Sunday, September 30, 2012

(plain) Paul's 2nd Letter To the Atheistinians (and the faithful)

(plain) Paul's 2nd Letter To the Atheistinians (and the faithful)

Our supposed 'friends', the faux- conservatives, who claim to 'personally' believe in God, but have the whole nation's interest at heart, thereby implying a secular- pseudo- moral superiority, and that Christians neither care, or deserve a stake in the nation's interest, latest tactic..

.... is to keep Christians at bay by telling their Godless narrow minded, to not recognize Judeo- Christianity as anything above Islam, Wicca, nature worshipers, Buddhism exactly, as the liberal establishment (they've never engaged seriously).

They ask their fellow humanist worshipers of the 'politically- heroic' dead, locked in yesterday, “Would they prefer a theocracy?”

A 'theocracy'...'asked' and responded to, (in the same vein it was intended) and mischievously put forth, to their party questionable leadership that finally 'publicly' stripped any residual Christian 'baggage' (in a publicly intended humiliating way), from being associated with Republicans, ever since, their leadership modernly, and to their early dismay 'prematurely', encouraged Bob Dole.. 'there's the 'big tent' door, ( erection commercial) guy.... to start the GOP political 'crusades' to flush out and jettison the bad taste of Christ from their ranks.

In the same vein it was put forth, Yes, we would toss Christianity from our hearts, and souls and that, of our nations.. in a heartbeat for the much preferred leadership of the inglorious and ungrateful Republicans whose idea of leadership as seen in their record, to help themselves first, second and third.

What have they even 'attempted' to achieve in pay- back for Christian support, gathered in swooning epic, now exposed, great propaganda speeches from their deceased 'hero' and carried on through their talk-show water carriers, and prolific propaganda book writers?

During their power majorities, did they give abortion a second look, that they 'feared' in the not so, bravery of their club truth, that the electorate might give them a second look from 'retaining' the power they attained, but from Judeo-Christians.

Did they take on the Marxist education administrations and teacher unions and offer freedom in education for any part of the nation through means available including state transfer monies if nothing else... the same way federal governments have always controlled and black-mailed States.

Did they even resist the minority blatantly disordered homosexual steam-roller activist agendas that in Truth can only be increasingly successful in direct corresponding leaps to marginalizing and further belittling of the importance of Judeo-Christianity.

Did they even feign 'indignation' (seemingly limited in anger and in 'totality' by all, at whether store clerks wish them a Merry Christmas) of the marginalization of Judeo-Christianity most handily ( and considered definitively) meted at the, government excused and Pilate, 'guiltless hand'..... the judiciary.... from their Marxist strong- arm of their wrongful occupying, and now all encompassing, 'establishment'.

The GOP needs to learn that they are not part of this establishment, simply, either by saying they are not, (they personally believe in 'God'...and other sweet 'nothings' to imply they are just like us and share Christian concerns) or self imagining they Nazis who wished they weren't so, while dutifully keeping membership and complying to orders.

It would appear the GOP's 'only front' it wishes to, or will engage in, is the same as their only track record, 'braved' and even then, met with only limited and 'apparent' non- lasting success... a fiscal one.

And though they have one thing that it is true to the World, that anti-Christ Marxist governments only control and deter prosperity, to all, but to the proletariat themselves, whose fees they set themselves, for favours as Marxist agents speaking and extorting (not negotiating) salaries for all, ultimately, creating more general poverty and state dependents, or a further (at one) emboldened, and hidden true extortion that ensures perpetual re-election 'made' of necessity..... with not much of democratic choice.

The American political system (as their neighbour Canadian system) has disallowed or denied only themselves, a moral- democracy (as the World likes to create new morals all the time), in only recent decades of an extensive world history, creating, a gaping hole.. wherein, years of Marxist education have taught North American voters to only even browse, and only 'consider' anything including restricted democracy, within Marxist perimeters. i.e. “Why waste your vote on a loser., or, They could never possible win.”

Alas, the propagandizing powers of politics, that you should vote, 'have' to vote... and 'must' vote... even against your conscience and soul, in order to brag that 'your side', (that in actually couldn't care or less about or possibly even know you, that bribed you, either, with new socialist schemes or tax cuts, and that is all...they are... said and done, that is 'outside' of both party's support of immoral, or unethical liberal establishment in political correctness... no one is allowed to 'vote' on) ....won.

