Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It Takes the Villiage Idiots and Marxist Politicians To Take Your Kids

It Takes the Village Idiots and Marxist Politician Control Freaks

So now the latest controversy is how a Christian doctor in Ontario Canada is suing an Ontario public school board for full descriptions of their curricula for two of his young children's grade school years.

If there is anything up for 'teaching' that appears it might violate his family beliefs, that he instills in his children he simply wants to know in advance so he can remove his children from that particular 'instruction'.

In defense of the public school board the leftist (who is the liberal establishment that now run school boards both in political union educators and in socialist administrations) argument is that they have the duty to teach 'his' children as 'they' see fit, with, and from as many angles as 'they' choose, that his children in this 'enlightened' 'knowledge' of more aspects of life, (like sixteen new genders from Sunday), they can make up their own opinions from 'critical' (read 'correct' way of) thinking and lifestyle choices.

So like, only a political whore horse lawyer like McGuinty (who sends his kids to private school) and his dirty dozen Sinistry minions have the choice and particular(s) control of all the wonderful myriad of main stream, facts, fads, fantasies, slanted history, opinions, feelings..etc. and set the exclusive perimeters in this greater cesspool of general early school knowledge, as the only source children can draw from to form their own personal beliefs.

Ha ha ha ha ohhhhhhh ha ha ha....oh oh oh oh ha ha haaa..ew w w w w w ha ha ha ha, ohh stop I'm peeing my pants ha ha ha.

Sorry, but if their was supposed to be anything actually intellectual in Marxist evil, liberal godless arguments worthy of at least debate, it just isn't there. They all have their heads up their ass.

But they do own our kids...... and we pay them handsomely too.

And teaching them all about back alley sex stopped them from getting pregnant. So teaching them all about homosexual and other various perverse lifestyles and the diseases it carries not to mention clouds of depression and suicide associated with it is going to what, have little grade one, two, three and fours make solid life decisions, and have just the proper amount of empathy or leftist sympathy for children of homosexual 'partners', when they don't even know about sex!

Gee, I wonder who is more susceptible to political correct purest bullshit, from A to Z... Darwin 'theories' to Marxist fantasies, to global warming and cooling put forth as 'truth'..... the official anti-Christian state and its one official school, or the Christian family?

So they put forth, why don't non politically correct believers home school or go to private and charter schools?

They'd love to and save the provinces literally billions in the process while upgrading the over all education of Ontario children in the process. So why don't provinces spread the educational taxes around in 'choice'.

I thought we (well, okay not me) elected McGiddy to responsibly at least maintain a Province and serve all the electorate.

But, apparently he was elected (twice! by more asshole zombies than you can shake a stick at)... as one heck of a debt increasing, liberal grand control wizard of education, feelings, morals for all, and proper behaviors... loved by ass patting teachers of the same, one official education systems (Catholic hating Catholic teachers unions being no different) at least until, and like any no good conservative, or liberal politician was through with em.

And the only 'choices' in practice that remain in Canada is the right to kill your own babies and wink wink parents.

You don't have the right to not pay for Canadians who kill their babies.

Seriously, think of all the things you don't have either a right or say in...in Canada that political correctness 'does have' including control of all the well paying exclusive union ideology jobs (many of which in addition you must fluently speak and write French to attain)

Or the right to parade around town year round as a flaming pervert of upteen genders but no right to a) question their sanity or b) more important question their motives.

Paul Gordon

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