Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atheists Don't See Themselves As Dogmatic Humanists

Atheists Don't See Themselves As Arrogant Dogmatic Humanists

These days they also believe that they inherited the earth and have sole right to rule 'any' part of it.

Atheists are coy Pantheists of old. Their un-defensible beliefs are self generated and they don't believe that any Truths can exist outside of their (primarily) personal feelings of the moment.

They blind themselves to cold reality because they 'care', while in constant celebration of hedonistic lifestyles or simply in blind humanist patriotism, yet they are terribly susceptible to fad, whim, and hero worship.

God can be wrong, but the nation it's faddish, heroes, and entertainers can not.

Even as was not finished running an excellent column highlighting modern attacks on North American Christianity by leftist atheist celebrities and political parties, authored by Bob Unruh... there were fresh attacks launched by the entertainer branch of atheist hedonists.

All at once, there was Bill Nye 'the science guy' telling Christians not to teach our children that God created the universe. Ellen Barkin was wishing the GOP would drown in Hurricane Issac. Cher Bono wanted Akin to get raped and contract A.I.D.s...And finally, at least as only widely reported through the predominately atheist establishment M.S.M, Samual Jackson was disappointed that the GOP escaped any harm by Issac.

Granted, equating Romney's GOP with religion, 'especially' Christianity is quite a stretch these days but it is a game the left plays in their own fantasies these days, grouping their hatred together..kind of like pinning the Christian tail on EeeOrr the jackass.

As lazy as Hollywood and the left are, their intent is to malign both into one talking point, yet explain nothing. 'Talking points' are the only arguments lazy illogical atheists pass on like some contagious disease, only wanton... Again not unlike Nazism... 'tell us some lies, we can also proclaim, so we can justify our desires'.

Just a few talking points like:

A woman's right to kill her co-created pre-born baby, lies within her 'right' to her body for any or no reason.

He/she was born that way.

Who are any of us to judge what is moral and what isn't?

It is 'imperative' to have children learn about sex, in order to prevent them from having sex...The earlier the better, to believe Bill Clinton's first Surgeon General who wanted to teach kindergartens how to masturbate.

No one can be expected to take responsibility for their sexual practices/lifestyles, including pedophiles now... for all the deterrence and punishment. (but still sanely at least..unless a woman is forced upon.. by a man)

The working world is a much better place because of unions.

Bob Unruh's research was rather limited on recent examples of an equally dumbfounded Nazi- Jewish- like hatred, faddishly generated on Christians, as they were only 'examples' of a now officially politically correct highly praised stance to adopt.

Of a federal judge who threatened “incarceration” for a high school valedictorian unless she censored references to Jesus in her graduation speech

A city prohibition to seniors who wanted to pray before meals

A judge’s opinion that prayers before a state legislative meeting could reference Allah, but not Jesus

A state attempt to regulate what religious seminaries could teach

The Obama administration argument before the Supreme Court that the federal government can tell churches which pastors it can hire or fire

A ban from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to references to Jesus in veterans’

Listening to Canada's purported number one talk show last evening a young sounding Globe and Mail reporter/author came on the program to promote his 'Islam is actually quite tame, and nothing to worry about, except that we are not accommodating enough' book.

However, as one would expect of the schizophrenic reporters and pundants these days he soon sucked and blew at the same time.

He wanted the talk show host to make no mistake, “As an atheist, he hated all religions” but he, just as the whole politically correct liberal establishment wanted to give Muslims a fare shake ( in truth, more.. because their hate for Christianity is so strong they would side with Stalin as it were, as the Nazis actually did with their Non Aggression Pact, so they could both pursue one dream at a time).

What was really odd about World War II was that various nations played the strangest of bedfellows at times, because of various other nations hate for both 'Atheist' communist, and Nazi-socialist nations that instigated the World War and was in fact the cause for the War that killed the greatest number of people... not epic erroneous modern atheist talking point!

The Vichy French had trouble making up their minds on whose side to be and who to fight. At one point they joined the Germans to fight the Communists. On the other side a German Field Marshall joined the communists to fight Germans, when he felt abandoned by Hitler and lived the rest of his life as a communist in East Berlin.

Roosevelt sent thousands of tons of military equipment to Stalin's Russia.

The Ukrainians sided with the Nazis at first for the murderous treatment they received from Stalin and then switched when Goring came and made them 'produce' non-stop for the Germans until they dropped dead.

Many German and Polish Christians in all of this aided death- marked Jews at the risk of their own lives and their children's.

It was Godless atheist patriotic pantheists who continued the blood lust, and in Japan they strictly adhered to the Godless Japanese tradition of Bushido...a way to kill ruthlessly and a way to die, rather than surrender.

In any number of war movies or real footage war documentaries, you will see priests right in the battlefield giving 'last rights'  to dying soldiers with gun and cannon fire landing around them, and offering the (Latin) Mass not far from the shooting. 

What atheist would risk his life for anything, let alone a religious belief and faith in Christ?

Hence, in a 'true' story Hollywood modern war movie on the Bataan camp rescues the Colonel lines up his troops for the especially 'true' dangerous mission and announces that "I won't have any Damn atheists go forward on this mission!"

In the near future historians will wonder of present 'bedfellows', the likes of the U.S. Canada and England aided all official Islamic,  nations, (who officially kill and torture their females along with Christians) for simple tyrant regieme change, at the costs and utter waste of the lives of thousands of young soldiers.

How demoralizing and insulting of the bravest of nation's defenders....Wars of Islamic political expediency.

Meanwhile discouraging and preventing home nation oil exploration, production and even transportation thereof, at the whims and wishes of illogical politically correct environmentalists.  

Atheists of today are no different in their strident hatred for Christians and Catholics who they see as their number one enemy as did Karl Marx the single most responsible person for over two hundred years of murder in the most hideous of forms.

The Truth of it is that their minds are so closed, they, as the Vichy French can't logically even see whose side to be on, and in their humanist narcissism and hero search and worship, they don't realize the totality of the very real 'dangers' that surround them and creeps up their limbs from their nation's soil into their very minds, their souls and conscience already having been consumed.

They (homosexuals, entertainers, liberal establishment, hero worshipers, blind patriots, etc.) are obviously not happy so they create and 'control' a pretend 'caring' world to justify, their's and others immorality, and they can never do that without absolutely destroying Christianity first.

Paul Gordon

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