Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arrogant Liberal Bastards Talk Politics of Exclusion and Division

Arrogant Liberal Bastards Talk of Politics of Exclusion and Division??

They learn, and teach well,  like the little Marxist Grasshoppas they are..and not far from the David Carradine tree they fall.

Whenever the liberals start calling the 'new' right (a group I like no better... worse... when they claim to be a friend to the Christian Judas to Christ) politicians of exclusion and divisive.

What they really mean, is that, as the current establishment they are the political and cultural default, that they make all the rules, all the policy and all the practices and establish what the current flavor of the day will be and what will be politically correct, today and tomorrow.

What they really mean is that the 'right' doesn't care about all their pet causes, and pet special interest groups, and their they are correct.

What they really mean is that only they have feelings, and no one else does, where they are wrong.

What they really mean is that democracy and opinion has no place beyond the perimeters and content they set.

What they really mean is that they are not to be challenged in their idea of truth, though in the next breath they say there is no Truth.

What other Marxists, politicians and nations past and present live by the same credo and have equally repressive 'establishments'?

What they really 'want' is to exclude, wipe Christianity including the branches they infiltrated off the face of the earth.

They are of the mindset of  'We are right'... and how dare you challenge us, (especially if we are atheists and yet, consider ourselves moderate) in thought, word, freedom and especially in subversion of democracy.

'You divide and exclude if you don't believe in us, our atheism, and our hedonist all- encompassing culture.... increasingly amounting to sheer blithering idiocy ...where we actually breed our heroes!'

Paul Gordon

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