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Snap Out Of It America!.. And Christians!

Snap Out Of It America, and Christians!

Not Just an 'Opinion', But An Obvious Out of Control Reality Spiralling to One Certain Fate

Democrats are at their most evil, freeing up, and enslaving the nation in debt, paying for 'universal' free services, and in freeing up all manner of a hedonism crept from the depths of Hell... the opium 'cloud' for the masses blinding them from the real freedom in universal Truth.

Censorship of God and Christianity entrenched in establishment policy and practice, and until yet,.... still uncontested by the claimed official conservative party of the nation is 'not' a legitimate claim of a reality of freedom of speech.

God and Christianity gave birth to your nation and made it rich in told, and untold ways, not atheists or the World's greatest Anti-Christ to date, or liberty gate crasher, Karl Marx, despite all the modern nefarious attempts at history revision.

It is Christianity that freed the slaves as MLK attested too... 'The Truth That Shall Set You Free' .

(JFK a liberal politician was no friend of MLK's and vice versa as can be attested in his waylaid urgency, and in his wife's own taped words as reported on CBS web pages. Kennedy could have... should have... cleaned up the dirty lingering 'left overs' of slavery... with no march required, that no one had the political courage to do, prior to him)

It was Christianity.. at least, as far back as St. Paul who was personally tapped (quite hard) by Christ, begging his close friend to set his slaves free, if he was to be a real friend... a reality open for all to read since the Gospels were recorded, and widely and historically reported...but apparently very well concealed in it's wide exposure.....but, by the World and its willful blindness.

Down the line the Christian message was furthered through St. Patrick, a slave himself, and ultimately definitively.. secularly.. conquered by William Wilberforce a devout Christian, inspired and mentored by a pastor, John Newton, who himself was struck down like St. Paul by Christ the Truth, from his former spiritual blind profession as a successful transporter of slaves.

After his spiritual blindness, was lifted, Newton wrote 'Amazing Grace' and became blind to the world but was able to see Christ. England's good traits were founded in Christianity and they were not lost in translation through the American Revolution.

They were refined by America's Founding Fathers, (one who kept in communication with Wilberforce), the modern Marxist's supplanted and ignored as they do God.

It was the great fallibility of politics and politicians with the World, that became freedom 'delayed' for slaves in the United States..hardly Christianity.

Wilberforce wanted to choose between working for God as a monk in prayer, or remain as a politician and perform physical good Christian works, for the poor, against the cruelty of animals and in reforming the prisons.

Ultimately, he chose to not separate State and Christianity and for it Britain did not lose it's Great Empire..even though much of the modern empire at that time was in fact built on the backs of slaves toiling for British business owners of plantations.

Separation of faith and State was uncalled for then. It was recognized by the Founding Fathers that faith needed utmost protection then, and it is only since Marxism that Christian faith has been marginalized to a Merry Christmas, once a year.

John F. Kennedy came from a family that mostly rejected its Catholic faith on a personal basis, and as a politician, in conjunction with his speech writer(s), rejected his faith on a public basis while adhering to his 'political faith' with the World, that being a Catholic might hurt his chances for election.

This brought forth a campaign speech where he proclaimed the Pope would have no affect on his position as president if elected. In retrospect, that was the truest statement Kennedy was ever to make on his public or private affairs.. or his brothers, father, and numerous male relatives.

The Republicans were and are, certainly no friends of Christians...though much worse, they pretended to be so, through constant wooing over decades they now spend on the homosexual activist spread culture of today.

Yet, at times of their majority rule, including their heady Reaganite years... they never made an 'official move' to show they were ever serious to let God or Christ be their personal or public guide. All the modern GOP First Ladies were closet pro-abortion proponents, (especially, one could imagine to the lower class given their arrogance) who only 'came out' after their President, husbands left office.

Tens of thousands of pro-life civil right's (equal to, and still including, black innocent baby's civil rights, as opposed to homosexual non visible/ non sexuality restricting/ non- 'civil rights' issue/ minorities) converged on Washington and surrounded the White House in pro-life witness and all George Bush could do was talk to them by telephone....(at least more than the worse, but more honest Canadian 'conservative' Prime Minister and a pro-life enemy could ever muster up.

They clung and still cling to the assumption that the underlying Marxist establishment that conquered North America academia, and enticed the workforce while its men and young boys were fighting the Great Wars is the 'middle' area to be courted and never officially assailed or too challenged...hence not one effort at serious reform for choice of education, restrictions on abortion and not even an attempt to save Terry Schizoid from her estranged/divorce husband state murder request.

The 'best' the GOP can offer up for this election is yet a mere token, window dressing 'Christian' vice president running election silent partner, and a speech from, yet another shelf -expired actor from the heart of Christian 'despising' hopes of 'sparking' the spirit of Reagan of the past.

