Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wake Up & Smell The Hatred Catholics & Judeo-Christians

Wake Up & Smell The Hatred Catholics and Judeo-Christians.

No one in the M.S.M liberal Marxist establishment is replaying the chorus of boos at the mere mention of the word 'God' at yesterday's Democrat convention... because such hatred is considered a liberal hush hush worst kept secret.

The federal conservative party in Canada was years and years ahead of Democrat boos with the mention of a pro-life statement put forth as a policy adoption at one of their annual conventions.

Liberals apparently don't hate or judge anyone..but of course they do. They hate any mention of Christianity or God because it 'considerably' cramps their immoral, godless, often mentally ill lifestyles.

There is absolutely no way they can legitimize or reconcile their secular beliefs and hedonistic lifestyles to the word of God and through the Gospels though they certainly gave it an effort.

Trouble is there are just too many bibles out there written in plain language and instruction.

They couldn't rewrite it or propagandize it to anyone who can read for themselves.

The Marxist rich rulers, homosexuals, feminists, environmentalists, science fiction worshipers, entertainers, political and putrid comedians, colleges, universities, legislators, judges, and blind patriots who believe their nations infallible, no matter the times and fads that lead their nations by the nose, had to join a collective force to really really come to hate Catholics, Middle East Jews, (Hollywood Jews aren't Jews at all) and Christians.)

You know the hundreds of 'community' examples I could list here but why bother because you do know about them.

All that is possibly left to write of how bad this hatred has possibly become just short of Nazi hatred that inspired 'work camps' (to the extent of mass befriending of woman and Christian hating Muslims...... is what is the North American Catholic and Christian Churches going to do about it?

Hopefully, continuing to let 'Catholic' Marxist (Catholic hating) Teacher unions, and populist government funded administrations continue to teach Catholic children is not going to be part of the counter attack to the world that has championed them.

Romney's great, I 'personally' believe in God speech does not light any fires under Christians nor should it. We know how that game is played when he is elected. (“ I said I personally believe in God...what more do you want..I can't let my 'personal' beliefs get in the way of my Greater than God nation you elected me to run”....translated, I can't let my soul get in the way of my personal ambitious bigger than God...ego.

Don't vote for more of the same status quo of this kind of venomous hate the minority power holders, democrat or republican not only perpetuate, but now accelerate in their political correct propaganda boldness. Start up and vote for Judeo or Christian party to change their thinking if they ever want to be elected again! And don't vote for politically correct parties who send out token Christians to troll for Christian votes in your Church...who have absolutely no say in party policy or inside party politics.

'All' main stream political parties now consider it wise to 'distance' themselves, if not outright openly show public contempt and now hatred, for Judeo-Christians.

Are Christians going to keep on rolling over and play dead and to hell with their luke warm beliefs, to hell with their Crucified Christ, to hell with their own families and to hell with their own children, or are they actually going to 'connect' for 'join' forces for once and respond on a number of fronts.

If for nothing else...just to stand on own feet for once and say no we are not going to participate in this charade and you cannot have our children. I mean come on Bill the Nye the science guy(?) says we have no right to teach our (he considers them state owned) children!

Aside from protests (at all party headquarters especially are so -called friendlys) where have our proud public processions gone, where we proclaim the Judeo-Christian God our one and only Saviour, not the nation whose 'only' measure is who the people elected to hate Christians this time, not the government leftist establishment, and certainly not political or Hollywood 'stars'.

Paul Gordon

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