Sunday, September 23, 2012

640 Talk Radio Canada's Number One Station Not So Much With SoCons

640: Canada's #1 Talk Show, Because They Conform Not Distinguish Themselves

I caught a little of a middle-aged female host, Arlene Bynon, featured at dinner hour on Canada's 'number one' talk show station. This station 'prides' itself as being the one station that isn't politically correct, I take it as a b.s. advertising gimmick in a lame attempt to attract some of the real conservatives from the Sun TV news (never to be mistaken with what the same Sun chain... puts in its tabloid news print overly, peppered with liberal commentators with the exception of Lorrie Goldstein) and capitalized by the Fox network in the States.

640's 'bogus' claim to be politically incorrect is uncovered everyday in all it's 'celebrity' shows with the lone exception of it's broadcasting of the syndicated, Charles Adler show now bumped to late evenings, no doubt to placate the leftist Toronto listeners, who got rid of Limbaugh and Dr. Laura years ago. A total liberal, Jeffery McCarther, a cheap version of CFRB's empty hat.... James Moore was ushered into Adler's slot.

When he's not talking about himself, his step children, his vacations, his engagement, his new house, his credit card problems, his parking complaints, his hatred of all religion, (Christianity by name) the seemingly painful all day... mid-day, fluff hours with Mike Stafford and affable every talk show's former 'Yes' sounding boy, just 'Ryan', are a throw back to bravado mojo style Corus radio when they used to advertise erection commercials to audiences loaded with young boys, and teens, listening to their 'lugan' Maple Leaf hockey heroes play,.....

Heroes... apparently, now best known for their indifference (and why not) to their high paying attending and fawning 'sucker' devoted fans, who no longer pony- up the majority of their paychecks, over television and marketing revenues.... kind of like the heroes, Ontario teachers, now fantasize about themselves, to tax payers in the real working world...who only have McGuinty to 'please' and mutually bribe during select times in the election cycle.

John Oakley has small glimmers or lapses of not being politically correct at times, but then always manages to gravitate back to currying favor to the greater liberal establishment, and therefore greater liberal audience, of political correctness, and at times none- to subtlety, if awkwardly.. before the particular segment is over.


And too, (and it would be hard to believe he has no input in)...Oakley kisses a broad swath of establishment ass with air time that a real unpolitical correct talk show station wouldn't offer even a quarter's worth of talk time (think the greats Adler and Limbaugh) with such 'far' left iconic flakes like Buzz Hargrove, nobody atheist 'Ryerson' (school of Marxist excellence) professors, union grand exalted ruler, Sid Ryan, completely unbiased (unless you count constant public proclaimed disdain for Americans ) foreign affairs 'expert', Eric 'marvelous' Margolis, lesbian magazine editors (no political correctness there), Socialist party Peter Kormos, etc. etc...

...None of which represent any part of normality, let alone common sense, hardly views that are 'politically incorrect' by a station bragging of its implied conservative politically incorrect 'free' expressions. The only ones John seems to ever attack are the conservative or Christian guests, like the leftists need help and certainly they always do.

John must still be locked into the last fifty years when the liberals were always the upstart, establishment claiming otherwise and proclaiming each other brave 'rare' (like sand grains at the Sandbanks) humanists and political heroes.

Hey, 640 producers and marketers, it's only 'politically correct' when it is the views of the humanist, hedonist, atheist, Marxist establishment.. at least the last time I evaluated society...'precisely' because they are the current 'establishment' and 'pull' all your 'strings' if you want to keep on making a profit. A Judeo-Christianity establishment could hold it's own in just logic and it doesn't need feelings and emotions of the 'moment' and 'opportunity to subvert, Truth with the true life of Christ.

Understandably, you exist only for profit, but when you want to 'glorify' even in pretend intellectual self righteousness, immersing yourself in all the godlessness of serious matters, don't baffle anyone with such pure b.s. or go invent another 'sales' opportunity to pull on the atheist tabloid hungry.

And if varying self-defined idea of open discussion ( yet, everyone knows how it politically correctly ends) is the thing, the same old extreme 'regulars' betray that. It's more like assisting the immoral Marxists to move the moral needle way to the left and calling it the medium and all morality, Christianity, and common sense off the scale to the 'far' right.

