Friday, September 21, 2012

In The Case Of Massacre What Would Be The Difference

Gene Hackman's Polish General character gave this title fatalist comment in his most memorable moment of, 'A Bridge Too Far' to General Browning, Montgomery's key organizer of the Montgomery orchestrated 'Operation Market Garden' one of the worst and ill planned defeats of the allies in WW II.

Many would believe it was a hurried attempt created out of the jealously Montgomery had for Patton and in an ego thrust end run, to one up Patton..... safely assumed possible as the ultimate defeat of the Germans was finally deemed a certain realization to the Germans and the allies.

The Germans, however in an all out retreat were only retreating to rest and re-organize for their final defence of their home like cornered bears guarding their den.

Anyone who thinks either over-rated Montgomery or Churchill would ever leave politics and their wanton place in 'hero history' aside, in either desperation, or appreciation for the allies efforts, particularly, the Americans, who won the Japanese War single-handedly and who at least held equal credit partnership with the Russians...(Though Stalin's communists only  survived, and ultimately flourished, but for retrospect
'erronious' emergency American armament shipments), prior to American full entry into the World War... know very little about visual, audio and written history.

What the Polish General saw was an eager, but general ineptness in Browning and his intelligence officers, that Browning refused to allow himself to believe.... An ineptness to such a degree that the Polish General initially asks Browning for a letter stating that he and his Polish fighter brigade were 'forced' to participate in 'Market Garden' thereby excusing themselves from the impending failure he predicted.

Browning responds, "I see, Is that what you really want?"
To which Hackman gives his above line.

It is such a fate, only of a greater loss that awaits North American  Judeo-Christians in their relationship with the new 'conservative' parties in their spiritual greater battle.. that, for their families, the nation's youth..their innocence and ultimately...souls... Their battle with the hedonist atheist acting, if not atheist believing, liberal Marxists, who live for the moment and damn everyone, all else, and for all future.

The problem with these conservative allies, is as Hackman also states, of a seemingly confused British intelligence aide to Browning, who asks Hackman, why is he giving his uniform the 'once over' (?)....

"Just checking... to see as to whose side you're on"

In fact, these new- conservatives are purely neutered politically which means they are insidiously purely interested in power and whatever politics and feigned ideology will hike them there.

Only, the fact that they know Judeo-Christians are totally opposite to liberal Marxists keeps their arms,  around the shoulders of Judeo-Christians in feigned sympathy and joint cause.

In Canada the 'conservatives' have completely abandoned even the pretense of such, and now join the entrenched liberal establishment in their open disdain for Judeo- Christians.

At a federal conservative convention led by the present leader, Prime Minister Harper, the new wave of hungry young conservatives who would know nothing, spawned, but of a liberal Marxist education forced on all...booed and jeered an elderly long term elected , (Fezziwig type) conservative 'party' member, Elsie Wayne, from the east coast...until she left the microphone and stage for 'daring' to put forth a pro-life friendly and moderate party alliance adoption sealing the fate of any pro-life leanings for the party bigwigs and commoners in that 'party's' future.

Yet, the same party bigwigs don't handcuff any of their shameless back- benchers from trolling Christian churches for but their 'personal beliefs' if not political rewards, the bigwigs would never let them foist on the 'party' general.

The U.S. GOP is still more coy and a little behind on pretensions in 'strategy'. Their water boy and girl Reaganites talk a good game for every four years between elections, but party officials and leaders don't talk at all in campaigns about doing anything for God and family only the nation. And they do even less than their non speak even when they hold both majorities.

They are good at 'applauding' Hollywood written speeches and has -been actors, however.

There is however something sinister afoot beneath  a claim of superior... Constitution, in 'both' nations, that would give the Judiciary, self emanating 'opinion and power' of  'legislating' in what they do... and by omission.. in non- emergency and peace time,...usurping, and placing nation above God and Family of a nation, that until now recognized God and Family before a nation founded to 'serve' God and Family over narcisstic self destructive  family dispising atheists.

Bottom line...why vote for the enemy (which is at least honest and brave) 'Or' your deceitful allies who claim Judeo-Christians amongst their ranks.

In the case of massacre, let either do their deeds without your mark especially those who stand less chance of changing than the enemy.

Take no personal part in either evil.

Paul Gordon

Thought for the day for the election

Rush Limbaughs contributions through the years have been great as has his mentor's, William F. Buckley (who was intellectually honest and witty)  but in retrospect the man of many wives on expired Reagan political steroids  motive was only ever to corral Judeo-Christian votes over to the pirates who don't do anything for them, or much of anyone historic recorded fact...over yesterday's speeches.

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