A leave 'your morals' to us.. we'll let you know what they should the righteousness of our sheer numbers of majority (the electorate is always 'right') alone, mentality.... but more importantly, we'll (Marxists), look after all your financial needs, alternatively from the other side.....we'll make you all independently wealthy if you vote for us.

Both parties however, now see political value in, and now shamelessly try to benefit from this accelerating World pile-on of Judeo-Christians and all they have to offer is 'restrictions', that amount to ineffectual, and practical dispensing with 'freedoms', no Christian 'theocracy' (would that be, what Christians simply ask for) would ever 'impose', and one that in reality has resulted in only two 'parties'...... both of the same basic mind.... with the World.

As explained in my first letter, goodness does not... because it can not, in Truth exist in a vacuum.

It is a logical concept in Truth (easily verified in factual history and current 'experienced' reality of many) that few, or more oddly, many.. may find hard to grasp, that entails at minimum, the prism of evil for goodness to be recognized, but more so a reality that has to be challenged and conquered, by the individual in as much as Christ our Shepherd did, and exalted all the higher in humbleness... such, as in the times of Marxist beginnings in the likes of truest of Saints of Therese, and Patron of Priests, Jean Vianney.

Although as mortals, it would be with a trembling straight face that any of us could claim even spiritually so, that we love 'everyone', as Christ does, (but hardly a lover of evil) in fact, it is an obvious physical impossibility for us to even know 'everyone', let alone their inner beings or faults we could ignore. That written, these two Saints in under- examined anecdote, to the evil violent and narcissistic nest of Marxism, came closest to doing so, but for only their great humbleness and denials to the World, that few can achieve.

The world can now rightfully boast it owns all, but the religious media in the World but for the lack of courage, Karl Marx stated and prophesied on modern Christianity, that he portrayed, if not cast (for all our efforts) as 'spit'.

This political correct World that the GOP (with all its proud pro-abortion first ladies) now 'strategically' embraces.... stomps out with 'illogical' (in deference to their own truisms.. applied to the balance of their pet religions) spot- fire enthusiasm... only one... the least violent, least man- made philosophical, the most non- innately meaningless, Judeo-Christianity.... out of fear, as the one Truth, that challenges their legitimacy.

'Imperatively' significant, it is now a North American World of an all- out culture, academic, political, and all- media attack on Christianity, its morals and its principles, that the Judeo-Christian communities must confront and no longer ignore. (Jewish morals and principles attentively derived, (even prior), from the same Judeo-Christian Father, are surely the next target.

The free world of the eternal 'World' now stands for nothing, seemingly, but for the faddish immorality of the moment or day... claiming there is no Truth, yet they are unyielding, self-assured (though without legs of merit, or 'cause', beyond, feelings, a means to an end, fiction-filled fantasies, and desires) more so, angrily adamant for all their incredibly illogical, atheist 'beliefs', (but only 'beliefs' as entitled by anyone but in their case far from being distinguished in Truth or 'entitled' (beyond worthy) iron rule is as iron rule is, default) and they only get away with it for the modern weakness of the Christian Churches, especially the North American Catholic Churches who see themselves at times more enlightened than the Vatican and God, Himself.

Their dwindling parish, perishable memberships alone should perturb anyone not thinking of retiring themselves and therefore, not believing, to be held in account thereafter, more over, even 'caring' to be held in account, as the dead don't escape eventual accounting from above, the World, and definitely not from below the World.

Christ never played the absolute pacifist, nor did He preach it when it comes to evil.

Yet modern Bishops have only three realities to explain their non-action as Christ is re-Crucified around them. One from the above, that they are just too tired, too afraid, or just don't care.

Two, that in sincere belief, they can catch more flies with the very real 'honey' of Christ, but only if that Honey is understood as the Truth it also is, that distinguishes evil apart from thy neighbour, and apart from thy enemy not as an individual but as a World dogma, that must be publicly met, and fought, for as long as good and evil exist, the time God Alone, through His own Truth, has set to end.

An evil, that is actually most nefariously successfully active... in idle times of 'World' proclaimed peace and enlightenment.

Third as hard it is to believe, that in fact many of them have become liberals, having themselves, been victims of Marxist championed academia ( first won in their youthful times) of the World.. It is not as if evil, understandably logically so, has not thrown the worst it has, not only at, but into the Church, and forced to grapple with, win or lose.

What Christ is it, of His own Father's House, that the seemingly now universally divided Church is satisfied with? And one, that has an iron chain of obedience, that has long been severed from it's neck at the Holy Father, level creating a moral anarchy similar to the world and with the World on some aspects, out of convenience when out of courage?