If entertainment purpose 'only' is the claim, try discussing mud- wrestling, juggling, and the latest stand- up comedian, espoused cheap political rubber vomit.. over issues of morality, freedoms, the faddish rage of open season on Christianity and such... rampant in Canada.. without cheapening morality to the importance of this evening's weather report.... as if it has no impact what -so-ever on society, particularly the youth and the unborn.

So Arlene Bynon on this occasion seemed to take some kind of thinly veiled delight in proclaiming that social conservatism (always synonymous with Judeo-Christianity), that almost as a 'positive' the latest Canadian stats under godless Julius Harper showed an increase in homosexual civil granted play- house faux marriages, (though big wup.. one plus zero, or one plus one is an 'increase') and an increase in single fathers.

But, at least, (when Bynon wasn't continuing her pretend or real flirtations and sharing her sexual fantasies (surpassing 680's obnoxious bantering by far) with the business 'analyst', Lou, a man whose opinion seems in demand for too many of the shows, who seemingly knows very little about a heck of a lot, but comments with great assertive feigned authority, on too many issues throughout the day..)

Bynon, took it on herself to define the 'Canadian values' no other liberal will.... assuring the faint of heart, that we can all take pride (Hell they even copyrighted the words pride and values along with gay didn't they?) in the so- called Canadian identity (closeted until recently) that every liberal likes to pin on 'all' our asses.. which we all seem to rather enjoy given our non caring responses.

That's another new 'Canadian value'. The more perverted, the more, and all the better, to enjoy, applaud...celebrate, bask in and salute the flag of the moment, that does only fly on 'polls' composed of the only and present new 'patriotic' Canadians that count. It is no doubt, (I'm not challenging that validity) all true, in embraceable and modern Marxist generational teachings of the World, but it is a World far and away from the Truth that sets the prisoners free.

This posting was for purely entertainment purposes and the writer's views are not necessarily those of the blogger.

*Update, Sept 26 2012
So, today Johnny brings in Charles McVety in a special piece aside from Johnny's normal sleezy sardonic castigation day (like he's putting them over Charle's head) and at the hands of his atheist rosebud, of the day.

So this was an extra day for the 'all inclusive non judgmental' talk show people to poke fun at Charles all morning, (after Charles was off air of course)

Charles blogged a piece against the Toronto  Public School
Board's recommended sex link that among other perversities emplores children to stick vegetables up their's and their friend's asses (the link is apparently graphic in language) in the name of sexual exploration.

Well, doesn't some disturbed, blurty  shaky voiced anonomous individual phone in (with both hands busy no doubt) who Johnny gives all the time he desired to  explain in detail, how he, as a typical 'normal' person growing up actually did insert vegetables up his ass and dug holes in the ground that he inserted his penis in for sex, along with many other acts of sexual 'exploration'.

The caller goes on to praise this School bd. sex- link in the context of, if only he had this kind of 'education' at the time, to validate his 'normality' that he is sure everyone else engages in. Sorry, caller you are sick and talking about your sexual perversions doesn't make them normal, and certainly not healthy,  no matter how much Johnny thanks you for sharing your personal moments or how well you think it also works for homosexuals, who you sure sound like.   

So, if all 'possible' disgusting habits are to be celebrated with parades, special consideration, adoption rights etc.

Why not have second knuckle level nose insertion parades as the new cause celeb?

And then the next parade should be the finger retrievings to be eaten....or a parade emulating one of modern music industy's favourite sons who made it cool to eat feces on stage... ..Because that is the level these idiots want to relegate the beauty of God given sexuality and procreation to mental illness and freak show insertions..the circus wouldn't touch.

Yeah, you rock, you sick bastards at the Toronto School Board along with McGuinty's filthy dozen.

Paul Gordon


  1. Thank's very much for this.I was always a big fan of talk radio and thought it was only Me that felt this station was taking a huge left turn.That leaves only Jerry Ager on 1010 that's worth listening to.I have found Jeffery McCarther particularly obnoxious ..Thanks again

  2. "It's more like assisting the immoral Marxists to move the moral needle way to the left and calling it the medium and all morality, Christianity, and common sense off the scale to the 'far' right."

    Now I get why there are so many asshole 'atheists' infesting the Sun comments with their belief that their position is the truly correct one.