands and pass blame solely onto the judiciary ?)

Other European nations left their Christianity aside falling for the golden apple of enticements from the Marxist serpent infested tree of socialism, (with all its poisonous fruits of communism, unionism, feminism, atheism etc.. the isms that destroy, not build)..... yet, no doubt prayed for God's favour for their nations.

How could some of the likes of Marxism, Fascism, Imperialism, Military rule, or atheist Narcissism, logically allow God to help them?

Today is no different! The losers of the Great Wars have not yet been written.

However, the 'results' of today are proving more devastating than the World Wars in their terms of numbers and of loss of life. Today's loss of youthful innocence, loss of human infant life, and mass destruction of souls.. world wide.... of all the same nations of the World Wars and more, is by far the greater tragedy

Human nature, (or attachment to original sin) of greed, narcissism, carelessness, envy makes hypocrites of us all at times, but need we be so 'all' the time as the world increasingly beckons us to do and keep ourselves sheltered mostly in shame of our own nakedness, from that which we know is personally right, from the Truth or the sweetest God created fresh air that our souls will ever distinguish such a delight for our minds, over any perceptual awareness from our lungs.

But, here is what we do that would insult our loving God if He could be, but as it is what we do to make ourselves selfish fools in the least of damages we cause...and what we actually prohibit God from doing in His humble and necessary perfection to the very Truth, He is, that being... what is right and good and not wrong and evil, that has to have consequences or be.. universal and spiritual anarchy.

A God that created a perfect universe, all to perfect conditions for life on earth, in reality, not fiction, and in the reality of the natural and supernatural, is anything but, wanting of spiritual anarchy.

It is 'critical' that one has to think of God/Christ in this manner of perfection as it is the only way He would exist and in no way in terms of the World to Be everything He is and claims to Be.

As Catholics or Christians we do things like pray for an end to abortion, yet we work and toil in public hospital abortuaries 'earmarking' our participation within the same four walls like front office filers in the 'work camps' ?

We 'vote' with our own 'morality' mark for our 'law makers' within political 'Parties' of whom to date have not only done anything remotely serious for unborn babies, but have even stopped saying they will do anything for babies or Judeo- Christians, or in respect or even in acknowledgment of God?

All we get is meaningless cheap attempts at comrade shoulder massages of, “I 'personally' believe in God”, from leaders supposedly also on our side, but with no favors to the side Christ the Truth!

All in exchange for which party we deem more patriotic in eloquent speeches of a same Worldly obsessed nation.. .or more importantly in exchange for promised tax cuts...or increased or even new socialized benefits with monies owed by our grandchildren for the present, compounded each year through Marxist socialism?

We pray for good teachers and educators to teach our children, yet our Bishops (such as in Canada, home of the game changing Winnipeg Statement of their political expediency) abdicated all control over who is teaching our children, or what they are being taught, to government political control, including contradictory Marxist Catholic unions who long ceased attending Sunday Mass in exchange for thirty pieces of full-funding and a huge relief o f responsibility and duty, to an aged already retired Catholic hierarchy.

Canadians 'pray' for an end to abortion, yet say 'nothing' and do nothing when Canada awards our highest honor to our nation's most acclaimed and proficient abortionist and praise a Canadian 'conservative' Prime Minister who hides when tens of thousands of teenagers descend on Ottawa against the total freedoms of the death culture and refuses to even discuss the 'matter' now, or in the future? Obviously, there is a leader and a nation in no need of Judeo-Christianity.

How can such prayers also be possibly answered with so many and such easy routes of 'participation' available requiring only the small man made 'miracles' of knowing modern history and Party track records and the 'miracle' of faith. And as political circumstances now dictate, a necessary openness and serious commitment to Judeo -Christian based third political parties.

The World religion of anti-Christ atheist Marxism only enslaved communist nation, citizens where Christ is currently more appreciated than in 'free' nations, and destroyed European economies through Marxist government unions. Christ was no capitalist anymore than He was a socialist. In modern retrospect How could He be in Perfection or in much less, as now seen through the reality of the obvious, as should be plain to see, even for the individuals suffering in intellectual purgatory of the World.

Courage aside, the Vatican.... the Judeo-Christians of the free world have to be 'grown-up' about the fact that the World and Marxism have chosen certain fields to effect change and marginalize Christianity. It starts with the entertainment world and ends in the political and judicial arena.

We all have abandoned Christ, we are no longer the silent 'majority' and we must rise to the occasion, including prayer and what it sensibly entails.

And we can't pray for St. Michael's protection in battle and against the snares of the Devil if we don't enlist or engage.

Paul Gordon