Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guess What? Self-Thought-of, Moderates

(inspired by Canada's number one radio talk show host Mike Stafford's rant against all religions, specific mention of Christians and all day run talking point hilight ad for his show)

Guess What Self -Thought -Of 'Moderates'

You are critically to the left by any objective standard especially in consideration of the former Christian North America.

Thanks to a few generations of your Marxist upbringing you truly roam between the leftist establishment... the now great majority of North Americans... the proletariat, that believes all men are created equally beneath them....useful idiots.. and treated as such, they do in fact stand down to your bully mentality and angry temperament...and modern Nazism.. political correctness.

Like the intellectual bully, you whisper marginalization of Christianity, while feign indignation of store clerks not saying 'Merry Christmas', in attempts to ingratiate yourselves to the 'unenlightened' who just don't normally get your narcissism, or faddish feelings and sympathy versions of reality, where there is no greater truth than what suits your purpose for the 'moment'.

Where there are two crying towels for a particular moral event, you claim in your opinion, your side to be the rather shaky truth, in fact, you are the one that claims there is only one crying towel, or your truth and brand of the absolute, in the case of abortion or in pedophile homosexuality where again, you whitewash.... in this case, the obvious homosexuality factor.

But, you just can't reconcile that little conundrum to even yourselves with all your 'sympathetic' potty trainings of feelings you should have for perversions.. Even then, personal freedoms everyone has obviously granted in Devine choice, is not enough, public celebration, promotion, and hammered public acceptance.... is the 'order' of the politically correct day.

But here's what Christianity really does to you self called 'moderates'. It scares you to death to change, in your fears , and anxiety, but especially. in your thumb sucking like security to narcissism and personal immoralities that you turn to like crack to keep up your spirits, but having the opposite in effect. Misery does love company amongst the 'moderates' though.

Your idea of a 'comfort' base in society is to have faith more so, to obsess... in your humanist 'heroes' not just to live your live vicariously through them, but that their particular talent in sports, entertainment, political speeches, politically- correct speeches, blind nationalism, etc equates to examples in this shallow faux truth, or the only life to aspire to, and live by.

If you took all of these away...what would you have, to think, to be secure in. What if you were in a situation alike to being continually shelled, and army invaded Poland of World War II from Germany or from communist Russian, and you were challenged daily just to keep yourself alive and hopefully loved ones, if you had any beyond yourself, that you weren't recently divorced from.

Would you be obsessed about 'Madonna's or Lady gag ga's latest tune, or the gangstras latest conquest and bravado challenge, what your hero's batting average was, what a great speech Reagan made.... twenty years ago. Would you think your current political leaders/heroes would even be able to be found.

Would you be worried about your diet, refuse fast foods, adhere to the thousands of vehicle driving and occupant violations, myriad of additional politically correct rules of society in hopes of edging us all to the accident free 'master race' of health, be concerned over how much weight the Mayor of Toronto lost or that he used his cell phone for a personal call?

Would you go on strike for that cost of living allowance?

If you want to know what is even basically important in life, just imagine such a way of living forced on you that you had no control over. Something modern society moderates really, need to do. If we wouldn't care about so much garbage and controlling at such a time, why do we obsess with it now?

In Poland they strengthened their Catholic faith more than ever, nurtured a great future Pope and sped up the inevitable communist 'purest' fall of the USSR single-handedly in future years, with a refusal of everyone to work and supply the USSR with cheap resources.

But mostly, they would have prayed like they never prayed before.

Today's 'Moderates' don't want to believe there is anything above 'them' to challenge their fallible truth, their limited secular intellectual fantasies, their refusal to believe in the miracle of live and creation of all from nothing, and they need to obsess on the extreme, the absurd, and the banal...anything not to have them even face their mortality, their immorality, their insecurities.

They now bury the 'good Guy' religion with all the others because they can't stand the thought

of any God being their superior, loving or otherwise. The very thought of reading a bible is now repulsive to them as a Crucifix to a vampire. All their answers to the eternal, never lift off the World.

No..... moderates of today, their banal nations and flags are nothing to salute or defend. And they are no one to look up too, certainly not imitate, and they do have a real orientation problem of the 'middle-moderates' on the right/ wrong scale, where it doesn't even exist to begin with.

Dig just a little deeper, and they are a faux worldly truth closer to 'moderate' hedonism that exists only to challenge the real Truth of Christ. If crap should ever really hit the fan look for the moderates to scatter like cockroaches away from the light.

In election seasons, where Christians can start a revolt to these godless majority moderates is in not voting for any party but one that claims to be so first and foremost not last or not at all... That too is the Truth!

Whether times are good or bad...never change your focus and ignore their stratigies!

In regards to not voting for our only two choices in political parties (only because of current Christian apathy) in the response of Gene Hackman as the Polish General in a Bridge Too Far... "In the case of massacre, what would be the difference!" Certainly. a massacre for one, of what is currently all that's left of our faith by political murder.

Strategies do not exist in Truth only with a more intelligent than us entity...Satan.

No one has the right to claim to be the truth except the truly humble and loving, Christ, but that doesn't mean we can't, recognize it, adhere to it, apprecate, respect, and defend it over the World and it's now self called moderates of North America who do claim to be the truth. Try opening them up for discussion!

Paul Gordon

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