When politics has become the new choice of vehicle by evil to rule the World and destroy the Church, and the only venue left where Christians still retain a power of choice in the World, more so, only weapon left against evil, and last door to even be allowed to usher in light into the dark establishment, the church can not hold itself to be above such, or that that which self depreciates itself as to be harmless or innate.

Worst of the worst, by example, the Church in Canada led by the Toronto Diocese has abdicated it's 'duty' for a mere thirty pieces of public funding to the Marxist political world evil establishment to 'take- over' the instilling of morals, now foreign to the Truth and transcribed in the Christian book of life...not the 'World's' that was formally 'cherished' and 'protected' by the faithful as only the 'Truth' deserves and commands.

This Diocese below all others, having gambled, as carelessly as any Marxist of the 'World', for present relief and accolades, and sits foolishly unrealizable of itself, as naked, having lost the only stake it had no 'right' to gamble with....Christ's children's innocence and the only obvious 'Future' of the Church.

And it is this Diocese, that 'catholic' Premier Dalton McGuinty took great pains to publicly alter and successfully embarrass to prove the State takes its control of a Catholic School system to heart, over the Church's symbolic leader of a school system 'using' the Church's name, not the World that won it.

Certainly, no one, especially anyone I know personally or admire, is, advocating or calling for Christian violence whose only legitimate use in Truth is in 'defensive' last resort of defense of the 'innocent and helpless' as in just wars, engaging nations.

So that leaves the only peaceful defense, on these 'civic' battles of surpassing importance of defending the minds, hearts and souls of our youth, from all manner of perversity, and that is to meet evil on it's most modern successful front, elections.

The Church has every moral and ethical right and need to exercise its influence on individuals franchises to 'freely' choose who to vote for, just like any other group of businesses, or Marxist embraced media, academia, union, union courted party, entertainment audience, feminist's, peace and justice socialist front, etc. etc.

There are not two sets of rules, one for the State allowing it to set all the rules for the Church, when the State can neither mind to its 'own business' and in any beneficial manner of 'serving' its own citizenry over 'controlling' everyday function, speech and attempt at thought control by law and decree.

As example, of the 'State' that continues to get it wrong, on the day of the two thousand killing of U.S. military 'aiders' that left nothing unchanged in Muslim Worlds in their treatment of Christian believers, or their own women and children or their feelings of the United States in general.....absolutely nothing changed.... except new, and more added evil rulers.

Or an evil State, that can't 'politically' bring itself to the blatant reality that the pre-born are human babies, reinforced this week by the difference of 'conservative' votes, more so, in evil 'reality', that they do know, and don't care... if it can be a black horse of death, of untold killings of needless and dubious 'necessities', that they can ride into victory of 'office'... on their long ago sole questionable truth of 'numbers' of women, dying from botched abortions, (no less, no doubt... than those mothers still killed in State paid clinic abortuaries of a major, now, always needless.... procedure) amazingly, to be believed as an 'historical common' issue, that amazingly just modernly coincided in the last century with, the proliferation of evil world population threatened busy bodies, and medical science's learned abilities to intercede with nature and 'do no harm'... and to do no harm times two, each of the thousands of times a year, now requested on the new sole reason of every mother's 'choice' any circumstance be 'Damned'.

This is the modern evil State, a Caesar transgressing onto what is God's domain alone, on a minute by minute basis, that the Church gives free hand, without seemingly caring concerning itself, rightfully with the perfection of Christ, but not the complete perfection (Truth) that is absolutely humble, but not absolutely uncaring pacifist, or in ignoring 'all' that is a modern occurring 'reality' around the assuredly dying Church.

Leave the dead to bury the dead, and take their money, especially beholden blood money with them, if they wish.. and let the State have the stone and stained glass, righteously and painstakingly lovingly labored in tribute, and glory to, the deserving Humblest of all, but continue that tribute, love and above all duty, with unequaled sacrifice, wherever you are forced to go, even if it is (the actually less intimidating for Truth seekers)... open fields or simple barns of the days of the childhood of Jean Vianney before he became the Cure D'Ars.

Any kind of loving tribute is Glory to God, especially the greatest sacrifice.

Cash with conditions seeks to contain Truth not spread the Holy Ghost inspired Good News.

Cash for the bank of the soul past the 'World' is in the currency of accepted suffering and righteous solidarity with Christ, and debt is in hedonist perverse pleasure and public spitting on God's gift of sexuality in honour of life, and usurping years of righteous Christian- based law.

Paul Gordon

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