One, Clint Eastwood whose winter days in life are spent writing/directing/producing/ heavy handed/scripted politically correct euthanasia fiction movies and touchy feelie movies about the Imperialist Japanese godless/ evil/ tortuous/ brainwashed/murderers of World War II...all the while belittling, priests and Catholic faith as an underlying theme in all his late movies... in a seemingly populist (hardly courageous) stab at ingratiating himself with the masses sewage river current against Truth and current promoted ugly distrust if not hatred of the Christian leader, only officially Christ appointed Church of Catholicism.

What can we expect next to keep Eastwood's career aglow in an ever darkening light...A Christian mis-understanding of Islam?

The only thing ever to be intended to come out of mainstream Hollywood is sinister, hedonist lifestyles, and a cultural worship whose funeral march tuned credits follow national suicide.
There is only one Truth, and it is not owned by the political, or by the blind patriot who supplants proven extreme fluctuating fickle and faddish nations with God and for family and Christ's children's innocence.

Caesar has left his proper place and duty and it is now critical... no longer the perpetual Christian tabled option... to be left unchallenged. He has entered God's domain in inches throughout modern history, and all but conquered America and its true freedoms set long ago by Christ.

America, there is currently no where to turn on your political front, and 'no' one to 'vote for'... that can help make America great again, let alone in anything that counts.

Especially, stop fooling yourselves. Certainly, it should be readily apparent as the sun rises, that no current party as they stand can possibly have monetary silver linings or free immorality pass cards for you... or even have the slightest comprehension, that through sacrifice and faith the only things that make nations great, the only things that matter in the World can never be of the World, though the two are never 'separated' in spite of wishful 'laws' or thinking. The World...the State and Christ the Truth... clash every waking 'moment'.

The modern U.S. political and judicial reality is such that it can't even 'allow' for Divine aid in the only Truth that can be.

There is not even a political saviour in sight, and especially in the 'Party' that hideously deceives you.

It never was, and is certainly not now the time to put 'faith' in politics and speeches! Obviously the folly and the futile have not championed the 'current' day with nothing but the promise of a blacker future.

It is the time to inject the only entity you can have 'faith in'...into your Nation.

It is also time to rein in all the evil injected traitorous public organizations, and unions who use the Christian name as an evil cancer to continually weaken an increasingly anemic Church
aimed in continual barrages to pound and challenge the never defeated, Truth of the Church of Christ.

The Churches wanton desire.. 'understandably'.. to focus on only the true love and humbleness of part of the good news to evangelize those 'from' the entrapments of the World, and so eloquently put forth by our modern Popes, is not the totality of a Truth of Christ, that tells us to clean our Father's House no less so, by those who use Christ's name. And, to not publicly excuse by action including, personal mark of support, or by omission, anyone.... who would harm His, little ones... no less in destruction of their very innocence.

If Christianity is to be continually denied a say in Caesar's 'new' domain...(conquered spoils to the uncontested victor).... and continually, refuses to step up and make that effort, 'that' in so, is merely supportive of the only Truth Christ lifts us higher too, not what politicians continually tell us is futile, impossible and what to settle for...but only in the reality they claim to own and are allowed to own, only, for..... the sins of omission of the same faithful that ask forgiveness for at every Mass, but in the light of Truth, never actually understand, or seemingly have no 'will' clouded by ambivalence or worse, purposely clouded by narcissistic unwanted trade-off... to understand.

And here, within much... I include the Catholic hierarchy whose selfish need may be for 'self- peace' over desire to serve God, and only entrusted to be disposed to serve sheep and lamb!

As should also be plain within the domain of Christ the Truth, where has there ever been peace or an expected peace for faithful Christians, except in their great reward?

The Church has a rich history of Saints but also a great shame in it's appeasers. A 'Call to Glory' was not fiction!

The Church will withstand the Gates of Hell with, or without your help but it is up to you whether that will only be known to the truly faithful in their great reward.

All is lost for America and the world. All is lost for the family, its children, its unborn and of the worst, the salvation of souls Caesar now also claims in his domain granted on the black horse of fad, cultural, and nationalism....the World has all but conquered us all by destroying our Faith.

Greatness is nothing, if  not kissed by Truth, its humble master.

Great nations thirst continually for many men with great efforts in greater causes, not one... and are never left unguarded or for granted.

When a nation is no longer quenched it dies from nothing by mouth.

And as many a man has risen and just as easily fallen in greatness so do, ungirded Nations that too can be wretches... forgetting their least, for their most demanding, and abandoning rightousness to the  mere distorted look of the Worlds scorn..(a humble badge of honour...)  and so too  awaits to be saved only by amazing Grace...  all will see.

Paul Gordon

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