Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's Why Our Christian Prayers Aren't Working in Truth!

And where both the right and the left are gravely wrong!

Everyone is allowed not to take themselves or others seriously many times in life, yet, there are times.. 'moments of truth', now and then when one has to take life seriously.. to retain one's sanity knowing o f the high shelf one can reach and immediately refer always keep one's center of gravity grounded and equilibrium balanced between heaven and earth, to know of the only hill of Truth, truly worth dying on and for whom. A high 'shelf' full of the richest content of what one has learned for oneself, bookend-ed with the ever expandable loving, yet wholly objective Holy Ghost.

A moment of grace granted Truth of the purpose, meaning and yes, 'tests' of life. A moment of truth neither the 'left or right' can even comprehend, but the most important grasps at life possible, seemingly only attainable by the individual, that the World everyone so embraces out of fear and ignorance, apparently cannot teach and certainly hasn't even a basis of worth of opinion from pigeon holed or group pigeon holed, self interest causes to the exclusion of all and everyone else.

These kinds of answers to the meaning and purpose of life itself lead to the same place, but seemingly must come about by the individual to truly prize the reality of awe of life and meaning. Something for 'everyone', yet that can be loved and cherished as if one's own finding. There is no worldly 'ideology' that can claim the same and certainly proven to not occupy the throne of Truth that aids all and hurts no one, who understands it and accepts it.

Academia, the judiciary, entertainers, the media are not fit to tie the laces of the more solid reality of any of them combined, the Truth.. and their pride and self- interests especially taint their thinking to such that their opinions are the most useless on the heap... and first, not last to discard on such a journey for the Truth.

And if they are that bad, think how bad, yet how singular political 'parties' are, and how susceptible to evil they become. It is legislators who should be the most connected or attuned with the Truth who are truly now needed... not the farthest away, as 'all' the main stream political parties are now...including the most deceiving of them, but only through the much vaunted power of 'speeches and feelings'...hardly matched in deed or action, with little accomplished in reality....Reaganism.

To be happy is to be blissfully handicapped to not be able to understand what is important in life, only to love and be loved. Or to seek leave of an intellectual purgatory of the World... made and confined by man under a imaginary grail that in fact is an anti-freedom... and most naked in the challenging of it.

Generic prayers, for world leaders, world peace, for Church leaders... even specific prayers like to St. Michael for an 'end to abortion' etc. etc. haven't been answered since at least before World War II, which saw the deaths of millions of citizens and young soldiers.

In truth deaths attributed directly and indirectly to and since Marxism have accounted for the most murders and battle deaths in history.

Public fluff prayers, or gravy prayers of good intentions equaling good feelings don't work for a good reason. If your political/cultural/economic life-activities don't lend themselves to favorable conditions of Christian support and change, where needed... how would one expect 'God' to just take of these elements Himself? As in “Oh yeah, God if you're not busy look after these things too, will ya?”

Personal prayer for loved ones is certainly different.. in sincerity, and humbleness...allotting our Lord much more 'wiggle' room, as it were, to perform miracles that don't cross the perimeters outside of Truth, logic and love.. the first two being more easily combined than the last added and perfectly interwoven by God.

{How can 'all' manner of reality not have possibly been preceded by God, and of a universe confined and contorted to the benefit all of 'one' planet of 'life' the universal holy grail, out of billions, some of whose like- conditions, billions of years 'ahead' of our own (according to the World's scientists), yet not been capable of interplanetary flight, (or even communication), yet, still not a singular 'one' sister- earth in 'science' seen fit to visit their like either independently or grouped, as they logically would be?

Therein, lies the real science fiction and the rush to put us ahead of our own time to no more 'useful', but possibly a quicker... end. What is more important to us, the present of the only holy grail of 'life' or the future of 'science'?}

Far away people(s) or 'causes' grown beyond one's age, situation, and especially personal concerns are more likely to garnish a yawn.. going through the greater community, and faint hope for civilization... prayers over a tear of personal desperation or mourning for oneself or loved one any day... in prayer.

The big difference in today's prayers aren't in who is leading the prayer(s) or the nature of the prayer that disables, but never disengages, God so that He cannot answer these prayers anymore than He can allow evil into heaven or an unrepentant sinner into heaven that He loves...

In Truth, people, this is all within the perfection of love and logic He has to Be...that also 'must' give people the only true freedom they will ever know, regardless of what the World has to offer them or (of increasing preference to the World)... force upon them...... the freedom to have their own minds, spirit, and soul to choose...and respect that all men are created 'equal' to not 'lord it' over them.

True freedom can only be found in a definitive and simply structured Truth...all else is merely self-interest anarchies.

Germans left their Christianity on the wayside at a 'window' of promises of the World Hitler enticed them with, seemingly attainable and ordained merely out of unaesthetic (to say the least) brute 'Nationalist powers', yet no doubt many other German Christians prayed in their Churches for God to favor such a free world Christians were doing the same for their nations to prevail over the World War Axis of evil, with one of those Axis nations itself, being Catholic Rome, who have a whole history of letting varied and opposing political winds, like a child continually pull the threads off their frayed rich religious history.

Some Christian nations such as Britain betrayed other Christian nations like Poland by having their leaders sacrifice them on a level of disrespect, like so many 'trading cards' to the godless communists purely out of expediency to 'end' the never ending war in reality and celebrate 'sooner'.

Such trades were quite open and General Patton for example, complained bitterly about letting the communists have their way in such 'deals'.

(Today even worse, lives, innocence and souls, are sacrificed at the World altar of a 'political correctness' expediency, and by a singular broadly reported mere example, Terry Schiavo was murdered at the hands of political leaders and an often more strident and more powerful politically- correct ultimately unchecked 'judiciary' at the mere request of her 'estranged' husband. Would a Christian nation not at least demand such an unchecked.. if necessary.. judiciary to be Christian attuned if they are to have a final say on all local and national matters and have been chosen individually by political parties can they throw up their hands and pass blame solely onto the judiciary ?)

Other European nations left their Christianity aside falling for the golden apple of enticements from the Marxist serpent infested tree of socialism, (with all its poisonous fruits of communism, unionism, feminism, atheism etc.. the isms that destroy, not build)..... yet, no doubt prayed for God's favour for their nations.

How could some of the likes of Marxism, Fascism, Imperialism, Military rule, or atheist Narcissism, logically allow God to help them?

Today is no different! The losers of the Great Wars have not yet been written.

However, the 'results' of today are proving more devastating than the World Wars in their terms of numbers and of loss of life. Today's loss of youthful innocence, loss of human infant life, and mass destruction of souls.. world wide.... of all the same nations of the World Wars and more, is by far the greater tragedy

Human nature, (or attachment to original sin) of greed, narcissism, carelessness, envy makes hypocrites of us all at times, but need we be so 'all' the time as the world increasingly beckons us to do and keep ourselves sheltered mostly in shame of our own nakedness, from that which we know is personally right, from the Truth or the sweetest God created fresh air that our souls will ever distinguish such a delight for our minds, over any perceptual awareness from our lungs.

But, here is what we do that would insult our loving God if He could be, but as it is what we do to make ourselves selfish fools in the least of damages we cause...and what we actually prohibit God from doing in His humble and necessary perfection to the very Truth, He is, that being... what is right and good and not wrong and evil, that has to have consequences or be.. universal and spiritual anarchy.

A God that created a perfect universe, all to perfect conditions for life on earth, in reality, not fiction, and in the reality of the natural and supernatural, is anything but, wanting of spiritual anarchy.

It is 'critical' that one has to think of God/Christ in this manner of perfection as it is the only way He would exist and in no way in terms of the World to Be everything He is and claims to Be.

As Catholics or Christians we do things like pray for an end to abortion, yet we work and toil in public hospital abortuaries 'earmarking' our participation within the same four walls like front office filers in the 'work camps' ?

We 'vote' with our own 'morality' mark for our 'law makers' within political 'Parties' of whom to date have not only done anything remotely serious for unborn babies, but have even stopped saying they will do anything for babies or Judeo- Christians, or in respect or even in acknowledgment of God?

All we get is meaningless cheap attempts at comrade shoulder massages of, “I 'personally' believe in God”, from leaders supposedly also on our side, but with no favors to the side Christ the Truth!

All in exchange for which party we deem more patriotic in eloquent speeches of a same Worldly obsessed nation.. .or more importantly in exchange for promised tax cuts...or increased or even new socialized benefits with monies owed by our grandchildren for the present, compounded each year through Marxist socialism?

We pray for good teachers and educators to teach our children, yet our Bishops (such as in Canada, home of the game changing Winnipeg Statement of their political expediency) abdicated all control over who is teaching our children, or what they are being taught, to government political control, including contradictory Marxist Catholic unions who long ceased attending Sunday Mass in exchange for thirty pieces of full-funding and a huge relief o f responsibility and duty, to an aged already retired Catholic hierarchy.

Canadians 'pray' for an end to abortion, yet say 'nothing' and do nothing when Canada awards our highest honor to our nation's most acclaimed and proficient abortionist and praise a Canadian 'conservative' Prime Minister who hides when tens of thousands of teenagers descend on Ottawa against the total freedoms of the death culture and refuses to even discuss the 'matter' now, or in the future? Obviously, there is a leader and a nation in no need of Judeo-Christianity.

How can such prayers also be possibly answered with so many and such easy routes of 'participation' available requiring only the small man made 'miracles' of knowing modern history and Party track records and the 'miracle' of faith. And as political circumstances now dictate, a necessary openness and serious commitment to Judeo -Christian based third political parties.

The World religion of anti-Christ atheist Marxism only enslaved communist nation, citizens where Christ is currently more appreciated than in 'free' nations, and destroyed European economies through Marxist government unions. Christ was no capitalist anymore than He was a socialist. In modern retrospect How could He be in Perfection or in much less, as now seen through the reality of the obvious, as should be plain to see, even for the individuals suffering in intellectual purgatory of the World.

Courage aside, the Vatican.... the Judeo-Christians of the free world have to be 'grown-up' about the fact that the World and Marxism have chosen certain fields to effect change and marginalize Christianity. It starts with the entertainment world and ends in the political and judicial arena.

We all have abandoned Christ, we are no longer the silent 'majority' and we must rise to the occasion, including prayer and what it sensibly entails.

And we can't pray for St. Michael's protection in battle and against the snares of the Devil if we don't enlist or engage.

Paul Gordon

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